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The Brand “Megumi” produced & founded by Yoshie Ishii is meant to become a tool to “Women’s Empowerment Programs” around the world.

Innovative heart in Apparel’s Fashion Industry:

Inspired by the work and deed of the queen of Women’s Empowerment” Her Highness Princess Sanyogita Atrey (Marine Foundation’s Honorary President for the Republic of India), Yoshie Ishii (MARINEF’s Production Director) gives a new direction to her designing talent in the production of her brand of beautiful original scarf design and production. Yesterday, I had a test of wonder gazing upon Yoshie Ishii’s new spider web design scarfs where colors really inspired a mysterious reflection of light. I did feel as if her work would go viral in just a matter of time and ingenious marketing strategies. But as soon as I heard on her desire to support humanity with the development of her brand (Megumi), then I realized that a “match in heaven” would be Yoshie’s introduction to HRH Princess Sanyogita, the beautiful royalty of India and a champion of causes for women across the globe. This blog is actually an advisory purposed type of bridge, for great leaders to meet great talents. Here when both individuals are members of the same platform, it would then mean that it is just a matter a time before they both encounter to the brainstorm and ponder together into the betterment of human societies in the ways of economic development.

Indian & African women are the culmination of Exotic Wisdom in the world of beauty and therefore optimize in full circle the sophisticated Esthetic Traditions of Japan.

The scarf can be wear anyhow one would image and not restricted to the shoulders. Yoshie would like to share its pure magical Japanese silk and transfer her design techniques to regions where there is a need for work, especially in the women’s workplace. It is a fact that fashion is anywhere in the world a multi-billion Market it is not an easy field to conquer due largely to the local competition where only the privileged wealthy individuals have the power and resources to make it to stardom. Yoshie’s brand distribution concept is firmly attached to the “Transfer of Technology Program” initiated by the Marine Foundation which system would allow for thousands of women entrepreneur worldwide to jump into the “Megumi” sub-licensed brand for young ladies to express and export their talent under the brand’s umbrella which startup would not cost them anything to worry about. The textile industry in India is the second-largest employment generator, for both skilled and unskilled labor. Now imagine the initiation of a program that gives rise to international export through brand sharing: That system would almost automatically and potentially take thousands of impoverished young ladies to become the producer and corporation owners of their own creativity. That surely would help make a change and inspire the apparel industry to have an infinite supply chain of products for the constantly growing and fashion craving economies of the world.

Yoshie Ishie: Request of Audience with Her Royal Highness Princess Sanyogita

Mrs. Yoshie Ishii, Founder of “Megumi” would humbly request an audience with HRH Princess Sanyogita to discuss ways for Japan to help represent the “Ladies Country Club” in Asia and to support her entrepreneurial concepts of developing businesses for women around the world.

HRH Princess Sanyogita of India

Marine Foundation’s President for the Republic of India and Royal Member of the First ladies Club

Japan Airline Welcomes Megumi Brand

Yoshie’s scarf has been published in the overseas edition of JAL in-flight magazine. (Japan Airline) – 良恵ちゃんのスカーフがJALの機内誌の海外版に掲載されました

With Yoko Akahane (left),

representative support Director for the Japan Beauty & Cultural Women Center (Ladies Country Club of Japan) – Proposed by HRH Princess Sanyogita.