Privilege & Status: The Oldest African Restaurant in Japan
Where I thought that in Japan, you would always be in Japan, no matter what establishment you choose to celebrate in – But here I was wrong. When I stepped into Queen Sheba, I literally shifted to the old continent!
At least that what Solomon the owner and Akiko the charismatic manager made me feel. Not just the delicious Ethiopian food served entirely in its original recipes, but it was the great atmosphere of warmth and kindhearted soul which Mamadou accentuated with the sound of what seemed an amazing African harp! (I should have asked the name). Solomon opened the restaurant some 30 years ago and that stands over more than half of my living on the planet. What surprised me most is the spirit of the place which I felt descending right thought the African decoration across the restaurant walls. You can actually feel it. Japan is surely a melting pot of culture when it comes to food, but would you go to any foreign traditional restaurant here, you would be prompt to Japanese typical protocol. Here at Queen Sheba, you just pass the entrance door and you’ll literally find yourself on the other side of the world.
… And by the way, I almost forgot to mention that it was so affordable that I almost thought there was an error on my bill. For the food, the atmosphere, the hospitality, you wouldn’t find any better in the heart of Tokyo.
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His Excellency Yahya Ngam, Ambassador of Mauritania at Japan’s National African Treasure Restaurant

And here we are, having great fun and food and suddenly ran into an Ambassador. Queen Sheba is a cultural treasure to the African community of Japan. I use the word “treasure” as I would in “national treasure” because indeed it represents so much to the old continent. Ambassador Ngam was so courteous and kind to spare a little time with me and I couldn’t help myself but talk about the great advent of the Marine Foundation. His Excellency might care to shortly join us in our reunion here next week – what a privilege!

“The Annual Banquet of Ambassadors will be inaugurated through the initiation of African Nations”
The World’s Most Edutaining Diplomat’s Event

Some of the Marine Foundation’s international events such as the Annual Banquet of Ambassadors is scheduled for 2018.
We plan a splendid reception through association with Kimono Beauty Fantasy organization, as they already truly embody the spirit of what TRG in Japan (Traditional Reception Group) This “Annual International Banquet of Ambassadors”, will ultimately be produced through 12 capital city around the world representing each of the 12 months of the year. Today I hope we think we met our first great Ambassador, to spear up the leadership of our United Nations of Africa (UNO) and one of the first 5 chairpeople of the Banquet.

Atmosphere like no other place in Tokyo. You just sit there and start making friends with anyone that comes in. I also met Adam from California, a lecturer on a tour to Japan for the “Heart’s Math” seminars. (First photo on the left with Solomon owner of Queen Sheba)