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On the occasion of the signed agreement between the Marine Foundation MARINEF-DWB and the International Highway Foundation located in Japan and building the Japan-Korea tunnel, Governments and Elites professional gathered at a Zoom Press conference on December 12th, 2020.

Russia is the only unified power well on its way to becoming the first nation to bringing peace worldwide when using the Marinef-Dwb Platform of reforms through economic rebirth. In present days, Russian leadership asserts to be a friend of all countries, understanding the need for a sound economy in Africa recognized by the Marine Foundation as the Motherland of the world.

MARINEF-DWB and the Birth of the TRINITY Group:

Marine Foundation is the absolute Platform of development that comes with a systematic approach to engineering projects worldwide with the support of its own IT social membership platforms, some 50 designed International Events in the range of festivals, exhibits, symposiums, and sports. It has also created the United Five Oceans (U50), consisting of Five continental boards to welcome Diplomats and Business Leaders aboard one communication platform. Now it embraces its financial Platform DWB (Development World Bank) founded by Mr. Brian S. Mason. The MARINEF-DWB association gave birth to the now TRINITY Group comprised of Mr. Massimiliano Lacitaignola of the Ares Group and Mrs. Elizabeta Djumanova with accompany of high-ranking Russian network of friends. Mr. Hamdy Almasarweh, a long-time friend of the Marine Foundation’s chairman and extremely talented PR person, inspired the inception and encounter of the TRINITY Group’s members, under the motivating leadership of Mr. Mason. who is presently takes the lead of the group through the prosperous set of DWB in Moscow. The future is bright.

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Malta Press Release

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First Development World Bank launches Japan – South Korea Mega Project Tunnel for Peace


The Development World Bank “DWB”, together with the Marine Foundation Japan and The ARES Group Italy so-called “Trinity Group” has created a new Development World Banking System by introducing “A NEW REFORM” whose main goal is to create a New Economic World Order based on the World Peace Equality, Common Sense Philosophy and finally the Wealth distribution to all native and non-peoples through a truly sustainable development based on GREEN ECONOMY.

The First Development World Bank’s vision is to become instrumental in every common-sense concept that supports the development of any region of the World. Its philosophy is to aim to a World of Peace, reiterating that the path to substantial economic growth through sustainability in its development approach cannot be ignored, consequently ensuring to take immediate actions where the needs are most vital to reviving a region with the tools that it needs to emerge out of moral decay. DWB stands on a project platform that means good for the people and it serves using the most effective promotional and monetization systems.

Rightly stating that we all aspire to education, comfort, and health, DWB’s continued philosophy in project inception relates directly and in priority to the immediate distribution of vital products and services to rising World regions in our new World Order Economic “REFORM” Green Economy which includes some major Breakthrough Green Economy Projects. Among the many projects envisaged, the International Highways Projects will be launched, which includes the construction of the longest tunnel ever projected in the world. The 230km Japan – South Korea Tunnel runs between Busan and Karatsu Cities and will be the longest tunnel ever built in the world. Hailed as the second largest investment in human history, it is more costly to build than the International Space Station. Utilising New Green Electric Energy products for the Super Train and the Tunnel electric system, the project will create more than 45,000 new jobs.

An international online Press Conference officially launching the Japan – South Korea Mega Project Tunnel for Peace – the first step in building the International Highways for World Peace and prosperity was held yesterday in Tokyo Japan. Also participating at the press conference were a number of major political, economic and religious leaders, several major investors and notable media representatives. Participating countries include South Korea, Japan, Canada, Italy, Vatican City, Russia, USA, Rep. Of Malta, Albania, Turkey, amongst others.

 Public Relations: the Rebirth of the JAPAN-KOREA Tunnel

ZOOM PRESS CONFERENCE of December 12, 2020 – the tide assembly of the first providential crowd of Elites.

List of Distinguished Attendees at the Conference - click here

Opening Speech / Mr. Brian S. Mason - click here

My history started about 10 000 years ago through my ancestry with the Micmac Tribe of Eastern Canada. I was born part of an indigenous mother, and our family history is about 400 years. We are people that carry strong values. The Philosophy of the Trinity Group is one to become a world leader as an independent development bank by using diplomacy’s power at three levels of the government, financial, political, and religious. We want to work in harmony with governments and fulfill the need for corporations and governments to administrate better solutions to economic developments. Our vision reflects on knowing the past while dealing with the present, preparing us to build a better future for our children. Who is the Trinity Group? We would have to look at our Coat of Arms. There are three swords, and the first sword symbolizes power, protection, authority, courage, spiritual knighthood, and cavalry. The second sword represents power, authority, and strength, wealth, grandeur, and prosperity. The third sword represents the penetrating power of intellect and constant evolution worldwide. The lion protecting the coat of arms with the blue shield represents stability, courage, and the power to dominate. We represent trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith, and truth. This is the Trinity Group.

Mr. Brian S. Mason
Chairman & Founder of DWB – Development World Bank
Chairman & Co-Founder of the Trinity Group
Chief Ministry of Development & Economic Development at The Marine Foundation
First Admiral of the Marine Foundation’s Admiral Club Marine Foundation’s International Committee Leadership Member

Speech / Mr. Hirofumi Sato - click here

Good evening distinguished guest, Ladies and Gentlemen; I am the chairman of the International Highway Foundation. The Korea-Japan tunnel is 230 kilometers long, and it is going the biggest project in the 21 century and could take up to 15 years to complete. Let me introduce myself. I graduated from Tokyo University and also worked with Mitsubishi. Three years ago, I became the chairman of this project. Three years ago, Monocle Magazine introduced our project. Last Year USA Jim Rogers, one major investor, interviewed us for one hour, and his review became intensely interesting. Therefore he visited our Japan construction place and said that the Japan-Korea Tunnel would be the most exciting project in the 21st century. If this happens, Japan will become a more extraordinary country. He said he would invest, but so far, it has been just words. Next year this project would be 40 years since its inception. We bought enormous pieces of land. Until now, we spent up to 120 million dollars. We have the necessary data for construction and detailed information about the seafloor and its infrastructure’s blueprint. The preparation is complete. All that is to clear is to get support from Korea and Japan and the funding for the project.
We need so much help from investors and the international community. We need to use the media, and I am delighted to have met Mr. Tomeo DR Gressard to help us achieve this today. I am also so happy to have been invited to this conference via Mr. Tomeo communication and Marine Foundation Platform. We are a Global Project. The Japan-Korea project is the Roman Roads of the 21st century and will economically benefit the entire world. We are presently organizing North West Asian countries’ communication system in the year to come. We are dearly looking for help, and we hope that all of you will become interested in joining us in this endeavor. Let’s fulfill worldwide peace together. Thank you very much, everyone.

Hirofumi Sato
Chairman of the International Highway Foundation

Speech / Mrs. Elizabeta Djumanova - click here

I want to thank everybody who came to this conference. It is a great honor appreciated from the heart of Russia. The Trinity Group has created something marvelous and in consideration of world reforms. It will change the way we conduct communication-based on supporting the world at large. Our new reform is the concern of economic reforms. This reform is also the concern of all native people of the world and particularly the African people. We know that in this new reform, the Russian Federation to take an essential role in its fruition. Russia can offer to the development of society with its technology and the numerous Russian companies in all sectors a firm contribution to producing the best results, especially in terms of energy and technology. Russia can be a contributor not only to African but all around the world. I am proud to be Russian. The Russian technology with the Trinity Group brings together a new platform for economic developments worldwide. This inception presents a strategic and robust partnership at all levels and core industries that can foster help to any world’s developing regions. It includes medical, infrastructure, and even education. In that respect, the Trinity Group comes as a giver of good and a sound representation of the Russian Federation to become a significant player in building sustainable projects throughout the planet. Thank you very much, everybody.

Mrs. Elizabeta Djumanova
Director Vice-President of DWB Development world Bank Director of Security and and Communication for the Russian Federation
Co-Founder of the Trinity Group
Marine Foundation’s Ministry of Economic Development
Marine Foundation’s Admiral Club & International Committee Leadership Member.

Speech / Mr. Massimiliano Lacitagnola - click here

I want to greet and honor everybody today and thank you for organizing such a wonderful moment together. I am very proud to be a part of the Trinity Group as president and Director of Europe and Vice President of DWB. The Trinity Group was born to support all people of different nations regardless of religion, race, country, culture, or social background. After immense sacrifice from the founding chairman Mr. Mason, the Trinity Group is simply explained in two words: New Reforms. Its wonderful words “New Reforms”. These cold wars that the entire world is facing, and the pandemic must stop. The Trinity group proclaiming new reforms means quality life for our children’s future, our nations, a new economic world order so that everybody can get a sustainable economic opportunity to realize their dreams, their projects, and their inventions. The Trinity Group represents the hopes and dreams of all native people of the world who historically have been mistreated and abandon. The Trinity Group will create a new banking system that does not use debts, following the growth of all African Countries and their economy, by bringing new massive private investments to develop green energies, infrastructure, mining, agriculture, etc. We are not conventionally giving economic aids, but we offer sustainable economic development solutions to provide for each citizen. All this is possible with the Trinity group using alternative energy and inventions to create dreamers scientists who have stored colossal innovations to transform our present world. We have to look into our current new technologies for development because we need to change the present system and implicate all regions of the world in unison.

For this reason, the Trinity group, with all its investors and staff all over the world, will make the right contribution for a moral, economic expansion that will help the rise of the native people into a new world reform and common sense. My final point would be talking about “Union” with announcing with immense pleasure the possible realization of the longest, most expensive tunnel ever created in human history that will connect South Korea and Japan and conceive a New International Highway that will unite all nations. This initiative invites the making of world peace by contributing to the economic expansion of all countries. All these dreams are coming through right now, thanks to our Trinity Croup’s efforts together with its supporters and investors. I say we are a team of winners as it doesn’t matter how many times we fall, but when we stand up again, we are more robust than before. With great pleasure, I greet all the participants today in this meeting, and I would like to leave for you the future, which will become the confirmation of all that was said today. Thank you very much.

Mr. Massimiliano Lacitagnola
Vice President of DWB Development World Bank
Director for Italy and Southern Europe
Chairman & Founder of the Ares Group Italy
Marine Foundation’s Ministry of Economic Development
Marine Foundation’s Admiral Club & International Committee Leadership Member

Remark / Mr. Tom McDevitt (Washington Times)

Thank you very much, my friend, Tomeo. Can you hear me, ok? My heartfelt greetings to everybody on this call. It is such a distinguished group. I am calling here speaking from Washington DC. And as Tomeo said, I am from the Washington Times; we speak to about 20 million people every day through our online properties, and I have known Mr. Sato for many years, and also the founders of the Times are the same visionaries as the undersea tunnel. I also have the pleasure Tomeo of working with Jim Rodgers and held a conference in Korea for the international association of peace and economic development. It is an honor to be with all of you. I see many friends from Japan and some from Africa. I miss traveling so much, but I think tonight I will have Suchi! Because Mr. Sato reminds me of Japan’s beautiful culture and maybe tomorrow an African meal. So thank you, Tomeo; God bless everybody, and may 2021 be the best year for all of us. Thank you!

Mr. Tom McDevitt
Chairman of the Washington Times

Remark / Mr. Jean Francois Diatta - click here

I greet this initiative where we have today different continents and companies who have succeeded in trusting us today. I am thanking you, Tomeo, because it is through your channels that our connections have been established, also; you have presented me with Brian (Mr. Mason), who is also an extraordinary person, and following then also introduced me to Mr. Massimiliano and all the people who came to accompany us in Africa. We have already started in Africa with specific projects in the realm of energy. We have already begun working in Gambia, Sierra Leonne, Cameroon, Zimbabwe. I think that African projects and now necessary to the development of the continent. With the new generation and a new vision, we will do the required for Africa’s future. I want to thank all these populations and all these technicians who stand by us every day because I would not be able to access what is important. Specifically thanking the people of Senegal and Cote d’ Ivoire, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Sierra Leone, who work hard to help make progress in our endeavor. I think that today we have a reliable team and that we will do extraordinary work together. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Mr. Jean Francois Diatta
Director General of DWB Development World Bank for Africa.
Marine Foundation’s Ministry of Economic Development
Marine Foundation’s Admiral Club & International Committee Leadership Member.

Closing Statement / Mr. Brian S. Mason - click here

One word can describe the construction of the Japan-Korea Tunnel. The First phase in completing the international highway will help create world peace by uniting all continents and countries and towards sustainable economic developments. Reform is the word. This is the beginning of a new era for humanity, a new world order. We are ready to accomplish the most significant economic development endeavor in the 21st century. This word Reform is strategically being something that has to be applied swiftly and firmly with all of that it is composed of. It is an ideology of helping humanity through an unconventional and futuristic economic platform to be directed by myself and the Trinity Group, creating the first world’s most powerful instrument to develop the entire African continent and the world without creating debts using the law of common sense. This is the Trinity group’s challenge and bringing out a new reform and a new righteous world order positively. It can happen with the set up of sustainable projects that will create wealth in all parts of society. It represents sustainable economic support for people, corporations, and governments. It is helping people in countries in need and other flourishing ones to maintain a better way of life. This reform will secure future generations and present economies without the creation of debts. The tunnel project will change the world forever, and it is a reality. I say to everyone present today, always stand by your dreams and beliefs. The Platform will provide food, shelter, health, work, education, and creating wealth for all in a peaceful manner for Africa and the world in need; Giving hope, hope which will bring faith in people’s hearts for a better future through the generations to come. Today we are writing a new chapter in the history of the world. Thank you.

 Thank You !

I want to thank everyone, distinguished guests, and friends for your attendance. Over 40 people attended this first successful conference. We are grateful to present this event through the Marine Foundation’s Platform, which has found its trustworthy financial leadership platform through the advent of the DWB Development World Bank and the newly established Trinity Group. I invite you to keep in touch. Many of you could not speak due to time limitations, but we will have plenty of chances to meet again. You can check the list of attendees here. Click here for the list of attendees.

Tomeo RD M-Gressard – Chairman of the Marine Foundation  Vice Chairman of DWB

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