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To bring a smile to children in Africa who have never seen Santa Claus, IWC, the International Women Club associated with Marine Foundation Cote d’Ivoire’s Mrs. Koura N. Ouattara in her second edition of “Le Noel Des Enfants”. The Event Gala IWC Christmas Rainbow Party turned out to be a great success.

IWC would like to thank the Marine Foundation and DWB “Development World Bank” for sponsoring the event. DWB Chairman Mr. Brian S. Mason is presently residing in Canada. DWB Japan (Corporation) is also registered in Tokyo, Japan.


The IWC is the International Women Club, a creative agency of the Marine Foundation. The club represents women’s voice throughout all developments of the foundation, specifically regarding the cause of Children and Women worldwide. President Mrs. Yoko Akahane initiated IWC gatherings this year 2020 with an increasing membership month after month. On Christmas, they made a Gala fundraising to support the cause of the Marine Foundation Africa led by Mrs. Koura N. Outtara in Cote d’ Ivoire. The funds gathered went to celebrate Christmas for hundreds of African Children who have never seen Santa Claus. The Gala was a success, and you may see the fruition of the benefits through the link here: https://marinef.org/africa-christmas-2020/ .

Mystic Water Management System:

The Mysterious management and system of IWC revolve around naming its operational structure with water names terms. This event was a “Rainbow Meeting”, which define the number of participating members from 50 to 99 attendees. On such an event, members receive the title of “Princess of Light”, the graduation level to the “Community Princess,” defining a person’s attendance to the Wave and Beach meetings. The system is set to develop anywhere in the world.


IWC is a Women Sister’s Assembly of Self Proclaimed Academic and Intellectual Princesses. The word “Sisters” refers to an attitude of absolute respect for one another. The title “Princess” refers to the sensation and a constant state of living for the sake of others. The name “Woman” refers to recognizing being a creation of absolute beauty and kindness.

Official “Thank You” Letter from Marine Foundation Africa

Dear Mrs. President (Madame Yoko)

I would to express all my gratitude for the initiative of collect of funds which you have initiated and dedicated to support the second edition (second year) of the Christmas Tree for Children of Africa organized in our our country.

These funds (money) allowed hundreds of children in our country to taste at the joy Christmas for the first time in their life and Santa Claus was able to give each of them a gift.

Today, parents and communities and the many staff continue to express the gratitude they feel because of your kind gestures.

Please receive all my sincere thanks for the Gala you prepared and the funds that IWC has collected during this time, which help the success of the Second Edition of the Christmas Tree Celebration for children. It was a total success.

Thank you again and we would like to wish you a very happy new year 2021 and I would like to express to you my dear Mrs. President my most sincere consideration.

Marine Foundation Cote d’Ivoire
Mrs. Koura N. Ouattara
President of Marine Foundation Africa