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The Rise of the Development world Bank

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The First Development World Bank is an independent, private player in the banking industry across the globe with a particular focus and interest in Africa to burst her economies. The aim of establishing this bank is among other things is to provide all necessary financial tools to cater for the growing economic needs of governments and their subjects/ people. DWB aims to make banking accessible, convenient and competitive for all and sundry.

The DWB GAMBIA LTD will definitely make the economy healthy and competitive both within her sub-regional neighbours and the world at large. The chairman of DWB first Development World Bank Gambia ltd Mr. Brian S. Mason will develop the Gambia which has always been his dreams and also will be expanding the bank’s operation to the neighbouring countries like Senegal, Mauritania, guinea Bissau, Sierra Leon. The man with a golden heart has every desire to work and develop Africa through governments and partners.

It is against this backdrop and cognizant of the fact that economies in Africa in particular and the Gambia in general are struggling due to COVID 19 and recently the Russia/Ukraine war thus DWB has the solution to our economic qualms.

The mission of DWB is to provide advanced and creative banking products and services for all our clients, both locally and internationally, through a successful team and using advanced programs, techniques and tools that keep up with the advancements in today’s banking and competitive world, in an effort to fulfil the aspirations of our valued clients/ customers, shareholders and employees, and to reflect our values of cooperate social responsibility”

To be the best bank in the world with representation in all Africa countries with a world class banking style wherever we operate. Our customers shall be giving a first class treatment that will be geared towards making life better for all our customers.

To be the clients’ best choice through offering an integrated and distinctive bundle of banking services”
The bright vision of DWB is to make the Gambia and Africa the new international economic trading platform/ hub in the world with a potential to focus primarily on national development. The DWB is solely created to support the developmental goals of governments and her people by providing financial viability in a sustainable environment where all players are winners. We shall endeavour to have branch offices all over the country there by creating employment opportunities for young Gambian elites with banking knowledge/ background.

Our Goals:
❖ To provide the best banking and investment services.
❖ Building and developing a professional banking services team, with the best experience and the ability to implement the latest techniques and systems in banking .
❖ Building a strategic relationship with its clients and finance and banking institutions, locally, regionally and internationally.
❖ Contributing to the promotion of cooperate social responsibility.
❖ Attracting deposits and developing them, in order to achieve the best financial return for shareholders and depositors.
❖ Expanding banking activities to include new sectors and economic activities; such as agriculture, industry, trade and services.
❖ Provide financing for investors.
❖ Provide security for depositors.
❖ Achieving high and rapidly increasing growth rates.
❖ Developing new and innovative investment formulas and banking services that fulfil the needs of all clients both within and outside the country.

The management of DWB shall include but not limited to its shareholders most of whom shall be nationals / natives of residents of the host country. The management team shall endeavour to create an enabling working and or business environment that will lure huge potential customers whilst assuring them of best service delivery.
The DWB world management will be handled though the future Dubai head office .The Gambia and DWB has both the desire to change with a vigorous economic strategy that will burst, enhance and create high volumes of job opportunities for Gambians within the banking sector. The DWB is open-minded and business oriented that has the financial muscle to operate a viable business within a competitive and liberal market.

Finally, it is envisaged with the entry of DWB in to Gambia’s market, banking will never be the same as we have a wealth of experience and expertise in the banking industry across the globe.

Written by: Mr. Seedy Fadera
The Gambia Representative- DWB
Tel: 00220 7744396
Whatsapp: 2224873

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