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The Maritime Providence of the Marine Foundation

The “Ocean Face” concept is a maritime program inspired by the writings and deeds of whom is believed to be the greatest fisherman of all times. Through harnessing the amazing resources of our oceans, the program is conceived to help humanities eradicates the problems of hunger and inspire world peace among all cultures and all faith. It will sparkle economic rebirth in every coastal region and maritime communities of the world.


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Ocean Face Program

Mission 1
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The 21st Century is the Oceanic Era

The Sea is a Valuable Storeroom for the Future of Humankind

1.1. The sea is the solution to the problem of hunger

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-1 - read here:

In the future, we will have to prepare a world-wide foundation. This is what I am thinking about: more than two thirds of the Earth’s surface, more than 70 percent is ocean. What would we do if our land-based food resources diminish? We will have to turn to the oceans and catch our food there. We really will have no choice but to come up with a solution for human survival depending on the sea. For this reason, the logical conclusion is that, from this time forth, those nations with large ocean areas will have an advantage, particularly in terms of marine products-related industries, and nations with less ocean area will be at a disadvantage.

In the future world, it will be necessary to industrially develop the resources of the world’s oceans. I have already created a variety of enterprises that embrace all aspects of the fishing industry ranging from the manufacture of large scale fishing boats to the construction of fish hatcheries and farms. In the future, the sea will supply food to many of the world’s people. Naturally, the development and cultivation of the sea will truly become a preferred method for bringing an end to the starvation that plagues humankind.

The resources for humanity’s future are buried in the sea. The resources found on the land’s surface are reaching their limits and cannot last for long. They will be exhausted in a few short years. The challenge becomes how to recover the resources hidden away in the oceans. In the future, humanity must research the development of the tundra plains. It is this future world where my interest currently lies. The food resources on land will not last for more than fifty years. In a few decades, this reality will rise up and hit us in the face. We must prepare for that time. This is the reason I place such an emphasis on our projects in Alaska.

Americans do not really recognize the abundance sea-based food resources. They really have little idea of the quantity of fresh fish jumping and splashing about. Most people like eating beef, but cattle’s natural aversion to death causes their blood to coagulate and become all knotted up when slaughtered. Thus, people are eating beef embedded with many toxins and negative elements.

The raw materials that we can get from dry land are limited but those that come from the sea are unlimited. One female fish can lay several million eggs. It is in this sense that the raw materials of the sea are unlimited. If these eggs are hatched artificially, it is possible to hatch up to 100 percent of the eggs. By correctly adjusting the feeding process and the input of other raw materials it is possible to propagate unlimited raw resources from the sea. That’s only possible with the ocean, and that is why I am thinking about marine commerce.

Every year, 20 million people die of starvation. That is 60,000 people a day. Is the President of the United States going to take responsibility for that? Will Gorbachev of the Soviet Union take responsibility? Who will take responsibility for this? Who in the world is going to do that? The True Parents and the siblings of the True Parents have to take responsibility for it. For this reason, all our work with the sea is something I have been planning and preparing for, over the last twenty years.

The primary resources in the sea are unlimited. One fish lays millions of individual eggs. Normally these eggs are eaten up by other fish and creatures in the sea. If they were protected under human control, the supply of these resources would be unlimited and always available. Also, it is now possible to connect even the mountains with the sea by piping systems, and there, above our cities, make high-elevation tanks where unlimited numbers of fish can be raised. The way I see it, this is the only viable way that humankind will be able to solve the food supply problem. That is why I have invested two billion dollars over the last 20 years to develop this area.

That is also the reason why I have been working in the field of ocean industries. The sea has unlimited resources. If little baby fish remain in the open sea, then most will be eaten by larger fish. But if we cultivate fish, it is possible to have up to 90 percent survive. This naturally becomes an unlimited resource. The only means to solve the future food supply problem will be through the cultivation of fish.

Salmon live in the ocean but they swim up to freshwater to breed, don’t they? What we need to do is to make fish farms and raise the freshwater fish in saltwater and saltwater fish in freshwater. Do you know why? We cannot catch and eliminate parasites one by one. So, to kill them off, we move those fish that were living in the seawater to freshwater. By the end of a month the parasites will all be dead. This is simple to do. If we exchange them every two weeks, we can do it as much as we like. It is possible to control this kind of process. We just do it by swapping the freshwater fish and the saltwater fish. That is the reason you cannot compare the output you get from a ranch or farm that uses land for production. In other words, in the future, we will have access to inexhaustible, unlimited resources.

By using fish as the basic food source, we can have access to unlimited resources and produce as much food as we like. In the future, fish cultivation will not take place only in the sea; seawater will be pumped up to land areas using pipes, just as oil is pumped hundreds of miles in Alaska. Even with distances of hundreds of kilometers it is possible to pump seawater up through pipes, make saltwater ponds, and raise large quantities of fish. Fish offspring are virtually unlimited. By raising great quantities of fish, we create a huge food supply. If we make a seawater reservoir for each village or community then everyone in that community can have enough food to eat.

In the future, it will be possible to move water from the Pacific Ocean for hundreds of miles in order to use it for fish cultivation. We are at that point now. In this way we can also move living fish and we don’t need many people to do it either. We can build a ‘fish building’ and devise a completely automated system where it is only necessary to push the right button to supply feed to the fish, to sort them out according to size, to have them loaded on trucks and delivered ready for eating. That time is coming.

We can obtain tens times more benefit by cultivating sea industries than by raising cattle on ranches and farms hundreds of miles wide, and then selling the cattle, or by milking them and selling the milk. Because of the times we live in, we can move sea water anywhere. Humankind has now arrived at the time when it is possible to move sea water for hundreds or even thousands of miles simply by laying and using PVC pipes. Such a method is not expensive. It is quite possible to construct a cultivation building in the mountainous areas of continental regions, bring up water from the Pacific Ocean and raise any kind of fish there. You can construct a building ten or twenty stories high, raise the fish in it, and you wouldn’t even need people to go up there to look after the fish. You could raise the fish just through a remote monitoring system. By simply pressing buttons you could automatically feed the fish, separate grown fish from the smaller ones and send them down pipes to another location.

By understanding how the more expensive fish species, such as tuna, striped bass, salmon, croaker or flounder, behave in different seasons, they can be caught year round. By matching the fish catch with the seasons and the movement of fish throughout the oceans, fish can be caught in every month of the year and the fishing community can maintain a livelihood and solve the economic question as well.

This time we caught 54 croakers and flounder. I caught about half of them and the other ten people caught the rest. I am here is to teach you the secrets of how you can do that too. It is in this area that we find the global economic base that in the future will decide whether the ocean industries will thrive or whether they will collapse. That is how I see it. Are you going to treat this like some game or some kind of hobby? Since I have taught you how to fish, it all becomes much fun. You have to agree that I am right, don’t you think? There is no other reasonable conclusion.

If you compare the creatures living on land to creatures living in the ocean, which group is the largest in number? There are about 4 billion people living on this Earth but there are hundreds of billions of creatures living in the oceans. And what exactly are the oceans like? The waters from the Pacific Ocean in the east move to the Atlantic Ocean and the waters of the Atlantic move to the North Sea so that all the five great oceans are connected. The land on which we people live is also interconnected. However, where the land is connected two dimensionally, the oceans are interconnected three dimensionally. The waters of the Pacific move to the Atlantic and to the Mediterranean, in fact, to every place. We can conclude that by moving as one everything is interconnected as a whole, moving about with living energy.

In the United States I am running world-level fishing enterprises. Our fishing boat factory is one of the most famous in the United States. From this point on, the time when humanity relies on the land-based resources will pass. A new era is coming when taking a leading position in the world will require having a leading position in the management of the world’s oceanic resources, through possession of the technology required to do so. The sea is a fundamental source of limitless raw materials. In the future, the era of just catching fish for food will also pass. We have to develop ocean agriculture and ocean farming.

I am more than seventy years old but I am still coming to Alaska and doing research on king salmon. King salmon are a species of the salmon family and there are five different kinds. This king salmon is the best kind of fish. However, they die right away once they lay their eggs. Of course, God would have designed things this way for the sake of their descendants but we are now at a time when we can artificially have fish produce the eggs and not die. If things change so that all salmon can come upstream every year to lay their eggs without dying, then salmon will become the number one food source for humankind. Salmon are a convenient food source. There is nothing like it. Even tuna sushi cannot be compared to salmon. King salmon tastes that good.

Currently, I am focusing my attention on salmon and thinking about how to deal with humanity’s future food problem. Because tuna are swim so fish, once you raise a large number of them and release them into the ocean, after two months they become impossible to catch again. The average cruising speed for tuna is 35 kilometers per hour but when they swim fast they can race up to 100 kilometers per hour. They are the fastest fish in the sea. They are just so amazing, so beautiful. When they swim, their dorsal fins lay right down and fold into their bodies. When their pectoral fins spread out they get stuck to the other tuna. They become just like a torpedo. Tuna travel throughout all the five oceans. When we master the unlimited spawning of these fish and release them into the seas then we will solve the problem of food. We will also solve the problem of pollution. This is why I am developing this area.

You know that one third of the Earth is land and two thirds of the Earth is sea, don’t you? Human beings can eat just about everything that lives in the ocean. We can eat most all the different kinds of seaweed that grow in the ocean. By contrast, we cannot eat all the grasses or trees that live on land. And the ocean contains almost everything that the land has. There are sea cows, seahorses, sea lions and sea tigers, and even sea snakes. And what about all the different kinds of fish? Generally speaking, Caucasians like to eat meat from

land animals but they shy away from fish because they do not like the smell. But recently, Americans are starting to say, “Hey, fish is really good! It’s better than beef or pork; it has all the right proteins.” They are attracted to natural foods now and so they want to eat fish in order to live for a long time. This just goes to show how rich the ocean is; there is great wealth within the oceans. You women could even catch a single tuna and live on it for more than a year!

A family can easily be supported through fish farming. A mere 200 pyung fish farm could feed an entire family. By farming a large number of fish a family can create a good food supply. Also, fish are very nutritious. Fish protein is superior in many ways. With fish then, it is possible to solve the global food problem. Fish that are swimming and splashing about in the ocean become powder in less than ten minutes once they enter our factories. Temperature differentials between the ocean and the fish holds on boats promote decay within ten minutes due to bacteria. That is why we need technology that can allow processing within minutes. The fish powder we produce is very high quality protein. It is from 86 to 94 percent protein. It is the finest quality. By reducing the percentage of powder used, unlimited quantities of fish and animal feed can be produced and used for farming more fish in order to produce more food.

The sea is a world treasure containing two thirds of the world market of raw materials. Don’t you think so? Are there diamond mines in the ocean? There are twice as many diamonds under the ocean as there are on land. From the point of view of my work of carrying out God’s restoration providence based on His will I estimate there are twice as many diamonds in the ocean. Furthermore, in the sea we also find seaweed and fish and this can all be used as food. The ocean area covered by seaweed is about twice as vast as the land mass. And the supply of fish is almost limitless. If I think about these kinds of things then does it surprise you that I am interested in fish? Anyone who thinks about these things is going to be much more interested in the ocean than the land. So, we need to catch fish and sell them and transport the natural resources that we find in the ocean. That is why we are seeking a leading position in each sector of the transportation industry, on the land, in the ocean, and in the air.

From this time on the era when land resources are most important will start to fade. A new era is starting; one in which the world will be led by those who take care of ocean resources on the global level, by those who have that technology, by those who have leading positions in the oceanic world. That is what the ocean is: the root source of unlimited resources. Because of this, the era of catching fish simply to eat them will also pass away. We will need to expand ocean agriculture, ocean farming, and ocean development.

1.2. Unlimited resources from developing the ocean bed

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-2 - read here:

You need to understand that the ocean is a treasure chest of amazing and unlimited resources.

One cannot help liking the ocean. We need to pioneer it. We cannot afford to ignore the ocean: the area it covers is more than three times the size of the land. Who do you think is going to develop the oceanic resources that can be found at the bottom of the ocean? We can find oil – black gold – on land, but the ocean is three times larger, so we can expect to find perhaps three times more oil from the sea.

We need to start this development now. That is why I am telling Unification Church members to move into coastal areas, however you can, even if you have to sell your house to do it. Some coastal areas can be inexpensive. There are many islands where you can become the sole owner. If you establish a base for ocean industry there, hundreds of boats can be attracted. If a national inspection station can be built there, then you can receive taxes on the fish that come in, and build up a way of life to maintain your family.

Most of the treasures on planet Earth can be found at the bottom of the ocean. I am very interested in this part of the world. I do not want others to touch that place. All the treasures at the bottom of the sea can be dug up. The quantity is huge. We have developed technologies that permit tunneling, even tens of kilometers under the ocean floor, from an island in whatever direction we wish. Who will be the master of the ocean?

“We need to create mines under the sea.” That is what I have been thinking. If you cannot do it, then I will stand at forefront and do it myself. I will take you there and we can dig the mines together.

If you stand by the seaside, the ocean looks very simple, but in reality, its contents are extremely complex. Moreover, in terms of resources, the ocean is far more abundant than the land. In fact, the ocean is a place of unlimited treasures. All the precious things that people like can be found locked away in the ocean. So what do you think is necessary to become the master of the ocean? Think about how America was developed, and how many people undertook all kinds of adventures to find and mine precious minerals in the American west. At that time, adventurers and fearless, courageous men were given special rights of ownership. In the same way, unless you challenge the limits many times in your adventures, you cannot become the owner, the master of treasure. Until now, people have fought to gain possession over the routes that ships travel across the oceans, but they have not fought to gain ownership over the things that exist under the sea.

Who will be the owner of the oceans in the future? If a great cataclysm were to occur, land can rise up out of the middle of the ocean, while land that is currently dry can sink into the sea. If a land-mass greater than that of the United States appeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, who would be its owner? No one can say this kind of thing is not possible. Nobody knows when such a thing could happen. There are also volcanoes at the bottom of the sea. If there were someone who could say, “Everything outside two hundred nautical miles from any coast belongs to me,” then there is no problem, but no such person exists. Nevertheless, the time will definitely come. The day will come when people will fight over the ocean. At that time, the people who want to be the owners of the ocean will need to have a dauntless pioneer spirit. There is no other way to become the owners of the sea.

Because the earth is crowded with people, they will soon begin building more ships and venturing out to sea. In the not-too-distant future, the world will become a place where people will live on and under the ocean’s surface. So what do we need to do at sea? Unification Church men should live at every ocean port and coastal base in the world. If we can become a presence in these areas we will be in a position to influence and guide all the cultures of the world. Our men should all gather in coastal areas. We should live on every coastline of the world, and thus become a force there.

The future leaders of the world must understand how to keep and preserve the oceans. The time is coming when humankind will invest and devote all its power, cultural identity, traditions, and national resources into developing the riches and treasures that lie at the bottom of the sea. However, the key point is who will be in a commanding position in the ocean areas to pursue that development. When I am faced with this problem, I ask myself, as the founder of the Unification Church and True Parent responsible for human history, what base of operations am I going to leave for the future of the Unification Church? That base will not be in urban areas, but at the coast. I am doing things in coastal areas that no one else has even thought of doing. The United States has washed its hands of the marine industries, but I am continuing to develop them. Since I know exactly where the world is going, and how things will turn out, I am investing huge amounts of money, even though it is difficult, and even if most of it is lost in the wind. Even if I cannot make a huge highway along the direction of history, from beginning to end, at the very least I can cut out a small path for others to follow. That is the reason I am alone on the ocean, training.

After you learn one skill, then learn another, and then a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth. You always have to think and determine to learn more. That is the basic formula. One area or field of work is organized centering on one specific kind of formula, therefore, someone who knows a great many formulas will win the battle. When I go out fishing on the ocean, I do it better than other people, as I know where the fish are. I have a lot of experience in this area. We lose out to those who have experience and done something before.

I have no concerns wherever I travel. I can go anywhere by myself, without any worries. If the fishing is no good, I can make it good. But to have that kind of confidence, you have to have a lot of experience. In the future, when interest begins to focus on the ocean, those who don’t have any interest in the ocean will fall behind those who do and lose out completely.

1.3. The future will be the water age

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-3 - read here:

I am preparing for the future world. I am not doing this just because I love the ocean. It is difficult being at sea. In the beginning, when I came back after a week, my entire body was in pain. Still I thought, “There is so much to do. I should go on without complaining about my age. I should be like a colt going over the Himalayas.” How could I rest? Do you know why I am so interested in the ocean? It is because the ocean is the key to opening the path of peace for humanity in the future. It is also the key to prosperity. Doing what? How can the ocean provide prosperity? Is having a good meal or having three meals a day living in prosperity? What does it mean to live in prosperity? It is to eat healthy food, lead a healthy life, and live with good health throughout one’s lifetime. It is to fulfill one’s desires with the world as one’s stage. Have I not laid all the foundations for that to happen?

The question is who will take the lead in the oceanic world in the future. Now is the space age, the age of air. It is the same with the ocean. Those adventurous people who occupy the sea and take chances will enter the space age and a great migration will transpire. Now we have entered such an age, and will soon be able live for a month on oxygen provided by a special suit. When that happens, will you cook your meals? To have a convenient life, you should prepare some delicious fish and then carry enough with you to last half a year. Would you also bring water or hot pepper paste, or a kimchi jar? Such an age will come in the future.

Everything will be done by machines. There will be nothing for people to do. With the press of a button, it will be easy to cross the ocean alone to some destination. It will be just like an airplane. All you will have to do is turn on the computer, then it will follow the course setting already mapped. You can take a nap, go to sleep at night, or even make a fuss of your wife. The ship will sail toward the destination with more accuracy than when controlled by a person. So no one is needed to maneuver the ship, as the electronic devices will do it all for you perfectly. Instead, you can gaze at the bottom of the wonderful ocean saying, “Wow, look at all the fish! That’s a shark. A shark just passed by!” and continue cruising, while closely observing everything large and small in greater detail than in a photograph.

How do you feel in your heart? Don’t you want to go to the bottom of the ocean, or up a high mountain, or travel freely throughout the universe? There are no boundaries. I am sure there is not one Unification Church member who does not believe in the existence of the spirit world. Do you believe it or know it? You know and experience it. That is why you cannot deny it.

In the future, we will be able to live in the ocean. That is why I have initiated research on a five-person submarine. Wouldn’t that be convenient? When the wind is not blowing, the calm sea waves let you become like a billionaire or master of the ocean. You don’t know how mysterious and good it feels. Think what it would be like if a husband and wife could look over the great ocean when the winds are calm on the crystal clear surface of the sea, dreaming about their love nest while talking about their future together. That would not be a problem. Even if a storm should come, they can submerge thirty meters below to safety. A time will come when we will be able to live freely under the water. That is why you do not have to worry that the Republic of Korea is small.

Human beings are free to go anywhere. If they want to go to the ocean or mountains, they can freely do so without any national boundaries. They can live in the water as well. The age will come when we can build a submarine and live freely under water based on scientific advances. Otherwise, humanity will have no place to live. A submarine sinks by letting water into its tank until it becomes heavy enough to sink. With a button, you can control the inflow and outflow of water, and accordingly submerge or rise in the water. Therefore, we can live in the water. There is no better place in heaven and earth than what lies deeper than ten meters. If you go down thirty meters, would the wind matter? A truly serene world emerges, an under-water kingdom. If you go up in the air, you can encounter trouble with lots of wind and constant change. The air currents and atmosphere can vary, and it can suddenly rain. That is why I believe that living in the ocean is an ideal way of life.

Since everybody wants to live in a nice place, I have initiated research into submarines. Where is the most wonderful place? Apartments are the best places, aren’t they? How will you live deep in the middle of the ocean? You will need a submarine at that time. With a press of a button you can descend to a refreshing place. There will be no need for an air conditioner. There will be all sorts of exotic fish dancing in all their colors, and beautiful scenes with a myriad of colors

spread before your eyes. Nothing will be inaccessible. You can go anywhere day and night. Think how convenient such a life would be. Wouldn’t you want to live in such a place before going to the spirit world? Wouldn’t it be wonderful? I am doing this for all of you. I am not doing it just for myself. I am doing it for every-one. That is why we are carrying out this research. I want to make it possible to live in the ocean, without being a burden to anyone.

If you enjoy yourself in the sea, you will find many things that are more interesting than the pleasures on land. That is why I am trying to make a submarine. Such an age will surely come in the future. Everybody will have a yacht and be able to sail across the seas. They will also take underwater trips. How amazing that will be! We will advance to an age when we can move about in the water and live with groups of fish, sharks, and whales. I believe that if I prepare for that, we will be able to lay claim to the economic rights of the world.

Where will people go? They will go to the mountains in search of nature. Yet, it will become boring just living in a mountain area. That is why people will go to the sea. In the future, people should go into the sea and eventually live there. I have already asked various scholars to carry out research on submarines, and their work is almost done. They say that if a submarine goes down just thirty meters into the water, it will be calm underneath, even if there is a storm above. No matter how hard the wind blows or how rough the waves are, there is no disturbance thirty meters below the water surface. There are no winds or waves thirty meters below. That is why if you press a button and go down thirty or a hundred meters, you will immediately be able to enjoy the scenery of the ocean using a periscope.

What kind of age will the future be? Why would you want to spend hours on a plane? Instead, we will build a massive steel column in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and build a hotel. How diverse are the functions of a helicopter? You can fly anywhere you like with a press of a button. Yet, flying becomes boring, even after three hours. So, we will fly for one or two hours and then stay in a marine hotel. It will be fantastic! We will build a hotel on the Pacific Ocean. Then, it will take only a few hours to get there, and you can have lunch or go on a boat with your family, or even go fishing. What a wonderful life!

Since the sea has a vast amount of resources, we should prepare for the future by building ships around the world, in France and Germany, and in dozens of other nations when the order is given. Then we should build excursion ships for diving underwater, which will be needed to develop a leading position and secure economic strength in a global age. Only by making preparations in several dozens of nations can we ensure a leading position in this field throughout the world. Can you imagine that! Do you think that is possible?

I have also designed and built the best boats in the world. I will also build a submarine that can carry five people and go anywhere under the sea. In the future, we will have to live in the water. That is why I am doing this. I also want our Unification Church members to live prosperously.

Where can we find clean water? The ocean water is completely polluted. However, the North Pole has snow eight hundred meters deep. That is fresh water that was accumulated thousands of years ago. It is not polluted, but clean, even after ten thousand years. It is the same with the South Pole. What if we were to build a cultural city like New York below the ice, do you think many people will come to see it or not? This could actually be done. Don’t you feel excited just thinking about it? If you build a tunnel in the ice, it will not collapse, but last for ten thousand years. By spraying cold water on the inside surface once a year, the ice will stay frozen and eventually become solid.

The time has come when we can farm under the ice. Do you know what this means? Flowers will bloom. If you go to Alaska, the tall mountains are covered with perpetual snow and grass grows in the central regions. Below there, flowers bloom and people go fishing. You have no idea what a beautiful and enchanted land it is. It is beautiful with clean water and clear air, and is a perfect ecologically balanced environment. If you ever visit there on vacation and enjoy it, you will want to live there and never leave. The reason I am exerting myself and investing in all these projects is because such things are now possible.

When hydrogen energy is developed in the future, electricity will no longer be a problem. A time will come when an underground city will be built in the cold area of Siberia and become a pleasant city to live in.

If the tundra region of Siberia and the North American plains are to be developed in the future, Alaska should also be developed. The first person who occupies the ice-covered world of the North Pole will be able to influence the world. The one who occupies the sea will rule the world. That is why I have started so many marine industries and take a deep interest in the North Pole.

The Himalayas are connected to the Pacific Ocean, along with countless other high and low mountain ranges. The Pacific Ocean also contains fearsome sharks, called sa-me in Japanese, and many other scary creatures. Thus, to swim across the Pacific Ocean is a dangerous undertaking, and a course no one in human history has ever attempted. You need to be aware of your surroundings to safely pass through such a difficult course. By doing so, you can reach the other side of the world. That is the course of human life.

Something deep takes the central point. Something high also takes the center. Deep places are not visible. Can you see the bottom of the ocean? The deepest places are at the bottom of the ocean, right? Even if all of creation tried to ignore Mount Everest, they can’t help seeing it from morning to night. They watch it and wonder if it is going to rain or not, or if the weather will be fine or not. If it is cloudy or dark at the peaks, they try to predict if this year will be a fruitful harvest or not. However, deep places are not visible. You cannot see things that are deep. The reason is that they are covered in water! It is not bad to be deep. It is surrounded with mystery. Women are also mysterious. That is why men take interest in them. Men search for women, thinking that they are mysterious.

1.4. The ocean will become the only energy source

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-4 - read here:

The resources of the ocean are so vast, compared to those of the land. In the future, the use of oil, coal, and electricity will cease. There is a limit to what electricity can do. Therefore, the ocean will become the only energy source. This will be based on the development of hydrogen energy.

In the future, science will be able to create an unlimited supply of food. The reason this is not possible now, is because the cost of fuel is so high. However, when hydrogen energy is developed, we will have an unlimited supply of energy. We will even have too much energy. Then, we can make as much food as we want, so much that we will not know what to do with all the food. Since it will be boring to eat all that food alone, we will approach a person on the street and say, “Come and share some of this food with me, and let’s talk for a while.” Since we do not know when that time will come, I am saying that we should prepare from now. We must create those circumstances. Then our descendants will be able to live comfortably.

If you mismanage the ocean, wars will break out. Then a hydrogen bomb that could destroy the earth might be dropped. That is why church members should occupy the coastal waters to a point twenty kilometers from the coasts, or any place in the world centering on this number. Then the world will be within our embrace.

Someone once said, “In the future when hydrogen is converted into fuel, the world will quickly become an affluent one. But if the wrong person is in charge of this vast raw material, they will destroy the entire world. The only person who can prevent that is Rev. Moon, so we should entrust that task to him.”

1.5. Oceanic nations will take the lead

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-5 - read here:

We must have a leading position in the oceans in the future. With my own hands I will recover all the gold, silver, and treasures in the sea. After thinking about it, I have concluded that we have to dig a lot of tunnels. That is also why I came up with this highway project. If I can drill a passage under the sea and create a door, wouldn’t it be fun to open that door and catch a fish? How wonderful it would be if we could directly supply ships with the oil under the seabed using a pipe? How great it would be if we could produce oil from a pipe with one press of a button?

If you are a leader, shouldn’t you make plans so that you can live like that in the future? Then how will oxygen be supplied under the ocean? How much oxygen is there in water? So, oxygen can be produced in water and automatically supplied. What is the oxygen ratio in sea water? How can that all be used? This is not a problem. That is why the time is soon coming when the oceanic realm can be settled.

The first forty years of my life until now was a time of tribulations, centering on the developed countries in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as centering on the land. That is why for twenty years I have been preparing for the oceanic civilization sphere in South America. I have been paving the way for the oceanic age to save all the countries within the tropical climate zone. That twenty-year course was to pave the path of tribulation.

In the future, if someone is committed to developing the ocean, then that person can be in a commanding position, globally speaking. Water is the most important thing. That is why, before going to the spirit world, I have to initiate a project to utilize large areas of water. Accordingly, I have to diligently give many directions. If I speak on this subject, I know that future generations will make it happen.

To whom does the ocean belong? In the future, the ocean will be worth a fortune in gold. It will become more valuable than the Myeongdong shopping district in Seoul. We must become influential in the oceanic regions. I believe that the person who can acquire the body of water within three kilometers from here will have a leading position in the world. I believe that such a time will come.

I am saying that we must be leaders of the oceans. Who does it belong to? It belongs to God, then True Parents, and then you. It all belongs to you. Wouldn’t you like it even more if you could say that it belongs to you? The ocean and river water controls life in this world. The ocean generates clouds that bring rain to the earth. That is why it sustains life.

Young people should develop an interest in the ocean. Someone who can take responsibility for projects in the ocean must emerge among you who are here. The reason I go out to the Atlantic Ocean and stay there for twenty-four hours is to establish a tradition of having loved the ocean. Sailors who go out to

the ocean usually come back six months to a year later. Because of this, most women dislike seamen. For this reason, the global trend has seen a reduction in the numbers of mariners. That is why we should become strong in the ocean businesses. Unification Church women will not complain, even though their husbands go to sea and do not come back for half a year, right? That is why in the future we should become a leading force in the shipping industry.

The time will come when you will concentrate your efforts upon the ocean more than the land. That is why I am taking an interest in the ocean, and that is why you should also take an interest in the ocean.

I am conducting research on submarines that can go to the center of the ocean. I also have a great interest in the universe. However, as an international religious leader and idealistic philosopher in modern-day society, as some-one beyond nations yet with an incredible foundation throughout the world and with greater power than any one country, why do I take an interest in the ocean? It is because I believe the only way to solve the problem of hunger in the future will be through the ocean.

You all think that a fish from the ocean cannot live in fresh water, and a fresh-water fish cannot live in the ocean. But that is not the case. Salmon live in the ocean, yet swim to fresh water to lay their eggs. That is why a salmon has no problem in completely changing itself within three weeks, or even ten days. Does this sound like a fantasy to you or something real? Will computers become small enough to fit in your pocket or not? We are heading toward that kind of world. So, will you become the master of the ocean, or the master of the land? Which would you like to be?

We should go to the North Pole to mine, and dig up diamonds and gold from deep in the ocean at the South Pole. You should go to an underwater vein of diamonds and excavate them all. Men and women alike should do this. If you can go in the middle of that and engage in true love, if you can dive into the deep ocean waters and make love, you may have a hard time getting there, but that love would be so sweet. You may suffer a shock or be under distress, but you have gone all the way to that place in search of the ideal love. If you can make love there, would it be breathtaking or unsatisfactory? Don’t you want to go to the bottom of the ocean and make love? Everybody will die anyway eventually. If the two of you can live at that bottom of the ocean, make love and die, you would be happy.

I have been interested in the ocean my entire life. That is because the fortune of the great ocean is coming. For this reason, you should also take an interest in the ocean. After that, you should be interested in the continents.

The marine products industry has bright prospects. I have a clear concept about this endeavor. That is why I am declaring to humankind to go to the ocean for their sake.


The Ocean Providence
2.1. Ocean Providence and North America

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 2-1 - read here:

2-1-1. The Marine products industry in America

If America is to prosper, it should create a trend where its young people are made to go out to the sea. When that happens, a new future vision of the nation will be developed. At that time, you will all become leaders and acquire factories throughout the land. When that happens, the production factories will be locked up. Factories that have pursued the interests of one individual will go to ruin. We will manage factories that seek to fulfill the national interest. Therefore, we will collaborate with the nation in serving the world. With the support of the nation we can prosper as much as we want to.

The ocean and coastal cities are now all in ruins. If the young men go out to sea for months without returning, their brides will go around dancing, end up in an affair and then run away with their belongings. That is why nobody is going out on boats. Because of this, coastal cities have ended up in complete ruins. If I had a little money, I would go from the east to the south and then to the west, buying up all the wharfs. Would that be good?

Currently, all the industrial fields in America are up to par. They are all in a good position. The last remaining field is the ocean or marine products industry that has a larger resource base than that of the land. However, this has fallen completely into ruin. Think about how vast its resources are. Those people who work at sea are the successors who can capture all the hidden resources in the ocean. One-third of the earth is land and the other two-thirds is ocean. Thus, two-thirds of the world’s resources are buried in the ocean. What kind of movement makes plans for the management of marine industries, along with the settlement of the ocean in the future? It should either be a religious organization with the foundation of a global structure that can engage in the marine products industry, or the foundation for a global ideological organization. I believe it can come only from these two.

If the coastal cities become impoverished, the economy of that country also becomes impoverished. America has resources and the foundation to connect their marine cities to the world. Yet since this is not happening, the American government has entered the stage where it must take some emergency measures. The leaders of marine cities are looking for young people. They cannot find any,

so we must bear this responsibility. They need young couples who have a philosophy that prevents the wives from running away. Only we Unificationists can deal with such circumstances. In this way, once we settle down in those cities, they will begin to revive. In three to five years, fifty people will be able to make boats with support from the government. Fifty people in thirty locations will make 1,500. Isn’t that so? They can make about 1,500 boats.

I estimate there are a total of 3,000 ports in America. So, fifty people in three thousand ports would be 150,000 people, right? Then we would completely digest the American waters. If we calculate two million dollars for each person, how much would that be? It would be 300 billion dollars.

I will organize a number of exceptional people interested in the sea and let them have fishing boats. So, fifty young men and women will be assembled at one center and engage in a basic movement, an educational movement in relation to the sea. That is how we will bring in people. The tendency of people in the coastal cities of America today is to move out of those areas because of the impoverished conditions there. The local leaders and people of influence have the desire to revive the ocean to prevent this from happening. That is why as soon as I go there, I set up these plans at once and create a supporters’ association centering on the local leaders.

That is why there is no problem. The six hundred thousand dollars here will be given out under the name and guaranteed by the supporters’ association and these people. That is why this will continue forever if I teach our leaders how to catch fish worth four hundred dollars.

Our boat’s name, “New Hope,” is famous as a tuna-catcher along the East Coast of the United States, and it is even talked about in South America. The reason I do these things is to raise personnel who can develop the marine products industry. When I went out on the boat for twenty-four hours, whenever I told our young people to get aboard the boat, they would not listen and just ran away. Yet, when I had the time to speak to them, and as this continued for four, five and even seven years, even the women now say that they will become a captain. I created an atmosphere enabling this to happen. While doing so, I made a shipyard and then a processing factory and trained them to sell. I set up shops and trained them how to sell using vans.

For one year I made them make nets and build boats, catch fish and even sell those fish. I made a sea-food restaurant, and for seven years I laid a foundation centering on all those things. Now we have entered the stage where we can create a sensation in the marine products industry. Once this gets on track, a great amount of capital will be generated.

Those of you who enjoy going on boats, raise your hands. Without all of you, America will not succeed from now in the ocean. It will not find success in the ocean. America will not find success on or under the sea. No matter how loudly America may talk, it can only retreat. It is inevitable. You must go to the sea, even if you find it difficult. You must go out, penetrating the sea. You should know that only then will you bring hope to the sea.

When men go out on boats, they remain at sea for at least two to six months. But if they continue such a life-style, all their wives will go off to the disco to do the twist and go around having affairs. They will pack up their belongings and run away. Eighty per-cent of them would put their children in orphanages and scatter in four directions. Then who would go out to sea? Even if they go out to sea and catch fish, they do not have a market for their catch. Americans do not eat sea fish. So if they enter the marine products industries, much of their strength and energy will be consumed. Yet, there is no other path for us to follow. I believe that there is no way to economically support our future work for the world, without first getting into the marine products industries and creating a successful foundation.

The marine transportation industry and fishing industry are promising industries in America. It was concluded that the marine transportation and fishing industries are the only ones that have promise. That is why three years ago I bought a boat. At the time, I knew that I had to begin this work in three years, and thus I began the business this year. During those three years, we basically completed our investigation of the East Coast, including the ocean waters near New York, looking for areas where fish were plentiful.

In the future, I am thinking of creating a fish farm by negotiating with the government. We can make any type of fish farm that we desire, whether it is in the sea or fresh water. We can do anything. We can breed crabs or any kind of fish, even in the tidal flats near New York. We need to do more research on that. How vast would that business be? Imagine how vast that business could become.

Women don’t like sailors, do they? The reason I am getting into the marine products industries is because presently in America that industry is virtually destroyed. Why is that so? When the men go out on their boats, they stay at sea not for one or two weeks, but for one or two months. So, their wives all have affairs and end up divorcing their husbands, to run off with the other men. And after a few times on the rough sea, most young Americans these days have come to dislike life on the sea.

Even people with money will never invest in this industry. That is why there was no other way but to have the Unification Church members invest in this industry, and have our young people take up this task in order to save America. Can the young men and women in the Unification Church divorce? They can never divorce. You should not think of getting a divorce and running away, but instead train yourself to go out on the same boat. If I give the order, sailors will line up and come flocking from all over the world. They will be trained.

Unless I am involved, America’s marine products industry cannot progress – it will never develop. In that sense, I know that I will contribute greatly to America. That is why I am currently negotiating the purchase of a ship of nearly four thousand tons. There is only one ship of its kind in the world.

A few days ago I went to Barrytown and we caught thousands of carp. Six turtles also came out after draining the pond. As we released a large turtle and the carp we had caught into the Hudson River I thought about this question: based on the principle that you were born through love and are bound to die for love, is it better to live or die for the people you love? And to the fish, I said, “In one way, you are being sacrificed. But in the future your sacrifice will develop the marine products industries in America, and through you the Unification Church members will display greater loyalty to God. And you will become the strength of love, the energy and flesh enabling them to love humanity even more. Although you were born as a fish, I love you as a part of my flesh and mind, which can also love the American people as if they were my own children and more than any other American. Will you object to that?” I told the carp to become the blood and flesh of the beloved son, a sacrifice for the sons and daughters, and the flesh of the American people.

Others would say, “Rev. Moon, how can a religious leader mingle with fisherman and sail about in boats, engaged in the marine products industry? That is what a low-level person would do.” I know that; but we are not doing this for some small purpose. If each of you can take responsibility for an important port in Africa after being trained in this way, a worldwide foundation can be easily created from those places. Foundations will be made in fifty countries.

Since I am certain there are vast resources in the sea, from now on I will develop the ocean industries throughout the world. We should prepare to create that in France, Germany, and in dozens of other nations when the order is given. Then we can make boats, submarines, pleasure boats that are needed in the global age to instantly take a leading position in the world and a commanding economic position in that field. We need to prepare in dozens of nations. Only then can we lead the world in that field. Do you think that is imaginable and possible? That is why I am telling all Unification Church members to learn about this field.

Until now, fishermen have worked for more than eight hours a day, but now you will start to hear them saying that they will not work for more than eight hours. It will be in complete disarray. Will the marine products industry in America have a means to survive or not? This is like the golden gates being opened. You should know that it is like opening the gates to the golden storehouse with a golden key. That is why the ladies who will be graduating from our theology school should keep in mind that when they want to get married they will be married to the captain of a ship.

The marine products industry in America has reached the stage where it cannot survive without us. A vast and infinite store of resources is calling us. That is why we will use it as our economic base in our global efforts.

When Africans go to a restaurant to eat, they look for fish they have eaten sometimes before, fish that they are accustomed to eating. So if a restaurant does not have that particular fish, the customer will leave. Therefore, I am now calling for a movement to supply restaurants with the fish caught in the five great oceans. Since Americans work for eight hours a day, they close their shops at five. But we keep our doors open twenty-four hours a day. So if one of our restaurants runs out of supplies, we can stock them from another affiliated restaurant. That is why we will never be defeated. So you should know that everybody in the marine products industry recognizes my name.

Our members do not like Ocean Church. If I tell them to get into the marine products industry they all run away. That is why my plan now is to quickly establish a thousand Japanese restaurants across America. That is my plan now. Then my next plan is to establish 535 Ocean Churches. We must now make preparations for these two plans.

I am thinking that once our marine products enterprise develops in each state we will build a condominium at each location. After building them, I should have people from these four nations – the Japanese, the Koreans, the Americans, and the Europeans centering on the Germans – live together in one household. They may have different jobs, but they should return to the house and have their meals together, do other things together, and be trained in the way of living as one family. Those who cannot achieve a passing grade in such a lifestyle will not be able to enter the sphere of the ideal, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, in the future. They will not have the qualifications to enter heaven. That is why I am doing this now, in order to create the foundation for such life.

Why am I involved in the marine products industry? The only way to resolve humanity’s food problem is to farm fish. In the future, there will be buildings with hundreds of floors by the sea. With the press of a button, everyone will be able to farm fish. If you have even just a hundred pyung, your household would have enough income for all the children to go to college, yet you could still live comfortably. We now live in the time when science is advancing swiftly. That is why we have the ability to draw in sea water that is tens, hundreds, and even thousands of miles away. We can build fish-farming structures in the mountains – as many as we need. Without doing so, humanity’s food problem cannot be solved. That is why I am so serious about this.

The young, courageous soldiers of the Unification Church must someday experience the adventure of sailing on fishing boats that go far out to sea. I believe that experience in the marine products industry is great training. You must do it because I am asking it of you. Even a graduate from Tokyo University cannot shirk his responsibility.

I have the results of twenty years of activities for the purpose of saving people who are dying because of lack of food. There is an inexhaustible supply of raw material in the marine products industry. People in America now believe in Rev. Moon. Up to now, I have been creating a worldwide foundation, making everything from nets to boats. I know that the marine products industry has now entered a stage where it can no longer be disregarded.

Those who have been to our ranch in Texas, raise your hands. The Americans have all been there before. Should I invite you as well? I am thinking of hunting quails, pheasants, and deer at that place. There are a large number of wild turkeys there, too. There are even wild beasts such as boars, wolves and tigers. You should go hunting and fishing by taking interest in this place. From now, you should start developing land, so that you can develop your own ranch and manage it.

In the future, a base will emerge on which tertiary industry can make tremendous advancements. That is why we are training people in thirty locations, each with ten boats. I am thinking of expanding this to three hundred locations. I am going to arrange the situation so that we can fish in any village that we go to. In the future, I will hold fishing courses around the world. I will create a tourist route throughout Europe, beginning in France. I need to raise experts on fishing who can make this happen. Those people will pilot the boats and also function as tourist guides. This is big business. If we do this, we can conduct business internationally with our important guests. By creating a global company, beyond national boundaries, the foundation for gathering such vast resources will naturally be laid.

2.1.2. Seilo distribution organization

I have planned two major projects in America. They are the marine products industry and the Seilo marketing organization. You probably are not aware that there was quite a stir in the marine products industry circles a while ago when our members took it over. You should be aware of this. (131-250, 1984.5.4)

In the organization of our economic activities, the last remaining obstacle is the battle to take a leading position in sales in the nation. If we can take the lead in the marine products industry in America through Seilo – a global machine marketing organization – and are united in our approach, then we will automatically develop an influential position in America and the free world. As we build an economic foundation in this field, we are preparing simultaneously the Washington Times and a magazine, Insight, aimed at securing a global media base. Through these media, we are creating the means to influence the world. Fortunately, America has vast resources in the marine products industries. However, it lacks an owner.

It is amazing that we have risen to the point where the Rev. Moon and the Unification Church are evaluated as the only ones who can become the leading force at this time. I am looking to establish the Seilo organization in fifty states in order to have the foundation of a commanding position in sales in America through the expansion of our markets, based on science and technology. The Seilo organization has gone beyond national borders. Until now, there had never been an exhibition hall or sales market that transcended national borders.

Your task now is to lay the economic foundation in America. My initiative is to spread the Seilo organization throughout the entire nation and to lay a global foundation for a market for the marine products industries. We are now faced with the realistic problem of how to achieve all of this. That is the conclusion. If the machine industry is the center of Western Civilization today, then the marine products industries lacks an owner. That is why we can conclude that, even at a loss, I am investing in the marine products industries and for the development of Seilo. Effort must be made to invest in them in order to re-create this foundation, even if the church is sacrificed. In that sense, Seilo exists as a foundation for taking the lead in the global marketing organization and America’s marine products industries. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that we need to spur our efforts in this place.

Once we take the lead in the field of technology in America, as well as the machine industry and marine products industries through the Seilo organization, we will then become an influential power that can move the U.S. economy. That is why I am now creating an association for the unity of Latin America. Then America would find itself in an

awkward situation. Even with all my brains and talent, I had to endure forty years of troubles in order to pioneer the way, and this will remain in history as a path that must be taken by farsighted leaders. I persevered and endured because it is important to establish a tradition in that way. If I have established the vertical tradition, you must understand that you have the responsibility to establish a horizontal tradition. You should think about how to bring about rapid growth in the future through the Seilo organization.

You should not think, “What do the marine products industries have to do with Seilo?” In the future, people in Sei-lo can be placed in the marine products industries, and those in the marine products industries can be placed in Seilo. I may replace them as I wish at anytime. You should be aware of that. That is why we can conclude that we should use one office. What use is there for two when we don’t have money? On this occasion, I am telling you to combine them all. There is no need for many department heads. We should create an organization where the universe will move at the order of one leader. (135-102, 1985.9.30)

2.1.3. Alaska marine products industries

In terms of national territory, America is surrounded on three sides by the ocean and has three of the four great fishing grounds in the world. There are four great fishing grounds if we include one in Norway. The areas from Mexico to Alaska and from Gloucester to Canada are all connected to the three great fishing grounds among the four in the world. That means that almost all the fish in the world can be found in those areas. But there aren’t any people to catch those fish. The authorities have appropriated two hundred sea miles of area, but it has become like a barren land without an owner.

Alaska is connected to everything centering on the ocean. Alaska is where all the resources, fish and raw material of the sea are concentrated. Eighty percent of the world’s marine resources come from America, and the fish comprising 71 percent of America’s marine resources can be found in Alaskan waters. This state is at the center of the marine resources. The only other place where such resources remain is in the tundra.

When I went to Alaska last time, a massive school of dark-colored carp about sixty-miles in length came swimming toward us. They covered a width of ten miles and I do not know how deep. Think about it. When you view such a sight, you know there is no owner –there is no owner. I discovered such vast wealth floating in our great oceans. That is why you must become the owners of the future.

How much growth have we brought to the marine products industries? Everything that we have studied and made with our own hands, including all the machinery in a boat, can reach the highest standard. You should be aware of this amazing fact. When we were catching fish in Alaska, we recorded where the most fish were caught in a computer. Having computerized that information, we can navigate there anytime by pressing a button. If we put tape in the computer and press a button, we can find the location, even after ten years has passed. We can always catch a lot of fish. We will be able to possess an infinite amount of data on the world’s five oceans – which fishermen keep strictly secret and teach to their sons as their legacy – all with a push of a button. If we record such prime locations in the five oceans, we can continue fishing in certain areas according to the season. Simply put, this can bring tremendous gains to the marine products industries.

I built a factory in Alaska, at an investment of thirteen million dollars. I am thinking of buying the Gloucester wharf on the East Coast. Don’t we also have a ship-building yard in the south, in Alabama? We have all kinds of bases. Most of you have never had any interest in boats or the ocean, have you? I have been preparing everything for the past ten years.

We need to build processing factories in the western, southern, and eastern areas of Alaska, handling all aspects of the business. Though the fish are numerous, we have no capacity to process them. That is why I will now build a fish powder factory. Why do we need to make powder? It solves the storage problem. No matter how good a fish might be, it does not last more than eight months. Even frozen fish must be supplied with water again after eight months. Even though it is iced, air seeps into the ice because of the differences in climate. When air seeps in, the vapor from the fish goes out through the ice. Then the entire fish must be submerged in water again, frozen and then stored. But that should not be done. If you take the fish out and refreeze it a couple of times, a regular temperature cannot be maintained. Therefore, that produce will be discarded.

I have thought about how to process shrimp. That is why we are making it into powder. Shrimp die in a year. God created them as fish food. But the uneaten shrimp all die. Every year, countless dead shrimp flow about in the sea. This is directly linked to pollution. How are we to solve this problem? After many years of study, I have decided to produce this powder.

Twenty million people in this world starve to death each year. For the past twenty years I have taken an interest in the marine products industries in order to solve the food problem for the sake of these people. The key issue is fish powder. This is highly-enriched protein, and contains nutrients not found in any land animal. By making this into powder, it will be convenient for both storage and transportation. If we produce one ton of this fish powder, we can increase it to thirty to fifty times the original amount. Ninety-eight percent of that is protein. The developed nations should have solved the problem of starvation, but they have not done so.

We will never truly know how many species of fish there are, including extremely large species of fish. There is such a huge variety. Realizing this, I thought that if there were three or four people competent with nets, it would be no problem to catch a boat-load of fish in a single day – more fish that we ourselves catch in the Alaskan waters. So I had people do research, after thinking that we should hire people to catch fish, make it into fish powder and sell it.

From now on, we will make fish into powder and season it to make bread. We can make anything. We can make good bread. Eating fish is better than eating meat. I know that fish is good for the body. This is undeveloped territory. This is the only thing that America has not firmly grasped, so we should do it ourselves. I am certain this field holds considerable promise. I will prepare the money, but the issue is how to raise the people who are motivated.

From Canada to the Soviet Union, from America to Japan and Germany, everyone is interested in what we are doing now. Originally, only twenty per-cent of the fish caught in these waters were actually eaten by people. The rest were thrown away. I am gathering the parts that are thrown away and making them into powder as nutrients that can be eaten. I am thinking of sending this to the underdeveloped nations. That rumor has now spread and people in the underdeveloped nations of the world have a lot of interest in the Unification Church.

The Japanese government believes their nation needs marine resources. The term “marine resources” means fish. That is why America wants to sell the fish processed in Alaska, and Japanese people want to purchase fish. But they do not have any. So I am planning to catch fish in America and supply it to Japan. The United States government is negotiating with the Japanese, and the Japanese people are negotiating with the US government. Japan needs America’s fish, and America needs Japan’s technology. That is why they are talking about mutual investment.

In North America, the most famous ocean and marine products industries base is in Alaska. The four great fishing grounds of the world can be found in Alaska, the north Atlantic coast of the United States and Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, and in the waters off Norway. Of these four fishing grounds, North America has three of them, and representative among these is Alaska.

In the future, the Soviet Union may speak out in political protest, and Japan and Germany may form an alliance. This is a flash point that can create political problems worldwide in the future. Though the United States has appropriated a coastal water territory out to two hundred miles, they do not have the capacity to become the owners of the marine products in that area of the ocean. Americans do not eat fish. In this group, perhaps some of you have visited foreign countries. People in those lands eat only a few kinds of seafood, such as lobster, salmon, trout, and halibut that we are going to catch today. Most of these generally come from the cold waters of the arctic regions. That is why they have a lot of flesh and are delicious. Americans like these fish. Where do these fish gather? Their habitat is here in Alaska.

When Jesus told Peter to become a fisherman of people, he meant that fish were a symbol of people. That is why if we catch fish and take the lead in the oceanic regions, we can even gain a leading position in the landed regions too. This is the viewpoint of the providence. Therefore, if we take the lead in Alaska, we then gain a leading position in the oceans. Eighty-five percent of the income of the world’s marine products industries comes from Alaska. Five per-cent comes from the Atlantic, and the final ten percent comes from the Pacific. You can find salmon in Alaska. You know about salmon, right? There are five species of salmon. One is pink, and another is red. There are many types. If you release them after a couple of months, their young hatch in fresh water and swim out to sea. They go four to five thousand miles as they swim throughout the five great oceans. That is how they travel. After four years, the salmon are old enough to lay eggs. They become mature female and male salmon, and when the time comes to lay eggs, where do they go to meet their true love partner? They are bound by a pact that makes them seek their birthplace to meet their partner. They are bound together by that law. Who established that law? Did the salmon do that? That is a mysterious question. If you observe the salmon in Alaska, they lay their young ones in July and send them out to the sea. These fish swim four to five thousand miles during a four-year period, and then sense their way back to their old hometown. Even today there is no way to scientifically explain this wonder. No matter how hard people study this, they cannot find the answer. Do the salmon return because they have some kind of antenna or radar? The young salmon return to their hometown after four years to lay their eggs, after which they all die. Their flesh becomes food for their young ones to grow. There is a saying: “Of all creation, human beings are of the highest value.” Yet, look at human beings. They don’t even know how to return to their home-town. They don’t know how to go there.

Once when I saw a salmon, I thought that salmon are just like the Unification Church members. Our church members are the ones who return to their home-town. The pair system is part of Godism. The male and female salmon don’t pair up and spend four to six years together in the ocean. When the time comes, the male first swims upstream and the female follows him, where they meet for the first time. Then the male and female gather in a pool and create pairs like the matching ceremony that we do in the Unification Church. What is truly mysterious is that the male and female look exactly the same when they are in the ocean, though they may differ slightly in size. Once they find their partner, the male salmon changes its appearance in two weeks to the extent that one wonders whether such transformation is actually possible.

When they swim upstream to mate, the male salmon already looks like a lion. He becomes a fearful sight, with his lips like this and his teeth protruding in this way. His head and back come out like this, just like a lion. Even a salmon would go to such extremes, so as to leave behind its superior species. How do they find their hometown after traveling about the ocean for four to five thousand miles? This has been an unsolved mystery until now. How could these small fish, these young fish that are no larger than fifteen centimeters after six months, leave their hometown for the ocean, and then grow this large and come back to their birthplace? And when the season comes, they already know when to have babies.

Salmon go out to the sea and swim about freely, and then a female and male are matched after which time they live for the sake of the other. This becomes the model for the love between the couples in the Unification Church. It is the same as the love of True Parents. Couples in our Unification Church should be better than salmon couples. There are many things people can learn from this, which is like a scene from a movie. Salmon leave behind their offspring by letting their bodies become food for their young. The salmon lives as a representative of the tradition of the animals’ world of instinct.

North America has three of the great fishing grounds in the world. These are the waters off Alaska, the waters of the Atlantic from Nobaska Point up to Canada, and the Gulf of Mexico. You do not know how abundant the marine resources in these locations are. If you really knew, you would be astonished. A vein of gold would dry up after several decades of digging, but ocean resources are eternal. They have no owner. That is why I have made a twenty-year plan and have now been investing in the marine industry for fifteen years. The people in the marine industry in America are holding demonstrations, shouting out, “Rev. Moon is a heretic!” and “Out with Rev. Moon!” They are making all kinds of noise, but it does not matter because the key point is competence.

The four great fishing grounds of the world can be found in Alaska, the north Atlantic coast of the United States and Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, and in the waters off Norway When I go out to sea, I always catch fish. There are not many types of fish that I have not caught. I have caught all types of fish in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and the Mediterranean Sea. I have caught every type of fish. I have caught fish even in Alaska. I took the position of owner. I worked with my bare hands, wearing only my shorts. If I were to go to the world of fishermen and speak before them for just thirty minutes, they would want to take me to their house and give me a nice room to stay in, and feed me saying, “Don’t return to your house. Live here with us! Live with us for one year!” I could become their friends and do just about anything, just by staying in the same boat with them for four days.

America has 75 percent of the world’s haul of fish, and 85 percent of that comes from Alaska. In that sense, Alaska is a treasure house of marine resources. Who is going to be the owner of that area? To become the owner means gaining sovereignty over the marine industry in the future. Alaska is a base where that may be possible, but the environmental factors there are not so good. If circumstances were better, the middle classes would take charge of everything. Yet ships can be wrecked and people can die. You need to be prepared for such hardships.

In Alaska this time, the wind was blowing strongly, causing the waves to be more than ten meters high, but I just kept the boat going. People were in awe of this, especially those in charge of the UDT training at the headquarters for the maritime police. At that time, there was a warning against going out to sea. If you went out a distance, the police would be after you, making a fuss and telling you to return to harbor.

Though our boat was small, it valiantly rode the waves. That is why the police were amazed. They did not believe us, even though we explained that our boat could not sink. Yet finally, we convinced them. So now, even when we go out in a storm, they say, “That’s the kind of people they are.” Since the UDT training is something like special military training, as a general rule you have to go out in rain or strong winds, with no consideration for your own life. That is how it is.

America takes 75 percent of the world’s fish catch, and 85 percent of that comes from Alaska. In Korean, Alaska sounds like a-las-seum-ni-ka which means, “Do you understand?” When we say a-las-seum-ni-ka we are actually asking, “Did you know that Alaska is a dangerous place, where the wind is strong and one often faces death?”

Why do fish seek the cold region of Alaska? When fish living in hot regions seek out frigid waters, we are witnessing the phenomenon of the harmony of yang and yin. Fish try to have their offspring where subject partner and object partner come together in harmony. That is why they all migrate. Furthermore, fish living in fresh water can only reproduce when they drink salt water. That is how it is with king crab. In order for them to reproduce after maturing, plus and minus must come together in harmony. That is the work I am doing.

To this day I have been in the forefront, day and night, in Alaska and in many other places, establishing the tradition of unification today. There is no way for humanity, the nation and world to repay their debts to the True Parents. They are in a position to forever attend and follow.

Many kinds of fish gather in Alaska because the cold and warm ocean currents meet here. Fish congregate here to lay their eggs. That is why this area is well known. So to come here and fish is truly fantastic! Moreover, it is historic that Koreans – Korean professors – are coming here to fish and catch fish in the waters of Alaska.

If Alaska can attract tourists, it will become a world-renowned tourist destination. Wasn’t it hot this year in Korea? At such times, if you had money you could have gone to Alaska. It takes about six hours from here to Alaska. If there is a headwind, the flight may take seven hours, but it is a five or six hour flight. If you sleep on the plane in the evening and get off in the morning, you would be in a one-day sphere of activity.

If you travel on Friday night, fish on Saturday and Sunday, and then take a plane in the evening, you can be at work again on Monday morning. Wherever you go in Alaska, if you look toward a distant mountain you will see that its summit is covered with snow. The mountains in this vicinity are all covered with snow. Below the snow-covered hill, there is a green field with a flower garden. There is a blue ocean beneath those flowers, an ocean like a beautiful lagoon, where you can go fishing. Imagine how enchanting that place is! The area is surrounded by high mountains that bear resemblance to a folding screen. The trees in Alaska are used to make the keyboards for pianos. They grow straight and densely cover the area. In the forest below, there are many flowers that you have never seen before. They can be found near the lakes.

There are also many animals there, including deer. Many animals live around the water’s edge. Since there isn’t much to eat, they have to drink water. In the winter all the seaweed dies. There is nothing to eat because of the heavy snows. Since they survive on seaweed, there are many deer, bear, and other animals that live closely linked to the ocean.

When you go to Alaska, you have to wear long underwear made of fur because it is cold even in April. There is snow on the mountains near here. But there is an unlimited number of fish in the sea. Countless fish are swimming everywhere. If you cast out your fishing line, you will become excited. Some-one who has experienced this will come again, even if he is told not to. Once you have that stimulating fishing experience, you will never forget the thrill. Alaska is also a good place to live. It has all conveniences at your disposal. The Alaskan terrain and coastal areas also offer spectacular sights. Two-thirds of the land is made up of snow-covered mountains, with most people living in the green valley areas. The ocean is blue and eagles fly about in the sky.

From Alaska, it takes eight hours by plane to fly to Moscow, six hours to fly to London, and ten hours to fly to New York City. That is why this place is also an important hub of transportation. In the future, it will not be a problem to cultivate crops on the plains of Alaska through human efforts. Even now they are cultivating crops in greenhouses. Bananas are being grown there. They do not come from the tropical zone.

Think about what would happen if all the edible products were produced in Alaska. Alaska is many times the size of Korea. It is several times bigger than California. California is one of the largest states in America; so Alaska is that vast! An unlimited supply of raw materials can be found there. The owner of that place is neither the Soviet Union nor America. Both countries show little interest in Alaska. They have created a mess with their own economic problems, political problems, and administrative problems, so they do not even think about the consumption of raw materials. In the future, the issue will be about who has a commanding position in relation to the raw materials. I am preparing for that day.

That is why whoever occupies the North Pole region is important. Occupying the North Pole is the same as dominating the world. Isn’t that the significance of a pole? Once you occupy the North Pole and take the initiating position, the occupation of the South Pole will automatically come about.

Have you heard about the “Alaskan spirit”? What is the Alaskan spirit? It is getting up at five in the morning, eating breakfast, going out to the sea, and coming back at twelve at night or even one or two in the morning. You are not allowed to come back if you don’t fulfill your portion of responsibility. There are no allowances for any situation. You have to fulfill your responsibility during the training course. Therefore, you are not going to watch people catch fish. I train people to fish to make them into leaders who, in the future, can go anywhere in the world. Not just anyone can catch fish. It must be done professionally. You can catch fish only after learning the skills through having many experiences.

2.1.4. The fish-farming industry

If there is a professor from a marine university in that area, or if any studies on the fish in these waters have been done, you should conduct tests to see whether those studies were correct and accurately record the details in a book. You should inspect the seas that border the coastal states, gather everybody together and make plans to fish anywhere you go. In those states that border on the ocean, you should measure the depth and temperature of all the fishing areas, conduct research on the types of fish that live in that sea area, and then make a book on your findings. I am buying boats for you so that you can accomplish this. All twenty-four states bordering on the ocean should compile a book about their fishing grounds. If your state is not near an ocean, you should do so anyway centering on its lakes. Then from now on I am going to coach everyone on how to farm fish.

When I went to Florida last time, I went to the Everglades – marshy areas inhabited by alligators. I am going to make an agreement with the nation to build a fish farm there. I can make fish farms for sea fish, and for fish that live in fresh water. I can make any kind of fish farm. Anything is possible. In the future, the dry beaches near New York can also be converted to raise crabs or any kind of fish. Studies must be done on this. Think about how vast this business will become. Animal feed can be made out of the bones of sea fish. Fodder can be made by compounding together the small fry that are caught. I foresee that it will become a tremendous business. Think about operating in each nation with a global network. If we also build a canning factory, it will also become an excellent business.

Since there are relatively few mountains in large parts of South America, we can play a leading role through finding water. Wells should only be dug in those places where water is available. You will not find water in other places, no matter how much you dig. That is why you can earn a living just by selling water. You can make as much water as you need by evaporating sea water. Now with the help of science, we can dig tunnels and make buildings for fishing farms across tens, hundreds, and even thousands of miles. We can build buildings that are taller than the World Trade Center in New York. In the Pantanal, we can raise fish in buildings according to the type of fish. After putting all the data in the computer, a customer can simply press a button to choose a certain fish to eat for lunch. We are making a place where people can eat a fresh dish of sliced raw fish that is served instantly.

There are many vast lakes in the world. In Alaska alone there are three million lakes more than twenty thousand pyung in area. If fish could be raised within such an area of twenty thousand pyung, it would support two hundred or even three hundred households. So, how many could be fed if there are three million lakes? If each lake is twenty thousand pyung, six hundred million people can be supported. Two times three is six – so six hundred million. That is why if we can make fish farms in lakes in Africa, it would provide a food supply for 650 million people. Then the food shortage would be relieved. Fish is much better for your health than beef or any other meat from land animals. Fish is easily digested and absorbed. Therefore, a time will come when people will not eat meat or beef, even if they are told to do so.

How many lakes are there in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay in South America? There are tens of millions of lakes. If there are three million lakes in Alaska, then there must be tens of millions in South America. There is not a great need for water. If we secure an area of several hundred pyung, fill it with water and raise a number of different types of fish, people can easily live off them. If we can create a man-made lake, teach people the right method and have them manage it, they would be able to support themselves. The food problem would be solved. The economic situation can be improved in regions that have both water and land. That is why you must take interest in the ocean and go through training in how to fish.

Why am I interested in tuna? One tuna can lay two million eggs. But only 0.8 percent of these eggs actually hatch. Why is that? When it lays eggs, small fish swallow those eggs. That is why I am thinking of making a tuna fish farm. If we had the technology to hatch 100 percent of those eggs, humanity’s food problem would be solved in an instant.

You could number the fish as you like, for example you could name one “fish number one.” Then those numbers could form a unified name system worldwide. A fish could be numbered as fish one hundred-and-something or fifty-something. If there is a special fish you like, you can call and order it by number. You can tell them that you are going to the fish farm at a certain time and ask them to prepare fish number so-and-so for you. All you would need then is a sashimi knife. You can make sashimi with that particular fish and have a tasty meal. Such a time will come.

I know that in the future the greatest business will be in creating large lakes throughout the world, and in farming fish there so that people can fish. That is why I have to prepare for that from now. For this reason, I am making fish farms, catching fish and constantly putting them into a fishing pond. Then people can fish all twelve months of the year.

If people raise fish for a living instead of building big ranches, there will be no problem in feeding a single household with just fifty pyung of land. You can draw up as much sea water as you like to the top of a high mountain. If there isn’t enough, you can add some salt water to adjust the saltiness. You can do that as much as you like. If you set up a fish farm in the mountains and have one person take care of it, you can raise enough fish to feed hundreds and millions of people. That is why I went to America this time, and went out to sea. As I moved about here and there I looked for good types of fish, and caught them to use in a fish farm.

If there are no fish where you go fishing, you should make a fish farm and raise fish. The time has come when you can farm fish, transport them somewhere and then go fishing. If you make a fish farm somewhere with the right climate and temperature and raise fish, then you can take any type of fish anywhere and place them where people can catch them. You can transport them in a boat, release them and catch them again. The time will come when you can hunt animals – even tigers. You can breed wolves and release them in the hunting grounds to hunt them. You can hunt for bears. You can also breed other animals for hunting.

I am going to run a fish farm. The reason Japan can prepare raw fish dishes now is because I coached them. It was my idea. The technology of having a filter to circulate water in a tank for a long time came from our studies. Why do we need a fish farm? It is because people like to eat live fish. It is not enough to supply the demand just by catching fish from the sea. We can of course supply live fish from fishing, but we must also distribute live fish after raising them ourselves. I am planning to build a fish farm in each state. That is why I gave away One Hope boats so that people can be trained in fishing, but I am not sure if they are doing that or not. If they are, then in the future they can survive by selling thirty to fifty boats. This is international. There were many people ten years ago who said that they would buy the One Hope boat.

The Marine Corps ordered seven-ty-two boats, but I did not want to sell them. Why didn’t I sell them? You don’t know how great this boat is. Since the word is out now, everybody knows that this boat is the best boat for fishing. That is why they all want to buy it. So now I am thinking of going public to sell the boat. Those who fish know how great this boat is. That is why they want to buy it. It really is a wonderful boat.

Aren’t there some 150,000 college graduates who are unemployed? That is why I am in the marine business and creating fish farms. I am doing this even in Spain. We have caught some live tuna and are raising them. We will sell them in January. They make good money. I am like a magician who can do anything.

From now, I will begin to transform wasted land into fertile soil in order to save those who are starving to death. All I need is land and water. I will raise fish in places with water. I will make fish farms. On the land, I will plant five different types of crop. The western people did not teach the Africans how to farm. That is why they have not prospered. This must be indemnified.

I have made fish farms for the tens of millions of people dying of hunger in this world. I am the only one who, representing all humanity, can solve the problem of the destruction of the ozone layer caused by environmental pollution. I have to march forward taking an interest in all fields. If I cannot do so, you should go even though you shed your tears and sweat. You should also be determined to leave your footprints on top of my footprints. The way of the Principle is in following the footsteps along the path. You cannot jump past those footsteps. The grandfather and parents must follow this path. Even the descendants and generations to come must also follow the way of the Principle in the exact same way. That is the path of indemnity.

2.1.5. Ocean Church and sea training

The Unification Church is a global movement with me as its leader. Although I am Korean, many western people recognize my work is not only for Korea, but also for the entire world. With courage and valor, I am building a global association, even in the face of persecution on the land and sea.

In that sense, I made a fearsome declaration when I came out with the title, Ocean Church, after building this system based on religion, rather than on a general system of thought. This is a fearsome course that I have set. From now, what am I going to do with Ocean Church? It is not simply about going out to the ocean for training. The purpose is to bring dominion over and love the ocean. I don’t intend to do something about the ocean by dominating it. I am going to nurture the ocean in accordance with the original intention of the Creator, and make it the center stage for bringing the world together.

Men board boats and ride the waves. Most women would not do this. How great it is! That is why I go on boats. I go on boats to teach you this fact. I have shouldered the responsibility to pioneer the ocean in the future. Therefore, since you follow me and like me, then you cannot help liking those boats. That is how life works. How many pounds does a large tuna weigh? It weighs over a thousand pounds. There are plenty of tuna that weigh over a thousand pounds. An average tuna weighs eight times more than a person who weighs 120 pounds. Think about it. How would it feel to catch such a fish? There is no greater business than fishing for giant tuna. If you catch one of those tunas you can eat it for a year. If you eat one pound of tuna a day, it would take you three years to consume one tuna.

Because the earth is becoming over populated, we have to make boats and go out to the sea. A world where people live in the sea will come in the not-so-distant future. What are we to do in the ocean? All male members of the Unification Church will live in the world’s ocean bases. Once we occupy this realm, we can have significant impact on all the cultures of the world. The Unification Church men should settle upon coastal areas and thus occupy all the world’s coasts.

Given the unlimited supply of marine resources in the seas surrounding the United States, the U.S. Maritime Administration is encouraging the development of the marine resources of America. But few people enjoy life at sea. For that reason the U.S. government developed a subsidy plan that would permit an individual to take ownership of a two million dollar, 120-ton fishing vessel by meeting two conditions: that person would pay ten percent of the boat’s price and work the boat for two and a half years. As you know, 120 tons is enormous. For the same reason I am developing ocean resource businesses in three hundred ports. I specifically designed and made ships. I designed and made small fishing boats and even created a truly handsome ship that is good for training. To train people in catching fish, I am making a fleet of ten boats linked together with one large ship. That means one person goes out with eleven ships at his command. I let it be known that if five such commanders would make such a fleet, I would give a thirty-thou-sand-dollar boat to them. Then we can sell even these smaller boats for thirty thousand dollars each. Currently, I am also planning for the development of the fishery cities.

I am developing a plan to gather and educate sixty trainees in each of thirty locations that I chose the other day. Once this standard is achieved in these thirty locations, I will expand it to three hundred locations and appoint those who graduated from theology school to be in charge of making Ocean Churches. This type of church has never existed in history. Under the name, Ocean Church, they will go on boats and hold services on Sunday. I am currently making preparations to launch this program. What will happen once it begins? Our members need only to go on the boats for two years. Since we have large boats, the members can take turns holding Ocean Church services. With the endorsements of the mayor of a city and the head of the coast guard, the nation can produce as many boats as we need. I can easily pay 10 percent of that amount. When that happens, we will have thousands of ships. In order to make that happen and expand the foundation, I am preparing these things in Europe and even Japan by planning an international market organization in the mission department. I am preparing now for this tremendous task.

When you do Home Church, the three hundred boats are Home Church boats. It is an Ocean Church. If your path becomes difficult in a port city, then simply ask, “Where is the One Hope docked?” All the people there would know its location. All the people on the coasts of America would know. We will be gathered there together, singing and praying. We will be praying even as we eat lunch.

We have thirty shrimp boats in South America and another five for catching tuna. Consequently, I am thinking of having our core members to now begin ocean training for eighteen months. Leaders of the Unification Church must participate two Sundays a year in Ocean Church activities. Actually, there is no church leader when it comes to Ocean Church activities because I will make everyone participate. That is why I give the order, “You! Go to that place and fish!” You will not know beforehand when you will have to go.

I have been getting up at five in the morning and going out to the sea on a boat until eleven at night from April of this year until now. Some people stick out their tongue saying, “An old man of seventy is going out on a boat all day to fish while the young ones are running away, hiding to get some sleep!” When I hear that, I think, “I am committing a grave sin. Why am I having these young people suffer so much?” But I am doing that because if they can overcome these things now, they will not fall away and they will be able to climb up to the top of the world.

I am training you. How many here can keep up with me? This fishing is hard labor. There is no heavier labor than this. You have to stand fishing all day long. You are not allowed to sit for ten days. Before you know it, it becomes twelve at night. In Alaska, it is still bright at midnight. It is still bright at one in the morning. How many hours pass if you wake up at five in the morning and stay up till twelve at night? You would be fishing for nineteen hours.

The coastline is the borderline between the ocean and land. The ocean must now be connected to the land and the land must also connect to the ocean. The borderline where the purpose for the land and the purpose for the ocean overlap can only be found on the coastline. In the future, when the need for both the land and ocean are recognized, the coastline will be the most important thing. I believe that a time will come when the coastal lands will become more expensive than any other plot of land.

Why am I involved in the marine products industry? Why am I making ships in Alabama? If the theology students do not want to come to Ocean Church, I will make the women into captains, and then have them bring the men and slap their cheeks saying, “You scoundrels! How can you, a man, not do this when I am doing it?” I will have these women captains bring and guide the men at Ocean Church. If any of them refuses to go on the boats, the women should slap their cheeks. If the men refuse to board, I will make the women into captains and have them do this job.

2.2. The ocean providence centering on South America

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 2-2 - read here:

2.2.1. The construction of Jardim, the New Eden

How uncomfortable is it for you to go to Jardim? You have to long for Jardim; even though compared to other places, it may be a place that you never wish to visit again. You have to shed tears from your desire to go there. You should yearn for it when you look at the moon. You should yearn for it when you look at the sun. You should look at all the life forms and all of the creation that are under the care of that sun and expose your innermost feelings. You should eliminate from your heart anything that would give reason for you to offer conditions of sacrificial offerings before a sorrowful God. Jardim is the original Eden where creation is gathered, like a museum of the universe.

Therefore, Jardim is a focal area of all creation. You have to go to Jardim where the primitive creation exists and shed your blood and sweat for at least three years. You have to labor for three years for the sake of the liberation of the homeland. You have to labor in water. Because water represents the world, you have to build heaven amidst the water. You must also build what the True Parents have built.

We must quickly care for and restore the creation that perished due to the Fall. Once more, we must disseminate into this world the species that became extinct in the past. That is why we need a bird museum, for there are over 1,500 species of birds. We should make 1,500 separate bird museums, and also insect museums. Once these museums are made, the people of the world will visit Jardim as an educational center for children, since Jardim is where the museums emerged within God’s providence. We are developing Jardim in order to create an environment in which God can find joy upon seeing His creation. That means Jardim is Eden. Many people have said that the returning Lord is going to first appear at that place.

What does the word Jardim mean? It can mean, “Entering the place of the Fall.” It is named Jardim because Satan invaded the position of our first ancestors. To our ancestors who had fallen in the Garden of Eden, Satan says, “Pantanal” which means, “I am selling you.” Satan is selling you and saying, “Salo-bra – try saving [them].” Salobra means, “resurrecting [them].” These words suggest these meanings in Korean.

The best kind of water in Brazil is muddy-yellow water. The muddy-yellow river is called the Golden River. Clear water, on the other hand, is called a Crystal or Silver River. We bought land in the delta area, where these two rivers meet, and there we built our Jardim base.

It would be very nice to make a fish farm here. There is a lot of excitement in Paraguay because it has a surplus of electricity; and by controlling the temperature of lakes, fish from the south can be raised in the north. If you can control the temperature in the northern area for fish that live here in Miranda around Jardim, you will have people from both the south and the north come here to look at the fish. If, in the southern region, you say, “I only like Alaska,” then you will be a failure. You have to say that you like both Alaska and the southern areas if you want to pass the test. If someone can follow my direction to live in Alaska in the morning and then in South America in the evening, and agree to live in that way his entire life and more, then he can become the owner who can rule over all of Alaska and the world of the south. God wants to meet that kind of person.

There is only one Iguaçu Falls. As a tourist spot it is second to none. You can swim there. There are Dorado and many other kinds of fish. The fish are always biting, and if you give them food, they will jump into your catch of fish. If children go there, they would make a loud commotion, demanding to live there. People in nearby areas wonder, “Why is Rev. Moon interested in Jardim?” But when they visit, they exclaim, “Wow! It is like heaven here. The state government was not aware of this. They may feel like they were deprived of this land by Rev. Moon!” That is why the state is forced to help me.

We are raising many species of parrots on our Jardim farm. Parrots can live together with people naturally. The ostriches frequently come to us because we give them food. They have become so close to the people now that they do not run away even when someone approaches them with food. I am thinking of creating a world where Adam can mingle together with creation, just like the time when God was happy to gaze upon His creation. That is what I am doing now.

I love water. Water is the source of all life. Water embraces and absorbs everything. There are two rivers in Jardim: the Miranda River and Plata River, which are like yang and yin. The water in the Plata River is clear, whereas the water in the Miranda River is muddy. Usually, people run away when there is muddy water, but yesterday I saw a clear stream of water being drawn into a whirlpool, without any resistance. With dignity, the clear water joined the muddy water and changed its color. Yet as the days go by, the water gains the strength to regain its color and purify itself as it continues flowing.

No matter how dirty the water, it knows how to balance itself. People should also know how to balance themselves. My coming here to Jardim does not mean I have some special relationship with Brazil. There are people living here representing the five colors of different races. Although I do not speak their language, I do not think that they are a different species. They are my kin – my younger brothers and sisters. I am meeting them again after living separately for six thousand years. That is why they naturally welcome me with joy, although we do not share the same language, habits and customs.

In the future, this place will have great value. It is a valuable place now and so I have come here to the Pantanal. That is why I think we should buy land here, in both Salobra and Jardim. The Pantanal can connect us with this area. We are connecting with the Pantanal.

In the future, this place will become a tourist attraction that will be known worldwide for its scenic beauty. I am deciding what it is that can bring together both the spiritual and physical worlds. It is where water and land are linked together. What is interesting is that there is grass on the surface of the water. Here, where land and water meet, I am making the decisions for all these things and advancing God’s providence.

The Unification Church made the Jardim Declaration. I have announced the second forty-year course. We are restoring Eden, which means that we have returned to Eden. We must go back to Eden and establish a standard of equilibrium for God’s absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. That is why, in Jardim, I proclaimed the standard of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. By doing so, I can take care of the entire world and all of creation before the Fall, which were created on the foundation of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, and have access to it within the same sphere. That is why I am educating people in Jardim.

Blessed families have risen up on the vertical standard, but have not stood on the horizontal standard in Jardim. Therefore, from now on, families must be established that can live together with God on the horizontal standard. To facilitate this, I have made an education center for ideal families aimed toward world peace, and I have been re-educating the families that have been blessed until now. I must train them again with the contents enabling them to join God’s absolute glorious family. That is the family training, taking place in Jardim.

If we are going to have classes for elementary, middle and high school students in Jardim, we will need eight classrooms. I have developed a program to build an elementary school and high school that can accommodate twelve classrooms. I am laying the foundation for two thousand people to come anytime to Jardim and to live there. With blood and sweat, I am preparing the educational foundation with the lecture hall as the focus. I am preparing to build an elementary, middle, and high school with a college – starting first with the elementary school. There are thirty-three cities around Jardim, and most of them have middle and high school facilities.

Presently, I am making all the preparations here in the headquarters of Jardim to set up a system for the elementary, middle, and high school, as well as college. The purpose is to educate the bright people in this area and to disperse them to the entire nation in the future. That is why 2,500 people can be accommodated here. I am now building a lecture hall that can hold 10,000 people. This will become a venue for the thirty-three cities in this state to come together in harmony. The Brazilian government is unable to achieve this.

The education plan for Jardim is to teach about the marine products industry, forestry, farming, and also about manufacturing. Since I know the over-all details for this, I am having each city function as a headquarters. I am thinking of expanding the same model that was built in Jardim to create a university, centering on colleges based on that system. This is very interesting. Uruguay had thirty-three independence leaders. There were thirty-three patriots who were at the March First Independence Movement of Korea. The Americas have thirty-three nations. An interesting fact is that thirty-three cities are located in the state where Jardim is located. It is providential that all the things were brought together centering on those thirty-three patriots and are now completely and automatically falling into place. In Jardim there is a prophecy that says, “A person from the East will come and build his stronghold in Jardim. If his name becomes widely known that person is the coming Messiah.” The Indians already know about this. They know that a Korean will come to Jardim to initiate a movement to reform everything including the ideology, and that this person will be the Messiah. There are signs that indicate a possibility that all the Indians will be drawn into this.

I can feel that God truly exists. There were thirty-three leaders that were part of the Mansei Movement for the Independence of Korea. Uruguay is on the exact opposite side of the globe from Korea. The Uruguayan independence movement had thirty-three leaders. There are thirty-three nations in the Americas. I am now working in Jardim. There are thirty-three cities in that area. It is truly mystifying. There are thirty-three major cities around that area. That is really extraordinary.

I researched an area with a radius of two hundred kilometers from Jardim to see what kind of fish inhabited the area. I explored the area while being bitten by mosquitoes. Did I do that for money? Did I do that for fame? Did I do that for political support? I did it to save dying people. They are my brothers. If I do not think that way, then who will save the people of the world? Did any politician or nation ever think about that? With this foundation, we will dig up all the raw material resources in the ground and export them. I will do it the way they want. If they need a factory, I will build it. If there is something they need, I will provide it. I am someone who is capable of doing such things.

Once we have four hundred kilometers of land in Jardim, I will build a fish powder factory. France, Italy, Germany, America, Japan and other advanced nations conducted studies on this source of food, but they failed to accomplish what we were successful in developing. The entire world will make fish powder and pave the way for distributing food. Since transportation is the problem, we are telling the UN and the Red Cross, “Together let’s save the afflicted people of the world!” In the farming area, within the four hundred kilometer area of Jardim, I have planted beans, corn, manioc and other crops. Everything harvested from there is made into powder, and then I will increase the amount twenty times to save the afflicted people. Then where can we catch fish? Where can we make fish powder? There are many rivers here. We can make a lake and a fishing spot to catch fish. We are buying all this for afflicted people. A live, fresh fish can become powder in ten minutes. Is this something that can be welcomed in Jardim or not?

The afflicted people in Third World countries know that I am going through hardships to save them. The word is out, and they all know that I am making fish powder out of fish. They know that I have made a farm in Jardim, and that I am making preparations for building a powder factory. In the future, all human beings will become members of the Unification Church. When you think about this, would these people come to Jardim or not? They would all try to visit the places where I have been or where I have left my name. Each of those places has become Holy Ground. The people of the world will sing the praises of my meritorious foundation of having gone through hardships to save humanity by raising fish. All people will hasten their footsteps, and their cries for building the heavenly kingdom will resonate throughout the world.

Brazil and Uruguay have abundant resources that enable people to have their own ranches and lead self-sufficient lives. I am thinking of educating people who are going to farm in Africa, by having them make a model farm, plant trees and do all sorts of things. For this reason, when they leave, I plan to send them off by giving them three hundred cows, so that they can be given a ranch in their countries. They will compete against each other in 160 nations. They will take the young animals they nurtured here. You are left with nothing if you keep spending the money. Yet the more you make use of your cows, the more you will prosper. You are all people who have lived a sorry life, but now you can become the owner of a world-level ranch, or an owner of a farm. You can also engage in marine industries and in fishing. A global domain is prepared in which you can go anywhere and enjoy yourself.

When we first came here, a thousand hectares cost 700,000 dollars. They gave us seven hundred cows for 700,000 dollars including the farm. Paraguay is that kind of place. They all raise chickens there. Tractors and the necessary equipment for farming were included. I am going to instruct them how to create an ideal hometown and country. If you sell your land and donate the money to help buy more land, then in the future I will return it all back to you. Everything will be developed; so nobody will die of hunger. On that farm, you can make a kindergarten, middle and high school, and even a university. Indeed, people of five different colors will live together. If the local area is developed, the plus charge will re-create its partner. Are you interested? Then it will be great. People will be able to fish and hunt there. I am making preparations for something global.

In that spacious grassland, you will find countless species of fruits, birds and animals. When you extend your fishing rod, you will find loads of fish wherever there is water. If the women who are preparing dinner run out of side dishes, they can go out the back door to where the river flows; they can go fishing and fry their catch. Brazil is that kind of nation. There is no other place like that in the world. That is the only place. If you throw your net out, you can catch a bag full of fish.

In the future, you can make a fish farm and hunting ground, and run a ranch too. In the spring, numerous fish swim up the river. The Miranda River is nearby, and I will dig a canal from it. Then this river will cover an area equal to at least ten rivers put together. If we can block the river in the spring when the fish come and prevent them from leaving, then we can make a fishing spot throughout the seasons all year round. Then it will become a world-renowned place where we can raise fish and provide fishing spots transcending the seasons. What interests me is the Pantanal Lake, which has 3,600 kinds of fish. I should catch these fish, raise them in a fish farm and create 3,600 fishing spots. I will develop a method to breed those fish and expand this to different places in the world.

The United States is on top, and South America is at the bottom. I went to the most unpopular mountain district in Brazil, the country the United States detests most, in South America, the continent the United States appears to dislike as a whole. I went to this place called Jardim and made friends with birds, snakes and fish while being bitten by mosquitoes. A founder of a religion is walking around barefooted. When you see me, you would probably say, “That is not the founder of our Unification Church.” I am leading such a life that people would say that I am a genuine farmer or fisherman. In one year and six months, the foundation I laid in America for twenty-four years was elevated at once.

I have made Bridgeport University and Sun Moon University. Now I will make a university in South America along with a kindergarten, middle and high school in Jardim. I am making all the preparations necessary to have people go through this university. The other universities in the world are not needed. What use is it to go anywhere else? They have all become a degenerate group of homosexuals and lesbians. Other universities are like a lighthouse that destroys the moral foundation. They are the bases for God’s enemy, something like Satan’s army base and the seat of Satan’s power. They are exerting their influence from there. We have to destroy their influence. They claim that God is dead.

2. 2. 2. The Pantanal Holy Ground

The Pantanal wetlands are twice the size of Japan. There are 3,600 species of fish in the Pantanal wetlands. I am telling you that 3,600 species of fish live in those waters. Then the question is how many lakes and bodies of water are there worldwide that have the same water temperature and similar circumstances. I am studying each of these categories in order to create places where we can raise fish. Then this can be done worldwide.

There are many places in the Pantanal where nature has been untouched and remains the same as it was when first created by God. In other places, many species could not maintain their standard and have become extinct. Yet this area around the Pantanal and the Amazon valley remains untouched.

Here, nature exists and a microcosm of creation remains as it was when first created by God. Why did I come here? I am not the only who came. God came with me and loves all of creation that was sacrificed throughout history. In Noah’s time, the fish were not judged. I came here to the Pantanal to pave a path for creation to return through indemnity, by creating a bond with the fish that were untouched by the flood judgment. We must love all things that were created by God. I have the responsibility to protect this. We should increase the number of species. We should not exterminate the species, thus making the creation less than it was when first created by God.

There are many kinds of plants and 3,600 species of fish in the Pantanal. There are 3,000 species of fish in the Amazon River, but 3,600 species in the Pantanal. Imagine so many types of fish. There are countless types of creation from plants, crops, and trees. God did not create as if performing magic tricks like that of Hong Gil-dong where things simply appear with the command of telling something to be. God had a plan and created these things so that all their structural contents were in line with the laws of the natural world and climatic conditions.

The Pantanal is a place that can become a primordial treasure house for the animals and plants that were originally created by God. I am establishing an international movement to protect and preserve God’s creations. Will you or will you not cooperate with me? Humanity fell because of Eve. That is why I ordered the Japanese national messiahs to take the lead in the Pantanal activities. Is that something to be grateful or resentful about? A mother would sell her own flesh to raise her child. You have to help in raising plants and animals. If Japan can connect her lineage to the land of this world, it will automatically become Japan’s possession.

There are 3,600 species of fish in the Amazon Valley and in the hinterlands of the Pantanal. There are 3,600 species, but all of creation remains in its original form when created by God in the Amazon Valley and the Paraguay River Valley. Centering on those 3,600 species of fish, I am making a fish farm. Those who are interested in fish will come here, even if they are told not to come. Since we have a newspaper publishing company, I am spreading the word that we have a fish farm that raises 3,600 species of fish. If we said, “We breed 36 species of fish, and this number will soon rise to 360, and in a couple of years we will have 3,600 species of fish,” then would people who are interested in fish come to our farm or not?

You cannot imagine how many fish live in a place like the Pantanal. If you throw something in the water, it quickly vanishes. Like lightning, it disappears in an instant. Even something dirty is cleaned up by the fish instantly. There are many species of fish, all mixed together, and each species feeds on different things. When they eat they are tirelessly cleaning up the waters. Essentially they are cleaning the water. They are not living for their own sake. They are bringing order to the environment and cleaning up their surroundings as they live together while helping one another. This is the cooperative system in nature. Also, in the Pantanal there is a plant called water hyacinth. If you examine the back of one of its leaves, you will find many bugs eating it. If given the opportunity, those bugs would eat up all the leaves. However, since there is a fish that eats those particular bugs, then the plant survives.

The Surubi is a bottom-feeding fish that looks like a catfish. The Boga fish likes running water, and the Dorado is a fish that lives in places where the water currents are fast. The Boga disappears the minute you drop your line and bait. The Dorado rarely swallows the hook, but quickly eats away your bait. Tell me, are these easy fish to catch or not? Should I teach you how to catch fish that are difficult to catch, or fish that are easy to catch? If you want to catch Surubi, you have to fish at night.

Some fish even have vegetarian eating habits. This Dorado is intrepid – no matter where it goes. When it bites, it emits a noise that sounds like “sheek.” When five people fish on the same boat and cast their lines out, if a rod moves, it is difficult to distinguish one line from another. They do not know which line has a bite and begin asking, “Whose is it? Whose is it?” They look at their rods and one exclaims in amazement, “Hey, it’s mine!” This would happen three, four, five, or six times. That is a great experience. The light of the evening sun, the golden hue of the fish, and that brilliant view cannot be appreciated without the pleasure of catching Dorado. It is an enjoyable sight that everyone should experience at least once in his life. It is human nature to want to personally experience this firsthand.

The Pantanal is where land, water and plants live together. It is truly exquisite. Creatures from the time of Creation have survived there in the Amazon Valley, in the Pantanal. They have carried on their line of species while living in nature untouched since the time of Creation. That is why the Pantanal is the world’s Holy Ground.

You will see so many things when you go to the Pantanal. The Pacu fish eat young alligators. When they do, they do not say, “Hey, do you have dung in your belly!” When a Pacu eats bugs, do you think it would wipe off the human excrement or dog dung that is on the bug’s wings, or would it just eat it whole? Those people who do not know how to swallow things as a whole cannot unify the world. You have to know how to swallow things as a whole. You have to eat both good things and bad things. Don’t fallen people discard the bad and eat only the good things? Love is not that way. Love takes in and digests even hell.

The larger fish in the Pantanal swallow the smaller ones. The small fish have excrements, urine, internal organs and filth, but the larger fish just swallows that altogether. It swallows the head, tail, and all the smelly parts. Isn’t a person who can swallow things as a whole a prince of the world of the liberated realm? That is how I see it.

You should go to the Pantanal and “Swallow everything as a whole! Swallow everything as a whole!” You should go to the world of fish and swallow it as a whole. That is why I am teaching you how to swallow things as a whole in these lands. You should not become like the weak that cannot swallow their clan, family, ancestors and relatives as a whole. You have to become the strong.

If you go to the Pantanal in the summer, you will see that the fish will swallow any other fish that is just slightly smaller than itself. Even a codfish would gulp down a smaller baby shark without hesitation. You would swallow anything that is smaller than you. Isn’t that great? If the larger kind swallowed only the smaller kind, the smaller kind would protest to God saying, “God, why are we the only ones being eaten?” When God created everything from water to heaven and earth, He made it so that the larger kind could swallow the smaller kind, regardless of the species. That is why if you are of the larger kind, you can swallow the smaller kind and thus nobody complains.

The Pantanal is a world of relations, based on swallowing the other as a whole. Pantanal means, “selling yourself completely.” It does not matter if it is for some larger purpose. Therefore, the Pantanal spirit is in swallowing both the good and the bad and digesting it to exert influence for one’s survival as one grows. Wasn’t God’s will also to swallow both the satanic world and the world of goodness?

God will restore human beings back to the world before the Fall. God has to take care of all the enemies in order to restore Adam’s perfected world before the Fall. There were no enemies in that world. Everybody was like brothers and had only the concept that they were one family. It is about swallowing one another. In the fish world in the Pantanal, the larger fish swallow the smaller fish without regard, whether there is something filthy or not. It swallows the excrements of the internal organs and everything else.

The Pantanal ideology is about swallowing something, regardless of whether it is smeared with dung or germs. Should you take away the germs and wipe it clean before eating it? If you do so, you would have nothing left to eat and would have to run away. Even if you swallow poison instead of excrements, you should assimilate it with your body, and even if your body were to die, you should have the mentality that you can digest the poison. That kind of mentality is great, and its digestive powers are strong. Even if you take in poison that is strong enough to kill insects, or if you eat a fish that took in poison, you would think, “I can even digest poison.” I am doing that right now, focusing on the Pantanal. In the ideal realm of Adam, we find God, who is the Cosmic Messiah and the returning Lord, who is the world Messiah. In the ideal realm of Adam, we also find the national messiah who is the Abel-type king of that nation, the tribal messiah who is the Abel-type tribal king, and the family messiah who is the Abel-type family king. All of these belong to the ideal realm of Adam. Among God, the returning Lord, the national messiah, the tribal messiah, and the family messiah, if the tribal messiah falls sick, he can be replaced on the family level; if the national messiah falls sick, he can be replaced; and if the world Messiah falls sick, he can be replaced. God does not fall sick, but everything should be prepared for His replacement. Only then can the realm of the partner be established in which a circular motion can take place between the subject partner and object partner.

I like the Pantanal because all kinds of fish are living there. One important thing I learned in the Pantanal is that everything – every single thing, can be swallowed. For example, a large alligator can swallow a person. But there is a fifteen-meter long snake in Paraguay that can swallow an alligator. There is a snake that can swallow a person as easily as we would pick up a bean with our chopsticks. Snakes of all sizes live in that area and swallow their prey whole. A fish would swallow a baby whale if it were smaller than itself. If something goes into its mouth, it swallows it. Isn’t that great? I also think that I have to become an expert in swallowing anything that goes into my mouth. That is what I learned. You have to swallow to live here. Women who brush off dust or sweep away the filth cannot live here.

People can live in the Pantanal with just one tenth, one hundredth, or one ten thousandth of a Japanese person’s income. People from an island nation have been blessed with this creation. I am preserving the Pantanal for the sake of Japan. Japanese people are not aware of this, are you? I love creation to liberate creation’s realm of lamentation. In the Bible it says that all of creation has been groaning in labor pains. The lamentation of creation is also the lamentation of humankind. What is this? There is nothing more lamentable than the fact that humanity could not receive the Blessing centering on God.

We have to dismantle the kind of civilization represented by New York City and Washington, D.C. We have to go back to more primitive times and to return to nature. That is why I went back to nature, and in the Pantanal, I live in constant love with nature. The great oceans are pure. How clean the water is! There is clean water and clean air. Nature here is clean. How good this is!

From the day I first knew God’s will, I loved the spirit world and humanity. In loving humanity, you have to love it more than your own family and nation. You must love humanity and then love creation. You have to love everything on the earth and love the world underwater. It is a process of re-creation. From God’s love, we must connect with humanity. From humanity’s love, we must connect with the earth, and by doing so, connect with the realm of water. That is why I am offering my utmost devotion in the Pantanal.

I can never forget the Pantanal. In this serious place I received God’s request regarding Maria Park’s family through Dr. Lee Sang-hun in the spirit world. How mortified and sorry God must have been! When you think about that situation, your insides should be boiling and your bones must protrude out of your body.

Since going to the Pantanal, what have I done there? I called the Unification Church members in North and South Korea to go there. All Blessed Families must go to the Pantanal. It is an imperative. People say many things about going, but if they cannot afford a plane ticket, then they should just walk here. If the father is sick, the wife and son should go with him on their backs. Once they get there after going through such hardships and suffering, will they say, “Oh, we are ruined!”? Will they say, “Oh, we feel dead! We are better off dead!”? Soon after that, let us say when they decide to go back home, as hard as it was hard getting there willingly, and even if the way back is even more difficult, they will somehow find the strength to go back home. But those who are hate to go there will all drop to the rear when they try to return. That is logical.

In summary, the Pantanal’s influence will become a great issue in the world’s history. The question is how to settle this issue here on earth. The world can become a battlefield, a dangerous place where human beings may fall into the pit of destruction if they make one wrong turn. We must do something to prevent this at all costs. Therefore, I educated the national messiahs during this time in the Pantanal, for the purpose of declaring war in advance before their nations. In the near future, the national messiahs should become environmentalists and create a sentry post in 180 locations, using the rally and everything that I prepared. Then they should influence the scholars, and the presidents of universities in each nation worldwide who are interested in the environment. If they are educated, then you can influence the executive agents of that nation and the core personnel in any of the administrative departments.

The Pantanal’s water world is connected to fish powder. Until now, people could not make sufficient food out of the fish they caught. But now, based on the studies I initiated in Alaska, I am making food resources out of fish. England, Japan, the Soviet Union, and other advanced nations such as Germany competed in studies on how to make fish powder into food, but they have all failed. They all fell away.

For Korea and Japan, the Pantanal is at the other end of the pole. The Pantanal is at the end of the earth. But the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground, and Holy Ground of Victory can all be found there. This is something tremendous. The Original Holy Ground is set up in our hotel in the Pantanal. Whether there is water, or something else, is not a problem. A water palace will be built there.

When a holy ground is made in the Pantanal, the Unification Church members must go there and bring their families. You must bring all your relatives since it is the starting point for going toward Heaven. You should bring your relatives and have your ancestors commemorate the day you were blessed in the Unification Church. In the presence of Heaven, you should offer devotion until your future descendants, ancestors in heaven, and the people of your nation are connected to Heaven’s blessing through you. This is the duty of the families that were blessed, which must be carried out until the completion of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. With this in mind, you must once more critically evaluate your lifestyle. Unless you do, you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. True Parents must take responsibility for everything.

The Pantanal is the focus point – the root. It is the source. That is why the families of the Unification Church must visit this place once every four years. They should prepare for a great migration. Already tourists have increased in number by three to five times. Because of the Pantanal Rally, this place has become famous worldwide. The effects will be tremendous if we do this rally two or three more times. If we do not buy land as I planned by next year, it will increase in value at least ten times. Then Japan’s indemnity will increase.

Human beings must prepare a holy ground that can be praised for all eternity in the world, even if they have to go through endless suffering. If that happens, the results of their endeavors will appear. Therefore, the issue is about who will be the first to begin making that effort. Should it begin from the father or from the mother? When the father stands up, does he go around the mother’s side, or does the mother go around the father? The mother goes around the father. As a nation, Japan must preserve the holy ground and extol its name. That is why the Japanese national messiahs are taking responsibility for the management of the Pantanal.

I fought with the mosquitoes in the Pantanal to the extent that my entire body has been scarred by mosquito bites. In the mosquito world, the mosquitoes are saying, “Who has tasted the blood of the True Parents? Come here quickly!” That is why mosquitoes come to me the most. When I drop my fish-hook into the water, the big fish bite first on my hook. Then many other fish follow. It is strange. Even God thinks it’s a mystery.

2. 2. 3. Animal museum

Human beings are responsible for preventing the species created by God from becoming extinct. How many

species have human beings brought to extinction? There are 3,600 species of fish in the Pantanal. I have made a fish farm, and I can multiply them at any time, in places around the world that have a similar environment, so that they never will become extinct. My work is focused on these things, and I am now going to begin that kind of vast project.

If I have made fish farms for 3,600 species of fish and if your children studied each of those fish, then we would have 3,600 people with a doctorate degree. Therefore, you should be grateful that I have prepared a way for your descendants to succeed in life. If each were to write a doctoral thesis, we would have 3,600 doctors. Should you continue to tirelessly support this work or not? Why? It is to understand how much God loved the various creations when He created them.

I am going to build a museum and have every type of creation exhibited there. I will prepare specimens and put them on display. I will create a farm for the fruits of the sea, where you feel like being in nature just by looking at it. I will begin a movement to create museums in each town as a symbol of love for animals. Then the town with the most species can become a world-renowned tourist spot. I will also gather many species of plants and trees to put on display.

Wouldn’t you be interested if thousands of different kinds of fish were swimming about under your boat? There are 3,600 species of fish in the Pantanal alone. If buildings are constructed for 3,600 fish farms, then would the people of the world come and visit that museum or not? There would be a flood of people, including elementary school students.

There are 3,600 species of fish in the Amazon Valley and in the hinterlands of the Pantanal. All of creation remains in its original form as it was when it was created by God. That is how it is in the Amazon Valley and the Paraguay River Valley. Centering on those 3,600 species of fish, I am making a fish farm. Those who are interested in fish will come here, even if they are told not to come.

Water temperature varies depending on altitude. Fish living in the ocean differ, depending on the temperature. That is why, in rivers, the fish go to the area that has the same temperature as where they live, and stay there to lay their eggs. Even if the area is different in the east, south, and north, if there is no difference in the temperature, the same type of fish will live there, thus creating a wide diversity. That is why there are countless species of fish.

In Paraguay, which is in the middle of the continent, there is a river that flows vertically down through South America. It is seventy meters deep and in some places reaches one hundred meters. Consequently, all kinds of transport ships and large vessels can go upstream. Small rivers with an abundance of fish are all connected to that primary river. We can build a refrigeration factory in such places and store all the fish we catch. We would need electricity. There is an endless and untapped supply of electricity.

If fish were constantly being caught, they would all disappear. That is why we need to breed and to raise fish. I am thinking of building a zoo with the animals from the Pantanal and the Amazon River Valley in South America. A city must appear in which insects are raised. Then whenever someone strikes a bell, the birds that want to eat the insects will come to eat. A city must appear in which insects can be raised to feed the birds. The birds are dying because there are no insects. Towns must appear in which insects, birds, and animals are raised.

There are currently 3,600 species of fish in the Pantanal. In Korea are there even 36 kinds of fish? Korea is no match for the Pantanal. In the future, a fish farm taller than a city building must be created to raise these 3,600 kinds of fish. Imagine controlling the temperature for each type of fish with a computer – those from the sea, those living in fresh water, those living in the arctic regions, and those living in tropical areas. We could raise 3,600 species of fish from the entire world in one building and using buildings in cities would not be a problem.

There are many mountains in Argentina, Brazil, and in South America as a whole. Because the water there is clean, animals and plants can be raised there. Some mountains are connected to plateaus that are 1,300 meters high. Therefore, you can breed any type of animal, and even raise fish. I am interested in that place. I will catch all 3,600 types of fish, make an exhibition hall to show them, and set the admission fees at a high rate. I will make a museum, and it will become a popular tourist spot. People who are interested in fish will come here for sure to see the 3,600 species of fish.

How wonderful it will be to educate the people who come and let them live amidst nature! To build a town that can be connected to modern civilization and city life, I will create a museum displaying the 3,600 species of insects in this vast area. All the insect scholars should come to this place. I will also make a fish farm that can raise 3,600 types of fish, and then I will make a bird zoo and a botanical garden. After that, I will make a zoo for people – a human zoo. It will be a real zoo, but a human zoo.

2.3. The ocean providence centering on Korea

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 2-3 - read here:

2.3.1. Boat of Heavenly Victory

From the 1960s I began taking interest in the ocean. I have been in the ocean industry for twenty-two years. In 1963, I designed and built the Boat of Heavenly Victory. I had Eu Hyo-min and Eu Hyo-young work at sea so that the boat could ride the five oceans, but they did not like the sea.

The Boat of Heavenly Victory was made in 1963. But Eu Hyo-young did not like boats, water, or the waves. When a storm comes, you should be able to enjoy riding waves the size of houses in the sea. He should have become a man who could find value in what he was doing, even if he were to die. But he said that he was afraid and that he did not like the sea. If we had advanced to Alaska from that time, we could rapidly have developed worldwide.

With a heart of serving others, I have lived for the sake of God, humanity, the world, and all of creation. Didn’t I liberate creation? That is why I am living for the sake of the ocean. In the 1960s, there was not one mountain that I had not visited. In 1963, I designed the Boat of Heavenly Victory. Who in this world would call their boat, “Boat of Heavenly Victory”? There was a reason behind all this. I have been building boats until now in order to establish the standard of Heaven’s victory. I started building boats even before coming to America. I began making boats in 1963, and I have been sailing boats to this day. During the years 1973, 1983, 1993, I have been going on boats for twenty-four years. I have ridden in boats from morning to midnight. At times I would go on boats until three o’clock in the morning in Alaska. I rode in boats with single-mindedness and resolve.

I built a boat in Korea named Boat of Heavenly Victory. What victory? Heavenly victory, of course, is where Heaven has won victory because God’s will has been fulfilled. I had already begun fulfilling God’s will from long ago. I made the Boat of Heavenly Victory and talked about occupying the oceans of the world. One member, Eu Hyo-young, was constantly saying, “Boat, boat!” So I made him one, but he did not like going on boats – maybe because he was old. He said, “Father, I cannot go out to sea when the waves surge like that.” How can a fisherman think like that? He must go out to the sea until his death.

2.3.2. Ilheung marine

Aren’t you church leaders? In the future, no exceptions will be made, even for company workers. Unification church families share the same fate. Unification Church means a church where everything is united. That is why if you have a company, it should be called Company Unification Church. Unification Industries would mean a Unification Industries Church. Yesterday I came back from Jejudo where I had visited the company there called Ilheung Marine Industries. I told the president of that company, “You must now create an Ilheung Marine Church. As a church, you should prepare to serve and attend the women divers in Jejudo more than you would your own mother or bride.”

I built a shipyard in Jejudo, but people thought it was not going to work out. So I moved the shipyard to Mokpo, but again they were saying, “This is not going to succeed.” The headquarters for the Ilheung Marine Industries should move from Jejudo to Seoul. That is how it works in the world. When Heaven tries to give blessings, if the recipient is not ready, then Heaven departs from there. Until now, I have invested billions to build, refine, and inspire Ilheung Marine Industries.

Ilheung Marine Industries is in Korea. I educated about 110,000 Japanese and Korean women and had them do a Sisterhood Bridge Ceremony. Now our people and needed personnel are even in the low-echelon departments. That is why I appointed five vice-presidents – a representative from Gyeong-sang Province, a representative from Jeolla Province, a representative from Chungcheong Province, a representative from Seoul, and a representative from Gyeonggi Province. They were all women. I appointed two, but now I have to appoint three more.

2.3.3. Shipyards

People in Mokpo are unfortunate. I feel sorry for people in the Jeolla Province. Those from Jeolla Province must feel good. Since the nation has no sympathy for the Jeolla Province and has abandoned this area, out of sympathy for the people there, I was going to build a shipyard in Mokpo. But this was going to take too long, so I bought a shipyard. It was reported that it was the largest shipyard in Mokpo, so I went there to see how large it was. I had traveled around America to look at shipyards with my own eyes. In Mokpo they were offering the shipyard for 1.8. billion, but the price dropped to 1.3. billion and then to 800 million. I am good at making a deal when I buy something. I am pretty tight-fisted and the best at cutting prices when it comes to buying something.

I established a shipyard in Mokpo, not for the sake of making money, but to teach people how to build a good boat. Since this is the first time, the local people always protest. They may oppose us, but we must build a good boat and gain a monopoly over the boats in the Sea of Korea and Busan. When that happens, people will constantly flock to this place. Then I will give out one piece at a time. Despite the current situation, that is how one should live. That is what I am proposing to do. Then we will never go to ruin. We will not go to ruin, no matter how hard other people pray at altars for our ruin. Heavenly fortune shall protect us.

Everybody hopes to receive blessings, but to do so you need to prepare to receive such blessings. Blessings would just pass by those who are not prepared. I had hoped that the provincial government would have carried out their plans. If the people in Seongsanpo had done that quickly, then I would have built a refrigeration company and built them an 8,000 ton or 10,000 ton ship. But the provincial government did not support our purchase of the land. People there did all sorts of things to prevent the sale of their land and they collaborated to sell it at an inflated price.

Once you start to catch fish, you need boats to transport them. This naturally leads to the shipping business. We make long distance oil tankers that weigh tens of thousands to carry and transport oil from the Middle East. If we hope to become a global shipyard, we should prepare everything that we need, starting from the very bottom. I have secured the technology that will enable us to build anything as long as we have a blueprint. After that, if we plan to catch fish, we must make nets. We already have the training that enables people to make nets and do just about everything.

We will have people with good results teach the technology of our shipyard in Mokpo. Our shipyard in Mokpo is an actual working shipyard. We will teach people the technology to make oil tankers and ships for chemical products using steel and other materials. With such technology, we should make factories in representative nations and the six continents – Africa, for example.

I am a fearsome person. When it comes to building ships, I can easily expose anything that people have tried to cover up. When Paul Werner took charge of our shipyard, the Marine Master Shipyard, he went around thinking he was special. I went on the attack by exposing everything that was hidden. I am most feared. I gave instructions for the ship’s design. I gave instructions for the entire layout of the newspaper company and won first place in the Olympics for newspaper companies in America. That is how fast I am. Do not think of me as you did in the past. Since I have that special something, I have laid the kind of foundation that no government in the satanic world could have ever done.

Whenever I visit the shipyard, I can find out how the ship was made and immediately discover what had gone wrong. I give orders saying, “Why did you make this place like this?” The people at our shipyard in Alabama all fear me when I visit them. I expose everything that they hide away. That is why some people say that I am like a phantom. That is the kind of person I am.

If the person in charge of a business stands as the subject partner, he must create his object partner and develop it. For a shipyard business, then the president of that shipyard and its employees should become one, as subject and object partners. The purpose of becoming one with the business’s employees is to revive the nation, or a continent such as South America, or even the entire world.

I went aboard a boat everyday for twenty-five years because I must promote the marine industry with my own hands. Even today, I came back from the Okpo shipyard. I went there to inspect that shipyard, to decide whether to buy it, or enter North Korea and build a bigger shipyard in the delta area of Manchuria and the Soviet Union. I alone thought about those things. Only then can the North Koreans be saved.

We have to quickly make our own boats. We should make them in the Mokpo shipyard and go fishing using a reel and line with multiple hooks. Boats for catching tilefish should be comparatively fast. For instance, to go about a distance that takes about three hours, it should only take about one-and-a-half hours. The One Hope boat that we have now produced does not sink. Therefore, six people can board it and go anywhere. Even if a typhoon comes, you can survive as long as the anchor cable is not severed. Typhoons are not a problem. Large boats may sink, but our boat does not. Since I developed that boat, I have laid a global foundation among tuna catchers. We should make use of our boat, so that we can go anywhere.

Originally, I was going to deal with Japan and China from here. The boats from China come here to Korea. I made a repair facility in our shipyard to repair them. I told them to repair damaged boats at cost. I told them to guide the Japanese people to the fishing spot I made on Jigwido. Then all the high government officials will fly to this place. Also, I made an airfield in Moseulpo so that planes from China and Japan can freely come and go. It is a private airfield for planes from China, the Soviet Union, and Japan but is off-limits for other nations.

2.3.4. Developing Jejudo to become an international fishing location

I have been interested in Jejudo for ten years. Jejudo is a military stronghold and will become a more important place in Asia in the future. Tourism development is an issue, but when it comes to the nation’s fate, Jejudo’s ocean location is most important.

Jejudo’s importance was noted years ago by General Chiang Kai-shek when he said that he could dominate Asia if he was given a naval base on this island. As a military base it is significant. If we consider these things, we can foresee Jejudo functioning as an international free city like Hong Kong. When the financial market is under a free system, it would become an ideal base for espionage activities. In that sense too, Jejudo is important to the military. With this background, we can understand the challenges of doing business in Jejudo. These are reasons to build a foundation for business, and you should start with fishing enterprises.

Jejudo is naturally becoming an important center in Asia as an ocean gateway for Korea. The island is in a position that is connected to the Pacific Ocean through the East China Sea and the East Sea (Sea of Japan). Therefore, it is most important as a military stronghold. The waters in the port at Moseulpo are deep enough to allow for a significant global military port.

I have visited every part of the world, but there is no place better than Korea. In terms of climate and the beauty of its mountains and lakes, Korea is truly a nation that is not of this world. In the French countryside I once saw landscape similar to Korea’s, but aside from that one location, France is very different from Korea. The mountains in Korea are in their declining years and look pretty – like flower buds. In other parts of the world, Japan for example, the mountains are in their adolescence and are, therefore, craggy and ugly. By just observing the physical aspects of the mountains, you can see that Korea is a beautiful country. It is also a peninsula surrounded on three sides by sea. Korea is blessed with such a natural environment and scenery.

If you hike up Mount Halla on a clear day, you can see everything below its summit. From that vantage point, you would feel like touring the whole area, but there are no guidebooks showing how to do that. There are no facilities for touring up the mountain or sailing the adjacent seas. At best, you can drive around the island by car, but this is very boring. For this reason Jejudo needs a cable car. Someone should construct a cable car.

We should be proud of Mount Halla and Jejudo, but for what reason? I envision a naval base there and an airfield in the middle of Mount Halla. A plane flying from here to Jejudo could scan all four directions. An aircraft carrier could be positioned in the waters near Jejudo. What if tunnels were to be bored into Mount Halla from all four directions? Human beings have that capability. These tunnels and a system of elevators could accommodate tens of thousands of planes. Fuel tanks could be constructed within the mountain.

The Chinese character je (濟) in Jeju-do means “to cross.” It means that it is a place to cross over and become the owner. Jejudo is also a nation of priests. The island called Jigwido is interesting. It is like a pillar several hundred meters long, which has been driven down into the sea to make a fishing spot. Jigwido could be linked to the continent with a glass-like tunnel to allow vehicles to travel back and forth. The tunnel could be constructed under the seabed for stability. That kind of age has come. There is nothing more we would need to do here in Jejudo. We should fish, golf, hunt, and then enjoy the casino. We should create a market to sell our goods. There should be interesting things to do. It would be fun to have people go up the mountain on an elevator or cable car, rather than a helicopter, and tour the seas surrounding Jejudo in a speedboat. Japan is only an hour’s flight away.

What would people want to do after ascending Mount Halla and sailing around in the ocean? They would think about fishing! If people had the opportunity to fish in waters off Jeju-do, they certainly would. Most people will tell you that Jejudo is famous for its abundance of rocks and women, but its greatest resource is fish. I would like to obtain a permit for making fishing spots around the entire area of Jejudo. The Jigwido area is now being developed, but all seven of its surrounding islands must also be developed. In the future, authorities will have to limit fishing in the waters within three hours of Jejudo. Even if tourists are to fish there, they must be prohibited from using fishing nets. It is legally possible to do that.

Do not speak ill of Jejudo just because its fish are small. Do you think they would be as good as the fish in Alaska? I once had raw fish from Jejudo. You know how fish are sliced into pieces, don’t you? When we tried cutting it up, we found the bones of this fish to be extremely hard. That is not surprising given that fish live around rocky shoals. If the bones were not hard, they would break. Yet the fish was very tasty.

How was your experience going around Jigwido? Jejudo is the only place in Korea where you can fish throughout the winter. As part of a volcanic range its rocky structure provides shelter for many small fish and sea bugs. It is better to fish there with a fishing rod than a net. Jejudo is famous for fishing, and that is why it is known so well in Japan.

With 3,300 people associated with the fishing industry on Jejudo, there are a considerable number of marine-relat-ed shops. There are tens of thousands of sporting-goods shops located throughout Korea. Their primary market is the population above the middle class. The shops that focus on the hobby industry are catering to people who are above the middle class. Firearms are also sold in the sports shops that are affiliated with the hobby industry.

The lines used in fishing are expendable commodities. Because they only last about a year many factories are needed to produce them. The demand creates a tremendous industry. If factories were established in Africa, where labor costs are lower, they could provide good opportunities for people to earn a living. I think about these things when I come to Jejudo, and that is why I am thinking of holding fishing and hunting tournaments on the ninth and tenth. These tournaments are being held for world peace.

Salmon is about the only decent fish in Alaska, but there are many kinds of fish in the Jejudo waters. Because of the variety of fish there, peoples’ tastes in fishing are diverse. There is even a special kind of bigheaded, small octopus in Jejudo. Jejudo has also become famous for hunting. So Jejudo can develop the hobby industry with emphasis in boat fishing. Rather than traveling all the way to Kodiak, Alaska, to fish, people can go to Jejudo. The Japanese enjoy fishing in the Jejudo area. It is a good place that can attract tourists.

People eat a fish called jari on Jeju-do. Do you know what a jari is? The last time I went to Jejudo I saw someone catch this fish at sea and then mercilessly hold it by its tail as it was still flopping around. After a moment, he dipped the fish into sushi hot pepper paste, put the fish into his mouth, and chewed on it. People were amazed saying, “Hey, that person there ate that fish and its excrement.” Still, he did not get sick. Fish eat what they can digest. If a person eats a fish that is right for his body, then he will not get sick. If he found it was delicious, why would he get sick because of the excrement that entered his body? If he found it to be delicious, ideal nutrients would enter his body and mature like kimchi. That is why he would not get sick, but remain healthy.

Jejudo is a small fragment of the land that fell away. Young sea gulls come and excrete there. They come to excrete and breed since it is an easy commute. Sea gulls have their babies on islands, don’t they? Islands are where all the sea animals have their children. Animals with four legs must go to the land to breed. Don’t turtles do that? That is how it is for everything that lives in the ocean, aside from fish. Fish do not have sexual organs as we know them. Some fish have a kind of spot. They all have a line, and the male and female rub this part together to have a relationship. But the sea mammals come to the land to have their babies. That is why Jejudo is important.

Mount Baekdu is like the husband, and Mount Halla is like the wife. These two are like partners. Mount Baekdu is the husband mountain, and Mount Hal-la is the female mountain. It is a female mountain because it is in the middle of the ocean. Have you ever heard of people of Jejudo starving? They always have seaweed from the ocean to eat. This is Jejudo, the place where people offer sacrificial rites. That is why if you walk along the shore in the early morning, you will find countless morsels of rice and apples. The women go out with their children to offer sacrificial rites with white rice and apples. If you go out in the early morning, you will find plenty of these things. Sacrificial rites must be offered by people before others see them. That is why in the morning, you will find a variety of food.

Would it matter if you turned the sea into land if that were done to save the nation? What is so important about Mount Halla? You have to save the nation, even if it means selling Mount Halla. Isn’t that so? Does that mean Mount Halla will disappear? It would still be there in the ocean. Since this mountain has been there for tens of thousands of years, you can make a memorial where people would say, “It is the wish of all people for Mount Halla to be leveled down to a plain,” and there create a place where the people could come, and where the kings of nations could enter and live. Presidents and all the officials of the royal court would come and participate. Mount Halla is nothing. If you go to South America, you would see that Mount Halla is really nothing.

When I went to Jejudo last time, I said, “I would like to donate two pairs of tigers.” But somebody argued, “No, that will make trouble.” Even though a tiger might pose some danger, it should be free to climb up to the summit of Mount Halla and roar and have its roar blend together with the sound of the ocean waves. Would you like that or would you say, “Oh, I hate the clamorous sound of the waves, but love the tranquility of the mountain?” That is not right. If the waves surge, then there should be a roar from the mountains to balance it. I am speaking about the harmony of heaven and earth.

What would happen to Jejudo if it becomes a tourist spot in the future? Currently, brides and grooms are the ones who visit Jejudo most. If we can promote this well enough, they would say, “Oh, how could we go and sleep in that hot hotel?” This is the life they could only dream of. Newly weds can have fun by going fishing in the middle of the ocean. We would provide everything for them, including the rods and even bait. We could even buy them breakfast. We could do anything for them.

I am going to make hunting grounds and fishing area on and around Jejudo, and I will train you. When you come, you should bring a hundred people from each nation. If the members of the Tourism and Fishing Association for World Peace gradually increase in this way, then they could contribute in achieving that goal by paying a monthly fee. Those of the middle-class and higher can do that. From now on, you should take on that task and influence every country to do these things every year so that they may go to Africa to help. There should be a hunting ground and fishing spot in each nation. We should make a fish farm and hunting ground to hunt and catch the animals and fish, and then release them in the same area. You should arrange for this system to be available in different places for each season of the year.

The climate in Jejudo is good. You cannot fish in the winter in Alaska, but it would be just right for fishing in Jeju-do now. You should prepare two hundred people who can go fishing during all four seasons of the year. Things would become complicated if there were too many. The minute you return today, you should prepare two hundred people. You can fit fifty people on one bus. If our organization could do that, then in the evening we can introduce our world-wide activities or talk about fishing in that area. We can talk to them and educate them about the overall issues of the world. We can discuss problems of leadership or the political, diplomatic, and economic problems of the world. We have more than enough material to educate them. Therefore, to gain new members, you should achieve a higher level of education by getting them interested in the Unification Church. If that were done, in three years they would become members.

In the past couple of decades, I have founded many organizations throughout the world. All those organizations have the word “peace” in their names, like the Professors World Peace Academy, Peace Summit Club, Newspaper Association for Peace, Religious Federation for Peace, and Women’s Federation for Peace. Last time I was in Jejudo, I set up a fishing association and a hunting association. They are known as the Fishing Association for World Peace and the Hunting Association for World Peace. They share the word “peace.”

2.4. We can learn a great deal from the ocean

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 2-4 - read here:

2.4.1. Like the ocean, we should live while embracing the universe

When you visit the ocean, you can learn many things. It undergoes changes several times a day. There is a saying, “A person’s mind changes morning to evening,” but the ocean does not change only morning and evening, it changes every hour. Even on a fine day, if you go to a certain area, the waves would be mild. Yet when you go to another area, the wind would be blowing. It would not be a strong wind, but different in mood. Just as peoples’ faces are all different, so are water and mountains. Climate also differs depending on the height of the mountain. The ocean exhibits beauty in all sorts of forms and figures.

I enjoy nature. I love the ocean. You do not know how mysterious the ocean is. The drops of water are all like diamond gems. As each glitters, it would proudly say, “We belong to Rev. Moon. Water has more value than diamonds.” Why would the water boast in that way? It would say, “Without me, life would not have been formed in this universe. Because I exist, high and low things can be made level.” Do you realize how uneven the ocean is? And yet it instills a good feeling because the water makes everything even. The ocean also gives off a blue hue that an observer would never grow weary of over a period of thousands or tens of thousands of years. Blue is the color of consolation. Why did God create the color blue? You will not be exhausted; no matter how long you gaze at the color blue. It is the color of consolation. It is the same in all of creation. The sky is blue, and the ocean is blue. How ideal! Once you are immersed in God’s love, everything including people and the world of nature would become your friend. Once you know nature’s character, you see that it never changes. But human nature takes on all sorts of forms and shapes. It is one way today, but changes the next. That’s why there is a saying, “A person’s mind changes morning and evening, yet mountain scenery never changes.” A person’s mind changes in the morning and the evening. What use are human beings? They are not even as good as animals.

The ocean embraces the universe. Its water evaporates and gathers, becomes clouds and covers the mountains, becoming their friend. Then it showers rain from above and spreads out in all four directions. Water is an amazing thing. It does not rest. It should be tired from moving around for tens of thousands of years. I love the ocean. There are no deceptions in nature. If it is high, it is high. If it is low, it is low. Nature will provide, without objection, to the high places. Since I have learned from nature, I also provide without any objections. When I go to a foreign land and find people who have less than I do, I would open my storehouses and share all my rice, even they were to become depleted. It is to make things even. I learned all that from the water. That is why I like water.

What would happen if the sky, ocean, plants, and everything else were blue? You would suffocate. Imagine if they were yellow or your favorite color. You would immediately tire of it. Even if you replace it with another color, you would soon tire of it. Green is another color of consolation. Why do people like the color green? The existing world is in harmony with the color green. That is why there are many colors in the soil. The color of soil is usually close to green. That is why it is logical to say that we, who were made out of the soil, would like the color green. That is how you may think. Since God knew that, He made the sky and ocean blue. Everything was created in harmony with the color green, centering on human beings. How wonderful this is!

The ocean, when calm, is mystifying and has the power to draw people in like a captivating, beautiful woman who is like a queen of mystery. The ocean may look silver, but it also takes on a jade color. At other times, the ocean takes on different hues. When the gentle breeze rustles by, the beauty of the ripples takes my breath away. No matter how well a dancing girl dances, her beauty does not come near to that. To see a dancer, you have to see her dance on a stage, but a stage is too small. On the other hand, the ocean’s stage spreads out to infinity. Do you know how vast the ocean’s stage is? The ocean can be like a beautiful woman or a dancing girl, but once it becomes angry it can be more frightening than a tiger or a lion rushing towards you in the wilderness. Think about it. When waves that are tens of meters high come rushing in, the cry of a seagull stands not a chance. The ocean roars, “No matter how well you sing, no matter how great a stage actor you may be, you do not stand a chance before my majestic vigor.” The ocean’s might is imposing. A speed boat easily glides across the sea when the water is calm. But when big waves come, it is impossible to move around. You just sit, wagging your tail and shaking your head, tossed about by the waves as they come. You have no power over them.

The power of nature is great. That is why people who love the ocean cannot be arrogant. The ocean has that kind of greatness. If you open the doors to the ocean and look inside, you will find all kinds of fish living there, from fish that are gold in color to fish that are yellow and blue, and even fish that are colorless. When you compare the land with the ocean, which is more beautiful? The land, with its variety of birds, flowers and butterflies, is beautiful, but limited. Flowers do not move. Compared with the profusion of beautiful sea creatures that dance about in dazzling, brilliant colors, these things are somewhat dull. So which is more beautiful, the land or the ocean? The ocean is more beautiful. Why did God create this thing called water? We can say that water is a special amusement device for God to enjoy. He hid its depths away and did not open it to the public. When you observe creation in this way, you can conclude that God probably had more interest in the ocean than the land.

People who think about the future take more interest in the ocean than the land. God’s interest is in the future ideal family that has yet to emerge. That is why, rather than focusing His interest in the things that have appeared on earth in history, it is inevitable that God should take interest in the marine world that focuses on the future. This would make sense. With this perspective, we could say that people who think about the ocean are people who envision the future, and they will greatly increase.

The freedom one has when sitting with a fishing rod is beyond description. Would you be able to take a walk in that situation? You only have a small space in which to move about and cook your meals. Could you go to the theater or go out to meet your friends? You cannot even listen to music because you need to be silent. That is why you must gaze at the ocean and talk with the sea and the heavens. It is the greatest feeling to be at sea alone in the very place where the ocean and heaven become one. I constantly go out to the sea to benefit spiritually and in all ways. If I stay at home the entire day, I become distracted and end up thinking about the world missionaries, church problems and other matters, yet only vaguely and in fragments. But when I go out to the sea, I can think more comprehensively. Because of this, I love the ocean a great deal. I believe that is why the phrase “the way of fishing” came about.

Think about a married couple having intimate relations in the middle of the tranquil ocean. Would the ocean complain, “You no-goods, you are killing me!”? Groups of fish would come wagging their tails and watching that spectacle. All of creation longs for that kind of love. Everything in the natural world cries out, “Please come here, come to us!” and longs for people to make love there. You should have the heart to understand and feel this. If the master were to go to the top of a mountain covered with snow and make love there, nature would be pleased saying, “Our dear master makes love in such a beautiful way!” That is what creation wants.

2.4.2. Life in the ocean is amazing and mystifying

The Black Current passes across four thousand miles based in the Pacific Ocean. It circulates over four thousand miles in one year and the force of its passage makes the five great oceans circulate. Were it not for this primal Black Current, the oceans would not be in motion. The Atlantic and Pacific are linked to the five great oceans because of the Black Current.

Through these environmental circumstances, all five great oceans continue to live, without wasting away.

No matter how large the river is, it flows to the ocean, and no matter how vast the ocean is, it follows the Black Current. Do you know what the Black Current is? The Black Current is a strong current of water that follows a four thousand mile path in the Pacific Ocean. Because of this powerful current, all the water currents in the five great oceans are alive and on the move. Only water that rides this current and circulates is qualified to become seawater. It is the same with human life.

No matter how numerous, large or small, all the rivers flow toward the vast oceans. Once there, all their waters are mixed together. The Black Current flows in the Pacific and circulates for four thousand miles among the five great oceans. This is possible because of the moon’s gravitational pull. Because the Black Current circulates in this way, the five great oceans can all be in motion. It acts as the supporting pillar of the entire ocean system. When filth and other things come into the ocean waters, they are all mixed up and move towards becoming one. This is the purpose of the ocean. Even if a large river were to constantly supply fresh water for tens of thousands of years, the ocean has the authority to absorb it all and still have room to spare. The ocean is great because it stays unchanged, no matter what comes into it.

After crossing the Pacific, do clouds from Japan say, “I don’t like the American clouds!” when they are about to merge with the clouds over America? The waters in Japan flow to the Pacific through the Black Current. When they approach the waters around America, do they say, “Ah!”? The Black Current flows four thousand miles in the Pacific Ocean. Does the Black Current distinguish between advanced nations and developing nations? Are there actual borders between nations? Then what is it with the human world? Anything that goes against the movements of nature will be broken.

In the world of love, you have access to all places. Does the water in the Pacific think, “I am of the Pacific Ocean. The waters in Asia are all polluted. I do not like them!”? No matter where the waters come from, they all latch onto each other. If there were some dirty thing in its path, the ocean would mix the filth with its water, quickly dissolving it, while going along the same path. Therefore, no matter how severely the Pacific Ocean is polluted, even if humankind ceased to exist, the ocean waters would surely be as blue as ever. Even if it goes through tribulation and a course filled with twists and turns, the ocean water does not lose its blueness. In the same way, the authority, content, and power of love will always be blue.

We must become the main stream of the world and resemble the Black Current in the Pacific Ocean. The circulation of the Black Current through four thousand miles in the Pacific enables the waters in the five great oceans to circulate. To generate the life energy of the world from the universe, a source must be created that can turn and move the deepest of places. Through this, we must purify the tarnished world.

You cannot imagine how fearsome and horrifying the waves and the winds are when a storm brews. But I believe that even the strongest wind is fulfilling its mission. Without wind there would be no waves in the ocean, and as a consequence, fish would not survive. The wind blows to supply oxygen to the ocean. Waves supply oxygen. That is why even when the waves are rolling and the wind is blowing strongly, you should taste the ocean and say, “You haven’t lost your taste!” The ocean is salty. I also think that I have not lost my touch. If I can think that way, then the currents and rushing waves are not unpleasant.

You do not realize how much philosophy can be found in the ocean. People who have only lived on land will face a considerable amount of obstacles when they try to engage in ideal activities in the other world. In the spirit world, you can ride on whales and swim with the fish. But if you do not like the ocean, you cannot do that.

When you go out to the sea, you will fear the storms. Their waves are ferocious. Yet no matter how ferocious they are, they can be overcome when the power of love sets its sail.

The ocean should not be still. Water does not die when it is moving. Even water poured into a bowl would last for eternity if it were moving. If it is in motion, it will not die. When a ship that is used for ocean fishing departs from port, it carries a year and a half or two years’ supply of water. Because of the waves that water sloshes about and would not spoil even if you drink it hundreds of years later. When water moves, it does not spoil. But when it stops moving, it soon spoils. Isn’t water truly unique? That is how it is with water.

If you are going out to fish in the ocean, you must have a full supply of drinking water on your ship. You have to drink that water for a year and a half because you cannot drink salt water. If the water is in motion, it will not spoil for decades. Water must be in motion. That is why the Word of God must also be in motion.

Why does water flow? It flows because it is not level. When water flows, it searches for the horizon. Water must go to the ocean. It must seek the horizon.

Water must always be level. That is its characteristic. No matter how strong the wave, the ocean maintains a horizon. When you see the horizon, you want to tumble over it. You think, “Hey, I want to roll over it!” Since your body cannot do so, then you do this with a boat. Have you ever thought about that? Whatever you do on a horizon, even if you fall down, your head or hand will not be the first to be hit. You will hit it horizontally. That is possible with a horizon. Human beings need a horizontal line.

Air and water are just like love. If there is a vacuum, the air in the world will be mobilized to fill it up. If there were a puddle, the ocean water would rush in to make it even. Air, water, and love always maintain their level.

If we go out to sea, we naturally observe water. Water circulates. Fogs form in the morning above places with water. It becomes vapor in a low-pressure air system and does not rise up. The vaporized water condenses to become a fog. Water becomes mist. It then evaporates, becomes a cloud and circulates around the world. What would happen if there was no water in the ocean? Every-one would be frantic and no living being could survive. Think about the greatness of water.

As you know, whenever I had time, I would always go out to sea. I would go out to sea and be harassed. Harassed as I was, I believe the purpose was to calm my spirit and prepare me for trials and a greater battle. Though I was exhausted from having gone without sleep, I kept my wits alert, set my own standard and made effort to keep from going in a different direction from that horizontal line.

Air is always in motion. Hasn’t water also been in motion for tens of thousands of years? The ocean works on the same formula. Look at the ocean. How exhausted the water must be! Yet, not even once does water think it is tired. That is the formula for its survival.

We can conclude that people who do not know the realm of the ocean are very limited in their sphere of happiness. If there is a Lord of Creation, He will enjoy hearing praise from people who appreciate both the mysteriousness of the sea and the beauty of the land, based on a correct knowledge of the land and sea. It is only reasonable to say that He would not approve of praise for only one aspect.

You would certainly be grateful to the Creator if you consider that the ocean, land, and everything was created for educating humankind alone. When you look at the ocean, you should not regard it simply as the ocean. You should consider it a gift from our Heavenly Father. A great revolution can begin from the moment you begin to reconsider and re-experience everything in the course of re-creation. The value of a great victory can sprout from this point.

2.4.3. The great power of nature lies in the ocean

I like things that are stimulating. I make breakthroughs at places where there is a lot of change. In this respect, the ocean is more appropriate than the land. At times, the wind blows in the ocean. At other times, the ocean is calm. The ocean is always changing, with rising and falling winds. That is why traveling on the sea is better than traveling on land.

When you walk on the land, your thoughts in the morning do not change at all. No matter how much you walk about, you can move in a dignified way, without using your hands. But that is not the case with the ocean. Even though you may wish to go a certain way, you are tossed about in one direction after another. That is how much it changes. You will find truly stimulating changes. When the sea is calm, its tranquility surpasses that of the land. It is serene to the point that it draws wonder from the observer. The ocean water can seem like glass. There are times when the ocean is so beautiful that you wish to touch it and even drink it. That is why the ocean is ever-changing. But still, you should continue with determination on your course. Without that kind of motivation, you cannot do great things.

When you observe the bottom of the sea, you will discover fish that look like whales and halibuts. Also, you will see fish that look like catfish attached to the bottom of the ocean. This type of catfish’s head is larger than its body, and it has a large mouth. It nibbles and eats large objects and rotten things that flow by. This fish swallows it whole and then nibbles on it. If that is not enough, this fish sucks in bugs to eat. In this way, it is constantly contributing to the purifying process – the cleansing process. There are 3,600 species of fish living in the Pantanal. That is 3,600 kinds of fish! And they all eat something different. All these fish are mixed together in the water and are tirelessly cleaning it up. You should realize that the act of eating is their cleaning work. All these fish do not exist for their own sake, but to bring order to the environment – to clean their surroundings as they live, helping one another. This constitutes a natural cooperative system. They are purifying the ocean water. The ocean should not just be salty. There should be fish that can eat the filthy things. What would we do with fish excrement? There are creatures that eat only dung.

Fish are not the only creatures that make the ocean clean. Waterfowl such as wild geese and sea gulls also take part in this cleaning process and are tirelessly probing the area. If they find something not on the surface but sinking into the water, they would go after it to eat it. If the wind says, “Hey cloud, there is a hot place that is about to dry up. Let us go there,” then the cold ocean air would go to that place. The wind would carry the clouds and shower water as it passes by. Consider how this universe is created as a system for joint cooperation. If there were no winds it would be a problem? The same can be said of the boiled rice, bread, and things you make. The vapor rises from the ocean into the air and is carried by the wind. This vapor follows the warm sun rays in the summer, and when it becomes rain, the moisture is absorbed to create many things. The moisture on land and the moisture in the air can be used to make boiled rice and bread. Consider how much toil was involved in that process and how valuable these things are. The universe is also engaged in that process. The universe is in motion and cooperates to make that bread. A piece of bread is not easily made.

Where do you think the saltiest place would be in the ocean? In the deep places or the shallow places? It is the deep places. Why? Because salt water is dense. That is why the deeper the place, the saltier it is. Using the saltwater allegory, where would the highest palace be in the heavenly nation? It would be at the bottom of the ocean. The palace would be found there, at the very bottom. You should understand the concepts that I am explaining to you. What I am trying to say is that the highest place of Heaven can be found in the deepest part – the bottom of the ocean, where it is saltiest. The cleanest person, on the other hand, can be found at the summit. God can be found in the place with the most conscientious person – the person with the loftiest heart of serving the world and the whole.

Pristine water that flows in the mainstream cannot avoid polluted water filled with filth and say, “I don’t want to mix with you!” That is how it is in nature. The harmonious and overall relationships in nature are mysterious. When there is something dirty, water will embrace it, even if it spoils the pure water’s essence. Water will absorb and assimilate the things around it; and as the water continues to flow, the dirty things sink while the clean things rise to the surface. The water becomes pure as it flows through the ocean. The flow of history is like that as well.

No matter how strong the ocean currents, the fish sleep in the ocean. While the body of the fish is asleep, its fins are in motion as it swims against the current to maintain its position. Isn’t this interesting? It is like being asleep while all of your blood vessels are active. The fish itself is asleep, even while it maintains its bodily functions, in the same way blood flows in your body. In that light, who becomes the owner and who stands on a higher level? The one who invests and serves more becomes the owner.

Though the waves in the ocean may be ferocious, its currents must always follow the main current. By aligning itself to the main current, it can survive the opposition and persecution of the entire world. When God stands in the mainstream as the complete subject partner centering on that main current, His object partner would not be harmed because it would be protected within that subject and object partner relationship.

When you are swimming, would you say, “Hey, I am thirsty. Get me a cola or a McCol!”? If you are in the water for the entire day, you can get by without even drinking a cup of water because your cells absorb water. Last time I spoke, I talked for sixteen and a half hours. One might think, “How could he endure for such a long time without going to the restroom?” but everything that should go out as urine goes out instead as sweat. It is released as vapor because of the heat and comes out as sweat. That is why even if you are in the ocean for the entire day, you do not have to bring any water with you. If you are thirsty, then try swimming around like a whale in the ocean for an hour or two. Would you still be thirsty? If you were lying on a sandbank, you would drink water because of the heat. Water is essential to human beings and air is important as well! Where there is water, there is air. Is there air in the ocean or not?

The oceans are always in motion. The winds blow so that the ocean may prosper and live on. Typhoons occur, and waves build up to tens of meters high in order to oxygenate the ocean. Then how do the fish live through a typhoon? When you consider this you would think, “The fish at the bottom of the ocean are delighted that this typhoon is blowing. Although I am having a difficult time, I will enjoy it because the fish are enjoying it!”

Water is the ancestor of life. So, would you love water instead of God? You should love the ocean while thinking about that. In scenic areas there should be water and forests. Water creates harmony. I am saying that loving water is the same as loving all of creation. That is a fundamental idea. When loving water, do you love the lake water or the seawater? Should you go out to the sea everyday? If you were on a boat when the winds blow and the waves run high, your blood would swirl around and never go bad. Your blood would be purified. That is the truth. That is why those who always go on boats are healthy.

I do not receive a salary. I live off my own efforts and means. Wherever I go in this world, I can survive – even if I were to be placed in the farthest reaches of Africa by a helicopter, where there are no human beings or animals. When I went to the mountains, I learned how to survive off the mountains, and when I went to sea, I learned how to survive off the ocean. That is why I am going to the den of beggars and doing these things to create heaven. Even if you do not follow me around, I am trained in such a way that I could fulfill God’s will, even through a bunch of beggars. So, would you or would you not go to the den of beggars if I told you to do so now? But to do so, you need training.

You may think about holding on to your belongings and living comfortably, but to this day, I have been a pioneer. I have opened the way and stood at the lead. Just recently, our company made a boat. If there had not been a captain, I would personally take everybody out to the sea with me. “The wind may blow, and the waves may run high, but could they block the path of this man? Here, I am going to solve the food problem for the sake of Heaven and humanity, and to carry on life to the future generations.” This is what I believe in. Is that not the expression of a great man? I like that kind of person. Movies produced here will remain, and the whirlwind of history will subside in this place.

Wouldn’t that way be the greatest mystery of all? It is a path filled with both tragedy and comedy to which any great man would aspire. From this base you can jump forth and go beyond the world. Hope will rise among the countless young people who go out to sea. The fountainhead or spring that will enable people to dream of the ocean worlds of tomorrow will explode from this place. How wonderful would that be?

I go out to sea with such passion, and problems would arise if I lost that passion. That heart must be maintained. Devotion must last for tens of thousands of years. Indemnity conditions would not be established if I offered devotion in comfort. So instead, I should be going so out upon the ocean. Today must be better than yesterday, and tomorrow must be better than today. The waters from the lakes gather in the Atlantic Ocean, and it in turn flows into the Pacific Ocean. If I continue offering devotion until the day I save all those people who are starving to death, I believe that the will of God will be established on the earth, even if I were to die.

You would never think that this dark-faced man who looks like a fisherman from the Hudson River, someone who might disappear after a thousand years, would possibly be doing these great things? Why am I doing this? It is to liberate the twenty million people who are starving to death. Do not forget about the sweat you shed at the Hudson River.

There is something that breathes and thinks throughout the five great oceans and six continents. It is invisible, like voice waves or electric waves. That something can lead to the path of liberation for future humanity through the fish world living in that place. As long as there is land and the ocean, people will not starve. With my teachings, I can save the people who are starving to death.

Since God is absolute love, it is fascinating to observe His created objects. Interestingly, the creation is made in such a way that there will always be enough of the daily necessities for a family in the welfare-centered Kingdom of Heaven. Even the flowing water exists to assist in the functions of heaven and earth. At sea, the water becomes vapor and circulates to revive all things of creation. Everything lives within a realm of cooperation and helps fulfill humanity’s ideal by cooperating with one another, instead of being in conflict. God, using earth as His stage, raises His children and transfers them to the Kingdom of Heaven.

A world opposite to the former world has now come, like morning following the passing night. The time has now come when spring comes to the Unification Church, while the satanic world heads towards evening and night. There is no hope left in the satanic world. That is a dark world of despair, one void of hope. People thought there was no hope in the Unification Church, but after the era of dawn, a new morning has come ushering an age of clearness and brightness. It becomes Rev. Moon’s kingdom of the truth. I have a good name. The Chinese character for Sun (鮮) is a combination of the Chinese character for “fish” (魚) and “lamb” (羊), which unifies the land and the ocean. The Chinese character for Myung (明) symbolizes the sun, moon and space in the heavens. The Chinese character for Moon (文) when written quickly looks like, and is related to the Chinese character “father” (父). If there is a word meaning “the father” or “true father” that can be explained through the truth, then these words should be placed in the closest position. I did not know this myself. I only learned it after explaining it to you.


Mission 2
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The Ocean Leisure & Hobby Industries

The Development of the Ocean Leisure Industry
1.1. The Development of the Ocean Leisure Industry

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-1 - read here:

1.1. Fishing and hunting are aspects of the leisure industry

The leisure industry will develop and grow in the future. This is because exciting kinds of recreation are necessary to relieve stress for those who live in urban areas. How should they relieve their stress? The three best ways are through hunting, horseback riding, and fishing. However, there are many restrictions in hunting and horseback riding: for instance, only those people in a specific class can ride horses. It does cost a lot of money, after all, so not everyone can enjoy it. Also, only those people around forty years old can go hunting. Once they get over fifty, hunting becomes too strenuous for them, so only a specific group of people can enjoy hunting. However, fishing is something that people can practice from their youth until the day they die. So, I envision the fishing industry becoming a worldwide industry in the future. What is the hobby industry? It includes casinos and team sports as well as hunting and fishing. I am developing these. Whoever attains a leading position in the hobby industry will have a profound impact on the world. This person will be highly influential. Thus, for several decades we have been preparing all of this for humankind. I do not intend to sell off the fish that we catch. It is just a hobby. We can still eat and live. Because fishing is a hobby, you can release the small fish and eat only the big ones. Also, when eating, you do not eat alone. You must share with others. This is what a hobby is for. That period of time will soon come. In Canada, the government is asking us to quickly expand the deer ranch and they have offered financial incentives. They are wise. If you think about it, that will bring an enormous amount of revenue for the country. Getting rid of stress is the best cure for modern-day illness, and there is no better way to solve the problem than hunting and fishing, which are encouraged by the leisure industry. Those people who hunt have a lot of guts. Effeminate men cannot hunt. On the whole, hunters are people who fight well, and who can become generals. Therefore, since their radius of activities is big, they will make a lot of money when earning and spend a lot when spending. Most fishing is done in the summer, not during the winter. The question is how to maintain fishing throughout all four seasons of the year. So, I am planning to bring people from Kodiak, Alaska, to check on this. Since fishing is for the summer, and hunting for the autumn and winter, they can be enjoyed alternately. Therefore, in order for us to have enough time for the tourist industry to expand, the hobby industry, consisting of fishing and hunting, is absolutely necessary. Hunting is a sport conducted when it is cold, and fishing is done when it is warm or hot; therefore, together these expand the foothold of the hobbies. Whether it be winter or summer, you can make use of them as year-round hobbies. Then affluent people worldwide can enjoy hobbies throughout the year. Fishing and hunting are hobbies. These are particularly hobbies of rich, upper-class people. Therefore, we must develop the hobby industry and make a tourist organization. Among hobbies, you have hunting and fishing, as well as other activities that involve exercise. Then you find more high speed, adventurous activities, such as car racing and flying planes. If there were an air show in South America, where several thousand planes fly without colliding, then people all over the world would gather there. Let us say that in this show the planes fly vertically downward, from a height of ten thousand meters, toward the ground in a matter of seconds. Then, about ten meters from the ground, the planes suddenly change course and fly upward again. Those watching such feats would automatically be rid of their stress! This is a whole new world of adventure happening before your very eyes. The first time you fish, you might not appreciate its appeal. However, you will gradually feel its charms as you fish once, twice, and more and more. It is the same with hunting. At first, you start by catching a small bird, and then when that becomes interesting, you attempt to catch a little bigger one, then an even bigger one. Soon you buy a bigger gun, then an even bigger one. There is no limit to it. You cannot help yourself. You will keep going up and up. This is all relative to human life. So, there is a possibility for this enterprise to develop worldwide. I hope the ambassadors will come and visit a few times each year. In this way, through those ambassadors, you will be able to give lectures and teach all the people of that nation. You can hold banquets by gathering people together to go fishing and hunting. You can also organize clubs, establish businesses, and conduct other activities with the people of your own country who are currently in that nation. Horseback riding is limited to a certain degree, and those people who are rather old cannot go hunting. However, fishing transcends a person’s age. In this sense, fishing is unrestricted. If we have people in boats spread out on the ocean, even catching a small one counts as having caught a fish. From this point of view, fishing tours can develop limitlessly from now on. The best place for this is Alaska. Now that I have entrusted to you all the countries of the world, I can enter the age where I can enjoy fishing, hunting, and singing and dancing – without drinking – with all the top leaders of the world. I have distributed ships to 160 nations, and I am preparing to develop the global hobby industry through that group of people. I would like to build condominiums and create an organization in which people can live together, but not in separate houses, and take all the elderly people to parks worldwide and educate them. I would like to build ships, hunting grounds, and also airports and hotels. I am thinking about leading the world with this kind of hobby industry. For this purpose, I am establishing an airplane company. You can fly anywhere with small and medium-sized airplanes. From now on, I am planning to create a worldwide sightseeing network by establishing airports, even in countryside towns. I will make small-sized planes a popular means of global transportation. Currently, I am establishing an airplane company with a view to also building airports in 160 countries. I have visited all the resort areas where large airplanes go. Therefore, I am planning to create lakes and hunting grounds in those places. The tourist industry should link the middle and upper classes together. People who go on tours usually belong to a class higher than the middle-class. Therefore, we will make many hunting grounds for doing business, and then breeding grounds for fishing worldwide. Those are the businesses we should do. It would be very nice to create recreational facilities by building a waterway all the way to the Atlantic Ocean and by building hunting grounds and fishing areas. In those countries where there is land and water, I will teach people how to avoid starvation.

1.2. One Hope: a ship that cannot sink

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-2 - read here:

What “One Hope” means is that it is the first hope of the ocean. In the past, all other ships that were thirty to fifty feet long sailed proudly as luxury liners. Yet our ships, although small in size, are quite fast. When our ship was sailing, everyone made fun of its small size. They would say, “That’s dangerous, people will die!” Why would we die? They did not know that One Hope is a ship that will never sink. When establishing a relationship with the ocean, the most important aspect is to have a boat that can float well in the water. Unlike ships built by other companies, the ships of our company must hold with tradition; we must build ships that are praised as history progresses when seen from a world-wide point of view. What will you do with small ships? They will be used for fishing. For the most part, people are interested in fishing, but not so much interested in fishery itself, which is catching fish with nets. In the future, there will no longer be an interest in catching fish using nets, nor in riding on big boats. For this reason, I have built this New Hope. I have designed a boat that can sail on the river, as well as the sea. Now our New Hope is famous for fishing and guiding. It is not a boat that just goes out to the sea. Also, it is easily transferable to any location, simply by using an automobile. If you wish to take this boat from here to Florida, you can easily attach it to a car. On the water, it takes a couple of days to sail to Florida from here; but you can drive there in one day by car. It takes about four days from the West Coast to the East Coast by car, but one month if sailing on the sea. The boat was built to ride on the waves, to glide through two types of waves when in water. That is why it was built longer than twenty eight feet in length. It was designed that way because it will not sail properly if smaller. Based on this twenty eight foot long boat, we have also built other boats that are thirty-eight feet, fifty-two feet, ninety-eight feet, and 108 feet in length. The 108-foot long boat can even maneuver out in the rough waters of Alaska, and is perfect for fishing when using its dragnets. When sailing on a ship at sea, you must know its exact position and maintain the correct direction to your destination. If you do not comprehend the various controls, then the ship cannot operate properly, especially when struggling through fog. How difficult that would be! There are about ten instruments for this purpose. I had ordered research to be done to create one system that performs the roles of all those ten instruments. Now we have reached the stage where the developmental research has been done, and we can start manufacturing an instrument with one system that can detect the position and direction of the current, depth of the ocean, even the movements of fish. Our new system is made by a combination of various instruments, linked to a computer system. When news of this leaked out, a competition began among many nations who were all asking our company to manufacture such an instrument, using the factories they would build for us. However, we keep saying that our own group should do it. Knowing the depth of water and the movements of fish are essential matters. What is mysterious about the sea is that it is very difficult for you to return to the same place where you previously caught many fish with nets. When fishing by dragging nets, what course must you take in order to catch a lot of fish? Three ships can catch a great number of fish, even when they are only ten meters from each other, if there is a concentration of fish in that particular place. But because it is difficult to go back to such a place to catch fish again, I have developed a system that can guide us to that location. The system would automatically insert the nets into the water once that specific place has been entered into the computer. This is indeed something remarkable. I have paved such a foundation with my own hands. I can construct any kinds of boat whenever I need one. Currently, I am directing research to build small-sized submarines. As I speak, research is being conducted in Norway and Japan. I am planning to construct small family-sized submarines in which we can live based on the various depths of seawater; I will build residential areas in the middle of the sea where we can live. We will have the van families, the submarine families, and the spaceship families. We can live here for one week, and then live in the sea for one week, and then go off somewhere else again. I have the best technological ability. I can now make a van and a submarine, and soon a spaceship.

1.3. The future leisure that will be spotlighted is fishing

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-3 - read here:

1.3.1. The joy and zest of sea-fishing Swordfish and yellow-fin tunas are to be found in the middle of the ocean.

They each weigh about three hundred pounds, which is about 150 kilograms. That is one and a half times my weight. Because such big, heavy fish move around in schools, once one is caught, you can catch hundreds of them. These schools of fish become the prey of shark attacks. Once a shark makes an attack, blood spreads through the water. Then all the sharks in the vicinity gather round, and about two-thirds of those fish will become food for the sharks. This is shocking. Due to these shark attacks, the situation becomes instantly hopeless for the seamen aboard, who had have hope and expectations for a big catch. When a large fish gets caught, you can feel its vibration reverberating deep under the sea. People on the boat bang the boat, making the sound, “boom-boom-boom-boom”, which is similar to hitting your head with a hammer. How many raging waves have fish endured, having gone through all sorts of hardships for several decades in the sea? We can easily imagine what they have gone through, since they have managed to survive in those harsh circumstances. You should never make a loud banging noise from above the water, because the fish already know, due to the vibrations, how many meters away the people are. Catching tuna is not fishing. It is more like hunting at sea. You are hearing the term “hunting at sea” for the first time, right? Catching one tuna is harder than killing a large cow. One tuna weighs more than one thousand pounds. Some tunas can weigh five hundred, six hundred, or even seven hundred kilograms – that is bigger than a bull. It is exciting to catch such fish! We take all the blood out since the fish will spoil if left for a long time after being caught, and in an instant the water becomes a sea of blood. At that moment, I cannot help but think, “Oh, I am so merciless!” Whenever I feel that way, I think “God allows people to suffer because they are the sacrificial offerings for the liberation of humankind.” Also, I feel better when I tell myself, “Well, these fish were caught from nature and I never invested myself in raising them, but from now on I will raise fish and offer them as a sacrifice.” This is why I carry out the fish farm and marine product industries. The size of some fish is so huge that two people as big as us can be covered by it when we stand together. It is amazing to see how such large fish can be caught and dragged to the boat on a fishing line as thin as a millimeter. It is like pulling up a bull, caught on that line. This tiny fishing line is just remarkable. As women, don’t you wish to observe fishing, just once, even if you cannot fish? I caught one black fish yesterday, but you cannot imagine how strong this particular one was. This amazing fish even cracked open a shellfish and ate it. In fishing, the moment that requires the most careful attention is fishing for black fish. You know crabs, right? When I cut the crab and put it on the hook as bait, a black fish comes and eats it away. It will come to eat and quickly go away. It is miraculous. When there are many fishing rods with bait placed in the water, these black fish come and eat the bait without you even noticing them. Peter was a fisherman, wasn’t he? Then aren’t you all the descendants of a fisherman? So you all should know about the sea. You came all the way to Alaska to catch what you did? Halibut is the fish that lies on its belly in the sea-bed, acting like a king. It eats and lives lying on its belly. It looks like a piece of mossy rock, living on the bottom of the sea with eyes springing out like antennas. Since it stays lying down and has a smell, small fish tend to gather around it. When those small fish gather, the halibut twists its body to swallow them up. A halibut eats and lives lying down on its belly. It is the same as Satan. It is the “King” Satan. It thinks, “Who on earth dares to touch me!” Even when this halibut is caught on a fishing line, it keeps on saying, “Who on earth is touching me!” But then, after staying calm for awhile, it starts to think, “Oh, no. I am in trouble!” The Alaskan halibut has been struck by the lightning of Rev. Moon. No one else in Kodiak has caught a halibut heavier than eighty pounds. However, with my appearance in these waters, halibut weighing two hundred and three hundred pounds have been caught. The reason some people find fishing is exciting is because they see blood. They feel itis stress-relieving to see blood. It is the same with hunting. Otherwise, they think, how can we get rid of stress, as people in these modern times? Seeing blood is shocking. Do you know why the ancient Romans were cruel? They liked to relieve their stress by seeing the blood of people being brutally killed. They feltthe cells of their body jump when they saw blood, and this completely relieved their stress. Men who do not know how to fish or hunt are more like women in character. People living a cultured life build up layers of stress. How can one get rid of that stress? It is not enough to just talk about it. You need excitement! Some say nothing works like seeing blood. They say the instant you see the blood flow your stress cannot remain. It all begins to fade away. This is how it is with sports like hunting. A tuna is much bigger than a bull. Blood splashes up when the tuna is harpooned. Then as you look, the color of the water changes to red. At such a moment, you become like a melancholy poet. If women look at such a sight, they might faint, uttering weakly, “Oh, my God! Ohh…” That is how gruesome it is. So there is no room for stress to build up; it is totally removed. That is how much it affects you. Because many Japanese people are traveling, the tourist industry looks optimistic right now in America. You can go fishing all-year-round there. Among all the various kinds of fishing, the most interesting is fishing with a reel and line with multiple hooks. Using this method, the fishing line extends as far as sixty miles, which is the distance from Seoul to Cheonan. The sea can be up to 500 meters, 800 meters, and even over 1,000 meters deep. At that depth, the water is like the color of ink. Since the fishing line goes all the way out for about sixty miles, it is magnificent once the fish take the bait. Among the sharks, some are huge enough to swallow an entire person without difficulty. Swordfish are also three to four meters long. Those sharks can even swallow something big like a swordfish, except for the head part. It is like a war out there. Once the sharks meet such fish, then without any greetings, they just swallow them and swim around as if they are princes. Now we should go to the North Pole area and fish on top of the ice. The only remaining task is to catch sea lions from atop the ice. If you go to Australia, you can find something called the “Black Mario,” one that weighs about three thousand pounds. Since I weigh about two hundred pounds, the Black Mario is fifteen times heavier than my weight. Such an animal exists that is fifteen times heavier than I am – three thousand pounds! Now even whales will be caught if we start whale fishing. However, whenever we caught such big fish, I had to release them because the fishing line almost snapped. If I had caught such a big fish, I would have placed it in a museum. To have caught it, I felt that I would have had to struggle with it for about five hours, due to its unimaginable strength. But I let it go, thinking, “No! What will I do with this fish by catching it, when I cannot even use it?” So, I have caught everything that I have wanted to catch. As you may know, if you looked at the halibut in the photo album a little while ago, this picture shows the catching of that fish. There are giant tunas and blue-fin tunas in Gloucester, a seaport near Boston. My record was a fish that weighed 1,272 pounds. It was over eighteen feet long; that is more than five meters. The one that I have just caught was about 14.9. feet – that is bigger than a bull. A big tiger weighs about seven hundred pounds, and a bull weighs about a thousand pounds. Therefore, that fish was bigger than a bull. Most people usually catch fish that weigh about two hundred pounds, but my record was about six times that size. Isn’t fishing an amazing sport? It is more fascinating than winning a victory as a general in the Second World War. A real man who tries fishing is like a true prince, and once he acquires a taste for fishing, he is so determined to fish that he would even sell his wife! But you will never know this about fishing unless you try it. There is a gorgeous fish called the striped bass. This fish is more delicious than tuna. It is very sweet when served as raw fish. The meat has resilience and a sweet taste. Japanese people say that toro the part of a tuna’s stomach where most of the fat is found) is the best. However, once they taste the striped bass, they will all rush to it. Even so, True Mother does not like sushi. At first, it feels as if you are chewing snake meat. It also slides out of your mouth when you are chewing. It is the same as snake meat. However, after having tasted the striped bass, True Mother has been saying, “Sashimi! Sashimi! Striped bass sashimi…” When I tell True Mother to get ready for fishing, she says, “Oh, really?” and she follows me, knowing that we are going to fish for striped bass. This is why it is so interesting. This is the reason why fishing is exciting and sensational. Any fish can be eaten raw. It may be unpleasant since there is blood, but you will not even need any sauce, such as chili pepper paste, when you sit down and eat the fish, after it has been cleaned and cut. It is simple, nutritious enough, and very good to eat. It is eating live cells, not dead cells. You swallow the delicious raw fish and rest on the boat for a day. Do not worry about getting diarrhea. But if someone does not eat this raw fish, maybe they will have diarrhea. I am showing you such a wonderful way of living yet you do not know about it.

1.3.2. The essential points for sea-fishing It is very interesting to see all the various kinds of fish in the sea.

There are small fish in the shallowest area at the edge of the ocean, and then as the water gets deeper, you can find big fish. The smallest fish get eaten by slightly larger fish, and the slightly larger fish get eaten by fish that are even larger, and the cycle keeps repeating itself. What is interesting is that all the young look the same whether they are baby whales or baby tuna. Baby Alaska pollack and baby tuna all look the same. (264-286, 1994.11.20) I go to the sea very often. An infinite amount of treasures are buried in the sea. In the sea, there is a certain order to prey. It is interesting to observe this. Aren’t all creatures living for the sake of others? They all exist for the sake of others in a connected relationship. Disorder results if the bigger fish do not eat the smaller fish. The sea will be full of fish. Because the bigger ones eat and the smaller ones get eaten, the number of fish in the ocean waters is balanced. When you look at all the fish in the sea, they all eat up the smaller ones, so how is this God’s love? For these fish, the ideal is to serve human beings and be absorbed into the human cells, where they can receive God’s love. Because of that, the minerals are absorbed before the plants. They are absorbed in human cells, in which they can receive God’s love. The plants are absorbed by the animals, and the higher animals are absorbed by human beings. All those creatures that are fine and delicious hope to be absorbed by people. The best cells are absorbed by their owner, in hopes to connect or return towards the original palace of love, as the realization of God’s sons and daughters by being the real body of love. The deeper the water, the more levels there are in the ocean. There is a big difference in temperature as well. The kinds of fish change entirely, even with a temperature change of one or two degrees. It is marvelous. Although people do not know this, the fish of the world search the five oceans for a temperature layer that is only a degree wide. It is mysterious. Even though there were unlimited numbers of fish until yesterday, as if half of the ocean were of water and the other fish, there is not even one if you go back today. That is due to the difference in temperature. The fish disappear entirely when the water temperature changes by even half a degree. To people, a one or two degree difference is not an issue, yet it is an issue for fish. People can live in the arctic regions, in the tropics, and in the temperate regions. However, this does not hold true for animals. Do lions live in Korea? No, lions are found in Africa. In Korea, there are tigers, not lions. The way that fish bite onto the bait differs according to their character. If there are one thousand families of fish, then there are one thousand ways that the fish bite. When you go fishing at a new place, then you must formularize the ways the fish bite when catching one, two, or three different kinds of fish. That is common sense. When the fish bites that way, and you pull your fishing rod another way, then the fish will not be caught. The fish can free itself and swim away as often as it wants since the fishing line goes along with the fishing rod. When the fish bites that way, you should pull the opposite way. You must pull like this when the fish moves forward, and pull the opposite way when it moves to the left. Most beginners always pull a certain way, but that is not right. The fish gets caught faster when you pull the opposite direction. It does not take a long time to catch a fish. When you go sea fishing, you do not simply go to an ocean area which has only a horizon, with no land or rocks. You should certainly go to an area that has rocks. More fish can be found near rocks, where they can safely hide. These rocks also have insects on them, which the fish like to eat. When you observe the way water flows, surely the water has waves in which there are many fish. When there are waves of three to five meters, you will find fish in such spots. You must go to such places in order to catch fish. Most people think that anyone can catch a fish just by throwing a fish hook into the water. However, that is not the truth! Different fish are active in different water temperatures. The water temperature differs between the bigger and smaller fish. In summertime, the water temperature is higher close to the surface. That is why the smaller fish live near the water’s surface. The fish move naturally, according to the temperature of the sea water. The fish dislike moving in all directions. They always try to move sideways. You must know such facts in order to fish. You must have knowledge of such things as where the fish gather and where to go fishing for salmon. You must become professionals. Therefore, studying is necessary. You cannot fish unless you become a professional in fishing. When I fish, I know exactly the right temperature. I already know what kinds of fish are found in certain temperatures. When you drop the fishing line a couple of times, the fish already touch the bait. So if I reel up the fish hook fast, the fish come up, and when the fish hook is reeled up slowly, it tends to sink down. While slowly reeling up the fish hook, you should know how fast the water is flowing on the surface. By the water temperature that we have today, I know what level the king salmon will come to. Usually, the salmon remain on the ocean floor. Why? They can find lots of food there. Crabs and small sea creatures live on the sea bottom, so the salmon like to gather there. No matter how many times you have caught fish in Alaska, you must learn again whenever you go fishing at a new place. You do not know how interesting this can be. Also, when people come and go, they can share their knowledge about fishing. The New Zealanders must learn when they come to Kodiak. Although they may be excellent fishermen in New Zealand, it does not work the same way in Kodiak. Because they must learn again when they come to Kodiak, they can mingle and create harmony. There are various ways of fishing, different ethnic groups, and different environments. Everywhere you go to fish, you will find many different environments. Here is something interesting. The ocean is teeming with fish when no boats come out due to windy weather. Usually in normal weather, people come out and play loud music, making loud “boom boom” noises that cause chaos. The creatures in the ocean can feel big vibrations as if they are being hit with some type of a club. Yet even in a typhoon, the ocean beneath its surface is calm and quiet. Therefore, the whales gather to jump around and perform. That was a historic day. I probably have the picture somewhere. There were big ones, small ones, and even smaller ones. However, the whales jumped up leaving their tails inside the water due to their enormous size. Their tails were always left in the water. So they would fall right back down on the water, lying flat while floating upon the waves. You do not know how delighted whales are when they are performing. So I thought, “Are whales really that happy when it is windy?” If I see them perform once or twice more, then I can conclude, “Yes, they are!” You do not go to the sea only to fish. The spirit of Alaska is the spirit of salmon. Salmon always return to the homeland that they left, swimming four or five thousand miles across the ocean to spawn. This is the same principle when looking at the path of restoration of humankind. You must know how to go back; no matter how long a journey you have taken away from your home-town. There is no other fishing more exciting than salmon fishing. They are so strong. When other fish are hooked, it only takes a couple of turns on the reel before you see the fish on the surface, but with salmon, it takes tens of turns on the reel. It is difficult, like trying to catch a person who has heavenly tradition. The salmon jump until they die, till the very end. The fish hook usually falls out after they jump about three times. That is the tradition of Alaska. The ocean symbolizes the world of death, the satanic world, and the fish symbolize the people. The boldest of all fish are the salmon. I went out to the sea one day, and though the weather was very windy, there were a number of boats out. When the tuna season begins and I go out to the sea, I do not have a pleasant feeling towards the five hundred boats gathered there. I think, “It would be nice if I could fish by myself just once,” but there has never been such a day. One day, there was a typhoon warning and I tried to go out to sea. Everyone told me not to go. But I told the boat’s captain, “Hey, you listen to me! We are not going to die.” So we went out on my orders. The fishing area is a long distance out at sea. Since it takes a little over two hours to reach it, we must leave at one o’clock in the morning. We must leave around one to arrive there by four. Due to the wind and other conditions, it takes double the usual time. For these reasons, we had to set sail at midnight. I have had so many difficult challenges in my life. A person cannot buy these kinds of experiences, even with a tremendous amount of money. Since the weather was so bad, there weren’t any boats out. When I threw out the fishing line into the water, a number of fish bit the hook as soon as the line was dropped. Wouldn’t you expect this to happen? Usually, a number of them bite onto the bait from many different boats, but since our boat was the only one at sea that morning, all these starved fish, who are capable of searching for food up to distances of about four kilometers, were all rushing to bite onto my bait. So when I threw the fish hooks into the water, they all bit onto them right away. I did not pay attention whether the typhoon was blowing or not. I continued to pour out my sweat. It took four hours to get there, and four hours to fish. From there, we dragged the fish, with the engine running, for twenty miles. People like us already know where the fish can be found when we go fishing. Most fish tend to search for food in the mornings and evenings. Then, since they have eaten, at lunchtime they are simply idle. The fishing spot should not be too deep. One area should be a bit deep and the other area should be with a flat bottom. Fish tend to escape to deep places in order to hide. Also, even if they come out and idle about, they will play around where the ocean bed is flat. That is the situation in late morning. However, in the afternoon, since the fish are eating again, I say to myself, “Oh, I know exactly what kinds of fish are here,” by merely looking at the spot. You must know how many feet your fish hook should be under the water surface. The fish are a foot off the bottom, as that is a favorable place to eat food. Because they eat in order to live, they cannot move two feet away from their food source. When it becomes fishing season, these fish are the ones spread out along the bottom. Whenever you try to hook them, you can easily do so. You should approach them carefully and when there is a slight chance, get closer and quickly hook them. That is the proper technique. Tuna used to live freely as the greatest fish in the ocean world. Therefore, they will not bite at small bait. Yet, you must somehow get them hooked. This is what you must research. You must go to the very bottom of the sea in order to catch big fish. Among all fish, those that jump from the water are the small ones. Big fish do not jump. They think, “Why should we jump?” Those fish are the ones that get hooked when we drop the fishing line. If our bait spreads its smell and is about a hand’s length from the bottom, the fish will approach at a regal pace. Fish use their fins to swim. Therefore, you must leave a space about a hand’s length for them to move horizontally, without getting stuck. When you drop the fish hook, after having calculated in such a way, a big fish will surely be caught. The last fish that I caught was fifteen pounds and thirty inches. It was the biggest among all the salmon we have caught until now. We hung it up, dis-playing it as the finale. It was so strong that we should have scooped it up using a net. Yet, it was hard to see the fish, due to the faint light of the setting sun. But the fish was brave. It could have escaped from the net, since two-thirds of its body was inside, with its head hanging out-side. If you do something wrong at this moment, the net can be torn. There are a number of different types of fishing lines – those that are many miles, a few miles, and a few inches long and so on. When you fish, many lines are placed in the water. Some fish get caught right away when a certain line, which is only about a chi long, is let out. Yet, it will be a mess if you start pulling this in. If the fishing line is long and it goes far from the boat, we can determine that the ocean here is deep. However, if you are a real fisherman, you should not be concerned when small fish bite onto the fish hook. You must think, “Oh, you fish are biting. Keep gathering round.” A big fish will come along from many miles away. You must catch the one that has come from such a distance. I fish quite well. I have done fishing day and night for over forty days. The fish that I intend to catch does not get caught on the first try. You must wait until the biggest fish bites onto the hook, saying, “Bite on it. Come on, minnows!” There are numbers of minnows that just come and go. They would come and go saying, “Oh, this is delicious. The fisherman must be crazy.” To hunt is barbaric, for you shoot the animal after waiting at a strategic point. And to shoot at something that is flying is not proper. However, fishing is not like that. The fish come and bite onto your bait themselves. So it is all right to catch them. Also, you can go fishing from the age of five until the day before your death. So a one-hun-dred-year-old grandmother and grandfather can enjoy fishing simply by dropping fishing lines from their beds. Even if you are the champion, no matter how famous you might be, when you go to a different province, that place has a different way to catch fish. For this reason, if you only follow your own way and not the way of fishing for that place, then you will not catch any fish. Because you must follow the way of the place you go to, you learn wherever you go, and you can teach others wherever you go. Anyone can become the teacher as well as the student. This is equality. It will differ according to the place and the kind of bait used by the person, even though you may be fishing for the same kind of fish. Therefore, you must learn it all when you go to a different place. All nations are different. Thus, due to the wide variety of places, there are many different hobbies.

1.3.3. You will not die of hunger if you learn to fish Do you know how to farm?

I know how to farm. I must teach that to you. The members of the Unification Church should know how to do three things: how to farm, how to hunt, and how to fish. Therefore, even if you go alone to a village in Africa, it should only take you a week to establish the basis for you to live by feeding the village people. If you feed them for one year, then they will feed you from then on. There are many animals in the tropics, so fishing and hunting are necessary for Unification Church members. Why? You must teach people how to fish and how to survive by hunting in order to save those who are dying of hunger. Therefore, Rev. Moon is dignified even though he has seen the blood of fish and animals. A long time ago, the high priests killed their offerings. The reason why I kill animals is to make the members of the Unification Church the high priests. This is a divine task. We can organize a group to go help out in Africa once they learn fishing and hunting. I should send hunting and fishing missionaries to Africa to help out and spread this practice all over the world. So wherever you go, we have a way to save the people through fishing and hunting. There will be a time when thousands and tens of thousands of families can live on one lake. Those fish are all ours if we just know how to fish. Who should fish? Women should do it. Why? It is because women have large, cushion-like hips. They are comfortable. Thus, they can sit for a long time. Men feel pain after sitting for just three hours. Therefore, if one woman catches three fish, she can feed three children, and if she catches four, then she can feed even the father as well. When she goes to the fishing area, she can catch ten fish and perhaps even a couple of dozen fish within one hour. Say there are one hundred families in a village. If they form groups of a hundred women and they decide to catch one hundred or two hundred fish, there would be no problem. It will work by mobilizing a small number of people. The mobilization of all people is not necessary. We can feed them by mobilizing a small group to fish once a month. Fishing is easy. Women in the African interior all have needles. They make fish hooks by lighting the candles and heating the needles. I have done fishing by making them myself in the old days as well. There is no need to buy the fishing lines either. There is any amount of nylon lines. This fishing line does not have to be the silk thread that was used in the past. And a lump of lead can be broken and hung as the sinker and the kaoliang stalk can be used as the float. So by hooking bait and using your hand as the fishing rod, you can catch any amount that you want. There are unlimited numbers of fish. Because fish are everywhere, it is not a problem. But it is a problem that wives do not know how to fish. There is no leader to teach this. That is why I must fish and hunt. I can form and distribute federations in village after village and feed the villagers by forming groups of people to hunt animals. There was no one who taught such skills. The people of Africa and those of Third World countries that suffer from starvation are dying because they do not know how to fish. If the mother can fish, then they will not starve to death. There are rivers and lakes everywhere. There is an unlimited number of fish. Therefore, we must teach people how to catch and breed fish. I have already started this project. Fishing can be done as long as thread is available. Needles are everywhere. You can catch any amount of fish by lighting candles, heating the needles and bending them. Also, the bait is everywhere. One person feeding ten children a day is not a problem because fish their same height are easily caught on the hook. Even though they live in a suitable environment, their daily lives are impoverished since they do not have someone to lead them. You should have good business sense. You should be able to save the twenty million lives that die each year. You should make sure that people do not die of hunger by teaching them how to farm the land, and how to breed fish in water. Why would they starve to death when their wives and children are able to fish? Why die when there is water and an abundance of fish? That is why we do fishing. You must teach them how to fish. You must also teach them hunting. Many animals, such as alligators, are found there in abundance. Therefore, the Sightseeing and Hunting Association for World Peace is for the sake of bringing about a peaceful world. Why are we doing such work? For twenty years I have lost money, yet I have made a foundation. True Parents must be responsible for those people on earth who are dying of starvation. We cannot give up because all the people in the world are brothers and sisters. Imagine twenty million people becoming members of the Unification Church every year. By taking the initiative and expanding this worldwide, can you imagine how many people would be saved? I am telling you to learn how to farm and how to fish as soon as possible. Why do you need to do so? You must do so for the sake of those people who are starving to death. Therefore, learn such skills here and return to your countries. The children will not be left to starve to death as long as their mothers can fish. Don’t we have a lot of water, fish and animals in abundance? There are lakes everywhere. If a person catches one big fish, it can last for one week. If a person catches an alligator, a family can live on it for a month. Hippos can be eaten for one year by drying its meat. After that, you can live on hunting. I have established the Sightseeing and Hunting Association for World Peace and the Fishing Association. I will hold a fishing tournament, gather American women who have nothing to do, and teach fishing to all of them. If you teach fishing to those mothers dying of hunger, they will not starve to death, no matter where they go. All they will need is water and land. They can cultivate land for farming. The Caucasians have not taught them this skill. They have just exploited the land, without even teaching them how to farm. That is why they were stabbed and kicked out. Our missionaries are unlike the others. Everybody welcomes them. Why is this so? It is because they live for the sake of others. Therefore, we have built the Texas farm and the fishing ground, and are now training people on how to cultivate and farm. We can catch ten or even a hundred wild boars in a day as long as we set up the traps. If the women living in the Third World countries knew how to fish, if they at least knew how to place a fishing line with multiple hooks, they would never starve to death. There are numerous fish where you find lakes and rivers. People are dying of hunger because no one is teaching them such things. Moreover, if each village had a gun, then by hunting you could save the lives of those who are dying of hunger. I am now starting such training worldwide. If some area has water, I can teach fish breeding, and if some area has land, then I can teach cultivation and farming, so that is why I am currently preparing the Texas farm as a place of training. We must send many people to the farm. These Caucasians have not even taught the African people farming. If you go to the mountains, you can find a lot to eat. Even rabbits survive in the mountains, so why can’t people live there? When you go to the countryside, there are lakes and rivers. But even though there are a number of fish in the lakes and rivers, you do not even know how to catch and eat them. I am trying to teach all that to you. Also, it is all right for you to go hunting when it is the hunting season. Do you know how to use a gun? You can live on hunting, too. You can survive for a year if you catch one bear. So why not conduct further research on such matters? 1.3.4. Sea fishing is a mind game I think a lot, even when I am fishing or wherever I am. A person who has been fishing for a long time thinks ten times for every ten times he reels the fishing rod, and thinks a hundred times for every hundred times he reels the rod. Therefore, if you think a hundred times while reeling the fishing rod only ten, then you can get ahead in this world. When I go to the fishing area, I already know whether there is sand in that fishing ground or not, by walking for a while. Experts know all this. When you connect a plummet and drag it along the ground, it will make a sound of “thud, thud, thud” if on sand, but it will move smoothly along if the seabed is muddy. Generally, people do not fish with just one fishing rod. Most fishermen put two fishing rods near each other. The reason why they use two is because these rods symbolize the perfected man and the perfected woman, in other words, the perfection of subject and object partners. Hunting is exercise for the sake of your physical health, and fishing is for the sake of your mental health. You tend to reflect on your life and think a lot when sitting down and fishing. It is amazing that you can actually have such a time. You can analyze your past and plan for your future. It can be the most important period of time for us. You can calmly reflect on yourself with dignity. This is absolutely necessary. This is called the spiritual path of fishing in the East. The baby fish come along when the mother fish is hooked and caught. So people think, based on their own life, “Oh, I should not catch these fish!” when observing such an occurrence. People tend to think about their own sons and daughters, and their own people as well. After fishing for a couple of years, you will want to free the fish and put aside all thoughts of eating the fish just caught. That is the true spiritual path. The desire to eat simply vanishes. When going out on a boat to fish, people prefer a day when both the weather and their emotional state are good. That is their general mindset. However, in order to be a special person, one must go fishing in an environment where it rains and thunders. Without having experienced fishing in the pouring rain, you will never learn about environmental changes, the difference in the surrounding waters, and how the fish are influenced by the water movements due to heavy rain. From history comes forth a new world. Therefore, you cannot point at me and tell me that I am wrong. I am not ashamed. Say it while looking at the faces of the fish. While fishing and sitting all day, I say to the fish, “You have not seen any other man like me, right? Catching you is not my purpose. By bringing you fish to the fish farm we can liberate human beings from their food shortage. Isn’t that the original purpose for your creation? If that is the case, then those people who eat your meat will not be considered as having done an evil deed.” While fishing, if I say, “I am the owner. All come!” then all the fish come rushing towards me. Then I feed them. That is why I catch more fish than others around me whenever I fish. Others think, “This is strange. I can’t understand how he does that.” This is what happens when you center on the vertical God. My spirit has an incredibly bright aura of light. Although you give off an ordinary light, there is a special light coming from me. The fish are attracted to that light. That is why they pour in, no matter how much I tell them not to come. When I go fishing, I always free the first fish I catch. I free it with the heart of God, who released it after creating it. Also, I have not eaten any of the fish that I have caught. Even so, I cannot allow the fish to die a natural death when there are twenty million of God’s sons and daughters starving to death. You must think that you will save those twenty million sons and daughters of God by catching the fish. Since this is in line with the principle of the creation of animals and all other living organisms, the fish should be grateful in a sense. So when we have fishing tournaments, the fish often get hooked onto my hooks, yet not so often on the hooks of others. It is the true heart, the earnestness. The fish will come to you voluntarily if you say to them, “Hey, since God cannot dive into the water museum that He has created, please come out of the water, just this once, and give God a chance to feel the joy of letting you go free through me.” Trying to catch fish as you ride on a boat in the blue ocean can be compared to God’s providential work of restoration and salvation. The fish represent fallen men. If you prepare everything, use good bait and tie a sturdy string to a fine fishing rod, then you should catch many fish. But you will not be able to catch a single fish if your skill is poor, the string is weak, the bait is spoiled, and the fishing rod is worthless. It is all the same. Living in this world is the same as catching fish. If you want to succeed in this world, you must put yourself in the position of a fishing rod and set it up with good fishing line and good bait; only then can you fish effectively. Fish are not caught easily. You reap the harvest when all the corresponding conditions are met. Without these corresponding conditions, you cannot bring in the harvest. When you go out to the sea fishing with Rev. Moon, you think the fish often bite onto my fish hooks, right? When fishing, everything looks like my object. The perfected subject fulfills the perfected object. The idea should be “the fish must bite here” when fishing. That is how the Principle operates. As soon as I put the fish hook in the water, the fish come to me as object partners of perfect value. This is different from the way normal people touch and handle a fishing rod. When fishing on a boat, you sit in one place all day. You even take care of going to the bathroom there. When you need to pee, you take a can and say, “I am going to pee, so don’t look!” and then turn your back to pee. You eat and pee all day by yourself. I have done so for twenty-five years. It is very convenient if you use a can. Is there anyone who will make fun of you for doing so when people swim naked in the sea and do all sorts of other things themselves? Animals might look at you and laugh, but only a very few people are out there. Even so, birds, animals, and all things are in the same position, so who will say anything? Urinating is a natural occurrence. Therefore, there is no need to be embarrassed. Even ladies can urinate there, not sitting down, but standing up like men. When we were fishing in Alaska, the U.S. Coast Guard came and praised us with great admiration after they had seen us going out fishing very early in the morning. They asked, “How can you people live this way?” They also said that we fish as if we are engaged in rigorous training. Therefore, I am the best at fishing when we go to the sea, aren’t I? Starting from a school of minnows and going on up, there is no kind of fish that I have not caught. If someone tells me to catch whales, I will be able to catch a couple of them in one day. Is there any fish that I have not caught, starting with tuna? There are no fish that I have not caught while fishing along the East Coast, the West Coast, the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, I am familiar with all facets of the sea. When you see a big pine tree, you should be able to ask, “How do you think about me today, given that you know of my persecuted past and have watched me get kicked out?” Also, while looking at the playgrounds of the past at which your friends were cursed, you should embrace that place with love as if it was your friend. And while standing at a flowing stream, although your initial intentions was not to forget all that had happened there, you should now be willing to swim and catch fish in it. Then you are the owner. You can fish and hunt and eat with the heart that you will restore through indemnity for Adam, who could not be the first one to go into the river as the representative of the kingship, nor could he fish in the Garden of Eden. With this kind of mind, you should leave your life’s record of hunting rabbits and pheasants in the mountains with such a heart and serve your parents faithfully, offering those animals as the sacrificial offerings before God, and using them as food and the ingredients of life. Up to this day, I have overcome everything from this most wretched world. So there isn’t anything that I do not know about. And there isn’t anything that I cannot do. I can do anything. If I go to a farming village, I can be the king of farmers. I know well what to cultivate on certain types of land. Also, when I go to the sea, I am the king of fishing; I am already famous with “Rev. Moon’s system” of catching tuna. Moreover, I can be the cameraman taking pictures when all the people are cheering victoriously, and I can be the cook if I enter the kitchen where they cook meals. That is how the owner is, isn’t it? The owner is responsible for looking after all things. You must not forget the fact True Parents have worked behind the scenes in many activities. Unity is possible for everything if it has true love. The animal world, the plant world, and even the venomous snake – they all protect me. When I go fishing, I say, “Dear fish! I am not catching you for the sake of myself. I am catching you on behalf of God, who is shedding tears with the heart of wanting to feed the poor people dying of hunger in this world. I am not fishing for the sake of myself, but for the sake of descendants and all people, therefore you must forgive me!” That is why I always free the first fish that I catch. I free it as the sacrificial offering. Once the fish have received my love, they will then try to sacrifice their life for me. Therefore, when twelve people get aboard the boat, I catch one-third the amount of fish caught. So, the fish recognize me and say, “Continue biting only on Rev. Moon’s fish hook!” The people of the world think of Rev. Moon as a man of mystery, right? This is because I am good at saying mysterious things. I also do mysterious deeds. Although I am the founder of the Unification Church, I am the king among fishermen when I go out to the sea in a boat. People may say, “What would the founder of the Unification Church know?” Yet when they observe me at the fishing site, even those who have fished for ten or twenty years are struck with admiration. I am also skilled at doing farm work when I go to the farm. Most scholars think of themselves as mysterious people but when they meet me, they will know that I am a more mysterious man than they are. What makes Rev. Moon mysterious? It is the true love of God that makes me mysterious. I am an absolute believer in three meals a day. I do not eat desserts. I do not eat them even if they are on the table because I am thinking about poor people. Even my clothing is like this. I hesitate to wear neckties. I would like to collect all the money people spend on neckties and use it towards saving the world. I do not use more than two sheets of toilet paper when I am in the bathroom. If possible, I use just one sheet of toilet paper. From the Principle point of view, it is a sin to waste. From the time of our birth, we are born with a set amount of consumer goods that we can use. It is a sin to use more than that amount. When we depart, we must leave material things behind. Otherwise, our descendants will inherit them as debts. Does anyone teach that nowadays? Before you receive formal education, your primary teachers are the Principle, nature, and the ocean. I know quite well about the edible plants that grow wild in the mountains. I know what each plant is, which can be cooked for eating and which is harmful. I am also familiar with poisonous mushrooms. Therefore, I know how to survive living in the mountains and also how to fish if I go to the sea. As long as there are fish in the water I can build a house near-by and live there by myself. Fish are good when eaten fresh, with just some salt. It is true. I have prepared myself to be able to live anywhere on my own. None of you are aware that I have come this far while going through all the hardships in America by myself. You do not know about all the hardships behind me. Going out to the sea everyday is just one part of it. There isn’t anything that I have not done. From the world of scholars to the world of culture, arts, education and so on, there isn’t anything that I have not touched upon. I have been involved in the world of ideology as well. Based on that standard you are being trained and are working here. Why do I go back and forth doing so many activities? Even the people who have followed me for almost forty years do not know what kind of a person I am. Every day with me is a new experience. You must not judge me from your own point of view. Even if you found out for sure what position you are in, you should not say anything until the world is restored. I do not like being alone. I do not want to be on my own. If working on the sea, I want to be with the fisherman, the best fisherman. When I am in the mountains, I want to be with the best mountain climber. When I go to the wrestling match, I want to be with the wrestler. And when I’m at a drinking place, I want to be there, even though I would only smell the aromas, because there should be another person who smells them as well. One cannot be alone. It is necessary to have a friend and a colleague. What I am saying is that I don’t like being alone. There is an expression that birds of a feather flock together, right? No matter how great I am, I cannot live alone because it would be boring. Marrying means finding the owner. When a man and woman are attached to each other and ask where their love came from, they should know that love came straight from God. When the couple joins together, the loves comes straight down. Even blood that goes up to the head must also circulate downward, right? It goes all the way down to the bottom of the feet. What would happen if you were to try to stop the blood from flowing to the tips of your toes and fingertips because they were dirty and smelled like those of a farmer? Without this blood, you would die. This illustrates the principle of heaven and earth. Those people who are in the higher place should move down to the lower place, and those who are in the lower should go to the higher. Therefore, after having succeeded in fulfilling all of God’s will, I would go down to some low, remote corner of the countryside and live in seclusion, fishing and being friends with the farmers and fishermen. That is what I am training for right now. God is happy even if He is being dragged by the fishing rod of love. That is where the arts of love will begin to form. Both the comedy and tragedy of love will be created. A varied culture of love will be created. Don’t you want to be a soldier for national independence in creating such a world? What is analogous to the best bait in fishing? It is love. What is the one bait that can catch all people? That is love. What is the bait that can catch history and catch God as well? If there is bait that can catch God, you would want to prepare it at once, right? That is the bait of love. If there is bait that can catch history and catch heaven and earth as well, what would it be? I am saying that it is love.

People and the Hobby Life
2.1. The future world is the age of hobby life

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 2-1 - read here:

In the future, the birth of a new international economic organization and a new order will bring incredible development. Thus, human beings will have enough wealth and free time to enjoy leisure. As a result, humankind will learn and understand about the greatness of nature. For this, we give appreciation to God as we try to overcome ethnic and national differences. After that, I am certain that the ideal world will come and we will enjoy the true life, a life of loving and caring for one another.

The enterprise for the future will be the leisure industry. The age of technological industry is an age where people do not work, due to automated technology. Such a time will come. Even now, it is that way. A machine works once the person pushes a button. There will come a time when only three or four machines can produce, day and night, all the products in a factory where thousands of people used to work. Then what kind of industries will grow? It would be such things as the entertainment and fashion industries, both of which fall under the broader category of the industry of leisure.

In the future, there will come a good time for you to build an economic foundation. The third industrial age, the age of the leisure industry will come. So the leisure and tourist industry are bound to develop. Those traveling to Mount Keumgang will first have a tour of Korea, where they will travel to Busan or Jeju Island first and then go to Mount Keumgang. You cannot take a tour to any other place after you have been to Mount Keumgang. You could go, but it would not be exciting; once you got there you would be disappointed. To attract incoming tourists, think about traveling around starting from Busan to Jeju Island and then to Mount Baek-du.

The time has passed when the president of a company works at the desk in his office. Because the age of computers is here, you can work anywhere outside of the country, as they do in Japanese offices using man-made satellites. That time is here. The time has come enabling one to give orders, “The director should do this, the executive director should do this, the head of the department should do this” and so on, while fishing on a boat and enjoying the raw fish. We are now entering the age where the person in charge of a company can run the business for the entire year without going to the office. He can run the business from a position of freedom where he can enjoy his hobbies and get rid of stress.

In order to enjoy hobbies, the husband and wife, or even the entire family, should travel around the world by car. It is a lifestyle of enjoying hobbies with one’s family. Isn’t that what women are always complaining about – that they cannot go along with their husbands when they are traveling around?

The leisure industry can help people feel God’s happiness towards creation, so I am developing this by gathering all that is necessary in preparation of a support system, such as a big research lab and a big testing area for farming, for the ocean industry, and for hunting and fishing. This system should bring together farmers, who live close to nature, with those who live far from nature in order to develop and educate them. The people in urban areas can support them both through the best scientific technology. That is why I am developing the hobby business while enjoying many hobbies.

A life of leisure! This is the kind of life that God likes. Your hobbies are connected to the creation. So many different hobbies are waiting for me. I never get exhausted. By enjoying one hobby after another, I automatically come closer to God’s world. This is the best life that men can hope for.

2.2. The hobby industry is the shortcut leading to the world of peace

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-2 - read here:

Everyone must enjoy leisurely pursuits. After all, God did not create reluctantly. He made creation so that He could feel its excitement. We, too, must experience God’s situation at the time of creation. Hobbies should not be done because someone tells us to do them. Hobbies should be done because you wish to do them. Even without sleep, you enjoy doing your hobby. Why should money or circumstance be involved there? So all these things – our leisure time, the hobby industry, hobby research and so forth – all these should be centered on God. Only then can those be things belong to God and be used regularly by the beloved sons and daughters of God. Otherwise, they will be Satan’s possessions. I am not doing this for the money; in fact, I am investing a lot of money in order to develop these ideas.

When you are over sixty years old, you should go back to the farming area of your hometown and prepare yourselves to go to the spirit world by digging the land. There is much to do in preparation to enter the spirit world. So staying there like Rev. Moon, you should exert yourself with devotion and fulfill your responsibility in guiding the farming areas. By doing this, you will fulfill the purpose of the hobby industry and of leisure time itself; you will become a caring, warmhearted person who can inhabit the upper level of the spirit world and make good use of your time there.

We must develop the hobby industry from now on. It is not the leisure industry, it is the hobby industry. Normally, we perceive the leisure industry as based on a profit motive. Fishing and hunting can both lead to thoughts of profits and commercial interests. That is different from just having a hobby. The hobby industry can spread to the small villages were people can enjoy themselves in each of the four seasons. Every individual has different tasks. There are people working at a factory, a company, and so forth. They have all sorts of jobs, so we can make anywhere from 100 to 360 groups according to various jobs. That way, every day different groups would do this work. It can be done. If it gets planned like this and gets going all year round, then we will not lose any money. About fifty percent will be returned to us. Therefore, there is nothing better than the entertainment business.

The hobby industry is different from the leisure industry. The leisure industry sets profit as its purpose, while the hobby industry puts the hobby itself as its purpose. People would say, “Only those who have money can do so. How can someone without money enjoy a hobby?” but that is not true. Nowadays everyone enjoys going on vacations, right? You can enjoy a vacation once or twice a year. So, do you understand what I mean by hobby industry? I believe that being the first to make such a worldwide organization is the short-cut in leading to peace in all fields, including the world’s money market and human resources. That is why I have been preparing this ocean plan for twenty years. In April of the coming year, it will be exactly twenty years. So along with this hobby industry, I am thinking of doing farming as a hobby. If people have too much free time, that is a problem as well. Therefore, I will encourage people to get a space of about 200 pyung and farm so that they can live off their hobby.

Our job in the Completed Testament Age is to mobilize a great number of people. We need a huge number of people. Which industry can best interconnect all the people of the world, transcending the national boundaries and going beyond cultural backgrounds? There is, of course, a necessity for church activities, but the only industry that can connect people, using both domestic and international activities simultaneously, is the hobby industry.

2.3. We must prepare for the age of the hobby industry

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-2 - read here:

I have recently begun using the term “hobby business.” This is not for gain or benefit.

Therefore, the age of urbanization will soon end and people will disperse more widely. The hobby industry is the only way to decentralize it. We must develop the hobby business. Now at this time I am proclaiming the hobby business. Men are made to live centering on hobbies.

Casinos, sports, hunting, and fishing are all included in the hobby business. So the various participants did all these at the World Culture and Sports Festival, right?

We are opening up the tourist business worldwide. I am preparing the worldwide tourist business now. The establishment of our American bus company “Go Tour” was an essential link in the preparation for this. From now on, the tour-leisure business will develop worldwide. I am giving this the name “hobby business.”

In the future, I think the circumstances will be that everyone will ride on our boats at tourist attraction areas worldwide. How will I do that? We will be able to attract tourists to any country and guide those persons with lots of money because we have a worldwide organization. All those people have to travel. They must go on vacations during the holiday seasons. So we will name this business the “hobby industry.” This has to do with our interests. What I am saying is let us travel around the world while working and delivering goods.

We are creating tourist areas. If we have the land, we can do landscaping and make a fishing ground. We will make sure that no one throws away cigarette butts, empty cans, and garbage there, thus keeping the area clean and making it a place free of environmental pollution. We will make an area where tourists can sightsee and enjoy their hobbies as well. We will create a tourist area so lovely that anyone who has looked at it once will instantly wish to come and visit. If we build such a place, then all five billion people would visit, even competing to get there.

Up to this point, have we ever taken a vacation in the Unification Church? From now on, all the well-equipped places that I have prepared, such as the fishing areas, hunting grounds, and swimming pools – all of these should be used. I have made the foundation for you to have vacations in the warmer areas when it is cold, and in the colder areas when it is hot. The time has come now to do so. This is what is referred to as the hobby industry. I have climbed up to this position by receiving much persecution, but you will not be persecuted. Now if you go to South America, where I have already prepared the foundation, and if you take responsibility, you can bring your tribes there and train them. All the families in that country and the ancestors in the spirit world can become one based on that tribal foundation.

I am preparing sites in Alaska and in Texas, and trying to make fishing areas and hunting grounds in 160 countries. Fishing and hunting are hobbies. They are hobbies of the upper class, of the people who live well. That is why I am promoting the hobby industry. I am going to lead it directly, by making a tourism organization.

I will connect the sites of the global tourism industry in order to create a world in which all people can harmonize with each other. If you can influence the people, you can influence the world. Therefore, instead of living within a small circle of relationships, you should become champions of the diplomatic world, relating with prominent people.

All people should have a hobby. In the future, people will not have any food problems. Then would you spend your time fighting with each other? Everyone needs to have some fun. You should ride on a boat in the river and be friends with the fish by diving into the water world. You have yet to do theses activities. This is why I am creating the term “hobby business” now.

The Unification Church does not allow people to enjoy casinos, so we will organize a group. Out of a month that is spent visiting the various hobby businesses, we need only two days to visit the casinos. So we will stop by the casino. All the young people go crazy when they play in a casino, but that is also an aspect of the hobby business. Therefore, for the people who have lost ten thousand dollars, thirty percent should be returned to them.

I have inquired about the crime rings that secretly control the casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. So, if a person has lost one hundred thousand dollars, we will distribute lottery tickets worth thirty percent of this amount. But then, those who have been participating in the casino games for more than three hours must receive ideological education for one hour. Historically, casinos are considered evil, yet we must be able to say that True Parents have turned them into an instrument that can draw on the dreams of others. It must be centered on the hobby industry. Those who do not learn will continue gambling even if they cut off their own fingers. They will still continue to gamble, using the stubs of their fingers, even after determining not to gamble again.

Academic education represents the mind, while physical education represents the body. Therefore, through the World University Association, the future direction will be toward the perfection of love – heavenly ideal love – using the True Parents as the primary model. For that purpose, I opened the hobby business. In the future, we must live to enjoy fun activities, so the world of the ideal family has now become the world of the hobby industry. Everything is a hobby. If you go to a new place, the mountains, the rocks, and the trees are all different. Those are all of great interest. But for whom were they all created? God, the Owner, created in order to embrace everything. God created an ideal environment where His sons and daughters can live anywhere.

I have been speaking about the hobby business. The entire world today is a world of science, in which through the best technology, people are moving the world. For this reason, people take a serious view of the production process, calling it the hobby industry, whereas I call it the hobby life. Do you understand? There are all kinds of hobbies – hobbies for your eyes, for your nose, for your mouth, for your ears, for your sense of touch, for your body, for your mind, for your love, and so on…

The realm of settlement does not only apply to the ocean; the land should also be connected to it. Now I am going to the mountains. I will find a place with beautiful scenery. What will I do when I get there? I cannot just go. I will make an animal preserve. I will not be killing animals in the wild; instead I will raise them. I will connect all this to the hobby business. This is something that will become the blood, the body, and the bones of God’s son. Fallen men are like thieves, robbing everything for their own blood, bones and skin. To stop this, I have prepared the hobby business to be able to unite with the original love, in accordance with the highest turning point in history that is the holding of the Blessing of 3.6 Million Couples.

The value of the arts continues to exist. This is why the hobby business is external. Families are not hobbies, they should be fun. By the word jae-mi (fun), I do not mean a person who “lives in America” (jae-mi, similar-sounding). Everyone likes America, but in this case, jae-mi does not have that meaning. Our parents live in a warm, comfortable home that is better than those of America. You hum when you are happy, right? Do you think you will only be humming at your parents’ home?

We can live because of joy. A hobby refers more to circumstantial conditions for joy, and fun is something that can take root in the ideal love between a subject and an object partners. Can you have fun on your own? If you can, then you are out of your mind. There must be a subject of love. Everything is in relationships within the realm of love, for God has created all things to supply fuel for the Subject of love, which is bigger than the ideal universe. That is why you must love all things.

It is not necessary to eat crops that have been contaminated by pollution. I will create an environment in which the individual can live on what they grow with sincerity. If you have five family members, then do your own farming and eat the food you have harvested. Do not buy from other places. You should grow vegetables and even your own rice to eat. If people put the Unification Church in charge of this, there is no need to worry about the Uruguay Round. Otherwise, the world will perish due to pollution. (252-295, 1994.1.1)

From now on, the biggest issue in the world will be who is leading the tourism industry. That time will come. The distribution channels in the economy will become firmly established through other industrial bases. However, the distribution channels of the tourism industry move quickly, circulating all the time. Its potential for expansion is enormous because of its circulation and there is no place that is excluded. To build that foundation, I am preparing to build condominiums in Suanbo and Bugok. Everything is being prepared for the distant future. However, there is no one in this room with such a futuristic way of thinking.


Mission 3
Projects Mission 3
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The Pacific Rim & the Island Nations Federation

Now is the Pacific Rim era

1.1. Why is the Pacific era coming?

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-1 - read here:

The current times are called the Pacific era. No matter what America says, and regardless of those who claim European supremacy, the trade zone centering on the Pacific Ocean has surpassed that of Europe and continues to develop. In all aspects, America is at the stage where it cannot abandon the Pacific region. The Asian people are the ones who are good at doing business. Don’t Americans recklessly use their money? The Asian people do not. If you ever handle the body of a dead Chinese person, you will never come across a corpse without money.

The direction of world civilization will develop as it makes a circuit around the globe. In other words, civilization moved from the continental civilization of Egypt to the peninsular civilization of Rome and Greece, then to the island civilization of Great Britain and reached the continental civilization of the United States of America. The continental civilization is now moving west, crossing the Pacific Ocean, passing through the island civilization of Japan and ultimately culminating in the civilization of the Korean peninsula to connect with Asia. The culture consolidated here is of a high level and will create a new world. As an island nation, Japan was the first in Asia to incorporate Western Civilization.

It will now be the age of the peninsular civilization. The Korean peninsula is where the oriental and Western Civilizations become one. As the historian Spengler pointed out, the rise and fall of civilizations have been recurring like the changes of the four seasons in a year. The age of the Atlantic civilization has now passed, ushering in the age of the Pacific civilization.

Christianity had the responsibility of bringing spiritual salvation to the world. However, unless it absorbs the physical foundation, Christianity does not have a basis to stand on. Today, people throughout the world are talking about the coming of the era of the Pacific civilization. Why is that so? It is because the origin of history can be found in that region. Since Jesus’ body was lost, America – representing spiritual Christianity – has the historical mission of crossing the Pacific and returning to Asia. Consequently, we can conclude that such a time must inevitably come. You should understand that the original cause lies here.

Where should America go? It should return to Asia. It should seek the Asian continent where Jesus’ body was lost. The era of the Pacific civilization is coming. Yet, why is the era of the Asia-Pacific civilization coming? Even scholars do not know this. This cannot be solved without Rev. Moon’s principle. America will be compelled to seek Asia. Currently, America has only the spiritual standard. Therefore, in order to make use of the body, it must return to Asia.

Since Jesus lost his body, the foundation for the main stage disappeared, and he lost his foothold in Asia. Therefore, the material civilization went in the opposite direction. It was dragged the other way to Rome. It should have gone towards the West from Asia, but instead it came back the other way from the West. It conformed to the path of indemnity and had to go along that path while shedding blood and suffering sacrifices. In this way, Western Civilization went around in a circle, centering on Rome and passing through Britain and America, to return again to the Pacific civilization. It returns to the Pacific civilization, because it was in Asia that Jesus lost his body on the worldwide level. The spirit and the flesh were separated at this place. Therefore, Western Civilization, the material civilization, went the other way in a circle to return to Asia.

We have entered an era in which the entire period extending from the Old Testament Age, to the realm of the bride centering on Britain, America and France in the New Testament Age, can be restored through indemnity. Consequently, right after the Second World War, we could advance towards a unified world. Therefore, the era of the Pacific civilization will arrive after the mother and her sons, Cain and Abel, become one and enter Asia together. Since Jesus lost his body in Asia, a global political domain corresponding to the body must be unified centering on Asia. That is why the era of the Asian civilization is now coming.

Western Civilization, oriental civilization, Asian civilization and the Pacific civilization have come forth in the world. However, the Pacific civilization is a long way from America. This is why Rev. Moon went to America and made full preparations to remain there. Now I must come to Asia, combine the East and the West, and attend to India and also to Siberia. I must attend to these two places.

Where must the Lord first appear? He must come from Asia. Since Jesus lost his physical body in Asia, he must recover it in Asia. Why is the Pacific civilization coming? The physical body that Jesus lost is returning in the era of a unified cultural sphere in Asia. When all these things are resolved in this way, history will be properly resolved.

Japan was the Eve nation on the satanic side. That is why the Eve nation on the satanic side could share and retain equally all the blessings of the Eve nation on the heavenly side. Christianity could not succeed in Asia on account of Jesus’ death, so it went in reverse to Europe instead, passing through Rome and Britain. In this manner, Christianity has gone the opposite way. The peninsula corresponding to Rome is the Korean peninsula; the sea and island corresponding to the Mediterranean Sea is Japan; the continent corresponding to Europe is the Asian continent. They return to their relative positions after making a full circuit. The time has come for the two ends to meet. This is why scholars and politicians say that the age of the Pacific civilization is coming.

Why did the Second World War have to occur? It was to recover Jesus’ lost body on the worldwide level. The unified realm was lost because the returning Lord was driven away. That is why America now comes again through the Pacific civilization, seeking the Asian region that had lost Jesus’ body, as well as the unified world. The time is drawing near when America comes seeking Asia from the opposite direction. You should know that that is why the era of the Pacific civilization is coming. This is in accord with the fact that the world must be unified, centering on the ideal of the returning Lord, by recovering, in Asia, Jesus’ body that was lost in Asia. By going through this process, the era of the Pacific civilization is bound to come. It is to recover the body and make it whole. The Lord at his Second Advent already has the basis for receiving this, centering on the spirit and the flesh. That is why the cultural sphere can be connected internally and externally, based on a criterion of unity, where the object partner stands before the subject partner. Through this process, a unified world can be created, centering on the True Parents.

The era of the Pacific civilization is coming, because Western Civilization and oriental civilization must recover the lost body of the father. Jesus came as the father, but the body of that father was killed. We must recover this body and make it one with the legacy of spiritual salvation within the sphere of Christianity. That is why the Lord comes to the East. Centering on the coming Lord, the Korean peninsula is like Italy. Until now, Italy has never been destroyed. For over two thousand years, it has survived as a powerful nation. That is because Italy is a counterpart nation for the coming Lord. Based on that standard, the Lord returns to the Pacific era, centering on this Korean peninsula; but it is the Pacific Ocean era rather than the Mediterranean Sea era. He returns to the vast environment of Asia through the connection of the Korean peninsula. If the Korean peninsula is the male sexual organ, then Japan is the female sexual organ. They are bound to become one. The age of a unified world comes when they are united. That is why Korea is called the Adam nation, and Japan the Eve nation.

In the future, the world civilization will most certainly return to Asia. The era of the Pacific civilization is approaching. Today, eminent scholars who study social science, as well as natural scientists who have any pretence to knowledge, predict that the era of the Pacific civilization will appear and set the trend of history. Why must it be that way? Shouldn’t I know the root cause? Haven’t I been teaching now for over forty years that the era of the Pacific civilization is coming? Nobody knows in which nation it will appear. I am the only one who knows. It is the man called Rev. Moon who knows all these things and believes that the Republic of Korea must take the lead.

At which time should Western Civilization and oriental civilization be joined together? When the two combine, where will this union take place? They will not be combined in an island nation. They will be joined together on a peninsula. From this point of view, as a peninsular nation, Korea is in the most precarious situation in Asia. When you consider Korea’s location, you will find that it is surrounded by the Soviet Union, communist China, Japan, and even America. Taking into consideration the Pacific coast, it can be regarded as being connected even to America. All scholars are saying that history will now advance into the era of the Pacific cultural sphere. Scholars in the fields of politics, economy, and history are asserting that such an era will come. In America, they regard this as indisputable.

Then, which nation will play the leading role? Will it be Japan? Will it be China? Japan and China are enemies. They were enemies forty years ago. Korea and Japan are also enemies. They are all enemies. In Asia, Japan fought against China, against the Soviet Union, and also occupied Korea. They all regard Japan as an enemy nation. She was the Eve nation on the satanic side that could replace Great Britain.

Western Civilization and Asian civilization cannot be directly connected. You should know that Western Civilization has lost its direction and is entering the twilight realm after the sun has set. It will perish unless it thanks Rev. Moon for connecting it with oriental civilization, which is like the brilliant sunlight of a new morning. Western society, which is headed toward ruin, has a cultural background of flowing toward the Atlantic Ocean. You should be aware of the amazing fact that, through Rev. Moon, this civilization can now be connected to God’s providential realm through a new Asian civilization. Until now, western people have just opposed me, with no knowledge of this fact. Through Rev. Moon they can relate with God’s providence. They have gone over to a world in which they can now accept God’s providence once again. God’s providence will once more begin to expand.

The Unification Church is the third son. The Unification Church was actually born as the most precious son of them all. The Christian civilization is now the only thing that can digest western culture into a unified substance and bring harmony in Europe and to North and South America. Yet, the Christian civilization of the West is crossing over to Asia. Then in which nation will Asia conform to God’s efforts to bring unity and order through Christian thought? Japan worships a diverse group of gods. China and the Soviet Union have been communized. Korea remains alone within the enclosure of Christianity even though its various denominations are in conflict. Although it cannot be planted as a seed tree, it is needed as firewood. In other words, among the many countries of Asia, if there is one nation whose entire population can accept the Christian cultural background and also maintain a receptive attitude while the Pacific civilization is approaching before their eyes, that nation can naturally only be Korea. Japan, China, or the Soviet Union cannot fulfill this role.

With a “do or die” spirit, I organized the International Conference for the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS) and the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA). There is nowhere you cannot go, with these organizations in the lead. If I hadn’t mobilized America at that time, its leaders would have never known what direction top Chinese officials would take for the next twenty years. It was obvious that communism was going to change, but Americans didn’t know in which direction it was going to change. They didn’t believe me, even when I told them. That is why I gathered military strategists and other planners, with twenty people representing the free world and another twenty representing China, and convened a seminar under the title “An Examination of the Soviet Union’s Future Foreign Policy toward China and the Pacific Coast.” I was the one who had provided America’s future strategic material.

We are now in the era of the Pacific civilization. At the same time, this leads to the space age. All the waters of the world merge with the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The rivers and the waters from the Atlantic Ocean and even water from the Mediterranean Sea all join with the Pacific. There is a flow of water called the Black Current that is about four to five thousand miles long. As it circulates it influences all five of the great oceans of the world. For this reason, when the era of the Pacific civilization draws near, everybody must become one. Then we can explore outer space. Unless people become one, they would even fight over the ownership of the sun, with everyone claiming that right. They would ask who the master of the starry realm is and they would all claim to be the one. They are bound to fight among each other. Our sun is about 1.3 million times larger than the earth. How could human beings, who don’t even amount to a tiny speck, claim to own this vast entity? The universe would roar with laughter. A unified world is bound to appear in the era of the Pacific civilization. That is why everything must be overhauled. Democracy in America does not work, and neither does communism. That is why the head-wing ideology, known as Godism, must appear in this age.

A unified universe on the heavenly side must be created centering on the mother on the heavenly side, along with Cain and Abel on the heavenly side. What is this unified universe? It is a world without Satan. When you think about the Garden of Eden, its standard was devoid of the Fall. Adam and Eve, who are in the position of fallen parents, must attend the father anew. They should go around the world, return to the era of the Pacific civilization and attend the father there. Then they should inherit the new blood. When they become one after inheriting life and the new lineage through new love, a unified universe will be established for the first time.

The era of the Pacific civilization is now coming. The Adam nation and Eve nation, and three archangel nations should lay the principal foundation at that time. They must become one. On the strength of the reputation of True Parents, who are from the original Eden, we can head straight for heaven. I have established a liberated realm, an original standard, whereby we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, based on the archangel’s love, God’s love and True Parents’ love. Therefore, the age in which we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven on the national standard has come. Consequently, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world will be manifested.

Through the unification of North and South Korea, the gap between the rich and poor in the East and the West will be resolved, and Western Civilization and oriental civilization will become one. Originally, the East was the center of spiritual civilization. That is why all religions emerged from the East. When religious spheres begin to flourish, all material possessions must be cast away. You have to give up everything, including your house and nation. However, the material world cannot be thrown away. This is why it is being collected from the other end. As a result, western people were the ones who developed material civilization. The European powers had knowledge, and the more they discovered, the more they occupied the land, claiming it to be their own. They all expanded their domain through knowledge. Yet in the East, people gave up all their money. Unification, however, unfolds when the spiritual standard and material standard become one. The material civilization comes seeking Asia. Thus, an era is coming in which Western Civilization and oriental civilization are combining in the Pacific sphere, so an era is coming which will lead to a new world. That is the era of the Pacific civilization.

A majority of scholars worldwide have reached the conclusion that the Pacific civilization is the way that history is leading us toward the original vertical world of God. Then what are we looking for? We are seeking true love. If that principle of love is established, then the world will not perish. Rev. Moon, who represents the East, came to America to educate people so that they could safely cross the Pacific Ocean without drowning in it. You should know that this is the purpose of the Unification Church in western society. The Unification Church, alone, can go to the eternal and ideal original homeland, where the Pacific civilization, including both vertical love and horizontal love, is formed and brought to perfection.

In the process of advancing to the unified realm of the world, a Pacific civilization will emerge from the Asian continent, based on Western Civilization and oriental civilization. Europe will now become one. In that regard, what will become its underlying cultural basis? It will not be the history of Great Britain, Germany, or France. Its foundation is the entire Christian cultural sphere.

The vast American and Western sphere will restore Jesus’ body, then become one and return to the Pacific Ocean. The standard for a nation to lead the world, centering on Jesus, must be established in Asia, which is a spiritual civilization. That is what I have been preparing until now. The formation of the Interreligious Federation for World Peace has brought order to the Christian cultural sphere, based on oriental civilization, and it can revive and unify the substance of Christian civilization in the future. It has tied together the hidden relationships of the world.

In order to restore through indemnity the failure of Roman culture, I am laying out a worldwide peninsular civilization, and also thinking of creating a historical Roman kingdom of law which goes back to God. This is coming to the Pacific civilization. By the end of this month, I am assembling the religious spheres from the East and the West. That has never happened in history, has it? The International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA), the World Media Association, the Interreli-gious Federation for World Peace, and the Federation for World Peace are organizations that are going to deal with all existing divisions and conflicts of mind and body, so that each nation may be brought together in an ideal unified realm. This is awesome. All this is made possible because God exists.

Most intellectuals believe that the time of the Pacific cultural sphere is coming and that Asia will play a leading role in that age. What should Asia do in order to play such a leading role? Surrounding nations should be brought into harmonious relationships. Korea, for instance, has Japan, China, the Soviet Union, and America surrounding its territory. This small nation is a place of geo-political importance, so these four great powers are in hot rivalry and cannot let her go. Practically speaking, I have been working hard until now to bring together nations from many directions, connecting, assimilating and forming them into a supra-national core. That is why we have come to a stage in which even America, which heads the free world across the Pacific, cannot ignore us. We have come to a stage where even Japan cannot ignore the man called Rev. Moon. It is the same with the Soviet Union and also China.

As we face the imminent approach of the Pacific civilization, is there a nation among the many countries of Asia which can possess a Christian cultural background and maintain a receptive attitude? If so, that nation would not be Japan, China or the Soviet Union. It could only be Korea. Of the five billion people in the world, more than 3.2bil-lion or three-fifths are Asian. They live in Asia. Korea has come down through history as a kingdom where religions have flourished. That is how it was with Buddhism, Confucianism, and Christianity.

I am trying to promote a Pacific cultural sphere in Asia, on the basis of bringing together Christianity and many other religions centering on Korea. The democratic world and communist world can come if they wish. I inaugurated the Women’s Federation for World Peace and the Interreligious Federation for World Peace in preparation for this. Do not forget the fact that combining the mind and body, which are in conflict, and driving them into one, makes the internal relationship that enables you to unify the entire historical course during which the mind struggled within the individual self.

Think about it. The cultural history of the colored races is long, while the background of cultural achievement of the white race is short. White people are cousins of polar bears that have come from the North Pole. They eat meat while looking at blood. Bloodshed always accompanied the white people wherever they went. They shed blood. However, those who live in an agricultural culture are different. That is why the end is near for white society. You should be aware of this. Where should they go now? Shouldn’t they go to Asia? Don’t intellectuals in America these days say that the era of the Pacific civilization is coming? The era of the Pacific civilization comes centering on the yellow people. Why is it that Japan and Korea have experienced such rapid growth? It is because God is with them. From those lands, Rev. Moon will also prosper. This is why I have planted an essential concept that the Pacific cultural realm needs. I have planted it throughout the world. Once planted, it cannot be removed by anybody.

Many people say that the future will be the time of the yellow people, or “Yellow Power.” The world of the Pacific cultural sphere refers to Asia. In some way or other, that is how humanity will become in the future. Through our large weddings, two-thirds of the human population will belong to the yellow race, and the other third of the population will be of mixed backgrounds. That is why, from now, the world will advance into the time of the yellow people. I am not saying this because I belong to the yellow race. I am saying this because that is how the Principle works.

1.2. The central nations in the Pacific era are Korea and Japan

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-2 - read here:

The Pacific civilization is now coming. In a situation where battlefields are inevitably emerging in America, Japan, Korea, China and Russia, countries that are unprepared for this civilization and cultural background will fall behind. I am the very man who has made preparations, standing on the front line. That is why I have brought together Japan, America, China and the Soviet Union. It gives us hope to think that the great things done by Rev. Moon and the Americans, who have joined hands in unity, will become a condition for America, and the world in the future, to secure and enter a common destiny within the Pacific civilization. Don’t feel so bad about this. Once this is connected, it will be very good for the Western world and America.

Since there are people from the Soviet Union here today, I would like to give you one piece of advice. There will be many problems if the Soviet Union continues to strengthen its economic system while emphasizing Germany and Europe. Always bear in mind that you should put America first, and then bring Europe together. If you give priority to Europe, and proceed to bind Europe together, then a great war and complex problems will occur in the near future in the European region and the Pacific coastal regions of Asia. In order to prevent this, leaders in the Soviet Union should focus their economic policies on America and then proceed to bind Europe together. If they ignore this advice, the problems will be great.

From now, the era of the Pacific civilization is coming. This is what scholars are talking about in western society. Japan as an island nation cannot deal with this. Is it Japan or China? China belongs to the third world and is undeveloped. Since I knew this, I have been carrying out the providence in this way. Korea and Japan were designated respectively as Adam and Eve. That is why they are connected with the continent. China belongs to the archangelic realm, whether it believes it or not. Aren’t there many men in China? They are archangels. In the past, didn’t they bind the feet of women because there weren’t that many women? Wasn’t China called the “blue dragon”? The dragon is the archangel.

Since the allied forces of Great Britain, America and France belong to the Christian cultural sphere, they offered great protection to a country like Korea. If the Pacific war had been extended for another four days, two hundred thousand Christians would have been massacred. That did not happen because God loved Korea. Did a single bomb fall on Korea during the Second World War? In the chaos during the final months, Japan was left in ruins. But in Korea, not one bomb fell. Why? It was because heaven and earth were protecting the Korean people. Since America belongs to the Christian cultural sphere, it had protected Korea.

In this way, the Pacific civilization advances toward the unification of Asia and world unification. This is why everything that was lost is being restored through indemnity. Isn’t that exactly how things are now progressing? Since America is the archangel on the heavenly side, three archangels on the satanic side must be under America’s control. That is why the mission of the Eve nation is great. What kind of mission remains for the Eve nation? She should maintain her chastity, stick close to her husband’s side, and not protrude her personality. Nothing a woman has exists for the sake of the woman herself. Japan’s assets should be used for the sake of Asia. They should be used for developing the Middle East and even Europe.

We are now moving from the age of the Atlantic cultural sphere to the age of the Pacific cultural sphere. The Soviet Union and America are having closer ties, thus helping them to become the leading forces of this age. They have taken prominent roles. But in order to lead the world from now on, they must digest the people of Asia. Otherwise, they cannot lead. The Asian population is close to 3 billion among the world’s 5 billion people. Asia has over three-fifths of the world’s population. This is why a thought system, that cannot digest the people of Asia, cannot lead the world.

There are 3 billion people living in Asia. We are now living in the time of the Pacific cultural sphere. Such a time has come. History has passed through a river culture, through the Mediterranean cultural sphere, and has come around to the Atlantic cultural sphere. Now we are entering an age where we can leap into the cultural sphere of outer space, centering on the Pacific cultural sphere. How to continue linking all this together is a question for the world’s political tacticians to explore, but they will not find an answer. I have gathered the prominent politicians of the world to countless international conferences. Their conclusion is that only Rev. Moon’s ideology is the hope for this age – and not America, France, Germany, Britain or even the Soviet Union.

The inhabitants of our global village have become like close neighbors. The approaching Asia-Pacific era will be a world where people cannot help but live in harmony, going beyond skin color and cultural background. Heavenly fortune is driving people towards an age of harmony when, in order to survive, individuals must make peace even with their enemies.

The Korean people should become the guides of the new age by living under the right set of values, embedded in the firm foundation of a belief system centered on God. We should all go beyond our petty interests. With a clear and calm perspective on international relations, we should exhibit the combined strength of the entire nation and take the leading role in the Asia-Pacific era.

Thankfully, there are 3.2 billion people living in Asia. The Soviet Union is a nation of white people who are in a disadvantageous position due to their frigid climate. Yet, the Soviet Union is in a position today, which surpasses that of communist China in all aspects, including military and political fields. That is why the Soviet Union is intent on devouring Japan at any cost. Once the Soviets do so, they believe that they can grasp the initiative in their confrontation against America, centering on the stage of the Pacific Ocean.

From a geopolitical point of view, Japan is an island nation. In the end, island nations cannot live in isolation. This is why Japan needs to establish ties with some continent. Currently, Japan is making her ties with the American continent across the Pacific Ocean. These two nations were enemies forty years ago during the Second World War. The uniqueness of these people is that they have fought each other as enemies. But where will Japan go? Should she cross the Pacific Ocean and get a ride on America’s back, or should she connect with the Asian continent? If Japan were to connect, where should she be connected? This is the question. Since the shortest route is to go through the Korean peninsula, Japan should not connect to Siberia or to Communist China. Japan cannot enter Communist China and digest the chaos there. Japan cannot digest the 1.2 billion people of Communist China. Japan is also unable to digest the Soviet Union, which is the leading nation of the vast communist world. From this point of view, Japan has no alternative other than to connect with Korea, centering on the United States.

The Pacific civilization is a preparatory culture, established for the sake of creating the sphere of influence for the coming God-centered ideology of the True Father. A unified cultural sphere must emerge from this place and bring an end to the disparate cultures. That is why the unification of languages, cultures, and nations will unfold centering on the culture of the True Parents. Such a time will arise and be ushered in. It will become more and more evident on the Korean peninsula.

In American economic and philosophical circles, people are saying, “the USA, as the leading force in the Pacific civilization, is finished. We must go to the East. Yet, how are we to go there?” Such people do not realize that they need to take a hold of Rev. Moon’s tail. Once they are taught that, everything will be completed.

Korea is the decisive point for creating the realm of a unified nation. Korea is the Adam nation. The lineage that enables you to inherit the original nature of the owner who connects love, life and lineage together, and stands within the new ideal realm of creation, begins from the Adam nation. Where will the mother nation, eldest son nation, and nations of the second son achieve unity? They will cross the Pacific and come to Korea, the Adam nation. That is when Korea will be liberated from Japan.

Among the many countries of Asia, if there is one that can accept the Christian cultural background and maintain a receptive attitude while confronting the situation in which the Pacific civilization is approaching before their eyes, that country would not be Japan, China or the Soviet Union but could only be Korea. Have hope. More than three-fifths of humankind lives in Asia, which is the birthplace of religions. Korea has been a kingdom that brings fruition to those religions.

The age of the Pacific civilization is unfolding, centering on the Korean peninsula. Japan is exactly like a woman’s womb. These two must become one. That is why Japan must restore through indemnity all the mistakes of Christianity and of Britain. The failures of the Vatican must also be overcome, centering on the Korean peninsula. The Vatican ideal, the Christian ideal, and the ideal royal palace for the returning Lord should all be created. Since Jesus’ body was lost in Asia, the Christian cultural sphere must be combined, both spiritually and physically, in Asia so as to create a unified cultural sphere.

The Adam nation is Korea, and the Eve nation is Japan. The archangel nations are the surrounding countries of America, China, and the Soviet Union. This is what God chooses. Didn’t Japan rule over Korea? China also tried to occupy Korea. The country that controls Korea controls the Pacific Ocean. The time of the Pacific cultural sphere is coming. Haven’t most intellectuals been announcing this in recent history? That is why the Soviet Union, China, and America have tried to occupy Korea.

The people of the world do not know that Korea has reached the stage where it can be in command of the four nations. God, Rev. Moon, and the Unification-ists are the only ones who know. How grateful we are for this amazing knowledge! In regards to the future direction of history, many of the world’s scholars, economists, and social scientists say that the era of the Pacific civilization is coming. The world shall come to know that Rev. Moon has created the base for the Pacific civilization, and is pushing ahead, after establishing it as an ideological base! Amen! In this way, the sun is bound to rise and bring a new dawn to the world.

The unification of North and South Korea will not take place through Kim Il-sung, but through Rev. Moon. The Pacific civilization is established by bringing together the Eve nation, the Adam nation, and the archangel nations. It is inevitable for the Pacific civilization to be established in that way because Jesus lost his body in Asia, and therefore the standard remains that a unified world should be restored again in Asia. That is why the Pacific civilization is being discussed worldwide. The world will become a unified place through the unity of Adam and Eve, and the three archangels. That is how providential history is developing.

Centering on Asia, the Korean peninsula is like the male sexual organ, while Japan is like the sexual parts of a woman. Centering on the Pacific civilization, this forms the central point for the standard of connecting the larger landmasses of USA, China, and the Soviet Union, along with all six continents of the world. This forms the Pacific civilization. What is the Pacific civilization based around? China and Japan are thought to be the center at this time. Actually, this is not the case. The Republic of Korea-the Korean peninsula-will inevitably become the center. From a topographical point of view, the Korean peninsula, as the crossing point between Hellenism and Hebraism, is where worldwide democracy and communism, materialism and theism, are in confrontation. This is where the embodiment of the evil true parent and the good True Parent, Kim Il-sung and I, respectively, are in confrontation, with both of us trying to digest the other. The Korean peninsula is the final destination of history. The central body that brings this to oneness is the peninsula that takes on the form of the male sexual organ of the continent. This can embrace all of the Pacific Ocean.

In Asia, the Korean peninsula symbolizes the sexual organ of the continent; it is the male sexual organ. The Japanese archipelago has Hokkaido as its head. The group of islands below look like a woman with all her limbs spread out. That is why Japan is the Eve nation. The base of Japanese trade is located in Shimonoseki and Shikoku. Western culture spread out from the waterway by Shimonoseki with the Pacific Ocean in the background. It was the seaway for importing culture, where a woman spreads her legs and begins a relationship. However, with the earth in the background, I am unifying the Pacific culture and the American culture into the culture of the Korean peninsula, centering on heavenly culture.


Federation of the Island Nations
2.1. The background of the inauguration of the Federation of the Islands Nations

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-1 - read here:

We should take the path of restoring a nation. In restoring a nation, we do not need the nation called Japan. In restoring a nation, we need to do so from a supra-national standard. To do so, we need to restore one nation under the aegis of the UN. But since the UN does not listen to me, I made the Federation of Island Nations. This is the Abel-type UN. Then I made the Federation for Peninsular Nations. In addition, I created the Federation for the Nations of the Six Continents.

I must leave Korea and find my place in the global arena. If I cannot become a national messiah, I must go beyond it by standing in the position of a global messiah. Once twelve nations are established, then everything will be accomplished. That is why I created the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation of Peninsular Nations, and the Federation of Continental Nations. I told you to negotiate with the UN by using these organizations. I am trying to get these four federations – the Women’s Federation, the Youth Federation, the Student Federation, and the Religious Federation –recognized by the UN. If that does not work, I will then create a new UN. The UN no longer has an owner. True Parents’ Day should be celebrated there, and even the UN Secretary-General… All the internal and external conditions for this have been made. Everyone knows this to be the case.

I made the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation of Peninsular Nations and the Federation of Continental Nations, because it is now the age for the restoration of the kingship. We can abandon the North American continent. Instead, Asia and South America can be tied together as Cain and Abel. Such a time is coming about. The national level providence is now passing into the world level providence. Once the center is established, the world will turn 360 degrees. It has the authority to freely choose among 360 nations.

Since the UN could not fulfill its responsibility, I created the Federation of Island Nations, and the Federation for Peninsular Nations. I must create an Abel-type UN centering on religious people. The UN today represents the body. The body symbolizes the satanic side. The mind-type UN does not exist. These two must become one. That is why an Abel-type UN must be created.

There are so many Eve nations. To prevent Japan’s decline, I founded the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation for Peninsular Nations, and the Federation for Continental Nations. To save Japan, I am hooking all four corners in order to save this ship from sinking.

If the things I have presented come into effect, I will create a new UN, the Abel-type UN. That is why I have created such things as the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation for Peninsular Nations, and the Federation for Continental Nations.

I am now creating the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation for Peninsular Nations, and the Federation for Continental Nations. How many underdeveloped nations are there in the world? The developed nations are only the G7 (the seven western developed nations) or G8 (the eight developed nations). There are only a few nations that have the power to influence the world economically. That is why this is not a problem. The time has come to rally these nations together.

A time of great migration is coming. It should be carried out centering on the UN. If the UN does not follow my directions, I will create the Abel-type UN. That is why I created the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation for Peninsular Nations, and the Federation for Continental Nations. Many presidents of nations have come and said to me, “Rev. Moon, the ideal world won’t come about unless we make an ideal world family quickly – isn’t that your teaching, and the way of God’s will also?” We are promoting a movement toward integration, centering on the Secretary General of the UN. That is why, if I call for sixteen representatives from the UN assembly hall, they will all come to me immediately. The Family Federation will invite the Secretary General to participate in our rallies, and will become a ladder leading to new peace.

The issue is the unity of oriental medicine and western medicine. I plan to bring about this unity. I am also building a UN college. I have made all the necessary preparations. We also created the World Peace Federation of Island Nations – the Federation of Island Nations? Since Japan is going to sink, we created the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation of Peninsular Nations, and then the Federation of Continental Nations as the replacements for Japan.

The Philippines, an island nation, is America’s Eve nation. Among the Eve nations, Japan is in the forefront. She forms a trinity with Taiwan and the Philippines. By having Taiwan and the Philippines as global Eve nations, we can move humankind, centering on the island nations. I have made all preparations to enable this to happen. I have tied everything together through the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation of Peninsular Nations, and the Federation of Continental Nations. I am going to make a proposal to the UN in September.

If there is no mother, a substitute can be found. If I say, “The responsibility that Japan could not fulfill economically – the mother’s task of buying food and making money to feed the world population – should be carried out by your daughters!” Then this responsibility must be fulfilled. Who should be quickly restored? Taiwan, the Philippines, and Canada should be quickly restored before Japan. If Japan fails, these three nations should come in and lift up Japan. That is why we have created the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation of Peninsular Nations, and the Federation of Continental Nations, while also establishing the foundation for creating a new UN.

They are even making preparations to welcome me in Kodiak, Alaska. I was victorious in the fierce battle and struggle in the Philippines. The battle should have been carried out by Japan. But instead, it was carried out there. Japan is a kingdom of island nations, with close to seven thousand islands. It would take forty years just to visit each island every two days. In fact, Japan has the same number as that of the Federation of Island Nations. So if necessary, I can cut away Japan and place the Philippines in her place. The same is true for Taiwan. Taiwan is China’s Eve nation. The Philippines is America’s Eve nation. Before the Second World War, the Philippines were occupied by America. It was occupied and divided by Japan and America.

The last chance for the UN has now come. If the UN rejects my proposal, I will turn away from the UN and create an Abel-type UN. I have created the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation of Peninsular Nations, and even the Federation of Continental Nations. People are saying, “Don’t trust the UN. Let’s create an Abel-type UN!” Which side do you think the world will follow? The purpose of this is to educate the youth and families.

2.2. Outline of the inaugural rally

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 2-1 - read here:

The inaugural rally for the World Federation of Island Nations was held from June 16 to 18, 1996, at the Keio Plaza Intercontinental Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. Participants came from a total of 52 nations: 27 from the regions of Asia and Oceania, including Australia and Japan; 5 from Africa; 5 from Europe, including Great Britain, and the Mediterranean area; and 15 from the western hemisphere, including Canada and the Caribbean area. Beginning with former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney of Canada, some 100 former and current heads of state, along with over 900 dignitaries from Japan, participated in the events.

2.3. True Parents’ keynote address at the inaugural rally

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 2-3 - read here:

When we look at the stream of development of civilization in human history, the ancient civilizations that emerged in the river valleys, passed to the Mediterranean Sea, including Greece, Rome, and the Iberian Peninsula. Then they developed through the European continent, including Germany and France, and bore fruit as a Judeo-Christian culture in the form of the Atlantic civilization centered on Great Britain, an island nation. Afterwards, civilization passed westward through the North American continent, and presently we have the era of the Pacific Ocean centered on Japan, an island nation. This represents the expansion of the Judeo-Christian civilization into Asia.

When we recognize this kind of movement of civilizations in light of God’s providence, we can see that the island nation that has been placed in the center of heavenly fortune today is none other than Japan. At the conclusion of the 20th century, Japan has come to stand in the limelight of human history in God’s providence. Therefore, Japan’s current prosperity cannot be explained without considering her relationship to the Judeo-Christian providence of God. If Japan has a role in God’s plan, attention should be paid to the providential mission that Japan bears. It is because the purpose of God’s providence is the realization of world peace. World peace is the very hope for all humankind.

There can be no better hope for human society than if the island nations around the world get together here and commit themselves to a federation of nations for the creation of world peace. It is with this expectation and ideal that I established the Federation of Island Nations. I cannot but hope that the realization of world peace will come true as the island nations all over the world inherit the heavenly fortune which was given by God to Japan, and form a group of nations dedicating their collective will to the pursuit of world peace.

What are the characteristics of island nations? The earth’s surface consists of land and ocean. Science today explains that the birth of the first simplest life form took place in the realm of water, namely the ocean. This tells us that the ocean plays the role of mother who conceives and nurtures life. In this way, if the ocean can be regarded as symbolizing femininity, then the land may be considered as symbolizing masculinity. Therefore, it can be said that island nations located in the ocean symbolize women, and that continental nations and peninsula nations symbolize men. From a spiritual perspective, one might say that island nations have certain characteristics of women, such as objectivity, dependability, nurture, endurance, and receptivity. On the other hand, continental nations may be seen as manly, possessing such attributes as proactivity, creativity, and the nature of a provider.

Following this comparison, the position that an island nation should play can be described as identical with that which women fill in human society. Women get married and are traditionally expected to wholeheartedly love and serve their husbands. By receiving love from their spouses, and giving birth to children, women may shine and blossom through this dynamic relationship. As mothers, women have the important responsibility of nourishing their children, bringing them up and educating them. Likewise, we can say that island nations also have similar roles to play.

In 1945, when World War II came to an end, world Christianity was at an extremely important point in the history of God’s providence of salvation. Christian nations like Great Britain, the United States, and France were in the central positions of the providence at that time. In World Wars I and II, the three major Christian nations of Great Britain, the United States, and France fought for democracy as the center of the allied nations. It was God’s desire to see the three major Christian nations join their forces to practice God’s love in the service of humankind, with a sacrificial and serving spirit to actualize world peace, without lapsing into nationalistic ideas centered on their countries.

The end of World War II, in 1945, saw the opportunity of providing lasting peace for humankind through the establishment of the United Nations. However, the historical reality was not the realization of world peace, but the expansion of communism, and the numerous conflicts that have come with it, as well as the spiritual decline and moral degradation of Christian nations. Humankind, which has endured the cold war between the United States and the former Soviet Union for more than 40 years, is passing through a spiritual wilderness that continues until the present.

For my part, I have traveled the world to reveal God’s ideals and His providence in order to actualize the vision of world peace on the basis of God’s original plan. To this end, I have established many international organizations. But the path is long, and there remains a lot of work for all of us to do. What is the ideal of God? It goes without saying that the original ideal of God is to realize a peaceful world. In such a world, there are no divisions or conflicts. It is a world filled with unity, harmony and joy. The greatest and quickest means to this end is through true love. True love is the factor of unity and the origin of joy and happiness. That is why I would say that the prerequisite of peace is true love. The reason why human beings are still unable to make true peace is because they are ignorant of true love. Why? The answer, as mentioned in the Bible, is that humankind has separated from God.

Due to the Fall of the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve established the first family without God’s blessing. Peace has been absent from this world ever since. Instead, divisions, conflicts, and struggles have come to rule this world. In the individual, the struggle between mind and body, the conflicts between husband and wife at the family level, and the struggles between societies are accepted as normal, everyday life.

It is my conviction that all human problems are caused by the fundamental loss of true love. The fall of humankind meant the loss of true love. Consequently, Jesus came as the King of true love in order to restore the love that Adam and Eve had lost. By the same token, the Lord at his Second Advent is coming in order to restore true love. That is the logical conclusion, seen from the view of the providence of salvation.

My life until today, and my quest for world peace, has been concentrated on the point of how humankind can restore true love. When we look at the moral degradation of the world, we can think of how great God’s sorrow must be. Watching this world decline breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. The spirit of our young people is wounded by the practice of so-called “free sex”, which is an evil similar to the immorality and adultery of Sodom and Gomorrah. The greatest sorrow of God is to see humankind going down this path of irresponsible destruction.

Human history began with the tragic incident known as the Fall of Adam and Eve. It is a matter of fact that we must all shoulder the responsibility for this act and resolve this issue. However, when we study the passage in the Bible that Eve was the first to fall and began the history of sin, we can see that the providence requires that an age must come in human history in which women will lead the way to redeem the Fall of Eve. We can see that the ideological trends in the 20th century, such as the movement of women seeking true liberation, indicate that women have begun to stand up for the sake of world peace. Since I know that such is the providence of God, I founded the Women’s Federation for World Peace in April, 1992, together with my wife.

The age of women came in the 1990s, and is a world-wide trend that will continue into the twenty-first century. We may say that love and cooperation, and the spirit of resolution and harmony, will fulfill a historical contribution towards world peace. This world-wide age of women means that the age of island nations will bear the characteristics of women. In this way, the age of women and the age of island nations are intimately linked together. The time when women stand up for world peace is the time when island nations should also stand up for worldwide cooperation. Now is the opportunity for island and oceanic nations to fulfill their glorious and historical missions of realizing world peace. Is there a mission of greater glory than this?

When the Federation of Island Nations ignites and spreads by virtue of service and dedication, the light of hope will burn brightly before the future of humankind. Ultimately, island nations must inevitably seek for the continent. This is based on the same principle as that of a woman who seeks a loving relationship with a man. This might be called the condition for the survival of island nations. Thus, the various activities for world peace carried out by island nations must inevitably bring a good influence on continental countries. In this way, when the positive effects of the efforts of island nations for the realization of world peace are spread to the continental realm, world peace will take a major step closer towards realization.

We strongly desire that the twenty first century will become a new millennium revealing the brilliant dawn of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, long awaited by humankind. I am convinced that organizations such as the Federation for World Peace, the Inter-Reli-gious Federation for World Peace, the Women’s Federation for World Peace, the Youth Federation for World Peace, and the Students Federation for World Peace, will fulfill a crucial role for peace and harmony together with the Federation of Island Nations.

Ultimately, all of these organizations will bear fruit as the Family Federation for World Peace. This is because the final base for peace is the family, and there is no way to establish global unity other than by rebuilding the family institution. By thoroughly carrying out the education of youth, based on an ideal that transcends race, nation and religion, the Family Federation for World Peace will be able to perfect an ideal family and attain the historical feat of a one-world family in which people from all corners of the world enjoy true and lasting peace. Your Federation of Island Nations will make a very great contribution toward the highest objective of the Family Federation for World Peace.

(“The Role of the Island Nations in the 21st Century,” June 16, 1996, Japan)


Ocean Providence Centering on Hawaii
3.1. Japan and Hawaii

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-1 - read here:

We know from history that the Americans established their nation while migrating from east to west, giving birth to a new civilization. Then, based on Hawaii, the United States secured a beach-head from which to influence the Pacific Ocean sphere.

The reason that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii is that she had come to the conclusion that it would be impossible to defend her position in either China or Korea without striking the United States, which lay in the background. You should be aware of this. You should understand that Japan struck Pearl Harbor in order to defend her dominant position in Korea and China. Historians in America have not known this. I am certain about these things.

Didn’t the small nation of Japan pick a fight and start the great Asian War? Do you know why Japan attacked Hawaii? The Japanese students who studied abroad were not treated as people. So they thought, “You just wait and see. Just wait ten, twenty years. I’m going to get you!” And then later, they struck back. Since those foreign students thought in such a manner, God helped them in that way.

Those students who had studied for ten years spent the whole time thinking, “I’m going to beat you.” And the students who had studied for twenty years, constantly thought, “I’m going to trample on you.”

The Japanese made the decision to attack America, didn’t they? That is why they illegally attacked Pearl Harbor. This perspective has not been explored in American or Japanese history books. From a providential point of view, you should understand how Japan’s decision came about. This is a certain fact. Japan did not simply make an illegal attack on America’s Pearl Harbor. They had sufficient rationale to do so. Then, what did the missionaries do? They were guiding the political aspect of things.

Wasn’t America the land of the Indians? When I went to Hawaii, I thought, “Wow, I have never seen such a place in this world!” Thirty percent of the people are Japanese, and only twenty-nine per-cent are white. This is why they say that the white people are being persecuted. When I heard that remark, I didn’t feel so bad. If I had said, “Hey, you Japanese people! See that indemnity is paid for the opposition that I have received in America!”, then how efficiently they would have seen to it. But I realized that they would expel all the white people there, so I thought, “This will not do.” Soon I concluded, “If I marry the children of those families that form thirty percent of the population, with the children of the families belonging to twenty-nine percent of the population, then they will be completely united.” I also realized how simple the providence for restoration would be if everything was transferred to the American continent. That is why I am building centers of operation, purchasing boats, and making preparations to live in Hawaii. I intend to go to Hawaii. Believe me, the Pacific civilization is coming!

3.2. The reason Hawaii is the center of the ocean providence

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 2-3 - read here:

Don’t you wish to go to Hawaii? I have purchased land there in order to build a heavenly village. I have built houses and transported boats to the islands. Isn’t that great! It doesn’t rain much there during the four seasons in a year. That is why, as a fishing locale, there is no better place in the world than Hawaii. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter all exist in harmony in one valley. On one side it rains every day and lightning strikes, but on the other side it does not rain during the four seasons of the entire year. I knew that such a place in the world was waiting for me to come. This is why I am carrying out an educational movement for all these things. (221-60, 1991.10.20)

I am carrying out a movement to have our American members settle in the islands of Hawaii. I made a house this time, centering on the Japanese Women’s Federation for Peace. If I make just one phone call to the Japanese wives, they will spend money and do all kinds of productive activities. In line with this, we can create a framework for educating the people. They will welcome us, praising my amazing ideas for making the Hawaiian Islands a foothold for God to come down and dwell. Amen!

The place where Jesus came as the Messiah was also Asia. He is in a position to recover his body that was lost for the sake of a unified Asian sphere, and to unify Asia by means of the Christian civilization, not just as a realm of spiritual victory, but as a new material sphere of influence. When this Western Civilization comes to Asia, it must do so based on a mixed and harmonious civilization located midway in the Pacific Ocean. That is why the era of the Pacific civilization is drawing near. Western Civilization will be merged into one, with the Pacific civilization as its center. What becomes a problem here is Hawaii.

As you all know, American history established a nation while migrating from the east to the west and gave rise to the birth of civilization. In that way it solidified the leading base for influencing the Pacific sphere centering on Hawaii.

America consists of fifty states. Isn’t Hawaii one of those states? In Hawaii, the people from the mainland are in a minority. The majority consists of people of other races. That is why there are many cases where people who went to Hawaii do not stay for a long time, but soon return to the mainland. They have disputes with each other, and because of such behavior they don’t remain long. That is why I went there and built up my base in Hawaii in order to reconcile such people. I have the power and the authority. I have the knowledge and financial resources as well.

Hawaii in Korean sounds like the phrase “Come back after you’ve done it (hae-wa-ra).” It is also similar to the Korean word for Eve (hae-wa) which means “Come back after doing your job.” If you pronounce this slowly, it sounds like “Hawaii”, which has become a domain where there is exchange between Western Civilization and Asian civilization. I had thought that Hawaii was part of the United States, but now it is becoming Japanese land. Rev. Moon is currently educating the people there to make them one. Who will educate them? A whirlwind must begin. Centering on the land of Hawaii, I am now working on creating a global sphere of influence.

Isn’t the Pacific civilization coming? That is why I created the “Pacific Rim Development Company.” America is included in this and so is Australia, as well as the South Pacific and the entire Pacific Ocean. After that, I said, “Let us put the Americans to shame by our hard work!” and I am now doing that work. I came here after giving that order. For that purpose, the Japanese women here must not be inferior to the married women in Hawaii. You should be able to say, “The tradition will be made on the continent. Since we, as your spiritual elders, made this tradition, you must follow us!” and have them respond, “Yes!” They should not come to oppose you.

If I say that I will go to Hawaii on a boat, then you must follow me there. Without a nation, there is no other way. Day and night I have been searching for God’s nation. God’s nation is the planet earth. You must become its citizens here in order to enter the heavenly kingdom. If you are unable to become a citizen at that time, then on the day of your death, you will have go to the other world and wait there.


Mission 4
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Ocean Civilizations in the Viewpoint of Providence

Human Civilization's history and Trends in Development
1.1. The currents of world history centering on civilizations

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-1 - read here:

When we observe how history developed, we see that Egyptian civilization, which was the first human civilization, was a river civilization based on the Nile River. In other words, the Nile River was the cradle of Egyptian civilization. How did Egyptian civilization develop? The Egyptians were curious about what was on the other side of the river. They always wanted to cross the river and explore the other side. This desire was the spiritual background for the development of Egyptian civilization. Mediterranean civilization developed after the age of this river civilization had passed. Human society has been developing based on the motivation that arose from a fervent heart and longing for the other shore. You should know that this longing for the other shore has created revolutions in civilization.

When we think about the course of the development of civilization, we see that ancient civilizations were tropical civilizations, and current civilizations are temperate civilizations. In this way, it is going the opposite way to the way God originally intended. Ancient civilizations were tropical civilizations and present civilization belongs to the temperate zone. Despite this fact, the temperate zone civilization will not revert to the springtime civilization but has moved on to autumn. That is why, the frigid-zone civilization, centering on communism, invades and passes through here.

Considering the developmental stages of civilization, we can see that a certain process is needed in order for them to manifest in any one particular form. There must inevitably be a season through which civilization can arise. We can reason that civilization passes through seasons like summer and fall, and then through the winter season for it to develop into a civilization having one universal sphere which is like spring.

If we assume God exists, what are some of the things He might like? He would, of course, in terms of the seasons, enjoy all four. With regard to people, God would enjoy all the ages from childhood and youth to the prime of life and old age. If you look at people, you will see that there are white people, black people, yellow people, red people –people of all races. What kind of person would God like? He would like white people, black people, yellow people and red people. Since the world turns on the basis of the overall conditions of relationship, so history unfolds along with the historical development of civilizations.

God’s desire is to realize one world under one will, one unified world, and one ideal world by bringing together all the developments of civilization. Therefore, in order to establish a motive or momentum in world history for Western Civilization to connect with Asian civilization for the first time, then America, the leading nation of the democratic world, has stepped forward taking full responsibility in Asia. Despite the providential significance of this, America withdrew from Asia without fully carrying out its responsibility during the Vietnam War. As a result, providential history was seriously damaged.

What kind of age of civilization will come in the future? An age of civilization pertaining to the spring season will come. If humankind had not fallen, civilization would have begun starting from the spring season. Due to the Fall of Man, however, it began from the summer season. The spring civilization was to last for eternity. Why can’t the summer civilization last for eternity? You must know that all the harmony needed for bearing fruit occurs in spring, not in the summer. The seed is formed during the spring season. That explains why all the civilizations in the fallen world so far, have passed away as seedless civilizations. They can never move toward life. That is why the springtime civilization never appeared after the winter season civilization.

When we consider the flow of how civilizations developed in human history, we see that the ancient continental civilizations that arose around the river valleys, shifted to peninsular civilizations such as those of Greece, Rome and Iberia. The peninsular civilizations passed on to the island civilization centering on Great Britain, and this island civilization passed again through the continental civilization centering on America to return to Japan, an island civilization. Now, the pilgrimage of civilization must bear fruit in Korea as a peninsular civilization. This is the providential outlook.

The direction of world civilization will develop as it circles around the globe. In other words, civilization moved from the continental civilization of Egypt, to the peninsular civilization of Rome and Greece, then to the island civilization of Britain, and reached the continental civilization of America. The continental civilization is now moving west, crossing the Pacific Ocean, passing through the island civilization of Japan, and ultimately culminating in the peninsular civilization of Korea to connect with Asia. The culture consolidated here is a profound one, and it will lead to a new world.

1.2. The reason Israel, Rome, and Britain failed

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-2 - read here:

Global civilizations have been born on peninsulas. The most representative of those places is Rome. The features of the Mediterranean Sea look just like a conjugal relationship between a man and a woman. That is why today, even after two thousand years, Rome still has a position as a central world power. The Roman code of law in particular is widely used. This explains how the saying “Civilization comes from Rome” came about. World unification should have begun from Rome, but Rome was unable to fulfill that mission. (229-69, 1992.4.9)

If you examine land masses and islands, peninsulas look like the male sexual organ. Civilizations always develop on peninsulas: Iberia, Greece, and Italy were all peninsulas. Why hasn’t the Italian civilization sphere disappeared even after two thousand years? The Mediterranean Sea looks just like a woman’s womb. It is occupied by Italy. That is why Italy could survive until today after continuously overcoming all kinds of disasters and calamities throughout its history. If it had disappeared, the restoration of human history and salvation through liberation would have been impossible.

Italy, the center where the Vatican is located, has been in the position of the man up until today. Germany is not the center, nor France nor Britain. Italy has a cultural background that goes back more than two thousand years. The law is unchanging. Why is that so? Italy represents man, while the Mediterranean Sea represents woman. I am talking about the original standard. It is just like an environment where a man and a woman can make love. Italy is like the male sexual organ, and the Mediterranean Sea is like the female sexual organ. These two combine. Since the Vatican in the West was unable to establish a standard by which to unify the world, this is coming back to the East.

What is True Parents’ mission after they appear? They will eradicate satanic love from this dead world void of God’s love, and engraft all of humanity back into a world of life through God’s love. You should know that God has been engaged in a battle to bring about that kind of resurrection. The Jewish nation where Jesus was born borders on the Mediterranean Sea. Africa, Israel, and Greece center around the Italian peninsula. God’s providence was originally carried out centering on the Asian continent. In the East, God established Hinduism and Buddhism. In China, God established Confucianism, and in the areas around the Euphrates River, such as Syria and Iraq, God created Zoroastrianism and other such religious spheres. Within this triangular area, God tried to unite the world centering on Judaism.

However, due to Israel’s failure to unite its twelve tribes, Rome, representing the satanic world, overtook Israel. All the tribes in the Middle East today belong to the twelve tribes that were organized during Moses’ time. They were unable to become one.

What did I say is most important regarding the center around which history develops? It is the sexual organ. The peninsula connected to the continent is like the male sexual organ. That is why the place that looks like the male sexual organ becomes the birthplace and the final destination of the world’s cultures. From this point of view, the Italian peninsula signifies the male sexual organ, and the Mediterranean Sea represents a woman’s womb. Doesn’t it look exactly like the sexual parts of a woman? The Mediterranean Sea is the first place in history on earth that brought together the origins of culture, based on the providence relating to culture.

The greatness of the Roman Empire cannot be denied. The laws and culture of Rome, even now, are exerting tremendous influence on history. That is because the Italian peninsula looks like the male sexual organ, and the Mediterranean Sea looks exactly like the woman’s sexual organ, and these two are one. That is why it is the central place that connects both the Asian and African continents with the European continent.

The Mediterranean Sea is like a woman’s womb. Israel is located near the Italian peninsula where the sexual organ, in terms of a woman, can be attached. It is very unusual indeed. The nation located in the deepest part of the woman’s womb is Israel. That is where the Lord was born. That is where the root of life came into being and then became a problem. This root of life, should retrace its steps back and create a global domain, and then go through the Mediterranean Sea centering on the peninsula, across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to bring about worldwide unity centering on a peninsular cultural sphere. Originally, everything should have been unified centering on Italy.

Rome and Israel are in an East-West relationship, whereas Greece and Egypt are in a North-South relationship. Isn’t that how it is with the Jewish nation? When you look at this, centering on the Jewish nation, you can see that all these nations are located around the Mediterranean Sea. That is why, if the entire area of the Mediterranean Sea had been completely united centering on Rome, Asia would have become the center. One complete world would have been created centering on Asia. If that had happened, the unification between the East and West would have occurred. The unification of the cultures of East and West should have taken place. However, unification did not come about. Instead, it went west around the world and made a circuit to return towards a unified sphere of East and West. This has been the historical course of Christianity.

Geographically, the Mediterranean Sea lies between Rome and the Jewish nation. The Mediterranean Sea had to be crossed. Jesus was in a position where he could have avoided death by various means if he had tried. At that time, the people of Israel had been oppressed by various nations for four hundred years. Therefore, it was a time when patriotism could have united them. It was a time when if they could have understood the historical moment, they could have raised a banner of revolt against the Roman Empire. All the political systems of Rome at that time had peaked, so Rome was headed downhill and could no longer control the Jewish nation as it liked. Since that was the historical background, if the Jewish people had united around Jesus, social revolt would have inevitably appeared centering on the Jewish nation at that time.

Since Rome was creating a cultural sphere around the area of the Mediterranean Sea, it had the background to rule the world. If Israel had connected with Rome and a global foundation had been created, the world would have been bonded together into a single Christian culture centering on Jesus. That could have completely manifested in the unified foundation. Since Israel was entangled with this bigger nation, both Rome and the rest of the world could have been reeled in. However, this was lost. Israel became a vassal nation to Rome. Today, the Republic of Korea is in a similar position to that nation.

If Judaism and the people of Israel had become one, the Roman Empire would not have been an obstacle. If they had come together to establish a nation and create oneness with Rome, and if the Roman civilization around the Mediterranean Sea had come under Jesus’ command, then world unification would have been achieved. On that foundation, God was trying to restore the entire world, and establish the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, centering on Jesus. But His will did not come to pass. So after thousands of years of paying with their lives, the global realm of the second Israel was finally established. But Christianity, placed in the realm of the second Israel, did not have a nation on earth as Judaism had. That second Israel had to be persecuted by the world’s people, wherever they happened to go for two thousand years, as a penance for the rejection of Jesus. In this sense, there is no forgiveness under the ironclad law of indemnity.

Since the Roman Empire was established as the Cain-type nation, representing the satanic world, it was able to lay the foundation to issue commands over its global domain, based on its cultural sphere in the Mediterranean Sea. God’s will was to restore, through indemnity, the nations and the world, and establish the Kingdom of Heaven of His desire, by raising up Israel as the Abel-type nation, and having it subjugate the Roman Empire, which was in the position of Cain. That has been repeated for two thousand years, and today America stands in the position of Rome. Now, was it a good thing that Jesus was killed?

Originally, God’s will was to have the world united centering on Asia. But who took away that blessing after Jesus was killed under Judaism. Rome took it away. To recover that, God had to circle around the world, centering on Rome, to return to Asia. Why? It is because Rome took all the blessings. Rome had taken away all the blessings Judaism was to receive. That is the path that leads from Rome, based on the Italian peninsula, to Britain and across the Pacific Ocean to Asia. In this way, through the Second World War, God could establish control over the whole area of Asia. He had command over everything.

Originally, if Jesus had not died, he would have begun from the Asian continent. He should have connected with that continent and gained victory there. Instead, the continent was lost, and Christianity found its place, based on the authority of the Pope, centering on the Italian peninsula and the Mediterranean Sea. Then where did Christianity have to go? The island nation is the next stop after going to the peninsula from the continent. It had to go to the island nation. Accordingly, Christianity should have gone forward centering on the Atlantic civilization and the Italian peninsula. The Atlantic civilization refers to the Mediterranean civilization. Since the Pope in Rome, in the Mediterranean civilization sphere, could not fulfill his responsibility, Christianity was divided into Catholicism and Protestantism, and the Mediterranean cultural sphere spread throughout the world up to today. Ultimately the Atlantic cultural sphere was created with the relationship of America centering on Britain.

Centering on the people of Israel, Christian civilization took on the form of a religion that focused on human beings. This was called Hellenism, arising from the Greek and Italian civilizations that were at the center of the Mediterranean Sea cultural sphere. Hebraism, based on monotheism, joined this current, and it initiated and won a decisive battle in Rome. This formed the Christian world centering on the Pope in the Middle Ages. With that standard, Christianity developed worldwide using an island civilization based on Protestantism, with Britain as its base. Christianity advanced rapidly by creating an international missionary headquarters. On this providential foundation, civilization gradually traveled around the world, from the sphere of Mediterranean Sea civilization, to Britain in the Atlantic civilization sphere, and then onward from the American civilization sphere to the Pacific civilization sphere where it could touch Japan, which was in a position corresponding to Britain.

Jesus arrived on Asian land and tried to unite the world, but his teachings were chased away to Rome. They were driven out of the land to the peninsula, and then from the peninsula to an island nation, and then they spread out to seek a global domain. Therefore, based on the Protestant sphere of civilization on the American continent, they returned. The Catholic sphere of civilization had grown, but stood in a position to receive opposition in front of God. It had begun missionary work anew in the Protestant cultural sphere.

Britain and America led the missionary work. After British missionary work established the Protestant, independent nation of America, the providence moved back there. Upon returning, they should have achieved restoration through indemnity offerings within the Pacific civilization sphere, but this side failed. The world should have been unified centering on the Papal authority in Rome and the Italian peninsula, since the foundation to allow this to happen in the continental domain was prepared. Then why was God’s will not established at that time? It was because the Vatican in Rome was lacking a broader perspective. Centering on Christianity, what the Vatican should have done was to serve the world, even at the expense of Rome, the Vatican, and Christianity. They did not know that they existed for the sake of the world. They had a different outlook.

Judaism had a nation in the chosen people of Israel. Yet, only spiritual salvation was attained through the death of Jesus’ body. Christianity needs to understand why this is so. Jesus was killed because he did not have a nation. The Kingdom of Heaven should have been established in Asia, but instead Christianity was swayed towards humanism, the Hellenistic system of thought, to a sun god. It came back to Rome and then returned to the Pacific Ocean. Now, the age of the Pacific cultural sphere has come. History does not happen randomly. This must all be revealed. Only then can everyone who has ever lived, and all our ancestors in the spirit world, be liberated. True Parents have now appeared, teaching all these things in order to bring about liberation.

How did the Fall occur? Eve fell first and then made Adam fall. Eve united with the archangel and made Adam fall. In the course of restoration England, as the female nation, began to dominate the world during the time of Queen Elizabeth I. God’s will was not accepted during her reign. What was begun through the queen, carried on with the queen, and came to ruin through the queen. Isn’t England an island nation in the middle of the sea? The continent represents man, and the island nation represents woman. Don’t the people of the island nation always have a yearning for the continent – just as a woman longs for a man? That explains why England is considered a female nation. An Adam nation should emerge through that female nation. Adam was brought to ruin through a woman. In the same way, through a woman, England, Adam will be resurrected. That Adam nation is America. Therefore, England must come under the rule of its son. Shouldn’t the mother come under the rule of her son? From that position, America was blessed with and bore the fruit of Christian civilization.

1.3. America is the Rome of the twentieth century

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-3 - read here:

America was called the New World in the European continent. The first people to immigrate to this new world, with hope in their hearts, were a God-loving people who came searching for freedom of faith. They were people who had completely lost hope under the tyranny of the old regime. They boarded a small ship called the Mayflower, with the firm resolve to reach that place where they could serve God as they pleased, even if they were to lose their lives in the Atlantic Ocean. After fifty-seven days of a horrible voyage, they arrived in America in an area that is now called New England. They were the Pilgrim Fathers, the ancestors of America.

Speaking historically, during the two thousand year history of Christianity, Protestants in the West took the Protestant system and searched for an ideal nation of faith where they could freely practice their religion. They crossed the Atlantic and established a composite people. The independent protestant state, representing this composite people, is America. This is similar to the Vatican in Rome, centering on Catholicism in the past. America was a new dimension of the Vatican in Rome, but one centering on Protestantism. That is what America is. America has such a position. God has been working for six thousand years. The question is how to bring this to a beautiful ending. This indeed is the long-cherished desire that God, and Jesus who represents Christianity, have had throughout history. It is my mission to bring this to fulfillment. That is how I see it.

America was created by people who crossed the Atlantic, in search of religious freedom, to avoid the arrows of persecution. I understand that its founding principles are based on Puritan beliefs. That is how God gathered the people of the world to this land, and then He bestowed material blessings upon this nation. A time will come in the future when Satan will strike the economy, based on the infrastructure. Therefore, in preparation for this, God has bestowed enormous economic material blessings upon America, and has had its citizens live at a higher level of affluence, compared to any other people. Centering on the Christian cultural sphere, no other nation has been endowed with greater authority than America.

What caused the downfall of Rome? God was trying to save the world, but the Romans took pride in themselves, above all others. Rome should have aspired to world unification by sacrificing itself as an offering before the coming Lord, but Rome wanted to go only in one direction. However, God wanted it to be a two-way street. That is why the Christian revolution occurred against Rome.

Protestantism arose, based on a new framework. It was severely attacked, but a new and fragile sprout was established in an environment of opposition and persecution. Didn’t the Puritans of Christianity cross over to plant this sprout in America? The Protestant zealots of Europe crossed the Atlantic. These Puritans did not leave there for a better life. They crossed the Atlantic, at the risk of their lives, to practice their faith. God’s providential focal point began, from that resolution, in the face of death. The Puritans came for the sake of Protestantism, and after two hundred years established an independent Protestant state. That is the history of America. There was not a single Catholic president until Kennedy. By the 1960s, left and right were to unite centering on the United Nations. President Kennedy was given that chance because it was a time for front and back, top and bottom to become one.

The Protestants separated from the Vatican in Rome out of their earnest desire for God’s new world. The Puritans of England, in particular, claimed that England was not suited for the construction of God’s world, and so amidst severe persecution they departed for the new world. The new world where they landed was the American continent. At that time many Catholics were falling away from the Vatican in Rome. Based on their desire to follow God, the protestant Pilgrim Fathers boarded the Mayflower, and despite severe hardships crossed the Atlantic to reach America. Later on, people from a number of European countries began to gather in America. The British and French, and later people from Germany, which was to become an enemy nation, as well as many other people in Europe, crossed the Atlantic to settle in America. After their arrival, they fought against the Indians and continued to expand their territory westward.

During the Catholic era, since Protestants were persecuted by the Catholic Church, they crossed the Atlantic Ocean. If you consider the founding principles of your homeland, you can see that your ancestors crossed the Atlantic at the risk of their lives. That is why, when they arrived in this land and began to build a nation, they tried to create an ideal Kingdom of God’s desire, a world under His will. Today, what has happened to those founding ideals? They have become part of liberalism and so, no longer mention one word about creationism. Instead, they assert that the theory of evolution is correct. You should know that we are living in the final and last hours of the Christian cultural sphere, where the authority of the churches is about to be revoked. Your ancestors lived in a time where they had to be determined to go a very dangerous path, such as venturing across the Atlantic, risking their lives in a war for their independence, and fighting the Indians. They risked their lives by crossing the Atlantic and offered their lives during the War of Independence. You should know that they set out with a firm resolve to offer their lives to God. When your ancestors crossed the Atlantic, they did not have a leader. They were just following God. During the War of Independence, though your army was weak, they followed God and fought on. You should know that they attended God as their captain, praying and shedding tears with Heaven.

North and South America belong to the Christian cultural sphere. Catholicism and Protestantism are like siblings. When America, as it is now, comes to Asia, the Asian people think that America has crossed the Pacific, without regard for its sibling, to steal from distant nations. They would not think America came to help. This is how most Asians view Americans who come to Asia. They think, “What kind of help can they – who come here without uniting with their own brothers, instead fighting and abandoning them – bring to us?” They would believe that Americans had come to steal from them. God is saying, “You Americans, you really have to get your act together.” When they cross the Pacific to go to Asia, they will find seedlings of enmity there. Japan is an economic empire, and China is a population empire. The Soviet Union is an ideological empire. Therefore, in order to satisfy these nations you have to bring something greater. But what exactly can America provide? This is why they say that Americans have come to steal from them.

The closest siblings to the United States are the other nations of North America and the nations of South America. One continent is predominately Catholic and the other predominately Protestant. Putting this aside, whatever America may try to do with Asia…. Japan was once America’s enemy. China and the Soviet Union are also America’s enemies. They do not see America as a neighbor belonging to the Pacific sphere. They think of America as a foreign land. No matter how hard America tries to establish friendly ties with other countries, if a problem arises with Japan everything falls over backwards. This is foolish. If you think about the future, America should go hand in hand with North and South America together to embrace Japan. They must embrace Asia.

When conflict broke out between European Protestants and Catholics, groups of Protestant believers crossed the Atlantic to settle in North America, eventually establishing an independent Protestant nation. God built that nation. As a result, for two hundred years, America extracted all of Europe’s essence. America extracted everything from its connections to the essence of faith and, facing the Pacific, bore the fruits of two thousand years of history, based on the female cultural sphere and the Christian cultural sphere, in a span of two hundred years. Satan opposed the union of America and Japan, and tried to stop the unification of Asia. Satan is an external being who is obsessed with economic problems. With its own economic problems in mind, America is employing a policy of restraint, based on its trade laws, to keep Japan from entering its markets. In this way, America is putting the brakes on countries in the Pacific realm, especially Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and India. You should know that at this critical time in the last days, America is approaching the point where it may make a grave error.


Significance of Island Civilization
2.1. Britain, the greatest oceanic island nation

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-2 - read here:

Ancient civilizations arose on continents. Human civilization, which came forth from the riverbed of the Nile in Egypt, shifted to peninsulas and established a Mediterranean civilization sphere, in Greece and on the Italian peninsula. Civilization was transferred from the peninsula to an island, thus creating an Atlantic civilization sphere, centering on Britain, an island nation. Next, the island civilization, in Britain, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and established a miracle of modern civilization on the American continent, thus creating the sphere of the Pacific civilization. The flow of history has not stopped there.

I am fully aware of God’s will to have this civilization cross the Pacific Ocean, blossom as a new island civilization in Japan, an island nation comparable to Britain, and then to establish here on the Korean peninsula, which corresponds to the Italian peninsula, an integrated human civilization, comparable to that of ancient Rome. This will become a new unified civilization sphere, adjacent to the Asian continent, which will lead to one world of harmony.

God moved the sphere of world civilization from the Western continent, through the Mediterranean Sea centering on the Nile River, through Rome, and then Britain to form the continental civilization of America, and then on to the Pacific civilization sphere. To do that, God had to bring together the island civilizations, and next He needed a peninsular nation. In other words, God needed a peninsular region corresponding to that of Rome, which had influenced the cultural sphere around the Mediterranean Sea. You should know that this is Korea. The final fruits of Western Civilization, along with the final fruits of Asian civilization, should flourish on the Korean peninsula and be offered to God.

As the Jewish people could not fulfill, God’s design for the continent – to control the world centering on the Italian peninsula – ended in failure. God tried to do the same thing centering on the island civilization of Great Britain, but yet again this ended in failure. Then it became the American continent’s turn to carry out this mission, but going the opposite way. It must go through indemnity. Indemnity should be paid centering on the island nations, and also centering on the peninsular nations. Without doing so, the mission cannot go on to the continent.

The providential domain traveled from Rome, Italy and the Iberian Peninsula, and then moved from the island civilization to the continental civilization. What began on the Asian continent centering on Jesus went through the peninsula, beyond the island, and returned to the continent. The Roman peninsula failed; Britain the island nation failed; and America failed. Everything ended in failure. What do we do about this?

When you observe the flow of how civilization develops in human history, you will see that the ancient continental civilization that arose in the river valley moved to the peninsular civilization of Greece, Rome, and Iberia. This peninsular civilization moved to the island civilization centering on Britain, and the island civilization went through the continental civilization centering on America to return to the island civilization of Japan. The providential outlook shows that the pilgrimage of civilization should now culminate and bear fruit in the peninsular civilization of Korea.

When you observe the Western world, America was born from Britain, and thus it is like her son. But America, who is like a son, dominates Britain. That event signals the end of the Western world. That is how I see it. This is why these three nations – America, Great Britain, the greatest oceanic island power, and France, the archangel nation – had to come together. At that time, the oceanic power, together with America, would pull the archangel nation in, and take the helm to occupy the land. You must understand this as the reason for the Second World War. The Adam nation, not the Eve nation, must control the Eve nation and the archangel nation. Only then can God’s providence actually move forward to occupy the continent. When Britain and France joined together to become one centering on America, they should have then gone towards the continent. The Second World War broke out in order to occupy the continent. You should be aware of the fact that a foundation was made during the Second World War that enabled the victorious realm, centering on America, Great Britain and France, to control the entire world.

The completion of restoration comes about when three people and nations that were divided become one. This is the Principle point of view. This kind of theory can be applied anywhere. Where is the Adam nation in terms of Europe? In terms of the entire free world, it is America. Why? Because it was born from England. England prospered during the age of the queen. In the sixteenth century during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, England built maritime cities and began to control the oceans of the world, leading to the colonization of America. How did Great Britain gain control over the oceanic rights of the world? Britain, an oceanic nation, was the Eve nation. Since it was a female nation and an island nation, it opened up and controlled the oceans of the world. That is how it made America its colony. America is like a son to Britain, so Eve should be the one to give birth to an ideal husband. Otherwise, an ideal husband cannot be born.

2.2. The difference between British civilization and Japanese civilization

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 2-2 - read here:

The democratic systems of the twentieth century originated in England. As you all know, Queen Elizabeth I of England strengthened her maritime policy, leading eventually to the occupation of numerous places in the world, especially in Asia and Africa. God influenced her to take such actions. Since England was an island nation, the English had been trained many times through the invasion of the Vikings. The English were always in a position to be attacked. Therefore, they trained themselves extensively to strengthen their oceanic culture more than any other race. At that time, Spain and Portugal were much stronger oceanic powers. But Queen Elizabeth I built her navy up to a higher level, strengthening it in the years from 1593 to 1603.

As an island nation, England was always at the mercy of attacks from the Vikings of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. That is why the English people took an interest in the ocean and trained themselves in sea defense. England was in a position where she could not survive unless she maintained her control over the oceans. Consequently, England strengthened its policy of mastery over the seas in Queen Elizabeth’s time. This was all in accordance with God’s providence. Britain took control of North America. Britain employed a policy of pretending to be outwardly civil towards Spain, but resorted to deception internally. Don’t we know this through studying history? Spain conquered South America. Consequently, in order to prevent Spain from conquering all of North America, Great Britain strengthened many of her maritime policies.

Great Britain is a small country, but could boast that the sun never set on her colonial possessions. England had inherited the pirate spirit from Rome, going out into the ocean, stealing and occupying everywhere. That is why, when you connect this to God’s providence, God used the British people because His providential outlook is to employ the tactics of quickly bringing salvation to the world. But the British people did not align themselves with that outlook and fell away in a self-centered direction. That is why Great Britain is isolated today.

England was able to create a worldwide empire because it was the successor to Roman civilization. Before England was occupied by Rome, her people did not bathe properly more than once a year. Isn’t that barbaric? They could not bathe because it was freezing cold. The English people are all descendants of pirates. Would they have had time to bathe? England inherited Roman civilization and expanded its global domain, centering on the ocean. God had them dominate the world. “You, island nation, conquer the world!” That was God’s will.

God is the master of the ocean, as well as the master of the land. Symbolically everything must fit. This is why we had the Sisterhood Bridge Ceremony. In the future, Japan will move to the continent, taking everything with it. What Japan wants to do at this time is to send at least fifty million people to other countries through a policy of emigration. Some believe that if Japan does not adopt such measures, it will be in deep trouble fifty to a hundred years from now.

Today we are placed in a different situation from the time when Jesus came to the people of Israel as the Messiah. The situation is different from the time of the Roman Empire, and the time of the British Empire. The providence that lead to the British Empire, began when Henry VIII ignored the punitive actions taken against him by the Vatican in Rome, due to his divorce and his establishing of the Church of England under his own supervision. At this time, the center of God’s providence shifted from the Italian peninsula, where the corrupt Vatican in Rome that was going against God’s will was located, to the island nation of England that was revitalized by the Anglican Church.

During the golden age of England under Queen Elizabeth’s rule, conditions were made for Britain to rule the five oceans and six continents, by extending her territory through the ocean under an expansionist policy according to God’s will. In this way, she was blessed profusely by God. Then America also came under the rule of the British Empire. The prosperity of the British Empire was ensured by the revival of the Anglican Church, which became the driving force in spreading the Protestant movement that was confronting the Vatican in Rome everywhere in Europe.

What a bad nation England was! It was a stronghold of pirates. Is that not so? They once dominated the world. But was that not because they attacked and occupied other lands with guns and knives from their ships at sea? They were a band of pirates. Yet God supported them as they carried on their activities. In that way, they created a religious sphere of influence. This is why they did not perish. Otherwise, they would have utterly perished.

Queen Elizabeth I was a supporter of Protestantism. Through the thirty-three articles in the Statutes of Westminster, Queen Elizabeth laid the foundation to absorb Calvinism and established a policy of dominating the seas, in order to prevent Spain from intruding into her oceanic domain. This was all part of God’s will.

What did Queen Elizabeth I of England accomplish during her almost fifty-year reign from 1558 to 1603? She developed the oceans. She already knew that she could not conquer the world without attaining hegemony over the oceans. God trained England more than any other nation.

God disseminated the Christian faith by having the mission headquarters established in Britain, which at that time was a nation with a foundation to expand around the world by means of the oceans. Britain itself was not aware of the value of God’s will. Yet since Britain was in a position to increase her colonies, Christianity ideologically supported British rule in those places.

Great Britain is the mother nation. Why is it in the mother position? If the continent is the husband, then the island of the sea – the island nation – symbolizes the woman. The island always yearns for the continent. It cries out, “When shall I go? When will you come?” In that sense, since this is the Far East, a similar nation should appear in Asia, from one end of the land to the other, as a reflection of England. If one appears in the West, another should appear in the East. That country is Japan.

Japan is the Eve nation on the satanic side. This is why the Eve nation on the satanic side could share and retain equally all the blessings of the Eve nation on the heavenly side. Christianity did not succeed in going to Asia and instead went in a reverse course to Europe, through Rome and passed on to Britain. In this way, it has gone the other way. The peninsula corresponding to Rome is the Korean peninsula; the sea and island corresponding to the Mediterranean Sea is Japan; and the continent corresponding to Europe is the Asian continent. In correlation, it comes back after making a full circuit. The time has come for these two to meet. This is why scholars and politicians say that the age of the Pacific civilization is coming.

Japan is no different from Britain. It is the direct successor to British civilization. America succeeded British civilization, while at the same time in Asia, Japan directly succeeded British civilization.

Japan corresponds to Britain. Japanese civilization succeeded British civilization. Japanese civilization was created by removing all the elements of Christian civilization, and utilizing only the core essence. That is a satanic nation. When Christianity went to the West, who dominated the Western cultural sphere? Satan was in control. Therefore, when you consider Japan, which had accepted Western Civilization, you can see that it corresponds to Britain. Don’t they drive on the left in Japan? Japan’s golden age lasted for 120 years. The 120 years, which began with the Meiji Reformation in 1868, came to an end last year in 1988.

I chose Japan and Germany. I replaced Great Britain with Japan. Japanese civilization is a replica of British civilization. Japan imitated the British system of administration, and also copied from the German army. That is history and this explains why the Japanese, like the British, drive on the left. About 120 years ago, during the Meiji Reform, Japan imported all of Britain’s culture. This is why I placed Japan at the center of the providence, due to the fact that Britain, America and France did not fulfill their responsibility. Anybody who fails in providential history is never used again.

Great Britain, in the Eve position, is an island nation. An island nation longs for the land. It is just like a woman. America is in the position of a man born from Eve. Isn’t that so? France is the enemy nation because it fought against Great Britain. In God’s presence, these three nations should become one centering on the Christian cultural sphere. Who is on the satanic side? Japan is. Her civilization is like all the things Satan had taken from God. That is why she stands in the position of having taken all of Britain’s culture, which was on the heavenly side. She has stolen from Britain. That is why cars in Japan also keep to the left.

Japan copied from Britain. She is an imitation of Western Civilization. She borrowed Roman law, copied the German army, and followed the culture of Britain. Isn’t that why cars drive on the left in Japan? It copied Britain. Satan imitates everything that is done on the heavenly side. That is why Japanese civilization is a replicate civilization. It copied a country blessed by God, utilizing its accomplishments. Japan took things away from the developed world. It was not on God’s account. Essentially, I have approved of Japan returning to the position of the Eve nation on the heavenly side. It was not for the sake of Japan herself. In that sense, history is continuing to unfold under the sphere of the principle of indemnity.


The Role of Japan as the Mother Nation
3.1. Japan is the Eve nation

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 3-2 - read here:

What is the completion of God’s providence? It will be completed when Adam and Eve are perfected, and the three archangels surrounding them become one. What has happened now is that America, China, and the Soviet Union have become the three archangels. Adam is Korea, and Eve is Japan, and this still stands. The original world would be one where Adam and Eve and the three archangels are one. But the angelic world and Eve joined together and expelled Adam. The three archangels and Eve became one, and expelled Adam from the original Eden. To indemnify this, Japan, America, and Germany should have become one after the Second World War, but this did not happen. That is why this needs to be indemnified again at this time. In Asia, Japan and Korea are enemies. These enemy nations must become one.

I am in a position to retake these nations of Korea and Japan centering on the Adam nation and Eve nation. With the arrival of the age of restoration, they must be restored centering on Eve. That is why the Eve nation, Japan, holds all the economic power. Consequently, America needs Japan, China needs Japan, and Korea needs Japan as well. In the realm of competition, these nations are at war with each other, vying to be the first to attract Japan. I know about this. That is why I brought them into exchange marriages and completely tied Korea and Japan together. America, China, and the Soviet Union did not oppose this union.

I have made Japan one with America, with China and with the Soviet Union. Next, I must educate America, Japan and Korea after they become completely one. As the Eve nation, Japan must draw Cain and Abel to her arms and nurse them. She must fulfill the role of nursing twins. She must provide all her milk, blood and flesh. In that way, she is giving her life. It means linking true life, true love, and true lineage. That is what Japan is doing. What am I now planning based on this providential point of view? As I was coming here, I gave instructions to carry out a fundraising drive for 300 million dollars.

Now you must not think about any success or goal that centers on your own self. The reason I demand Japan’s success is to obtain success for the entire world. If you, of all people, can stand together and carry out the heavenly mission of restoring Japan, we would not need even twenty more years. Sacrificial offerings will be needed continuously in order to fulfill that mission. Sacrificial offerings should not be made from their own subjective viewpoint. In dealing with the whole, they should be determined existentially centering on God. That is the mission of a sacrificial offering. To become a sacrificial offering you must absolutely refrain from putting forth your own subjective perspective.

You should become heroes who can take responsibility for the most difficult places in Tokyo. Furthermore, you should stand in the most difficult position in the Japanese Unification Church and become a person who can take responsibility for difficult tasks. Otherwise, Japan will be placed in the most difficult position among other nations. We must march forward without resting for ten or even a hundred years in order to reach our goals. If we fail to achieve them in our generation, then we must achieve them without fail even if our effort is extended through the second and third generations. When the global wave comes sweeping in, national victory will be determined depending on the number of people who jump into that wave.

Unification Church members must think about what the Japanese Unification Church and Korean Unification Church should do in order to transcend the historical and national emotions that still remain between the two countries, to create a realm of heart like that of brothers. This is the most important task. If you stand in a position where countries like Japan or Korea bring divisiveness in your thoughts, you cannot create God’s new country, the nation of His desire. In that sense, Korean and Japanese members should become one and agree on the goal of restoring a new nation and push forward until they restore that nation, which God has been seeking in its entirety. That is the worldwide mission of Unification Church members.

When Korea and Japan, the Korean Unification Church and Japanese Unification Church, become one and restore the nation, this tradition of bonding two people will become the basis hereafter for a tradition that can be a model for all other nations, throughout the course of history. Therefore from now on, Japanese and Korean Unification Church members in some way must carry out the mission of establishing this tradition on God’s side as an untainted and true tradition.

I love the Japanese people more than anyone in Japan does. I have concerned myself with the future of Japan and China. I have worried about what America may become, and what Germany may become. Therefore, I am not someone who just loves Korean people because I was born in Korea. Even the Japanese people need my strength. That is why I believe that Japanese people must also be raised to the standard where they can love me as they would God.

Unless God stands in a position where He can be loved more than any Japanese parent is loved, God cannot become part of any family in that nation. God must be in a higher position. Opposite poles attract. We must carry out such activities. The Messiah is absolutely needed. In particular, if the Japanese people are the first to come together in making a foothold, so that the people of the world can receive the Messiah, the day will come when Japan will be praised in the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, no matter what it takes, we must leave the evil sovereignty behind and assure that the good lineage of Heaven is all that remains.

In America and the other nations of the world, I am causing Japan to exert itself at my direction. I am also conducting joint operations with Japan. This will support Japan. For three years, you must demonstrate a sincere heart to bring together all the things of creation, the substantial body and the heart as one. Without creating a foundation, to restore the foundation of victory that I, coming from the Adam nation, have established, there will be no condition for Japan to say that it has fulfilled its mission as the Eve nation. On the national level, the task of indemnifying Jesus’ being unable to meet his Eve during his three-year course… must also be accomplished by the Unification Church of Japan.

With regard to Japan’s title as the Eve nation, Eve must breast-feed her sons, Cain and Abel. She must feed and nurture them. In this way, Eve must manifest a loving heart toward the father, and the father must demonstrate love, with the heart of the loving God. She must stand in a position of loving God with greater intensity than she loves her own son or daughter. Through that systematic bond, she must receive the father’s sperm, the baby seed, and engage in the process of giving rebirth. But one cannot be born again after being fully grown. This is why one must be en-grafted.

3.2. The reason for choosing Japan as Eve nation

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 3-2 - read here:

It is a mystery that Rev. Moon of Korea chose Japan to be the Eve nation. There are many scholars in Japan who respect Rev. Moon. Famous scholars in places like Tokyo University have asked me, “Why is Japan the Eve country? This displeases us.” I told them to wait a few years to see whether it becomes a reality or not.

There is no principle dictating that Japan must be chosen as the Eve nation. Since Satan had taken the most precious thing, God had no other choice but to grab Satan by the tail and wrestle back from him what was His, and return it to its original state. That is the way of indemnity. Indemnity takes the reverse course. That is why there is God, Abel, Cain, Eve, Adam and Satan. If humankind had not fallen, the order would have originally come from the top down. But since all of this was lost, and because Satan dominated everything, God had no choice but to go up the other way centering on Abel.

Such circumstances were created because the Christian cultural sphere was unable to fulfill its responsibility after the Second World War. Then who will take responsibility for that? I must take responsibility for the troubles God went through while preparing for me. That is why I chose Japan, which was in ruins when she became the Eve nation. The reason Japan was able to become a global economic empire in just forty-seven years is not because Japan excelled in some way. It was because she was chosen as the Eve nation. Since Eve became a comprehensive base for recovering all creation that was lost, Japan came to wield worldwide economic power. That is also how it was with Germany and America.

Satan had in his grasp what God loved most: Great Britain, America, and France. These countries in the satanic world came to stand in the lowest position of the servant of servants. Since I could not abandon these nations, I had no choice but to restore them. I had to go and find the tail of the devil, Satan, who played the part as the leader who opposed the heavenly way and kingdom. Since Satan had the head in his grasp, I had to search at the very bottom. That is why I went to the wilderness and chose Japan, which Satan loved the most, to be the Eve nation. There was no other way.

I represent the heavenly kingdom, and I am the representative of the Adam nation that stands as God’s representative. If I stand in such a position, then I must seek the representative of the Eve nation. I had to find a nation that could display absolute obedience. Which one was that? It was Japan, which took the place of Great Britain. Since Satan had taken away what God loved, I am taking away what Satan loves most. That is Japan and Germany.

Since Satan had taken away Great Britain, there was no choice but to take away the Eve nation that Satan loved most. Restoration must occur through indemnity. Just as God took Abraham, the eldest son of the idol maker whom Satan loved most, Japan was taken away as a replacement for Great Britain, and America was taken away as a replacement for Abel. Who put them in their positions? It was not God, but me. Since I put them in their positions, I have to recover them. Since I chose Japan, I have to make her into the Eve nation that Britain could not be. This is why these four nations, which include Germany and France, former arch enemy nations, must be made into one. The mother and father have to become one. The son and mother have to become one, and the older brother and younger brother have to become one.

In the future Japan, not America or Germany, will have the world’s economic power in her grasp. Why? Because Japan is the Eve nation. That is why America, the archangel nation, should follow Japan. Germany is the archangel and Cain, on the satanic side. Germany must also be under Japan’s influence. Therefore, in the future all the money in the world will gather in Japan.

If I had not designated Japan as the Eve nation, Japan would have been beaten down flat. Are they not a people who believe in a motley group of spirits and even worship the head of an Alaskan Pollack? In light of the Christian tradition, which believes in the one and only God, the worship of numerous gods does not even fall under Satan. Yet, I chose Japan to be the Eve nation. That is the result of the standard of God’s restoration and love. Otherwise, the Japanese would have become a miserable people. That is how it is with Germany and Japan. Is this not strange? How could these people, who caused so much harm to humanity, be blessed again in such a short period of time, becoming the envy of all people? There is no way to answer that question without knowing my teachings. Even the Japanese people do not know this.

In terms of the Second World War, Japan was the Eve nation in Asia. She was the Eve nation on the satanic side. “Yaoyorozunokami” or numerous gods has nothing to do with the one and only God. They are a people who even worship the head of an Alaskan Pollack. Do they not call it the “yaoyorozu” or “numerous in number”? They are a people on the satanic side, and the Eve nation on the satanic side. Who is “Amaterasu-omika-mi,” the mother goddess of Japan? She is a female. That is why Japan is the Eve nation. She represents the Eve nation on the satanic side.

Satan realized that this Eve nation was the first stepping-off point to Asia, from where the results of Western Civilization can return to the providential sphere. Satan knew that it comes back from the island – from England. Japan inherited everything from England. Japan inherited from Western Civilization and from America. Did she not inherit from two locations? The present economic problems have been completely inherited from America. This happened right after the Second World War. Before that time, Japan and America were enemies at war. Satan, the satanic side, is fully aware of this.

If the nation of Korea is to be saved, there must be an Eve nation for the Adam nation. Who will become that Eve nation? Since Christianity opposed God’s will, Britain could not become the Eve nation. Therefore, God had to choose an enemy nation that was most loved by Satan. Satan had America well in hand. Japan corresponds to the end part of the tail. Since Satan had brought the Christian cultural sphere under his influence, and because the Christian cultural sphere on the satanic side prevented the heavenly side from acquiring anything, there was no choice but to choose Japan as the Eve nation. She was just like Britain.

Although I do not have a nation, as the representative of Korea – the Adam nation that is the land of the coming Lord – I as an individual, must go forward with the Eve nation under my command. Japan, the Eve nation, is an island nation just like Britain. I cannot return to Korea without establishing the condition of having recovered what was lost in America by making America the Abel nation, and Germany the Cain nation, and organizing these four nations in order to bring them before Heaven.

Japan was able to gather money worldwide in order to restore what Eve had lost. That money is not for the sake of Japan alone. Japan will be flattened unless she invests for the sake of the world throughout Asia. This year is the border line. I am doing these things because I do not want Japan, which is on this border line, to be destroyed. Money is flowing into Korea not because I need it, but for the sake of Japan. An amount of 2,400 trillion worth of money is lying around in Japan, with nowhere to spend it. They do not know how to use the money. Japan only knows how to make money. She does not know how to use it. Since Japan is a woman, she should make a handbag and save up all her money. Would she not then get married and share everything with her husband’s house? That is how it is, for Japan is literally that Eve nation.

Before Japan was chosen as the Eve nation, did not her women go through the most hardships in the world? Throughout history Japanese women were raped and beaten by men, and had to undergo a course of absolute obedience in which they were not even free to assume a comfortable posture. It was miserable, in particular, for the women of warriors. They were miserable beyond description. First of all, the Amaterasu-omikami of Japan, a symbol of the Eve nation, also refers to Eve. Was Oomi-kami a woman or a man? That is why this nation is female, both in spirit and flesh. The Japanese people only look at one side of things. Women only look at one side. When they get married, they do not think of anyone else other than their husband. Their eyes, nose, ears, lips and antenna are all pointed toward their husband.

America, which should follow Japan, the Eve nation, cannot lose Japan. That is how it is. Were not all the rights of ownership of the Eve nation lost due to unfavorable trade conditions? America has come, bringing all the material possessions of the world. These go through Abel, through Cain, through Eve, through the mother, and through the father to return to God.

The West is the archangel. Since the archangel took away what belonged to Eve on the heavenly side, then Japan, which represents the Asian cultural sphere, has taken back all the products of Western Civilization.

If I had not chosen Japan as the Eve nation, she would not have become that kind of nation. She would have become a miserable nation. If the Christian culture had accepted me, Great Britain would have become the Eve nation. The Adam nation is Korea. In Europe, Britain would have been the Eve nation, France the archangel nation and Germany the Adam nation; they all would have automatically become one. Yet these nations disobeyed and rejected God. Thus, you should not forget that God took what was most loved by the enemy, the Eve nation, and also took away Germany, the male nation, to reestablish His will by making the Adam nation, the Eve nation and the archangel nation centering on the Unification Church. Therefore, Japan was not blessed for her own sake; it was for the sake of the world, for the Unification Church and Korea. If Japan does not use those blessings for the unification of Korea, she will be destroyed.

I am thinking of binding together the greatest intellects of the world centering on Japan. Both the left-wing and right-wing are to perish in Japan. America is the representative within the religious spheres centering on the spirit, but that spirit is now completely missing. The Soviet Union sought an ideal material world, but that material world has become completely empty. So, the opposite has happened. God made it that way. For the sake of the external body and internal life, the Eve nation has the responsibility to nurture those areas where the material and the spiritual are falling into ruin. The mother should connect these two. She should revive America and the Soviet Union.

There is no owner today in Korea’s social and political affairs. There is no owner in the satanic world. America does not have an owner, and the Soviet Union does not have an owner. There is no owner in the communist world, China, or Japan. Who is the owner? There should not be many owners. There is only one. That is why, after Eve unites centering on Adam, these two should become vertically aligned with God, and the archangel should become horizontally united centering on Adam. In this regard, I am Adam and the three archangelic nations, the representative nations of the world, are America, China, and the Soviet Union. And in the course of restoration, the country with the most money is Japan. She is the Eve nation. The money that the Eve nation possesses does not belong to her. Yet, Japan tries to live comfortably with her great wealth for her own sake. This is wrong.

In the last days, an age of restoring the rights of ownership will come. Consequently, this world must be united centering on the Unification Church. That is why the Unification Church talks about the Adam nation, the Eve nation, and archangel nations. Since Germany belongs to the democratic world, it is the elder brother of Abel within the satanic realm. Then present day America is the elder brother of Abel on the heavenly side. Since Japan is the Eve nation, she belongs to the Adam nation. The world is now moving into the economic sphere of these three nations: Germany, America, and Japan. This then goes through America, and then through Japan to enter Korea.

At the time when Adam and Eve fell, there was one woman centering on Adam and three archangels. It was the same as having four men around one woman. Japan is the Eve nation and is in exactly the same situation. Korea is the Adam nation, while the Soviet Union, China and America are the three archangels. As the Eve nation, Japan was naked and has just been making money for forty years. She was only interested in making money. She started the war and just made money.

Japan is the Eve nation. It is a nation that worships a female deity on the satanic side. Is not Amaterasu-omikami a goddess? This female deity, representing four thousand years of history, ruled Asia for forty years until the coming of the Lord. Since the Japanese had to build a defense in order to prevent many difficulties, they came to dominate Asia for 120 years.

Adam and Eve should become one. Isn’t the Adam nation the elder brother, and the Eve nation his younger sister? This is a vertical relationship, but horizontally they are in a conjugal relationship. Horizontally they have a conjugal relationship, but vertically they have a sibling relationship. That is how it is.

As an invading nation, Japan shed the blood of many innocent people in Korea and China. How can a nation that killed so many people be liberated and become the prosperous nation it is today, during the forty years after the war? It was because I chose Japan to be the Eve nation. Japan stands in the position of the worldwide Eve nation, as a substitute for Great Britain. (256-270, 1994.3.14)

Eve should embrace and feed Cain and Abel, and have them unite so that they do not fight each other, and offer them as God’s children in front of True Parents and God. Without doing so, there would be no responsibility for Eve to bear. That is why she was given this mission. All economic things that were lost because of Eve must be restored by Eve. Therefore, at this time of exchange between Asia and the realm of world culture, I have chosen Japan to be the Eve nation, so that she is inheriting the traditional culture of Britain and all the benefits of the age in which Great Britain, as the Eve nation and island nation centering on the Christian cultural sphere, was able to rule the world. I am teaching these things so that Christianity welcomes Abel and goes the path of inheriting the standard tradition of the parent. You should understand that this is the path that the Japanese and Korean members are taking at this time.

Why is Japan the Eve nation? After the Second World War, Great Britain was unable to fulfill its mission as the Eve nation and was occupied by Satan. Therefore, the weakest Eve on the other side was recovered, along with Germany, the wicked nation at the time. They were nations that were devastated and in ashes. They had nothing. The returning Lord had to bring them into order again and restore through indemnity the standard of a unified world, established by Britain, America and France that had won victory during the Second World War. Otherwise, the new history could not be set straight. This is what I have been doing for forty years.

3.3. Japan’s mission as the mother nation

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 3-2 - read here:

Since Japan was chosen as the Eve nation, she must give birth to Cain and Abel again. That is why there are two types of Korean residents in Japan. They are the North Korean residents and the South Korean residents, who are like Cain and Abel. The North Korean and South Korean residents are in conflict like Cain and Abel. They must be made one. Since I have chosen Japan as the Eve nation, Japan’s responsibility for this situation is inevitable. Without it, Japan cannot become the Eve nation. She must make these two sons unite in her womb. Eve must draw both the right-wing and left-wing worlds into her embrace.

Japan’s position was just like that of Britain, because Japan had taken on the mission of the Eve nation. In the British Isles, Protestants and Catholics, Ireland and Scotland even now are still in conflict. This conflict must be resolved. Japan must be in the exact same position as Britain or she cannot become the Eve nation. That is why there are two disparate children within Japan. They are the pro-North Korean Jochongryeon and pro-South Korean Mindan. They are heterogeneous twins within the womb of Japan, the Eve nation. The Japanese government and people have regarded this fact unfavorably. In order to fulfill her mission as the Eve nation, Japan must give birth to them and make them one. I am directing you to organize activities focused on making the Jochongryeon and Mindan in Japan one, because such a time has come.

As a woman, Japan must love the Korean Jochongryeon and Mindan. The only people in Japan who know about this are our Unification Church members. No matter what difficulties may arise, without cutting the ribbon that announces the unity of Jochongryeon and Mindan, without restoring the children, Cain and Abel, and making them like brothers with one mind, Japan cannot fulfill Eve’s mission.

Eve can return to the Adam nation by making them one. When the mother who is one with her children unites with the father, the worldwide Cain and Abel realms, the democratic world and communist world will be harmonized. This depends on Korea and Japan. It is like Rebecca and Tamar. Didn’t their twins fight within their wombs? Without giving birth to them and making them one, the mission of the Eve nation cannot be fulfilled. No matter how difficult it is, there is no way for Japanese women to return to their nation without winning over the 600,000 Koreans in Japan, the same number as the people of Israel. This is why you should not trouble yourself with witnessing to Japanese people. You should first give birth to the twins in your womb and successfully make them one. When you can do that – when Jochon-gryeon and Mindan become one and unite with me – Japan can be brought to order as the Eve nation.

The Eve nation cannot stand without making Jochongryeon and Min-dan one. When they all welcome me with open arms, they can become one with me. That is why Adam and Eve must become one. If South Korea and North Korea, the substantial entities of South and North, become one through the unity between Jochongryeon and Mindan, then the false parents in North Korea can be conditionally changed into the true parents in South Korea. Therefore, if Eve can automatically embrace this goal and connect that tradition to the Korean peninsula, the unified realm between Korea and Japan will unfold.

The mother must embrace the children of the left-wing and right-wing. Japan is the Eve nation. Where should Japan, as a replacement for the island nation of Britain, go with a man and woman in her arms? She should enter the original nation and establish the condition of giving rebirth through the father and mother who are the Parents of all people. They should be born through the mother, after being embraced in the mother’s love.

There are three archangels centering on Adam and Eve. Among them, the archangel on the satanic side is the Soviet Union, the Asian archangel is China, and the Christian archangel on the heavenly side is America. The three warring archangels have, for the first time, become one and united. The six entities – God and the three archangels who started off as individuals centering on Adam and Eve – should become vertically unified as one.

The Korean peninsula is divided into North and South. This symbolizes the division of the world. I must now draw together the fortunes for unification and make a circuit and return. Who is the one that divided this country into North and South? It was Japan. This is why the funds for the reunification of North and South Korea must be supplied by Japan. To bring it about, we need to educate and mobilize all the people of Japan. I am the only person who can do so. That is what I am doing. Where should the funds for reunification of North and South Korea come from? Japan should supply them.

It is good for a woman to be married into a family and be loved by them. But on the other hand, she must give birth to sons and daughters. She should resolve all the economic problems and issues of education within a household and establish a realm of heart. If the legacy that has come down from the ancestors for generations is not right, then it should be converted to the original realm of heart and taught accordingly. Do not forget that women representing the Eve nation of Japan have this mission. That is why extraordinary activities have been carried out centering on the Japanese women. There were such miserable situations in history, where women shed tears or were kicked by a man, or beaten by their parents. Now, the suffering must take place in the streets.

In this way, there is no place of ease or repose for their internal realm. That is the situation even today. Are there not many women in Japan? That is why the Blessing this time will become an issue. So you must witness and bring three people each; at least one of them has to be a man who is older than you.

Japan was the one that divided the Korean peninsula into the North and South. For this reason, Japan should go to the source and influence it. This is why I am uniting the left-wing and right-wing to return to the position of the bridegroom. I must come back and even turn around Kim Il-sung. The left-wing and right-wing are like sons. After restoring the right of the eldest son, in order to restore the right of the parents, I even have to involve Kim Il-sung. Hence, once a unified realm unfolds here on the Korean peninsula, the Western Civilization of democracy and the Asian civilization, left and right, will become one. They will become one because communism will have disappeared completely.

You should create an environment where you can quickly fulfill the mission of the Eve nation by investing everything you have with a heart of repentance while thinking about everything in Japan. Japan is in a position where she must return, allowing North and South Korea to go ahead of her. Without doing so, Japan cannot return to the place where the father dwells. Together with me, Japan must create a unified front-line. The Japanese government does not know about this mission. Japan was able to accumulate money because, through me, that money must be used for the sake of Asia.

In the past, Japan was an enemy to many Asian nations. Since she invaded Manchuria and other nations, she does not have any condition to land in Asia at this time. As an invading nation forty years ago, Japan ruled with an iron hand. People who are alive today witnessed that harsh reality, and because people remember, the nations in Asia hate it when Japanese come ashore. But if Japan places Rev. Moon and the Unification Church in the lead, she can go anywhere in Asia. That is the path of life Japan should take in the future. There is no other way. Alone, Japan is nothing.

In order to become the Eve nation, Japan must fulfill the mission of Eve. Who will embrace the left-wing and right-wing? The bride and wife of Jesus must embrace them. Originally, the Israeli nation and Judaism were supposed to attend Jesus, but they could not fulfill their mission. That is why the bride church, the bride nation must now embrace them. Israel and Judaism thought that when the Lord comes they would trample the world and become number one, standing in the highest position. That was a mistaken belief. In terms of God’s providence, as a female religion, they should have received the husband, and fulfilled their heavenly mission by embracing Rome and nurturing it together as a couple. However, instead of thinking in this manner, they thought that when the Messiah and coming Lord arrived, he would destroy Rome in an instant, subordinate it to his country and rule over it. But they thought wrong. It is the same with Japan. Since Japan is now the Eve nation, she should embrace the left-wing and right-wing. Japan should have that within herself, not only externally but also internally. Those are the characteristics of the Eve nation.

Lineage and ownership must be converted to God’s side. Japan has inherited Satan’s ownership. Adam must become the master ahead of Satan. Before Adam becomes the master, God must become the owner. But God has not yet become the owner. Adam has not become the owner. In order to recover the ownership that Eve lost, she must go out to the world and put everything in order. That is why ownership must be returned to God’s side. In order to have that ownership returned, it cannot be brought to me directly. It must be brought through my children, through Mother. It must be done in reverse, the way it is done in restoration.

When a woman marries into a family, she does not go there empty-handed. A woman should go, after gathering together her possessions. A family who sends their daughter to marry hopes that the parents and the entire family of the other household have the desire to expand the ownership of that bride, who enters their household and becomes dependent on them. It is the same for those Unification Church families who send their daughters for marriage in the Kingdom of Heaven. The clan would wish for the ownership to be in the custody of the eternal owner of the tribe, and to be given a sturdy foundation that would not bring shame within that realm. That is the same goal, which they themselves desire. There is no doubt about it.

In order for Japan to fulfill her mission as the Eve nation, she needs to connect a new tradition of the Eve nation to the women of Korea. Otherwise, there is no way for Japan’s realm of Eve to connect with Korea’s Eve. Mother’s proclamation rally for the liberation of women on April 10 enabled that to happen.

Centering on Mother, Japanese women and Korean women are like Cain and Abel. From the position of having restored the right of the eldest son, Korean women are in the position of the elder sister. Yet in the course of restoration, they are like the realm of Abel. That is why Japanese women should be absolutely obedient to Korean women while going through hardships. That is the realm of liberation for the satanic world. Therefore, Japanese women should become good examples in the Unification Church and establish a tradition of becoming a model for those women that return. Otherwise, they will not be able to fulfill the mission of the Eve nation in the last days.

Japan’s mission is the mission of the Eve nation. Since Eve symbolizes the mother, Japan must embrace and digest communism even though externally she shows herself to be a democracy. For this reason, God bestowed the economic rights of the world on Japan. Due to the Fall, centering on Eve, the realm of the children’s heart, along with creation, fell into the satanic world. That is why Eve’s mission is to embrace the children and all of creation with God’s heart, and come back with them. However, Eve does not have the realm of God’s heart. It lies with the perfected Adam, who is the coming Lord. Consequently, they must become one. That is the Adam nation and Eve nation.

You understand what Eve’s mission is, right? You have the mission of unifying North and South Korea. Until now, there was not one person who knew that Japan’s mission is to unify North and South Korea by sacrificing herself economically.

This is my conclusion. Japan must digest her enemies and completely change the lineage, ownership and realm of heart to fulfill her mission, without shame, as the Eve nation. In order to do so, centering on the family, Japan must surpass the standard of the family household that can shoulder the world in front of God. You should not forget that you are destined for this solemn mission. So you must be prepared. The Eve nation must fulfill her mission in terms of economic matters. Since you have all heard what I have said, you must now take action. I have clearly told you how to accomplish it, based on sound theory. Therefore, you must now practice it. I hope you all take responsibility and lead the way.

Japan should stand on the side of the restored Adam, and help to clean up fallen Adam. But instead, political circles in Japan are thinking about the economic advantage they can gain through their trade with North Korea. That is an absurd idea. Japan will meet her destruction if she does not invest her economy for the unification of North and South Korea. If Japan fails to fulfill the mission of the Eve nation, she will disappear without a trace. That is why you, the brave soldiers of the Unification Church, must fulfill your responsibility, no matter what sacrifices are made. You should exert yourself for the sake of unification of North and South Korea, even if you have to abandon your family or even if your clan goes to ruin. That is the mission of the brave soldiers of the Unification Church. It is not my mission.

If the Christian cultural sphere, which is the bride, had become one with me after the end of the Second World War, there never would have been this kind of course of indemnity. Consequently, North and South Korea never would have been divided. I have gained the victory by transmitting completely to Mother the victory I attained as a man. That is why I have to re-indem-nify the failure of the Christian cultural sphere – the failure forty-seven years ago to receive the bridegroom caused by the failure of the Eve nation in fulfilling her mission. That is why all the Korean women and Japanese women are involved with Mother, who is Eve.

Japan has the mission as the Eve nation. Japan’s assets are not for the Japanese people. Japan has the title of the Eve nation, so that she may restore the substantial realm of Jesus in Asia centering on the Adam nation. The Eve nation must restore Jesus’ body.

At the turning point of the Fall, a woman will long for two men. She will yearn after the archangel instead of Adam. History set up the archangel as husband and ancestor, so Japanese women, who stand in the position of the Eve nation, should follow and yearn after me more than anybody else and become one through me. They are to become the younger sister. Since the younger sister fell, I am saving the younger sister and training her to become the fiancée and future wife. In that way, my mission is to educate them to become a mother, grandmother, and a queen.

From a providential viewpoint, Japan and Korea are one nation. Japanese people should learn the Korean language. That is how it is providentially. From a geopolitical point of view, Korea is like Italy. Italy failed in its attempt to unite the world centering on the kingship. Consequently, the Korean peninsula was chosen instead of Italy, and Jesus’ body that was lost through his death must be unified at this place. In that way, centering on the perfection of the world-wide historical Christian cultural sphere, the total unity of body and mind must be achieved together with the Unification Church. By going forth in that manner, and advancing into the realm of world civilization from a unified Asian continent, we will enter the age of the Pacific civilization for the first time.

How did Japan become such a powerful nation? Satan knows what happens during the course of fulfilling God’s will. Since Satan knew that in the last days God’s providence returns centering on the Korean peninsula, he did horrible things to the Korean people for forty years. That is why he brutally murdered Queen Min, the Empress of the Cho-sun Dynasty. In that way, Satan completely occupied Korea. This is why the Japanese proclaimed, “Japan-Korea Unity!” signifying that Japan and Korea were one nation. Since Satan knew that God’s providence was to unfold centering on the Korean peninsula, he captured it and tried to swallow the nation. Using that strategy, the Korean peninsula was ruled by Japan for forty years.

Why was Japan blessed economically? It was because she received the support of nations from around the world. On the worldwide level, Eve lost the land, people, and love. Therefore, in order to restore that, since Japan is the Eve nation, she should enter into a position where she can attain a world-class economy. This is how the principle of restoration unfolds. I am placing the Japanese in the lead, because Japan is in a position to fulfill the mission entrusted to her. Even then, they should be in a higher position in terms of heart, more than any-one else. That is how Japanese people have to be in terms of heart.


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The Peninsular Civilization and Korea

Peninsular Civilization and Korea
1.1. The trend to world civilization

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-1 - read here:

The ancient civilizations arose from the continents. Human civilization, which came forth from the valley of the Nile River in Egypt, shifted to the peninsular civilizations and established a Mediterranean civilization sphere in Greece and on the Italian peninsula. The peninsular civilization was then transferred to island civilizations, thus creating an Atlantic civilization sphere centering on Britain, an island nation. Ultimately, the island civilization in Britain crossed the Atlantic Ocean and established the miracle of modern civilization on the American continent, thereafter creating the Pacific civilization sphere.

The archangelic cultural sphere originated from the Nile River civilization established in Egypt. It then shifted to the Greek civilization, a peninsular civilization based around the Mediterranean Sea, and culminated in the Roman civilization. Why did the development of civilization have to gravitate toward the western spheres? It was inevitable due to the Fall.

The birthplace of civilization must be in a peninsular region that has four distinct seasons. Such a region would exist. What is a peninsular region? The land symbolizes man, therefore, it symbolizes heaven; and the water symbolizes woman, symbolizing the sea. The peninsula connects these two. That is how it works with all the principles of heaven and earth. In that sense, the Italian peninsula, as a peninsular region, contributed to world culture. This was the first stop for past civilizations. You should be aware that this peninsular civilization, centered on Rome, a region with an integrated civilization, had emerged with the authority of the past ages in history. It had also passed through the Egyptian civilization and Greek civilization to become a comprehensive area.

As an island nation, Japan was the first in Asia to assimilate Western Civilization. Now it is time for the age of the peninsular civilization. The Korean peninsula is where the oriental and Western Civilizations become one. As the historian Spengler pointed out, the rise and fall of civilizations recur like the changes of the four seasons in a year. The age of the Atlantic civilization has now passed, and the age of the Pacific civilization is being ushered in.

What kind of people are the Koreans? They are a people who should inherit the global history of the cultural spheres that can restore and indemnify the civilization based on the Italian peninsula. Korea is such a region. The reunification of North and South Korea signifies the unification of the democratic world and communist world. Furthermore, the independence of Korea is a restoration of the failure of the people of Israel. That is why Israel and Korea both regained their nations together in 1948.

Modern Korea has the shortest history in present-day Asia, and is the only nation that can absorb the global cultures and religions of east and west. From Confucianism and Buddhism to Christianity, Korea has accepted them all. During this short time of forty years, Korea absorbed the products of Western Civilization and bore its fruits. A fruit is something like a seed. The peninsular civilization becomes the base of happiness only when it ascends to the world of love, which becomes ideally established by forming one root that can save the world. Otherwise, there will be destruction in the world.

Haven’t I spoken about peninsular civilization before? Didn’t I say peninsular civilization developed as a double culture, and that the Korean peninsula should come to mind whenever a volcano erupts in Japan? That is why I have been telling you to make boats. Have you built them yet? That may happen. For this reason, the Japanese and the Americans should not be arrogant. If they behave arrogantly on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, God will not spare either one. Both America and Japan will be struck. I do not pray for this to happen, but it is reasonable to conclude that such a situation would inevitably happen if Japan were to make a mistake. It is a valid statement when considering the historical judgment between good and evil.

The world was to be unified centering on the Papal court in Rome, the peninsular civilization. However, since the Vatican did not fulfill its responsibility, the providence was expanded to Britain. When this returns in a circle, it must come through Japan, an island nation. Japan succeeds Britain’s cultural sphere. That is why Japan’s era of prosperity lasted for 120 years from 1868 to 1988. The 120-year period, covering the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras, is just like the 120-year period covering the reigns of King Saul, King David, and King Solomon. Emperor Hirohito died in January 1989, didn’t he? It was exactly 120 years. During this time, Japan completely inherited Britain’s cultural sphere. Don’t they say in western literature, “If it concerns drama, it has to be from Britain?” Modern research and industrial civilization began in Britain, but its fruits were taken away by Germany. That was inevitable because Germany was on the satanic side.

Due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, indemnity has been paid throughout the course of history for millions of years. Blood was shed as indemnity was being paid. Rev. Moon today must restore the original state of things before the Fall and go beyond our era by completely uncovering the logical background of history. This requires weaving together everything that was torn apart and patching up everything that was pierced. For this reason, Adam, Eve, and the three archangels must be restored, centering on God. The providence then comes to Korea and bears fruit. Korea and Japan must do this. The failures of the peninsula and island, of the Italian peninsula and Britain, must be restored through indemnity. The peninsular civilization, centering on the Papal court in Rome, ruled the world. To indemnify this, the providence has been developing again centering on America. Since Jesus was killed in Asia, his murdered body must be recovered to help bring about the liberation of all nations, while the trumpet sound of the ideal of the heavenly kingdom on earth echoes throughout all of Asia.

After that, the providence must go through the Korean peninsula. That is why the peninsula must be indemnified. As in the time of the Papal court in Rome, we are entering the age of the peninsular civilization, centering on the Unification Church, which represents all the authority of the world. Something like the Vatican will appear to indemnify the history of the world cultures and all of religion. That is why democracy emerged, holding its ground against communism. This confrontation arose between the two, with communism on the satanic side and democracy on the heavenly side.

If the Korean peninsula symbolizes the male sexual organ, then Japan symbolizes the female sexual organ. These two must become one. The time of a unified world comes about when these two are united. That is why Korea is called the Adam nation and Japan is the Eve nation.

1.2. The role of the peninsular civilization from teh Principle of perspective

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-2 - read here:

History as a whole is really interesting. When you consider the birthplace of a culture, you will see that seaports and peninsulas, where the land meets the ocean, became the cradles of civilization. By the same token, when you consider the birthplace of ancient cultures, like the Greek and Italian civilizations, you will see they were in proximity to a large sea, peninsula, or river. It is a historical fact that civilizations developed from such places. Why is this so? It is because such places are merging points. We can generally understand that all things are created through the harmony of coming together.

When we observe the birthplace of civilizations from a geographical point of view, we see that they developed based on the conditions of climate, during the course of world history. Then what kind of place is most ideal? We can conclude that the ideal location is one that has four seasons and connects the sea to the land. In terms of climate, it should be a region with four seasons. It should be a peninsula, as well as a region where the four seasons are distinct. What is a peninsular region? The land symbolizes heaven, and the water symbolizes the sea. The peninsula connects these two. That is the reality of the world. That is how it works with all the principles of heaven and earth. In that sense, the Italian peninsula, as a peninsular region, contributed to world culture. This was the first great staging-post for past civilizations. You should be aware that this peninsular civilization centered on Rome, a region with an integrated civilization, had emerged with the authority of the past ages in history. It had also passed through the Egyptian civilization and Greek civilization to become a comprehensive area.

We know that the peninsular nations surrounded by sea are where the important civilizations in history blossomed. Many religious beliefs and ideologies emerged from peninsular nations and guided the spiritual realm of humanity. These include the Greek philosophy that began on the Balkan peninsula; the Christian culture that blossomed in the Italian peninsula; the Hindu culture and philosophy of India; the Islamic culture from the Arabian peninsula; the Buddhist culture that bore fruit in the peninsulas of southeast Asia; the art of navigation from the Iberian peninsula; and the Nordic culture from the Scandinavian peninsula. In this way, we can see that the peninsular nations exerted the greatest influence on the cultural history of the world.

The earth consists of land and ocean. We see that the ocean has played a motherly role, beginning with the birth of the simplest forms of life. The ocean symbolizes femininity because it nurtures and embraces life, while land can be said to symbolize masculinity. For this reason, the island nations located in the ocean are countries that represent the woman, and the peninsular nations adjacent to the continental nations are countries that represent the man. The people of peninsular nations in particular have a toughness and intrepidness that come from a life of preparing against enemies, both from the continent and the sea. Furthermore, owing to their pioneering, adventurous and progressive disposition, the people of peninsular nations brought forth a brilliant culture and disseminated it to the world.

The earth that we live on is divided into land and sea. Geographically speaking, peninsulas are situated between these two, in a midway position connecting the continents with the sea. Since early times, peninsulas have always been significant in the formation of civilizations. Greece and Rome, where ancient civilizations flourished, were also located on peninsulas. The civilizations of Spain and Portugal developed on the Iberian Peninsula. However, today these civilizations must expand to the world and bring forth a new civilization in the east and west. The Korean peninsula in Asia is the place for this civilization to emerge.

Britain is the Eve nation, America is the Abel nation, and France is the archangel nation. The mother should embrace the son, searching for these nations. Since what was lost has been found in this way, following this pattern, the father should be recovered. We are searching for the Adam nation because the Adam nation is the nation of the coming Lord, and that is the Korean peninsula. Why the Korean peninsula? It is like the Italian peninsula. That which was lost centering on the Vatican must be restored through indemnity. That which was lost in the west centering on the Italian peninsula must be found in the east. For this reason, the Korean peninsula becomes a global concern. The Korean peninsula is the border-line between death and life. The North and South were divided between communism and democracy, with Kim Il-sung in the north and Sun Myung Moon in the south. This is the reality. In the north, don’t they call Kim Il-sung, “Father”? Don’t people in the south call me “Father” or “the True Parent”? Who will liberate this situation? The president cannot solve the problem. Thus, it rests in my hands.

Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, Rome was a powerful state that enjoyed a one thousand-year history. It is interesting that Rome has also remained to this day without perishing. The Mediterranean Sea and Rome are the like the union between a woman and a man, the union between convex and concave. The Korean peninsula is surrounded by Japan in that kind of position, centering on the Pacific civilization on a global level. It is exactly the same. That location is not Indonesia or Singapore. In Asia, there is only Korea. For this reason, the three nations in northeast Asia are the issue. If you take these three nations, you win Asia.

In what kind of position is the Korean peninsula? It occupies the same position as Rome. It is in the same position as the Roman Vatican. Then what kind of nation is Korea? It is destined to become a nation that can harmonize all religions and humankind throughout the ages, in accordance to God’s will, and also bear the responsibility of building a unified world and unified Kingdom of Heaven. Why? Because the time for the final destination of culture is coming, a culture that can represent the Papal realm that influenced the world centering on the Roman Vatican and Italian peninsula. When North and South Korea are unified based on a uniform cultural background, they can stand in a position to influence all the religions and peoples of the world. Only then can a harmonious religious sphere manifest itself, conforming to the will of God, who chose Israel. At that point, a harmonious people and nation will be established conforming to God’s will.

Rome had carried on its traditions as a single independent state. In like manner, the Korean peninsula is in the same position in Asia as that of ancient Rome. Although Korea is caught between powerful nations, it has not perished but survived to this day. Yet, for the first time in history, you see the division into North and South Korea. Of course, there was a time when Three Kingdoms existed, but, due to the global trend and involvement of world nations, Korea was divided into north and south for the first time. Why do North and South Korea fight against each other? Mind and body were separated on a peninsula, centering on Jesus. Therefore, in order to restore through indemnity the separation of the mind and body, they must be united once again on a peninsula. That is why, from a geopolitical point of view, we can see that the Lord must appear in Korea.

Where should Japan return to now? She should go back to a place similar to the Roman peninsula. Then she must connect to the continent. The focal point enabling this connection is the Korean peninsula. It is not the Indochina or Malay peninsulas or even Singapore. There is only one Far East region, and that can only be the Korean peninsula.

Korea is the Adam nation and Japan is the Eve nation. Why is Japan the Eve nation? Japan is an island nation. An island always longs for the land. Doesn’t the ocean symbolize a woman? Island nations symbolize the woman. Such a relationship is formed centering on the Korean peninsula and Japan. Also, there are nations in the positions of the three archangels. The Asian archangel is China, the western-Christian archangel on the heavenly side is America, and the evil archangel is the Soviet Union. These are the three archangels.

The age of the Pacific civilization will unfold based on the Korean peninsula. Japan is exactly like a woman’s womb. These two must become one. That is why Japan must restore through indemnity all the mistakes of Christianity and Britain. The failures of the Roman Vatican must be overcome, with the Korean peninsula at the center. The Roman Vatican ideal, the Christian ideal, and the ideal royal palace for the returning Lord should be established. Since Jesus’ body was lost in Asia, the Christian cultural sphere must be combined, both spiritually and physically in Asia, to create a unified cultural sphere.

If the Korean peninsula is the Adam nation, then Japan is the Eve nation. Why is Korea the Adam nation? Geographically, the Korean peninsula looks like the male sexual organ. The same can be said for Rome. The Mediterranean Sea is like the sexual parts of a woman and Italy is like the male sexual organ. That is why these two must become one. Culture can never leave this area. When a single culture takes root, it cannot depart because it stands in the same position as of having stood on the foundation of love. When you consider everything from a geopolitical point of view, the Mediterranean Sea looks very similar to the union of a man and a woman.

Global civilization develops as it makes a circuit around the globe. In other words, civilization moved from the continental civilization of Egypt to the peninsular civilization of Rome and Greece, then to the island civilization of Britain and reached the continental civilization of America. The continental civilization is now moving west, crossing the Pacific Ocean, passing through the island civilization of Japan, and ultimately culminating in the civilization of the Korean peninsula to connect with Asia. The culture consolidated here is of a high degree and will create a new world.

The flow of history will not stop there on the North American continent. I am fully aware of God’s plans to have this civilization cross the Pacific Ocean and blossom as a new island civilization in Japan, an island nation comparable to Britain. This civilization will then become established here on the Korean peninsula, which corresponds to the Italian peninsula. It will be a comprehensive civilization, comparable to that of the Roman civilization in the past, capable of creating a single world and forming a new unified civilization sphere adjacent to the Asian continent.

In the Pacific, an invasion of the Korean peninsula would be a matter of great concern. That is why the Japanese archipelago is protecting the peninsula in this way. In other words, the woman is like the flesh, and the man is like the bone. The flesh and bone make one body. If they are two, they will be separate entities. To achieve something with love as the center, both are needed. No matter how many Adams there are, without an Eve it cannot work. In the same way, these two should cooperate as a global couple and bear the fruit of cosmic love.

The reason Japan is blessed is because she is the Eve nation. When Eve fell, everything was lost. It all must be restored, beginning with material things. Japan has been given the material blessing of the world, so where should it go after that? It should go to the Chinese mainland, passing through the Korean peninsula. It should go to the vast Chinese mainland. Originally, when Jesus appeared, China and India were both cultural and religious nations. The cultural spheres centering on Hinduism and Buddhism had the responsibility to absorb the Roman Empire by forming a trinity when Jesus came. If the Jewish nation and Arab realm in the Middle East had become one, they would have naturally connected to India. In terms of race, the people of India belong to the European line. Asia would have connected with India and then India could have connected with China through Burma. If these spheres had combined with China’s religious civilization and assimilated Rome on a global domain, then a unified Kingdom of Heaven could have been created on earth.

Japan is an island rising from the ocean, while Korea is connected to the continent. The larger continent becomes the primary hometown of God’s desire. The island can be seen as a secondary hometown. The island always longs for the mainland. You should be aware of these things and know how to establish a bond with the larger hometown not only here in Korea, but also in China, the Soviet Union and the entire continent. By doing so, we should make the world so that God can stay on this earth, in our hometown, and say, “This is indeed the ideal place to live with all people of the world.” Those who are determined to live such a life can live in the realm of liberation once they go to the spirit world. National boundaries will disappear. Until now, modern civilization has endorsed Rome’s authority by representing 1,200 years of history centering on Rome. In the same way, an eternal cultural sphere will be formed through the new millennium world, centering on the Korean peninsula in Asia. That must be substantially indemnified. That is the Korean peninsula.


Providential MIssion of Korean Peninsula
2.1. The Korean peninsula is an encapsulation of the world

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 1-1 - read here:

On the Korean peninsula, the Republic of Korea is destined to battle and triumph over communism. When it does, the Republic of Korea will play an active role in the world. However, if it is defeated by communism, the Republic of Korea will disappear without a trace. The Viet-nam War is a prime example of the tragic fate that awaits you after defeat. North Korea represents evil, while the Republic of Korea represents good. The devil controls North Korea, while God sides with the Republic of Korea. In this manner, the Korean peninsula is becoming a region in which good and evil are in the sharpest confrontation in the world. All the evil in the world will perish when good overruns and defeats evil in this area. Throughout providential history, God has been eagerly waiting for the Korean people and the free people of the world to come together and achieve a complete victory. As a cultural race with a lengthy history spanning five thousand years, the Korean people have from early times led a rich spiritual life, immersed in a tradition of revering Heaven. Our ancestors accepted Buddhism and Confucianism and brought forth a radiant culture.

Although the history of the spread of Christianity has been short, Korea has become an ardent Christian nation representing the world, both in fact and in name. Furthermore, many major religions have melted into the spiritual culture of our people. Having many different religions co-exist is a unique aspect of our culture that has exerted a good influence on the culture and created harmony. Considering the original nature of the Korean people with their inherently strong tradition of revering Heaven, I do not think atheistic communism will take root in the Korean peninsula. If there is a living God, I am convinced that He would show the world the example of defeating communism through the Korean people.

The tribulations of the Korean people are providential and have significance far beyond the nation. God is eagerly waiting for this race to overcome these tribulations. The strands of world history can be said to combine on the Korean peninsula. It is the place where east and west and north and south meet, and where the confrontation between spirit and material, spiritualism and materialism, becomes dense and confused. The maelstrom on this peninsula is similar to the convulsions of a woman in labor, who is carrying a new age in her womb. The difficulties the Korean people and nation now confront cannot be resolved apart from God’s will and providence. I believe they can be resolved in relation to the world, rather than by Korea on its own. The Korean people should awaken to God’s will and overcome hardships by following the one who was sent by God, with the purpose of guiding the spiritual spheres of the world.

Accordingly, at this time in history, the powerful surrounding nations that have an interest in the Korean peninsula have been gathered together by the Unification Church. That is the case with the Soviet Union, the United States, Japan, and China. They all have gathered and in the future this group of nations can be utilized. A standard bearer of Christian civilization who can connect the world to God’s will should have appeared in this place and initiated a movement to unite and bring Christianity together. It was my intention to win over world Christianity within seven years.

2.2. A unified cultural sphere centered on the Korean peninsula

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 2-2 - read here:

Just as all the European civilizations became one centering on Rome, today Korea is in a similar position; thus Rome will be reenacted on the Korean peninsula. That is why, without connecting Korea, Japan, and the United States, this global issue cannot be resolved. That is where we currently stand.

You should all love Korea. God’s purpose in raising Korea should be fulfilled and Korea should become our homeland. In the future, the entire Korean peninsula should become a holy ground. Shouldn’t we recover the Liaotung peninsula in Manchuria that used to be Korean territory? The people of Israel sold Jesus and then recovered their nation. Then do you believe that I, who live with the title of returning Lord, would not be able to recover our native land? Even if the Soviet Union were to obstruct my way, I would push right through it. I think we should enter negotiations to recover parts of our native land which belonged to us during the former Sung dynasty and which was taken away by the Soviet Union.

North Korea lies thirty miles north of this very place. Democracy and classical liberalism are in confrontation with North Korean Kim Il-sung’s communist regime. It is the most closed society in the world. In this divided territory, one side affirms God, while the other side takes the exact opposite stance and denies God’s existence. There is no other place than the Korean peninsula that manifests more clearly and distinctly the differences of these two worlds, which are at opposite poles. The Korean peninsula is an encapsulation of the entire world, where there is conflict between freedom and dictatorship, good and evil, and democracy and communism.

When you observe the nations surrounding Korea today and consider the situation of the world, you will see that it would be unfavorable for the powerful nations if war were to break out on the Korean peninsula. In particular, Communist China needs to revive itself in order to stimulate the development of its science and technology, and to join the ranks of the developed nations. However, if North Korea were to invade the South, it would create considerable problems for China. Communist China is thinking of associating with Korea from now. I am fully aware of this. Why not Japan? Because Japan invaded China earlier this century, the Chinese believe Japan will invade their economy. Considering this situation in which Communist China is trying to connect with Korea, an invasion of the South by North Korea is not something China would condone. What about Japan? Likewise, the Japanese do not want this. They want to have exchanges with Korea too.

The Chinese population is about 1.2 billion. There are 240 million people in the United States, and 270 million in the Soviet Union. There are many developed and prosperous nations leading the world. Yet compared to them, how wretched has Korea been until now. Korea was a weak and miserable nation, even beyond being wretched. However, during its five-thousand-year history, Korea owned large parts of the vast lands of present-day China. The Korean people do not like strife. They are a peace-loving people. Isn’t there a historical record of the Balhae race? So far, hasn’t this been an issue in academic circles? They were called the Dongi people and were said to have flowed into the Korean peninsula. They were people who, weary of the life on the barren plains of mainland China, where numerous tribes were in confrontation with one another, sought refuge on the Korean peninsula by crossing the Tumen River and Yalu River.

On behalf of the virtuous people of the past, you are assisting the reunification of North and South Korea to organize the tribe, people and nation, centering on the ideal family foundation that you have longed for. Thus, you should be aware of the amazing fact that on the day the flower of liberation blooms, a proud time in history will come upon the Korean peninsula! It will be a time when the flag of unification can be raised higher than the summit of the Himalayas in all nations. If you are not aware of this, the achievements I accumulated will come to curse and judge you. What will pass judgment on you? The bitter resentment contained in the tears of blood that emerged beyond the valley of death is intertwined like a crystal with history’s achievements here. This is what will pass judgment on you.

From a geopolitical point of view, Japan is an island nation. In the end, island nations cannot live in isolation. That is why Japan needs to establish ties with the continent. Currently, Japan is keeping ties with the American continent across the Pacific Ocean. These two nations were enemies forty years ago during the Second World War. The uniqueness of these people is that they have fought each other as enemies. But where will Japan go? Should she cross the Pacific Ocean to be carried on America’s back or should she connect with the continent? This is the question. The shortest route is to go through the Korean peninsula. Japan should not connect through Siberia or directly with Communist China. Japan cannot enter Communist China and absorb the chaos there. It cannot digest the 1.2 billion people of Communist China. Japan is also unable to digest the Soviet Union, which is the leading nation in the vast communist world. From this point of view, Japan is in a situation where it has no other way than to connect with Korea centering on the United States.

As you all are aware, the Russo-Japanese War began due to the Korean peninsula. The same is true for the Sino-Japanese War. If you look into the origin of the great Asian War in modern times, you will see that it began from the incident that occurred at the Mar-co Polo Bridge. The cause of upheaval in Asia during modern times can be found entirely in Korea, which was the focal point of events. China also needed Korea. Korea is situated in a very interesting place, coveted by both Japan and the Soviet Union. Japan has no way to spread its political domain to the world without first connecting with the continent. Considering this, if North Korea, backed by the Soviet Union, were to insist on joint elections between the North and the South, and if South Korea also responded by calling for the abolishment of the thirty-eighth parallel, the Soviet Union would be satisfied indeed! What does the Soviet Union need? It needs the Korean peninsula as a stronghold on the Pacific. If the Soviet Union can occupy the Korean peninsula, then it can have Japan by the neck and will also be able to have China at gunpoint.

Now we have entered the stage where I can recover the nation. That is why the ruling party is not the owner and neither is the opposition party. Surrounded by four powerful nations, the Korean peninsula is being marginalized by these four masters. The center of that nation is the Unification Church. Wasn’t I the first to call for the reunification of North and South Korea? We are calling for the reunification of North and South Korea. We are calling for the creation of a unified government between North and South Korea. Considering this, one needs the ability to absorb these four powerful nations if one is to bring about the reunification of North and South Korea. So far, I have been doing such work in America and Japan, as well as Communist China and the Soviet Union. We are now entering the age where they can become one by my lifting the weight that had been fastened to the ground.

When we speak of the pulse of energy in the Korean peninsula, then this pulse is connected with Korea’s fate and destiny. It is connected with heavenly fortune and even national destiny. What is national destiny? I consider it the fate of the nation, the direction the nation is taking. The direction Korea takes for its survival will enable the Republic of Korea to prosper when its pulse throbs with vigor and is well connected. The Republic of Korea should create one world by uniting with the heavenly fortune and pulse of the world and by drawing the support of fortune.

Communism must collapse. The democratic world should also collapse. The democratic world is based on humanism, whereas the communist world is based on materialism. Both have driven God away. The Vatican in Rome tried to bring about the unification of the world, centering on theism, and establish an ideal kingship. Due to its mistakes, however, the providence has come back here and they must be overcome through indemnity. Indemnity had to be paid in Britain, centering on the continent, and the mistakes of the Vatican in Rome on the Italian peninsula must be brought to Asia and restored there. Consequently, a peninsula in Asia, like that of Italy, should be restored. That is the Korean peninsula.

Since the Papal Court on the Italian peninsula could not bring a unified world, then today unification must come through a peninsula. Satan knew the Korean peninsula was to become the place that would bring unification. That is why, in order to indemnify four thousand years, Japan entered an age where it ruled for forty years. You must understand that the country that was under this rule for forty years is the ideal nation to which the returning Lord, in the position of Adam, could appear. The logical basis for the returning Lord to come to the Korean peninsula can be understood by observing the trend of the development of history and considering the principles of restoration through indemnity. Which country should Britain, America, and France seek through their combined efforts? They should seek the Adam nation. They should seek the father nation. They must seek the father. They must seek the father nation. They must seek the Adam nation.

This is not my individual thought. It is the view of the Divine Principle. The unification of the Korean peninsula will automatically come about. Korea should embrace Eve and they will become one. Only then will the archangels completely dedicate themselves to Adam and Eve. This is the viewpoint of the Principle.

The Pacific civilization is the prepared culture to create the sphere of influence for the father-centered ideology. This is where the unified cultural sphere arises to bring an end to a single consolidated culture. Consequently, the unification of languages, cultures, and nations will begin centering on the parent culture. Such a time has arrived. This will take place in succession from the Korean peninsula.

Korea is in a delicate location in terms of geopolitics. Since its distant past, Korea has paid historical sacrifice because it was an important location for powerful nations to expand their influence. Our homeland experienced the whole range of hardships during the polarized age between East and West. Just because we have entered a pluralistic age of harmony does not mean our national interests are ensured or that our national problems are resolved. The four powerful nations surrounding Korea, in other words, the United States, Japan, Soviet Union and China, are intertwined with each other, although each has its own important interests and concerns for the Korean peninsula. From God’s providential viewpoint, I discern Korea’s situation as the encapsulation of the world and history. For this reason, all the historical situations and present-day global problems are connected, directly or indirectly, with the Korean peninsula. For that reason, Korea is an encapsulation of the problems of the world. Consequently, the solution to global problems has an inseparable relationship with the solution to Korea’s problems.

If the mother is at the western end, the father is not to appear from the west. If the woman is at the western end, then the man must be at the eastern end. The phrase “the Far East” is significant in this light. The Korean peninsula is where man and woman are connected. If the land symbolizes man, the ocean symbolizes woman. For this reason, island people always long for the land. When they go ashore in search of land, they always arrive at the peninsula. That is why, though a thousand years of history have passed, the Italian peninsula continues to exercise authority as the center of the global Christian cultural sphere, based on its traditional relationships. In the same way, at the other end, the peninsula is taking a position of prominence in the Far East.

Where should Japan return to now? She should return to a place similar to the Roman peninsula. By doing so, she should connect with the continent. The focal point enabling her to do so is the Korean peninsula. It is not the Indochina or Malay peninsulas or even Singapore. There is only one single Far East region, and that can only be the Korean peninsula. The history of this peninsula should be similar to that of the Israel nation. That is because Christianity is an extension of Judaism. As a single ethnic group with a long history, Korea should go through hardships and shed much blood. They should be a righteous people. How much blood has been shed throughout the ages because of treacherous people? This is how it was for five or six hundred years during the Chosun dynasty. The number six must be indemnified. Since it was such an age, the blood of many good people had to be shed during that time.

For forty years, I have walked the path of the Unification Church’s miserable destiny, but I have not perished. Why? It is because I knew this is the kind of standard of the family that I desired, the way a nation of my desire should be, the way the world of my desire should be, and the way the God whom I desire should be. I knew the things I desired were also what God desired. Therefore, if you invest, invest and keep investing, what you have invested will move in a circle and will surely settle down, centering on a certain axis, where a place of settlement for world history can begin. If possible, my wish is for that settlement to be realized centering on the thirty-eighth parallel on the Korean peninsula. Furthermore, I am thinking of settling this based on my hometown and so I am now marching towards the homeland.

I have struggled on this battlefield that emerged at the intersection between North and South Korea, while longing for the day of Korea’s independence. In order for the Korean peninsula to be born as a new favorite child, this nation must face a tragic fate of division in a position where it must go through the hardships of childbirth where North and South Korea intersect, and where the nation becomes an advance base representing the democratic world and communist world.

Who should shoulder the responsibility for this? It must be shouldered by the Korean people. The Korean people are to bear this responsibility, but it should not be a group who is ignorant of the path that Korea should take in the future. Otherwise, this tragedy could have been overcome through Korea’s traditional history. There were many thoughtful people and patriots who tried to resolve this tragic situation. But the fact that they were unable to do so means that the miserable situation on the Korean peninsula was not something that human effort alone could resolve. Since I knew this, as someone who was aware of the providential history of the Korean peninsula guided by heavenly will, I had no choice but to prepare to go straight on a pioneering road.

South Korea and Japan should work together in taking the lead for the reunification of North and South Korea by influencing North Korea. Otherwise, the Korean peninsula and Japan will not be able to unite.

2.3. The reunification of the Korean peninsula is the model for world unification

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 2-3 - read here:

Unification must be achieved, centering on South Korea. Then centering on the Korean peninsula, we should unify Japan, the Eve nation, and also unify China while uniting the Soviet Union with the United States. I have already laid all the foundations to achieve that goal. I have done it all. I have come to this nation and have done what was necessary in laying all the foundations in the external Cain-type world. In order to lay the foundation in the world of politics and economics, I have spent money and worked for those people until now. Soon you will see fewer and fewer people who oppose the Rev. Moon of the Unification Church. Some people in established churches oppose us. However, do they not now recognize me as the one person who will unite North and South Korea?

The Korean peninsula is divided into the North and the South. This symbolizes the division of the world. I must now draw together the fortunes of unification and make a circuit and return. Who is the one that divided this country into North and South? It was Japan. That is why the funds for the reunification of North and South Korea must be supplied by Japan. To do so, we need to educate and mobilize all the people of Japan. I am the only person who can accomplish this. That is what I am doing. Where should the funds for reunification of North and South Korea come from? Japan should supply it.

In terms of restoration through indemnity, Japan has taken on what Britain failed to do and stands in the position of influencing Asia and the entire world with her economic sovereignty. If Japan fails here, it is the end of her. Since Japan did not welcome True Father, she lost the continent, peninsula, and island. In order to indemnify that failure, she should return to the continent and indemnify this from the other way around. The continent in this case is America, the island is Japan, and the peninsula is Korea. That is why it is coming back to the continent.

Adam’s enemy is Eve and Eve’s enemy is Adam. Abel’s enemy is his mother and father, and Cain’s enemy is his mother and father. These brothers, Abel and Cain, are mutual enemies. They are all enemies. The Korean peninsula is where these enemies fight amongst themselves to find their positions. The Korean peninsula is where the final history is brought to an end. In terms of the cultural history, it is the final point for a showdown between communism and democracy. Isn’t that the case with the South and the North? Kim Il-sung in the North is in the position of the father who has returned representing the communist world. And Rev. Moon, the True Parent, is in the position of the father who has returned, representing the democratic world centering on Christianity. Two parents have emerged. Until now, the Korean peninsula was in a position in Asia that could not be left alone by the United States, China, and Soviet Union. Japan is like Eve before marriage and has become a truly beautiful woman dressed in brilliant colors. That is why the Soviet Union, China, and the United States all want to snatch her away. It is exactly the same situation as when the angel fell.

God loves the Korean peninsula. He does not just love South Korea. Since North Korea could not stand in such a position, now we must save North Korea. Just as Jacob saved Esau, just as Jacob offered all his possessions he had prepared for 21 years amidst hardships in order to inherit Esau’s rights of the eldest son, I also have the responsibility to pioneer a path with the people of North Korea on the frontline, to feed and save them. In order to do so, the government, in the position of Cain, should become one with Rev. Moon, who is in the position of Abel.

I was the one who saved Kim Il-sung from death. We are brothers, like twins. Aren’t we the twins on the Korean peninsula? That is why we shouldn’t be killing each other, but saving each other. Weren’t Esau and Jacob brothers? After 21 years, Jacob returned and offered everything he had to his elder brother. Esau was not happy to hand over the blessed rights of the eldest son, but by handing over the blessings from the position of a brother, the Israel kingship was established. The Rev. Moon, who belongs to the realm of the third Israel, must unite the nations in Asia through the reunification of North and South Korea on the Korean peninsula. The North and the South are like Cain and Abel. Consequently, the body that Jesus lost in Asia should be brought and engrafted into him.

You should understand that the Korean peninsula, which was divided into democracy and communism, is the center of the world, and the reunification of North and South Korea is the key to world peace and unification. To this day, I have devoted my entire being and efforts for this task in all parts of the world. Last year, in November 1991, I visited North Korea and negotiated with Kim Il-sung for this purpose. Now the day is drawing near when all the world religions will unite. The day for the reunification of North and South Korea on the Korean peninsula is drawing near.

The Korean peninsula has been divided into North and South for forty years. In the world today, the two locations with the highest risk of setting off a third world war are Israel in the Middle East and the Korean peninsula. They are in conflict because of their religious backgrounds. Kim Il-sung’s Juche ideology is like a religion centered on Satan. It is a completely satanic religion, as well as dictatorship that cannot be described in words. Rev. Moon’s Unification Church is the only religion that can unify the world.

The world is now faced with the religious problem in Israel, in the Middle East, and the problem between North and South Korea on the Korean peninsula based on democracy and communism. That is why if a third world war were to break out due to a collision between these two camps with different religious and ideological backgrounds, humankind would face complete destruction. We are facing such danger. Who will take the lead in bringing a world of peace?

When Adam and Eve unite, the unity between Cain and Abel can begin. When that happens, a new ideal beginning will take place in Asia, centering on Korea and Japan. The unity of Asia and the west, the unity of East and West, and the unity of North and South will be achieved. This is not about the North and the South on the Korean peninsula. It represents the cultural differences between the East and the West, and the poverty gap between the North and the South. That is why worldwide unity is not a problem.

Forty years ago, if this nation had supported me, it would have become a palace of the right of the eldest son that could lead the world. It would have become the nation of the right of the eldest son. It would have become the established nation of the realm of the third Israel. Since this did not happen, it was divided into two. Just as Israel was divided and had conflict between the North and the South dynasties, the Korean peninsula was divided. Since this has come back to us again, we should make the conditions for unification favorable, centering on Rev. Moon. But this has not happened yet, so there is no unification at this time.

The Korean peninsula was divided into north and south, not because our people wanted it, but because of the influence of the surrounding powerful nations, including the United States, the Soviet Union, China, and Japan. Consequently, the reunification of North and South Korea does not come to us just because we sit there on the Korean peninsula and wish for unification. We have to transform the existing situation, where the United States, the Soviet Union, China, and Japan play a leading role in the international order as they keep our nation divided. In other words, we should develop the proactive influence of our people and of Korea so the neighboring superpowers can cooperate in the reunification of the Korean peninsula instead of obstructing it.

2.4. The reunification of the Korean peninsula is the model for world unification

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 2-4 - read here:

2.4.1 The providence centered on Japan, the United States, and Germany

Eve, who had received the seed of death, should come forth embracing her two sons, Cain and Abel, centering on Adam in order to receive the seed of life. You must reap what you sow. As the Eve nation, Britain, an island nation during the Second World War, should have embraced France, the archangel, by giving birth to America, an Abel-type son. Britain should have embraced Cain and Abel. The equivalent of that is Japan, an island nation. As the Eve nation, Japan embraced Germany and Italy. It is the same situation.

Hitler of Germany believed in the destruction of Christianity. Hitler’s ideology was to destroy everything that was spiritual and ideological, based on his belief of the superiority of the Aryan race. And Italy, which wavered back and forth, was in the position of the archangel. Germany and Italy stood in the position of two sons before the satanic and evil mother. The Second World War was a war to clear this away on the world-wide level. Since it was sown in this way, in autumn the husks should be cut away. The Second World War cut all that away and unified everything into a Christian cultural sphere under the realm of one owner.

Before the Fall of Adam and Eve, there was God and the three archangels centering on Adam and Eve. In regards to Adam, Eve should have followed him, as well as the three archangels who were also to follow Adam. The ideal was to have Eve and the three archangels enter Heaven after becoming one with God, centering on Adam. That is why I, as the representative of Adam, am now influencing Japan, the Eve nation, the United States, China, and the Soviet Union. Thus, we have returned to the position of receiving the three archangels and the realm of Eve.

Korea is the Adam nation and Japan is the Eve nation. Why is Japan the Eve nation? Japan is an island nation. An island always longs for the land. That is why the island nation symbolizes the woman. This is realized based on the Korean peninsula and Japan. There are also nations in the position of the three archangels. The Asian archangel is China, the Christian archangel of the west on the heavenly side is America, and the Soviet Union is the evil archangel. These are the three archangels.

Britain was the Eve nation. Adam’s family was lost due to the failures of Eve and her two sons, Cain and Abel. Since Cain and Abel failed to unite, they fell. Britain, in the form of a global nation, was the fruition of the restoration of that incident. Britain is an island nation. The island nation always longs for the land. This symbolizes Eve, the mother. America is the country born from the Eve nation, centering on the Anglo-Saxon race. That is why it is Abel. France is the archangel. Although France was the enemy, having opposed Britain and America, in the last days there will be unification centering on the allied nations of Britain, America and France.

Until now, my work in America is to restore the Adam and Eve nations, and then the Cain and Abel nations. Since Adam fell and planted an evil seed, it must be restored through indemnity on the global standard of the nation. Korea is the Adam nation, Japan the Eve nation, and America is in the position of Abel. The Abel nation has emerged in order to restore the rights of the eldest son and restore the sovereignty. Germany was the Cain-type nation on the satanic side, and Japan stood in the position of Eve. That is why Germany became the Cain-type nation on heaven’s side.

These four nations should establish the tradition of a single nation on the global stage. That stage is the United States. The Japanese, Germans, Koreans, and Americans should become one, centering on Rev. Moon in America, which is leading the free world of the Christian cultural sphere. America is about to collapse. The Abel-type nation is about to collapse. Unless I restore these things, there will be no place for the Adam and Eve nations to stand upon. Therefore, even though I am in the position of the Adam nation, I am going to America in order to save it because it is about to collapse. I am taking the Koreans and Japanese with me to educate the Americans and to have them unite with the Germans. They are all enemy nations. All these nations are enemies.

I established Korea as the Adam nation, and Japan as the Eve nation. After going to the United States, I am meeting them all. For twelve years until now, I have been engaged in a movement to unify Adam and Eve on the foundation of unity between Cain and Abel, and Catholicism and Protestantism.

After the Eve nation and Adam nation fulfill everything, it will be the archangel nation’s turn. There are three great archangels. China is the Asian archangel, the United States is the western archangel of the Christian cultural sphere, and the Soviet Union is the archangel on the satanic side. When the three archangels receive the original rights of inheritance by uniting with God and the Adam and Eve nations, then the positions of God, Adam and Eve, and the three archangels in the Garden of Eden on the individual level before the Fall can finally be restored through indemnity on the world level. When True Parents are designated there, the devils’ powers and influence will disappear in the places where the True Parents’ name exists. Since that time has now come, I am proclaiming the True Parents to the world. History has been flowing in this way. These words are not my own, but come from God.

From a providential point of view, the United States is a warehouse keeper, not the owner. It has everything: a warehouse of knowledge, armed forces, material and science and technology. She is not the owner, but the manager. That is why America should distribute all this for the sake of the world. But America is making a fuss about keeping it all for itself. Heaven controls this warehouse. This warehouse is being moved to Asia. At this time, Japan has taken over all this. Isn’t that so? Japan is the Eve nation. Therefore, Japan must become one with the archangel to recover what was lost. Eve is doing this for Adam. After doing this, where should it go? It should return to Adam. America will perish now if it abandons Korea. Carter lost the presidency because he did just that. Do you think that just happened by chance? I am doing all this because of that providential point of view. You may be disappointed that America is the archangel nation, but that is what Christianity is. It is relative. When the Lord returns, aren’t his people those who center upon the Eve nation? That is what the Christian cultural sphere is. It is to create the realm of the bride. All the other nations are the archangels nations.

2.4.2. The providence of restoration through indemnity at the time of the Second World War

Britain was the Eve nation and the United States was the son born from Eve. France was the enemy. These three were the Allied Nations. The Axis powers include the Eve nation of Japan, an island nation. It was the same with the satanic side. Centering on the island nation of Japan, Germany was the evil son on the satanic side. After the First World War, Germany saw that during the Great Asian War, Japan had quickly occupied North Vietnam, which was French territory. It also occupied Singapore in a short time. Seeing Japan easily defeat its own enemy, Germany thought that it could dominate the world if it became one with Japan. That is why it established a three-nation alliance with Japan and Italy. As it was the archangel, Italy went back and forth.

Based on those nations that were determined to exterminate Christianity, nations had to be established as the representative of Britain, which was the original Eve nation; as the representative of America, which was the original Abel nation; and as the representative of France, which was the original Cain nation. Since Satan had taken away those nations representing the Christian cultural sphere, God chose Japan as Eve, placing America in Adam’s position. Since Satan had occupied Britain, which corresponds to the head that God favored, God was compelled to grasp Japan, which corresponded to the tail. After that, God grabbed America’s tail and then Germany’s tail. By doing so, God re-created the modes of the Eve nation, Cain nation, and Abel nation. This steep hill is being overcome by indemnifying four thousand years in forty years. Without doing so, the world would perish.

Britain was the nation that represented the Eve nation, centering on Christianity. France represented Cain and America represented Abel. America is like a son born from Britain. Since this seed was sown throughout the world, a global nation will bear its fruits. Only when it bears fruit in that way can those who fought on the heavenly side be restored. Therefore, centering on Britain, the United States was the Abel nation, and France was the Cain nation. These three nations became one to form the allied nations. Satan’s side was the opposite. Japan was the Eve nation on the satanic side. Isn’t Amaterasu-oomikami a female deity? Centering on this, Germany was the Abel nation on the satanic side. The Nazis of Germany slaughtered over six million Jews during the war. They were also intent upon massacring all Christians and devastating the world.

Japan was the Eve nation on the satanic side. Hitler, dictator of Germany, created the three-nation alliance of Italy, Japan, and Germany. Hitler’s ultimate goal was in destroying France and Great Britain. Yet, Japan invaded and quickly overran Vietnam, which was French territory, and then conquered Singapore, which was British territory. Seeing this, Germany believed it could attain victory in Asia if it formed an alliance with Japan. If it could win by forming an alliance in this way, Germany believed it would be in the leading position. Since Japan was an ocean nation and not of the continent, Germany believed that even if Japan were to win, she would have to follow Germany, which was the leading power on the continent.

Satan’s side also organized a line-up similar to that of the allied nations. The three nations of Japan, Germany, and Italy formed the Axis powers. In this alliance, Japan was the Eve nation. In the Orient, the woman initiated war for the purpose of unifying the entire East. And what happened in the West? Germany symbolized the body. Germany tried to unite and occupy the entire West. When you consider all this, Japan initiated a war and Germany also waged war. Italy was like an appendage that followed them around.

During the Second World War, the allied nations of Britain, America and France fought against the Axis powers of Japan, Germany and Italy. This was about reaping what was sown in the Garden of Eden. These were the mother, Cain and Abel. In God’s providence, this was divided into two groups, into the internal and external. That is why these two sides have grown to become the internal and external Eve nation, the internal and external Cain nation, and the internal and external Abel nation. That became the right-wing and left-wing.

To achieve His will, God does not choose and use something twice. If America were removed, however, the cultural spheres of the Unification Church and Christianity, and the Unification Church and Judaism would be separated. That is why I reluctantly chose America. The reason I have to go and fight in America is because I chose America, and in order to make up for America’s failure, I brought along Japan, the Eve nation. Adam’s sin that was sown bore fruit in the world. This must all be ruthlessly cast away. Originally there was God, Adam and Eve, and the three archangels. Considering this, Korea is the Adam nation, and Japan the Eve nation. That is why we have cross-cultural “exchange” marriages. Adam and Eve married on their own. As a consequence, the world of death was created. However, the second generation of the Korean people and Japanese people must come into a cross-cultural marriage. Let the government oppose us if it wishes.

If America had been given up, the free world and Christian cultural sphere would have completely disappeared. I was the one who chose to have America stand in the position of Abel again. It was not God. Once you make a mistake, that is the end. However, since there was a record of the parents’ mistakes being redeemed through Abel, I have chosen America to be in the Abel position and Japan to be the Eve nation in place of Britain. I have also snatched away Germany, the enemy nation that was on the satanic side and most loved by the wicked Satan, to replace France.

Two types of people were assigned to be placed on the satanic side or the heavenly side. The Second World War arose from the confrontation with an Eve nation, an Adam nation, and an archangel nation on the satanic side. After the satanic side had surrendered, America came to represent the Christian cultural sphere, based on Protestantism. If America had united with the Unification Church of Korea and with Rev. Moon, it would not have become what it is today. Communism would not have emerged. That is why America will perish if it lets go of Korea. For this reason, I have raised Japan to become the Eve nation, and America, which opposed the Unification Church, to become the archangel nation. This did not come about because of America itself or because of Japan herself. It came about because of me.

For seven years after the independence of Korea, I endeavored to fulfill my responsibility of bringing together Christianity. That great man, who can stand proud on behalf of history, has now become a frail man of seventy and has returned by going through a forty-year course of indemnity. That is why, since the Adam nation and Eve nation united, America stands as the archangel on the heavenly side, while communist China stands as the archangel of Asia, and the Soviet Union stands as the archangel of the communist party. When these three archangels that resisted God’s will are brought to natural submission, and when they get in line with Korea, then the age of the peace kingdom shall arrive. This will be the time when the lineage of the satanic world can be rooted out of our world and replaced with the lineage of the heavenly nation.

The unity of China, America, and the Soviet Union centered on me, is like the unity between the three angels centering on Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eve. When this happens, God’s providence will be completed. What has been sown in that environment will grow on a global level and should be cleared away and restored through indemnity. Therefore, Korea is the Adam nation, Japan is the Eve nation, and the surrounding countries are the three great archangel nations. That is exactly how it is. The three great archangels are centered on God, Adam and Eve. These three great archangels correspond to the countries of China, America, and the Soviet Union. They will no longer oppose the heavenly side. They have all been connected together, centering on me.

There were three archangels around God, Adam and Eve. In the same way, the Adam nation should be established, centering on God. Everything that was sown on the individual level must bear fruit on the national and global levels for this to be completed. That is why there is God, the Adam nation, the Eve nation and the three archangels on their side. What this means is that Korea and Japan are the Adam and Eve nations, respectively, and the three archangels consist of the archangel of Asia, the Christian archangel on the heavenly side, and the archangel on Satan’s side on the world level. These three archangels come together to take away Eve. If Adam and Eve are ensnared again, it will be the death of the world. If that happens, it will surely be the end.

With the full authority of the world, the coming Lord should connect all the foundations for governing heaven and earth, and create one world centering on a unified kingship. This was God’s will, but due to the opposition of America, representing the Christian cultural sphere, towards Rev. Moon of the Unification Church, this was completely transferred into Satan’s realm. In that situation, I have come forth with only my bare hands. I was able to guide Japan, the defeated Eve nation on Satan’s side, as well as America.

2.4.3. The providences for the Adam, the Eve, and Archangel nations

From a providential viewpoint, the question is how to bring together the Adam nation, the Eve nation, and the archangel nation to become like a single nation? What this means is that, from now on, Koreans, Japanese, Americans, and Germans should all live under the same roof. You must prepare for that here if you are to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you think the Germans, Americans, Koreans, and Japanese will be living separately in the Kingdom of Heaven? They belong to one nation. Yet, they are all divided in the spirit world. If they are to be bound together, it should be done on earth. They should all ascend together after being bound together on earth. That is the key point.

If Jesus had not died, he would have had to embrace China and India as if they were his two sons. Those nations should have behaved in that way. Israel, the mother nation, should have united with Jesus, like Cain and Abel, centering on India and China from a position where they could receive the coming Lord Jesus, the bridegroom, as Adam so the Messiah could establish the sovereignty of the Adam nation. The people of Israel, however, did not accept the Messiah and thus God’s providence went to the West, the opposite way. Since it moved to Rome, since it fell away to the peninsula, then it should return to an island nation.

The responsibility of religion is to lay the historical foundation of receiving the mother. It should be on a worldwide scale. In that sense, I believe God could not help thinking about the providential point of return that would enable the world to become one, centering on the religious spheres. That period was the time of the Second World War. That is why God had to raise the Eve nation, the Cain and Abel nations, and the Adam nation. God’s will was for these nations to attend the true father who comes as Adam and endeavor to connect him to the various world leaders in order to create a unified nation. History should be viewed from this perspective.

The Unification Church is based on an unusual set of four civilizations. In other words, it encompasses the four cultures of the Adam nation, the Eve nation, the archangel nation, and the Cain and Abel nations, which are like enemies. All these nations have very different backgrounds and stand in confrontation with one another. Yet, from this difficult situation, I plan to use them as the basis of tradition and a departure base. Do you realize how frightening this is? You must understand how great a fact this is.

You may think it is difficult to make this a starting point, but you should know that it is the base of tradition that we, the Unification Church, can be proud of more than anything else.

The mistake of Adam and Eve and the archangel that was sown in the beginning should be indemnified on the national level as the fruit in the harvest season centering on the Adam nation, the Eve nation, and the archangel nation. It should come back after going around in a circle. If Britain, America, and France had become one centering on Rev. Moon, then Korea would have become the Adam nation. Korea, as the Adam nation centering on the sovereignty of the heavenly nation, the vertical nation, would have led the way, with Britain as the Eve nation, and America as the eldest son. As Abel, America would have taken leadership over the world and advanced the global dominion. America, which stood in the position of Abel, would have finally secured its leadership over the nations of the world. All the other nations would be in the position of Cain and those nations would have to follow America. That is why all the problems could be resolved if the Lord comes on the basis of the age of a Christian cultural sphere, which has been unified in time with the age for the globalization of the restoration of the realm of eldest son, and connects that to the foundation for the mother-child cooperation.

Since coming to America, Rev. Moon has drawn the global trend of Western Civilization into the Asian current. Up to this point, Asia has been robbed, but now it can draw everything in. Japan is the first thing it would bring in. Japan was blessed as the Eve nation, but she should come searching for the Adam nation. Due to the Fall of Eve, the creation and all authority had been taken away by the satanic world. In the age of restitution, this global tide has now entered the age of a counter tide. Britain was once called “the empire on which the sun never sets.” In the same way, today all the economic rights and authority are concentrated in Asia, centering on Japan. In this way, these things will go from Japan and pass through Korea to find their place on the continent.

2.5. We should seek homeland

Master Firsherman's revelations - Section 2-4 - read here:

2.5.1. The liberation of the homeland is the hope of all humankind

How would things have turned out if Adam and Eve, our original ancestors, had not fallen? In the first human family, Adam would have become the patriarch. At the same time, he would have been the clan chieftain. He would also have become the representative of his nation, that is, the king. Thus, the world would have been united under the ideology. All other worthless and good-for-nothing ideologies should be done away with. Such ideologies have appeared over the course of time, confusing the world. We should take them out by the roots. The only ideology we truly need to know is that centered on Adam. The only language, culture, traditions, way of living and system of government would be those that come from Adam. In fact, everything in this world should have been in accordance with the ideological system of Adam’s nation. This ideology is Godism, because we need to become one with God, by way of His parental heart.

What did God have planned for Adam and Eve, if they had not fallen? God would have married them in holy matrimony with His blessing and would have had them give birth to sons and daughters in whom God could take delight. Adam’s Blessed Family would have been a source of great joy to God and would have naturally expanded into a tribe and then a nation. Once this nation expanded further, it would have formed a world based simultaneously on a God-centered and Adam-centered ideology. The Adam-centered ideology would have been the guiding ideology of the world, as well as the sole view of the universe, cosmos, and even life itself. It would have been wonderful to have five races, all of different complexions, living together in such a heavenly world. After all, skin color is merely a reflection of one’s environment, and so having numerous peoples with different skin colors is natural and a fine thing. Then how did these peoples come to have different languages? God separated our early human ancestors because of the Fall.

There can be no national boundaries in a world created by God. There can be no racial discrimination between blacks and whites. There can be no reason for conflict because only goodness prevails in such a world. Nevertheless, we see that our world today is divided into nations separated by artificial borders. Not only do we see racial discrimination, but even within the family we can also find discord and disunity between husband and wife and between parents and children. The people of goodness are struggling with those who are evil. Considering the current situation of the world, it can easily be discerned that the coming Lord must unite the world into one, making it a place with no racial discrimination and no barriers between nations. He must reunite all the broken families and establish a kingdom of peace in this world, where even now as we speak, goodness is in conflict with evil.

What would the ideal Kingdom of Heaven be like? It would be the place where people all over the world would live like Unification Church members. This is the kingdom on earth. The kingdom on earth would be where every person adopted our way of living. What would that world be like? It would be a world where everyone would dwell together with God and where no one would claim that God did not exist or have doubts about God. It would be a world where everyone would unite together under God as our Heavenly Father. There would be no temptations from Satan, because Satan would not be there. The world governed by God would be the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, where He would reside with us.

There is no doubt that the Kingdom of God is a place governed according to the will of God. It is governed by the sovereignty held by His children of direct descent, centering on Him and following the commands issued by Him. In such a place, democracy or communism cannot exist. Once it is established, the kingdom would remain eternally. Taking all this into consideration, one cannot help but think that it is truly lamentable that we are not citizens of such a heavenly kingdom. You should lament that you are not a citizen of such a nation. In fact, we should all lament that we do not have such an unchanging sovereignty.

Where would the realization of God’s ideal kingdom, that is, the restoration of the homeland, first take place? It will begin with an individual who believes in loving his enemies. That is why as long as God remains in existence, Christianity, the first religion that came forth with the movement to eliminate national boundaries, transcends all the walls of environment and culture. Since Christianity embraces its enemies, by virtue of the power of love, it cannot help but become the most widespread religion in the world. When you sow beans, you reap beans. When you sow red beans, you will reap red beans. And when you sow seeds of red flowers, red flowers will bloom. Similarly, if Satan, who takes vengeance upon his enemies, sows seeds of the devil, trees of evil that take vengeance on their enemies will grow from that place. If, on the other hand, a person who loves his enemies sows the seeds of goodness, trees of goodness that will love their enemies will grow from there. Such is the law of nature.

What kind of a place would the original nation be? It would not be a place where evil dwells. Instead, it would be an eternal and unified world, centering upon the overflowing, original love. People would be completely free from evil, and they would sing in happiness forever and ever. Has there ever been anyone who lived in such a place? Not even one person has dwelled there. Though many people pursued such a nation throughout the course of history, such a world has not yet been established on earth. There were many who could describe that world with words, but not one of them ever succeeded in actually establishing it.

We need to go beyond the cultural limitations created by the numerous peoples and the five races of the world, and rebuild those cultures into one single cultural realm. In other words, we need to establish an ideal world governed by a domestic system, a social system, a national system, as well as other institutions that are all based on Godism. This process can also be referred to as the perfected Adam-centered ideology. It is not communism or democracy but Adam-centered ideology. This ideology is the course that leads us to Godism. An ideology is like a walking stick that aids us to pursue a certain purpose. The ideology itself is not what we are after. An ideology is a necessary process that we need to undergo to attain our purpose, and so ideologies undergo change.

Today, the United States is considered the principal nation of democracy. Yet a time will come when America will decay because of money, and her people will no longer care for democracy. The current situation in Korea also reflects this fact. Though democracy itself is a good system, at present many Koreans are engaged in scheming and slandering others because of money. They are even fighting against others to seize power. Can that be considered a democracy? What is currently taking place is a phenomenon resulting from misrule by the privileged class.

We need to unite divided South and North Korea and eliminate the gap between the rich and poor that exists across the two lands. We have to unify the cultures of the East and West. We must do away with racial and cultural discrimination and become all-embracing people. Then by what means can we come into unity? The world has been deprived of the one absolute love. So, once we are firmly established on earth through that love, the cries of opposition against the Unification Church are bound to disappear. All the peoples of this world, regardless of gender and age, would be enveloped as one body in this great blanket of love, and all the spirits in the spirit world would desire to be wrapped up in this blanket as well! That is why the unification of heaven and earth is not just mere words, but something that will be accomplished!

Once you truly realize that God definitely exists, you cannot help but follow His will. Then what is God’s will? It is to create an ideal world, by transforming the people of this world into His beloved sons and daughters, this earth into His beloved domain, and bringing them all together as one sovereign nation.

Every person, regardless of who he may be, needs to live in his own nation. This is the absolute condition that all human beings must fulfill. Every-one without exception needs to lead a purposeful life, full of hopes for such a nation and such a righteous goal. In their hearts they need to envision utopia and strive to live for their nation and ultimate goal by establishing laws of righteousness and complying with them. Do you have a nation of God? Since you don’t have one, you need to establish one, don’t you? What would that nation be like? It would be an ideal nation, a unified nation. It would be a nation where anyone and everyone can enter. No one is excluded from the responsibility of building such a nation. Families, tribes, nations and the world have to cooperate in its establishment. That is how individuals, families, tribes, people, nations and the whole world can become united.

Generally speaking, globalism means to see the world as one nation and all humankind as compatriots. However, the globalism that the Unification Church is referring to transcends all barriers from the family level onwards. It is a globalism for all humanity in order to establish one world with one God as Parent and all humankind as brothers and sisters. How fascinating this globalism of ours is! (98-254, 1978.8.3)

2.5.2. Let us establish the cornerstone for a new homeland

We know that we have reached the point where it is futile to hope to establish a peaceful or unified world, in the true meaning of the term, through human power, wisdom, culture, or any other human qualities. Bearing this in mind, what is the central problem we are faced with in resolving the issue of world culture? Before anything else, we need to clarify the question of whether God exists or not. On the day when all people are aware of the fact that God does indeed exist, they will subsequently come to understand clearly where His will is heading. Once this is the reality, the world in which they live will become the ideal world of oneness and peace.

The Unification Church is different from other churches. It teaches us to love our brothers and sisters as we would love our mother and father, and to love our tribe, race, and nation as we would our brothers and sisters. We should be ready to leave our mother and father, if need be, to love our nation. Furthermore, we should be prepared to forsake our nation to love the world. Moreover, we should be willing to renounce the world in order to love God. This is the mainstream ideology of the Unification Church: to seek the path of love that sacrifices what is small and near to us for what is big and far away.

Would you rather be nationalists or cosmopolitans? Religion is not just about cosmopolitanism. It follows a doctrine that strives not only for the good of humankind, but also for the good of God. Communism and democracy, on the other hand, strive for the good of human beings alone. So, which doctrine would be better, the one that aspires for the good of both human beings and God, or the one that aspires for the good of human beings alone? Which is better, the doctrine that is for both God and human beings, or the doctrine that is just for the servants, leaving out the master? Religion is good because it aspires for the good of God, as well.

What thought system will remain to the end? The movement that teaches us to love the world more than one’s own nation and race and teaches us to love God above all else will be the ideology and way of thinking that remains to the last. Therefore, the issue at hand for us is how to follow the doctrine that will give the world an interracial movement that goes beyond the boundaries of nations and seeks that place where God can freely love humankind and have them practice interracial love.

The ideology that will guide this world in the future will be the one that teaches us to save the world, even if it means sacrificing one’s own nation. When a country follows such a teaching, a nation and people that center upon such a new movement will appear on earth. A new world of hope will be realized, leading to the establishment of a unified and ideal world. Those persons with limited national and historical views who fail to transcend traditional boundaries cannot inherit God’s ideal world.

The yellow race is like the first son, the black race the second son, and the white race the third son. Disagreements and fights between these races can cease and unity can be achieved through Unification Thought, which originated in Korea. In this way, an ideal homeland centered upon God can be established. From there, the world will be transformed into a world of peace, unity and victory. Thus, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth would be built, and at the same time we would become united with God. We need God to come down to the earth. We need to attend Him as the subject figure of the Kingdom of Heaven, and thus establish one unified Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world. You need to understand that this is the mission to be fulfilled by Unificationists. On such a foundation, we would finally become one with the Parent and be able to live peacefully in the Kingdom of Heaven.

What is the Unification Church? Where is it heading, with the right and left wings in its arms? It is guiding us to safely pass through this world of struggle and strife, and to enter a world of happiness, the world of utopia. This path is not a level one. It means that the Unification Church should be equipped with a logical system that can take responsibility for all the failures and wreckage caused by various ideological systems. At the same time, the Unification Church should also be able to take these ideologies into its arms and move them horizontally towards unity. It should strive for a transcendent form of existence, based on a spiritual awareness that can move them vertically as well, centering on religion. The Unification Church should have the capacity to systematically analyze all ideologies from either the human perspective, such as humanism and materialism, or the theocentric perspective, past and present, and integrate them into one. At the same time, our Church members should embody the one theology that incorporates spiritual reality and experience, and connects all religions transcending denomination from the vertical perspective.

What are the characteristics of the nation that you long for? Such a heavenly nation is dissimilar in every way to the nations you currently live in. You will have to say goodbye to those nations one day. If you are attached to them, then you have to know that you are attached to sinfulness. You know deep in your hearts that you were born as the descendants of fallen human beings who were not related to the original goodness that would have allowed the will of that nation to be linked to the will of God.

Without a nation, there can be no nationality. Without a nation, there can be no basis upon which you can be registered. We need to create a nation of God and be registered anew. We need to establish the Kingdom of God on earth and, as the citizens who love the kingdom and its people, live on earth together with our tribes and family members as the victorious sons and daughters who have inherited the true lineage of the Parents of goodness. We can enter the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world only after doing so. This is the teaching of Divine Principle.

Once we establish God’s nation, we will be able to see the traditions we should hand down to our descendants for thousands of generations to come. We will see the efforts we have made, shedding blood and sweat, as well as God’s monument that celebrates His victory and all traces of glory on the earth eternally. Without a nation, all our work will be in vain. The crucifix, culture and institutions of today’s Christianity, which have all been handed down from the earliest days, should be thrown in the river or burnt to ashes if they cannot create a nation desired by God. Christians should understand they are being mocked and ridiculed by Satan. Therefore, you should realize that the real issue at hand is building the nation of God.

You need to receive love from True Parents and God. However, you cannot freely receive God’s love without God’s nation. Originally, Adam was just one individual, but he would have been the beginning of a nation. When we have a nation that is better than the satanic nations of the fallen world, only then can we receive love from God. At present, we are receiving love from God by proxy. Until now, we have not been eligible to receive love directly from God. Though we can receive love from True Parents, we will have to establish a nation before we can receive love directly from God. Satan and his fallen nations are still in existence. So, we need to climb high above Satan’s world.

The homeland we need to reclaim on earth is not an existing nation with a certain history and traditions. It is completely different in essence from those other nations. In order for us to be able to inherit such a nation that stands on a completely different level from others, we need to become citizens with a subject nature rooted in ideology. That subject ideology should be in accord with the ideology of the absolute Creator. The Absolute Being desires the creation of His own nation. Then centering on that nation’s sovereignty, the citizens should be united into oneness. Therefore, the nation should take shape based on such citizenship.

For a nation to be established there must be sovereignty, territory, and citizenry. The same is true of the Kingdom of God. Parents are in the place of sovereignty, true sons and daughters are in the place of the citizens, and the Kingdom is in the place of the territory. Of these, none can be left out. That is an ironclad rule.

To establish a nation, there must be territory, citizens, and sovereignty. Then what is sovereignty? It means fundamentally forming a relationship with God. Therefore, the leaders who rule over the nation should, after the citizens have fallen fast asleep, form a connection with God and conduct the affairs of state. In this manner, the sovereign must be in oneness with his people. Once united with them, he must believe that everything placed before him is there for the sake of the nation, not for his own use. Then his nation will prosper.

No matter how large a nation may be, it should bear resemblance to the structure of human beings. This is because God likes everything to take after His image. That is why the ideal nation should resemble humankind. It would resemble the ideal person of heaven and earth.

You should live every day with the thought that you are traveling to and fro and taking part in this great work in the evil world of today as a messenger of God. You should think that you were given the mission to become a loyal subject seeking out God’s nation, for the sake of the restoration of the homeland. If you don’t accomplish this, you will not be recognized as the dignified citizen of the heavenly nation to come.