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Week 25 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

June 13, to June 19, 2021

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This week in review:
Meeting Guinea Bissau

Permanent Residency in Guinea Bissau

With the help of Mr. Lamba, a friend of Madame Balde, I arrived in the great country of Guinea Bissau. It is a beautiful place and driving through the border of Senegal, I could already see the difference. Beautiful greens of palm trees and forest and grass. Even more, when I got to Bissau, I saw sidewalks and large roads. The county is dearly gorgeous, and the people are serene. With an estimated population of 1,874,303, it borders Senegal to the north and Guinea to the southeast. But, more so, it is kindness and courtesy of the people that stay Memorable to me. On the first day of arrival, Mr. Lamba made happen to receive a permanent resident card. (Mr. Doka offering me the card on the photo)

In the Center the Mr. Lamba’s personal Driver Mr. Calido who drove me from the Gambia to Bissau. The greatest driver in the world I would say.

In the orange dress an executive in the service of Mr. Lamba, Mr. Doka who coordinated all my first weeks meeting with important people and surely a great and kind Brother.

With Mr. Doka at Mr. Land’s property. Mr. Doka was able to give me a first good look at structures that needed immediate attention in the city. In the Yellow shirt, Sumaila T.Ly who became my great guide in Bissau.

The best Guide Ever!

(Friend of Madame Balde)

When I came to Guinea Bissau, I didn’t know anyone and anybody. The country was introduced to me by Madame Balde, who then contacted her Friend Mr. Lamba to care for me. Then, while in the Gambia, Mr. Lamba had contacted the Embassy, and I met the Ambassador and Mrs. Odilia. Mr. Lamba sent his driver to pick me up in my hotel and drive some 9 hours to Guinea Bissau. In Bissau, in my first week of stay, Mr. Lamba paid for everything, including food, accommodation, and transportation, and made his stall available to me 24/7. Can you imagine, he even provided for my phone card internet communication. Honestly, I have never received such hospitality before. Mr. Lamba now ranks as a special brother to me, and I will never forget his unconditional gestures. I know he is doing this for the development and future of the nation.

Her Excellency Hadja Satu Camara Pinto

2nd Vice President of the National Assemby of Guinea Bissau.

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