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HRH Princess Sanyogita launches here international communication platform through a “woman oriented” PR leadership position with the Marine Foundation, to promotes economic developments and the well being of humanities.

On behalf of our entire Marine Foundation friends of dedicated pioneers, we would like to say a grand thank you to Her Highness Princess Sanyogita for taking the precious time and gracefully honoring the platform with her beautiful and majestic presence.


With all the kindness and nobility of the world, HRH Princess Sanyogita takes on the leadership board of the Marine Foundation to honor the already well-supported causes she has dedicated for throughout her life. The Princess is known for her dedication to women’s empowerment and reaching out thousands of lives across the Indian continent, she now wants to expand to the world through new systems and initiation platforms. Princess Sanyogita Atrey also believes in closing the gender gap within the social enterprise sector and support the growth of business initiatives for women’s empowerment.

A third generation entrepreneur, Princess Sanyogita Atrey comes from an established business family of “Royal Zamindar Estates of Jethwar” in Bihar. She started her career as a transnational business advisor after completing her higher education in international business management.

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Public Relations

In my understanding of the corporate position of “Public Relation”, one leader’s first asset would need to possess the charismatic physiologic traits of being a magnet to others. A first God-given gift would look like something not granted to everyone. Being of noble descent and with the most beautiful intention for planet earth, Princess Sanyogita is certainly the most representative of a brand that translates into showing the utmost respect to others and therefore that special gift of being able to carry the most beautiful smile around. Marine Foundation’s members around the world are proud to be represented in PR with the beauty that it deserves and that also means to never underestimate the power of women when it comes to leadership. Marine Foundation, is said to be driven by the mother’s heart and that does not surprise me a bit when I look around and discover the magnificent ladies that have joined the platform. Inspired by her friends, also members of the international committee of the Brand, Naima Ben Mlouka, and Ayesha S.K. Engelbrecht, Princess Sanyogita, joins the central team in communications with governments and royalties. Now that we have that beautiful smile and kindhearted driven will, surrounded by all the beauty the Princess represents for all the ladies of the foundation’s leadership platform, we surely see the light, marching towards a better future for all children and women of the world.