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International Women Club

Women Empowerment & The Protection of Children


The International Women Club is a worldwide “Women Oriented” platform with a mission to become an audience of support for the Marine Foundation, concerning projects relating to Women Empowerment and the Protection of Children around the world.  The Club is an “Agency” of the Marine Foundation which operations and activities are supported by sponsorship. The Club is made to benefit the members with educational programs on fashion, beauty, health, finance, art, sports, travel, and many other disciplines. It gives the members’ freedom to promote their own charitable causes or business purposes. 

インターナショナル ウィメン クラブは、世界中の女性のエンパワーメントと子供の保護に関連するプロジェクトに関して、マリンファンデーションの支援のオーディエンスになるという使命を持つ世界的な「女性向け」プラットフォームです。クラブはマリンファンデーションの「機関」であり、その運営と活動はスポンサーによって支援されています。クラブは、ファッション、美容、健康、金融、芸術、スポーツ、旅行、その他多くの分野の教育プログラムで会員に利益をもたらすように作られています。これにより、メンバーは自分自身の慈善活動やビジネス目的を促進することができます。


Beauty – Fashion – Health – Finance – Art – Seminars – Pregnancy & Children Care – Eldery – Lifestyle


Discussions – Reunions – Symposiums – Traveling Seminars – Travel & Theme Touring – Discoveries


Weekly Meetings – Event Meetings – Theme Events – Special Gatherings – International Events

Join us – It’s Free for Women Only


Find a reference, someone who is already a member or fill the application form.


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Sponsors – Partners

IWC is entirely sponsored by companies where industries focus mainly on women and children’s products and services. Beauty, Fashion, Esthetic, Health, Travel and Airline Companies, Educational Institutions, Entertainment Companies, Restaurant & Hotel Chains, Bridal Companies, etc…

The International Women Club is a movement of Peace.

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Week 28, 2021

This Week in Review: On my way back to Japan and long stop in Paris, I met First Class Air France Executive Adja. She is also a member of the Marine Foundation, and yes, we had the greatest time discussing our projects together. In addition, she is a FIFA licensed member and president of our promising WFYA.

Week 13, 2021

Completion of the GCC Registration through Dubai. Registration of the Marine Foundation Kingdom of Morocco. The Providence of Guinea Conakry. This has been a fantastic week of achievements at all levels of development. Firstly thanking Dr. Mohammed Alfehaidi…

Children Symposium

1st International Symposium for the Protection of Children – March 11th, 2021 – In the origin of its system, the Marine Foundation represents and celebrates humanity’s birth through the miracle of the Mother’s womb. This dinner was also the Banquet for the INITIATION of the First Symposium for the Protection of Children…

High Patronage Nomination

Congratulations to Mrs. President of Marine Foundation Africa for her nomination to the High Patronage of Traders and Economic Operators of Cote d’Ivoire Development Plan as Vice President. In French: “Haut Patronat des commercants et operateurs economique de Cote d’ Ivoire” – “Vice Presidente chargee du plan development” …

IWC in Katsushika

Savoring the unique flavor of Tokyo’s old streets from Shibamata Station to a visit to the temple, following a stroll through old-world streets and historic buildings, IWC president Yoko, with Yukiko and Honey Chan, experienced traditional Japanese cultures such as food tasting, nostalgic scenes, and visits to old buildings…

Week 1 – 2021 Message

Whatever project we undertake this year, the questions we ask ourselves often become the barometer of how we live our life. Whatever goals we might achieve, it has to be resulting in helping those in need – I suppose. When the Sun or the Moon recognizes an unconditional heart, the universe becomes an ally. You are in control of your “2021”…

IWC Christmas Gala 2020

To bring a smile to children in Africa who have never seen Santa Claus, IWC, the International Women Club associated with Marine Foundation Cote d’Ivoire’s Mrs. Koura N. Ouattara in her second edition of “Le Noel Des Enfants”. The Event Gala IWC Christmas Rainbow Party turned out to be a great success. IWC would like to thank the Marine…

Princess Sanyogita Welcome

With all the kindness and nobility of the world, HRH Princess Sanyogita takes on the leadership board of the Marine Foundation to honor the already well-supported causes she has dedicated for throughout her life. The Princess is known for her dedication to women’s empowerment and reaching out thousands…

IWC January 2020 1st Meeting

International Women Club's First Meeting for 2020 Location: It was the first of many great meeting announced for 2020. Mainly the leadership team of the International Women Club meeting at a Swiss Cafe in in Tokyo. The interesting location on the top of a hills in...

IWC Gathering Aug. 2019

Organized by Yoko Akahane, the International Women Club of Japan makes its a first official gathering, amidst Marine Foundation co-Brand owners and a beautiful assembly of the greatest ladies of Tokyo…

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