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On the occasion of the signed agreement between the DWB’s Chairman Brian S. Mason and Waterotor’s Chairman Mr. Fred Ferguson, water technology will now make its path to the entire planet Earth and distribute energy to all people. What has just happened?

Saturday 13, 2021, will be marked in water history and how to harness its energy for all to enjoy. Both founders of their superstructure of development, one in finance and the other in technology, Mr. Mason and Mr. Ferguson, bring to written the inception of a collaboration match by heaven and destined to be. DWB is also registered in Tokyo Japan – DWB Japan. MARINEF-DWB Tokyo office: +81 3 3216 7176.

The Future of Waterotor is Bright:

Authentic Leadership is not a position you take but rather a place you earn because you have what it takes to bring your fleet home to the fruition of the goodness it dedicates to achieve. What has just happened is that Chairman Brian S. Mason has gained the position to take Waterotor to new grounds. Mr. Ferguson would know where to stand when after decades of research and hard work, no one better than himself would know who to appoint to the task of fulfilling the purpose of rendering his technology useful to all humankind. Mr. Mason brings the financials, but also very significantly the Marine Foundation, which is undeniably a unique economic development platform that is just around the corner to being established in the world’s 241 nations. What does that say to potential investors? The message is clear; Whenever history marks the blood, sweat, and tears of those who come with real reforms to society’s betterment, then miracles are just meant to happen. An investor’s lucky encounter with such a developing structure is the promise of a benefit beyond one’s wildest dream. For today, we contemplate and celebrate the miracle fusion of the two most outstanding pioneers. With a stroke of common sense, they join hands to secure the only legacy that can exist as genuine: Peace. We hear lots of peace talks. Through an Energy that all can enjoy with the Earth’s most important water resource, economic development is the only Peace that can exist for all to truly appreciate.