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Meeting His Excellency Dr. Eugene Aka Aouelle, Minister of Health in Cote d’Ivoire.

Today, one of the first meetings on my first day in Abidjan, was the honor to meet with the Minister of Health, His Excellency Dr. Eugene Aka Aouele. A great revelation indeed and certainly a most important person in Africa where lots of our projects and programs are directed towards health and medical sciences. I was happy to introduce some of the geniuses in Japan who have come with some solutions with problems such as Malaria and HIV. It would be up to me to bring these people to Africa but firstly we would develop a strategy to announce, protect and publicize the arrival of such people through our “Health Development Agency”, which is a Marine Foundation agency. 

Dr. Aouele was very receptive to our programs concept and certainly, he did mention he would welcome our efforts to support his ministry. Truly, I felt it would difficult such high-status government person, but realizing this is due to the great dexterity of our President Koura N. Ouattara, and her graceful communication, that everything is made possible, and therefore allowing the Marine Foundation to operate in this marvelous country.  After our meeting the Minister had to fly to Ghana, regretting that the could not attend the next day ceremony at the town hall of Abidjan. Truly it was a warm welcome from His Excellency’s office and I am always touched by the humility and kindness demonstrated to a person like me, a “new kid in the block” might we say, nevertheless, here with a great system planning for good of the country.