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Registration of the Marine Foundation in The Gambia

Thursday May 27, 2021

Member of the Co-Brand Ownership of the Logo and Trademark of the Marine Foundation.
President of the Marine Foundation for The Gambia
Ministry of Economic Development at the Marine Foundation
Ministry of Infrastructure & Construction – Real Estate at the Marine Foundation

Villa Marcelle

Welcomed into the ancestral Bensouda home, what an honor, with the great hospitality Rose & Philip Abel Bensouda.  What a beautiful place. (Philip is a Master Architect) Founder & Managing Director of P.A.B Designs
P.A.B Designs & Technology Co. Ltd.


Philip Abel is the first son of the famous couple Mrs. Fatou and Philip Bensouda. Fatou is the legendary Gambian lawyer and international criminal law prosecutor at the ICC in La Hague. Amie Bensouda (Sister) is the founder of the major Law firm  Amie Bensouda & Co found throughout Africa.

Ami Bensouda & Co: Our Legal Representation / The Best Legal Firm in Africa

Ms Bensouda founded the firm in 1995. Prior to private practice she worked for the Government of The Gambia for Fourteen years and was Solicitor General of The Gambia for 5 years (1990-1995) and also acted as Minister of Justice and Attorney General. She was respectively Legal Draftsperson; Chief Parliamentary Counsel and Counsel for the privatization of State owned Enterprises & Reform of Parastatals. As counsel for the Government Divestiture and Public Enterprise Reform Program Ms Bensouda restructured several corporations and para-statals for privatization. She set up joint ventures between Government and both local and international private investors. As law officer, then Solicitor General Ms Bensouda has also negotiated loans with international institutions like International Finance Corporation (World Bank), Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA), African development Bank, and Islamic Development Bank and negotiated debt relief on behalf of The Government with the Paris Club. Read more – Go to the official Firm Website

Philip A. Bensouda: Master Architect

Founder & Managing Director of P.A.B Designs
P.A.B Designs & Technology Co. Ltd.