Kimono Exhibit, a Base Concept Example for the Best Reception Committee
Chairman: Seiji Murakami
Chairwoman: Yuko Murakami
It is almost a dream come true, where it was thought impossible and now the concept already set in motion with an event who proves every word written in our brainstorming table.
Marine Foundation is preparing to mobilize the entire Kimono network of Japan which will help to embellish events like the “Annual Banquet of Ambassadors”, or even promote the reception or our clubs such like “The Executive Women’s Club” and the “First Ladies Club”. As part of an international welcoming group, we care to establish the “Traditional Reception Group” (TRG Japan) which will include members of the country’s kimono and fashion houses. TRG can be applies to any country providing their own national traditional fashion that will lead to TRG International which can spear the way to support world events like the “Celeb Women Festival” (MarineF’s own) or be utilized to support governments or diplomatic receptions or even large structures such as the “Olympic Organization”.
Transcendent Fashion

Honestly observing, a Kimono is truly an amazing promoter of beauty transcendent of age and shapes. It really expresses feminine nobility and can instantly transform any woman into a mysterious princess of some unreachable hidden places of the heart. It is where respect is made absolute and that could be said of any countries cultural traditional fashion. The Kimono might be my personal favorite but I can’t wait for TRG to help promote PR in any nation, through our millions of princesses out there.

“The Marine Foundation’s Annual Ambassadors Banquet is designed to become the Olympics of Diplomacy”
The Concept of TRG at the Marine Foundation

The kimono event portrayed here at Omotesando Hills Tokyo really does a good job of imagining what could a reception of the kind look like in the occasion of Marine Foundation’s international events such as the Annual Banquet of Ambassadors scheduled for 2018.
I am grateful for Chairman Seiji Marakami and Chairwoman Yuko Marakami for their “Kimono Beauty Fantasy” organization, as they already truly embody the spirit of what TRG (Traditional Reception Group) will represent through the Marine Foundation. My desire is to a joint cooperation in reception for our “Annual International Banquet of Ambassadors”, not just in Tokyo, but through 12 capital city around the world to represent the 12 months of the year.

Little Princes & Princesses, in the Education System

I have a dream, when in the set of our educational institutions that until a student reaches the age of 16, the appellation for each child before their name would carry the honorific title of “Prince” or “Princess”. (some private schools do utilize the appellation, Miss or Mister). Can Queen Elisabeth of England be guaranteed to her title in heaven? of course not – “Common conventional royalty” does not actually exist in the life we are destined to, but only based on temporarily real estate ownership. In reality, any boy or girl born of this world is deserving his/her own hereditary title of the earth. That would imaginatively make for what heaven would really look like on earth if we administratively started treating every child like royalty.