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Marine Foundation in Cairo Egypt

Official Trip To Egypt: 14th & 15th of December 2018

Day 1 & 2: Intra-African Fair Invitation & Lady Sonia Duval  

It was a rewarding trip all together and on the more personal stuff you might visit the chairman’s daily blog with Friday and Saturday right here. The Marine Foundation’s chairman and one assistant, President of Administration Japan, Mrs. Sumi Kondo were there at the “Rendez-Vous” despite the Presidential re-scheduling that related to mainly security reasons. The atmosphere at the Exhibit got sunny with Mrs. Kondo wearing a beautiful Kimono which attraction helped with local communication. Everyone encountered was graceful and truly an atmosphere where such event gives you the impression of rebirth and the prospect of real recovery for the old continent.    

Legend  George M. Weah Millenium Stadiums’ Official Website – Website under Maintenance: 

Ministry of Public Business Sector:


Dangote Group:


Japanese Molding Company:


Vista Bank – Guinea Conakry:


Although we got so many cards and contacts, Marine Foundation wishes to post here the most memorable encountersNOTE: Most of the companies, organizations or government bodies represented into this page will become part of the Marine Foundation’s vast relational system. If there is any interest in contacting this network, We are available to help and support any communication – coordination related matter. Please contact us at +81-90-4944-5599 (Whatsapp Ok)

Government of Cameroon:

NOTE: The Marine Foundation will be established in the Republic of Cameroon through the beginning of 2019. The Director in place in Cameroon: Mr. Carther Perou.


Our Favorite Encounter: (Chairman’s Personal Favorite) 




The Marine Foundation will be present at the next Intra-African Trade Fair as an Exhibitor!