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On January the 20th, our Trinity Group had the most significant Zoom meeting on establishing DWB – World Development Bank – in Moscow, Russia. The event went as planned, resulting in the accords of principles with Mr. President Putin’s Legal Department and, therefore, preparing a trip to Moscow for the signature contracts. A great Thank you to Mrs. Elizabeta Djumanova, Mr. Hamdy Almasarweh, and Mr. Massimiliano Lacitignola for monitoring and coordinating this meeting. 

All of us had the chance to shed words about our effective financial development platform, and noticeably Mr. Chairman of the Trinity Group, Brian S. Mason saying: “The Trinity Group is the leadership group that is going to change the whole world. The new world order will arise from this platform. We have the finances, and we have the foundation to operate anywhere in the world. But what is unique to anyone else is that we are sovereign and independent from politics and not subject to conventional systems, banks, and institutions. We represent all the world’s sovereign native nations, which counts already a billion people in the world. We have the ultimate power to reform the world through economic development. By being structured on sovereign land, we are ourselves a sovereign structure. In that respect and unconventional ways of operating, standing on a sovereign ground, we have the advantages of standing anywhere we please. DWB Bank and the Marine Foundation added the Trinity Group’s financial world, are ready to take on the planet. Nobody can stop us from doing that, and being from Canada as the base of neutrality gives us a very positive outlook, from our birth on a sovereign land inside the nation. The power of Trinity Group surges as using the conventional world from an unconventional standard of common sense to achieve everything for the betterment of societies around the world.”

Speech Introduction of the “the Marine Foundation” to Russian Delegates: (by Tomeo RD. Gressard)

It is a great pleasure to meet all of you distinguished ladies and gentlemen. The Marine Foundation is a giant Public Relations platform. It is established in five continents, and it has the systematic proceeding of being based in 241 countries of the world. This means that basically, we will be on the entire planet. We have installed systems and concepts actually to develop in all areas and industries of life. Whatever a country’s situation, the Marine Foundation can provide from any and every level of development needs. In that respect, we had to tackle world environments; whether it is political, religious, financial, or social, we would seek a philosophy that pleases everybody. So we took up the philosophy of life and discovered that absolute respect for life and the environment brings us right back to the mother’s womb, where we all came from. We found that the rules of the birth of life were a place where everybody could agree upon. From that base, we were able to establish concepts of development. But instead of focusing on just one project on its own, we developed structures that would surround the endeavor with what’s needed to sustain it. Creating an event and network organization became crucial to the life of the project. Our strategies became to develop on three pillars of development. Firstly, the pillar of communication, with huge international annual events. The second pillar is establishing network organizations comprising online and offline membership systems, naturally focusing on new IT platforms and algorithms to gather people in one place. The Marine Foundation is then a harbor of mass membership systems. Because it is essential to winning people’s hearts, the need for structured communication becomes imperative. Most people have beautiful projects, but no one makes an effort to make friends with the society they invest in. Therefore, winning the people’s hearts when entering a new country is the basis of establishing relationships with its leadership. Most investors usually focus on leadership, but we focus on the people first. By winning people’s hearts, we automatically win the leadership. The leaders have to follow us because the people are with us. So concepts of communications design directly to reach people on different levels are vital to attracting all society levels. We have celebrity, academic, and professional networks to ensure the development of our projects. Celebrities help to bring the crowds on our side. Thirdly, Academics help divide our project organization into five ministries of expansion and filter every single project on the table. Therefore within our project organization, we have five departments or ministries: Department of Education and Sport, Department of Science Technology, Department of Medical and Health, Department of Economic Developments, and the Department of Real Estate, Infrastructure Construction. In this manner, we attract a wide variety of networks, which we gather into circular management systems. When people come into the system, then we control the people through the system. It is a bit like the set up of the Olympic games. The Olympic event is managed through its system. You have hundreds of nations coming together, yet it is controlled by one Olympics brand concept. During the lapse of 14 days, the Olympics encounters no cultural, racial, or social problems. They manage the system through the rules of their brand, which is based on sport rules. The rules of sports follow the common denomination of our biological resembling physical bodies. We can theorize forever about that, but the fact of the matter and proof of results is that the Marine Foundation is established in five continents with no enemies on the horizon. Its philosophical concept of absolute respect for life and the environment conduct it to be a friend to everyone. Therefore, at its base, Marine Foundation is the ultimate platform of communications. This platform gives the Trinity Group and DWB a substantial advantage of communications because the most significant problem of settling contracts and project development is always due to sour relations between people. Generally speaking, the platform defines health tied environment, economy tied with education, and comfort tied to communications. The development of economy, health, and communications translated into education, environment, and comfort are the three feet of the stool that will support a nation’s growth to its highest potential. This is what is going to win the heart of a people. This is why we are 100% confident that each time we come to a region, whichever politics or religion it practices, we will become its indispensable development platform. The goal of the Marine Foundation, DWB, and the Trinity group wants to represent good leadership. Therefore we believe that today’s Russia is the future of the world. It is the future of peace and the future in helping establish better governance in administration and management. We know that, and it will happen. All that Russia needs now is a good platform, a communication platform that looks good everywhere and anywhere. We come invisibly, but we come strong without conflicts. We bring Japan and Russia’s technologies, and we transform the world through good trade relations in return. People want to trade where there is peace. The purpose of transferring technologies to developing countries is that we can establish sustainable trade relations. That is why Africa is quintessential. Whether we talk about black, blue, or green people, we say that Africa is the world’s Motherland. Africa is the original land of birth where so much wealth exists because it represents the mother’s womb. If we win the 54 nations of Africa’s heart, we will bring the continent to become a beautiful market that will enrich Russia’s entire federation and the rest of the world. Development, the Maritime Industry, is the key to world domination on the economic level. The name “Marine Foundation” also defines that we wil take through the seas and oceans of the world, fishing technologies, and water energies, we can develop tourism for every coastal area of the world. When someone comes with systems rather than just project development ideas, hopes infuse multiplication and prosperity for all to profit from. Systems well funded rather than just money, and through brilliant educational programs that become businesses owned by local people, become roots to a domino effect that works in a spiral to develop further and beyond borders. When a region makes money, other regions make money. Therefore we focus on economic development to not become rich out of people’s pocket, but we become rich out of the economy that a nation produces. The multiplication of such economies to the world is the framework of transformation. How are we going to operate? The Trinity Group, made up of DWB, and the Marine Foundation, with Russia’s participation, is set on an unprecedented path to transforming the entire world. I am very grateful to have addressed to you, and I wish we were there in Russia to share more on our strategies and strong convictions.

Conclusion: The Federation of Russia and The Trinity Group:
The Trinity Group represents the financial leadership of the DWB Development World Bank and the Marine Foundation. Also, each structure works independently of its systems like each part of our body; it synergies together to provide a sustainable full-fledged state-of-the-art platform to impact every corner of the world. While the development sector is defined by the Marine Foundation’s design concepts, portraying the absolute standards of respect for life and the environment, the Trinity Group dedicates to the fundamental rules of transparency throughout its projects’ financing. The Federation of Russia has picked this innovative tool as a peace concept to better international trade and support Africa’s sustainable growth. Africa depicts the Motherland of the world, and Russia might become its first child of filial piety, one that knows how to respect its biological ancestors with the thought of unconditional sharing through economic development of win-win concepts.