Dining with Governor Chavit, a Most Respected Personality of the Phillippines
In the warm welcome of President Go Furosawa (far right), I had the privilege to dine with Governor Chavit (3rd from right), a role model of financial and entrepreneurial success in the Philippines.
Thanks to Nobuko Kotoyori and the intervention of her best friend, the Marine Foundation was able to meet a crowd of talented people at the most unexpected occasion. In the wake of that week, I did hear the news of the President of the Philipines visiting Japan and so the reason of high network in his following. I felt it was the preparation of a near soon to be promising future regarding the take-off of the foundation and the beautiful people we would meet on the way to our advisory support and development needs. Governor Chavit is certainly the perfect candidate and not to mention the VIP friends present with him on that occasion. The dinner was gorgeous and President Furosawa our host was gracious. Not that I had a chance to really introduce the foundation that night, nevertheless, I felt the benefice of such encounter, which I know will carry on further very fruitful international relations.
On the next day of that beautiful dinner, Nobuko and I were kindly invited by Princess Anne Shek of Tesla and her partner Law Attorney in Hong Kong Mr. Hosni Eman, to a breakfast discussion at their hotel. We made a short presentation of the foundation positively well received by Mr. Eman declaring able to support us at the time of our network expansion through the social corporate membership platform we created after the purchase of wikinations.com… And what an honor it is for us!  As a matter of fact, our legal department will be structured departing from a central team which will delegate throughout our regions of establishments.