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Meeting Shigeru Shiraki, 21st Century’s Most Invaluable & Influential  Medical Pioneer

Yes, it is true, Mr. Shigeru Shiraki will soon become the most influential person of the 21st century since he has discovered the remedy to the most devastating sickness in the world: cancer. This is not a drill or a false alarm, it is the reality as something that would have had to come anyway. Isn’t it the way of our world? Just like electricity or the amazing work of Louis Pasteur, these are reforms that cannot be avoided. Yes, there will be the old establishment that is going to oppose anything that forges a hole in their wallet, but that is indisputably the destiny of mankind to resolve problems whichever they are and technology, the last 100 years, has proven just that. When on the brink of discovery, of the most important issue in health recovery, Shigeru had to go through difficulties only him can really describe. I was fortunate to be introduced by Yuka Kobayashi and Takuya Adachi. After years of hard work he finally succeeded and now on the way to changing the world’s medical platform. I can only share that much today since we will meet again for further discussion, but I can tell you that the future is very bright as nothing can ever stop providential work.

Yuka is an amazing translator as well. She did amazing work with being a perfect coordinator between us while exchanging our stories. She has grace, beauty and delicate attention when it comes to presenting or delivering messages. It was a historical moment and the near future will be here to prove it.