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Cote D’Ivoire’s Majestuous Grand Opening Ceremony in Abidjan

Amazing Grand-Opening ceremony for the Marine Foundation Africa through Cote d’Ivoire & Mrs. Koura N. Ouattara.

It was something that I did not expect in the greatness in came about and the surprises that came along minutes by minutes on the beautiful day of February 20, 2019. The organization of the event was perfect and I was moved by everyone who came there and especially the organizers who ranged from government officials to business leaders and many dignitaries. What was most heartfelt was the children represented by Manuella Ouattara who came and delivered a speech of the heart.

We were blessed for the event to be sponsored with the presence of Her Excellency Professor Mariatou Kone, Minister of Solidarity, Social Cohesion and the Fight Against Poverty. She was so graceful in delivering a very powerful speech announcing the activities of the Marine Foundation Cote D’Ivoire and Africa.

I was also blessed to have a very special encounter with the Governor of Abidjan, His Excellency Beugre Mambe,  who was most graceful spending a little time together in the sharing of the future with the Marine Foundation. But there were so many wonderful guests and even friends who had come from other countries like Senegal, Mr. Matar Diop Kane representing the foundation there.

I will forever cherish that first moment of stepping onto African soil, the motherland, where I believe everything will take place to solve the problems of the world. Africa is the future and Cote d’Ivoire is to me a most beautiful country in the world. It has everything it needs to become an economic power and a place where all the educational project of the Marine Foundation can take form. It has the heart of Africa through its serein and beautiful people who truly represents a nation filled with kindness and traditional virtues. I was so pleased to be welcomed, in the ways of true respect and real genuine effort of making this a wonderful start of operation for the Marine Foundation, in the extent of encouraging us to do our very best.

Opening prayer with Bishop Ouattara Mohamed Idriss who deliver the most powerful opening statement. Bishop has churches around the world and is prominent with his own media group in the set up of cable news channels. 

The Honor of the Sponsorship of Her Excellency Minister Mariatou Kone

Madame Minister Her Excellency Mariatou Kone became the “Marraine” of the event and presented her full support to the ceremony. Her speech of great emphasis on encouraging the Marine Foundation in socio-economic development for the region, was a message of hope and support. The Marine Foundation will fully join in supporting her ministry with all the beautiful programs we are designed to conduct.

TV Reports

There has been several TV reports and it all has been so positive. This particular report is credited to Bishop Ouattara whose TV station has been very kind in sharing the footage on the day’s event.

The Governor of Abidjan:

His Excellency Governor Beugre Mambe

Just before the event, His Excellency Govern of Abidjan had the kindness to make time for a short welcoming session together. He clearly mentioned that the Marine Foundation’s vision is suited to the region and therefore we are so welcome to start operations here. Projects that mean good for the city are most expected and notably in the realm of education.

Since His Excellency has a background in civil engineering, it is going convenient to bring to Abidjan with the best feasibility study group from Japan I am aware of. Abidjan is a beautiful city and I can clearly understand the ambition of pulling the city to become a heaven for tourism and a place of great gatherings.

To be here today, on such a short notice was truly a blessing and I can really appreciate all what our President Mrs. Ouattara has done to make this possible. I really look forward to the development of the port Abidjan and its maritime industries.


The President of “La Region Bagoue“:

His Excellency President Siama Bamba

President Bamba has been all help and supports much before and after the event. His region in the north is in full development with agriculture the main industry. Truly appreciated from beginning to end, I found here a brother and a great partner to well being of our endeavors in Africa.

Government of Abidjan:

Vice-Governor Samuel Mobio

I do not have all the names yet although the team in Abidjan is preparing all the data but there was so many nice people coming to our support in the preparation of the event. I found myself in the midst of new friends and supporters and quite frankly, very beautiful people. My French speaking is not as eloquent as the people there and I had to really think up my words translated from English.

Government Delegate:

President Karamoko Abdel Kader

Honorable Diomande Mamadou, an extraordinary gentleman who also put his cars to our disposition while our trip to Abidjan before and after the ceremony. I will always be ever so grateful. (Next to him the dignitary Lady Madame Toure). 

Deputy of the City of Seguela:

Honorable Diomande Mamadou

I salute Honorable Diomande Mamadou, an extraordinary gentleman who also put his cars to our disposition while our trip to Abidjan (photo below). I will always be ever so grateful. (Next to him the Dignitary Lady Madame Toure).

Honoring Our Queen, the person who made it all possible:

President of Cote D’Ivoire, Headquarters for Africa, Her Excellency Koura N. Ouattara

President Koura N. Ouattara has pioneered the way for Marine Foundation to establish in Africa for about five years of patience, endurance and reflection. The Marine Foundation concept is something that does not come out of the ordinary and working through the vision for a stable and ensuring start was not an easy task. We are so grateful that on February 20, 2019, of this day, her vision came true with the help and support of those sacrificial volunteers who truly came to the rescue and those whose hopes are firmly grounded in the development of Africa, for African, by Africa, and from Africa.

Children Ambassador of Marine Foundation Africa: Princess Manuela Ouattara

Princess Manuela, Children Ambassador

At Marine Foundation, we call children from 5 to 16 years of age with the appellation of “Prince” or “Princess”. This is the concept of a corporate kingdom where all children are blessed as the owners of the future. To affirm the protection of humanity, we need to understand that children are the rightful inheritance of the creation and they need to be treated as preciously as we care for our life. Marine Foundation has engineered a program to bring all children to absolute safety and care.

Marinef Ministry of Art Education:

Artist Jospin Lohanga Exposes at the Event

I cannot tell you how happy I was to finally meet the amazing Jospin! This was to me a great revelation and the discovery of what Africa represents to world cultures. All we would ever want to know about life itself is written through the soil of Africa the Motherland, and Jospin knows how to express it so abundantly through his art. We are so grateful he was here to offer glorify the day.  

A Perfect Gift

It is during his stay in Abidjan and while preparing for the event that Jospin dedicated his talent to supporting the Marine Foundation with the offering of a masterpiece portrait to Her Excellency Minister Mariatou Kone. This is to say how much everyone went out of their way to participate in making this event even more beautiful. At the entrance hall of the Hotel de Ville, several pieces were in display for the world to see.  

Thank You Abidjan! Thank You for the Most Amazing Welcome into the Motherland!

Ceremonial Coronation as Traditional Chief (Chef Coutunier)

Although the Marine Foundation comes to bring new educational system around the world, my own education started the day I landed in Cote d’Ivoire Africa. I have never seen anything like it and I probably never will again. I was honored with the title of “Chief of Tradition” a very high tribal ranking in the country, rarely given to anyone. What a surprise! as it was indeed unexpected. 

Thanks to the Beautiful Staff!

Thanks to You Mrs. President Koura N. Ouattara!

Truly and I will always wonder how our President Mrs. Outtara was able to put to light such an organization in view of the superb event on February 20th, 2019. This is one of those miracles which only heaven can explain. Please enjoy the rest of the photos below.