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Week 12 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

March 14, to March 20, 2021

New-Year 2021 Short Message
Detailed daily reports
New IBC Members & Directors

This week in review:
The Formation of the Marine International Football Academy
Registration in Dubai for GCC, Turkey and Egypt
Report on March 11 Event & Symposium

The Formation of the Marine International Football Academy.

New Concept: The Marine Academy International is entirely conceived and founded by Mr. Kamel Benzekri (IBC member), with the most extended history in the football sports industry. The Marine Foundation seeks to establish an exemplary educational system throughout the entire world. This one which comes as an association or addition to the World Football Youth Association (WFYA), might be the greatest. It becomes an Agency of the Marine Foundation where deployment and sponsorship will spring from. Kamel Benzekri and Yasuyuki Moriymana, and already great football professionals, promise their endeavor to become the most remarkable sport structure on earth for youth’s care anywhere and everywhere.

Registration in Dubai for GCC, Turkey and Egypt.

This is a long time coming, but it is all coming to fruition with the envoy of all the documentation necessary for Dr. Mohammed to do his work of leading the regions of GCC. This includes registering to all the Arab states of the world. Truly a great blessing that will further the cause of unifying cultures together under the banner of economic development for all. Once people realize that all can access wealth through systems that mean good for their regions, then the world will be in peace. “Absolute respect” for all will reign for everyone to exercise the beauty of their culture in beautiful rainbows events of diversities showing off in the spirit of celebration. No matter what philosophy or religion we exercise in the light of what was brought to us by our ancestral background, the first rule of love is the rule and law of “Absolute Respect for Life and Environment.”

Report on March 11 Event & Symposium.

March the 11th is the anniversary of the birth of the Marine Foundation in Japan. You can find extracts of the history on the “About” page. It all started simply some ten years before the registration and making it a total of 18 years into the making. Now people will ask why it took so long? The fact is that the Marine Foundation is now the most extensive development concept globally, and there has never been such a system built. It will extend to generations to come and grow infinitely toward the betterment of human societies; This is why it took a long time to think it through. Now that the enterprise of taking off, there is nothing to stop it, and in the realm of social peaceful and economic developments, it will go where others have never gone before. This is where Heaven can finally work its strategies, uniting all the people of great minds whose thoughts are of peace and one world of absolute respect towards one another. Enters the Marine Foundation. Did you know: We registered two years after the Fukushima Earthquake anniversary date and on the exact time at 2:45 Pm when the clerk at the government office called up our name. (find the detailed information and photos here toward the bottom of the page).

Honor to the First Members of the Marine Foundation who came to to the Dinner Event on March 11th (last week): Ayumi Nakamura (left) and Emi Shiraishi (right) (Sachiyo Kai could not come due to pregnancy expecting soon her second child)

The Initiation Banquet of the 1st Symposium for the International Protection of Children.

This dinner was also the Banquet for the INITIATION of the First Symposium for the Protection of Children (Symbolic start). The Chairman of the Symposium will be Mr. Chikara Matsunaga (left on the photo), the founder of Leis Technologies, and which knowledge he will use as a tool to protect children around the world. This Technology will go into the hands of all the groups who fight against human trafficking, and therefore the symposium will include inviting regional and international police agencies worldwide. (second left on the photo Miss Chiaki – Translator Interpreter) (right side Ayumi and Emi)  go to the Event details and photos here.

Or click on the photo below to go to the event

Extra Section

DAY BY DAY REPORTS - click here

Sunday 14, March 2021
The day starts at 3:00 Am.
Communication with Dr. Mohammed
Communication with Chiaki
The start of WFYA in Africa and the work of Emmanuel
Organization of files throughout the computers.

Monday 15, March 2021
The day starts at 4:00 Am.
Completion of the weekly reports
Communication with Secretart concerning Royal Family.
Communication with Brian – General Developments.

Tuesday 16, March 2021
The day starts at 1:00 Am.
Communication with Kamel Benzekri IBC Member.
Establishment of Academy Marine International through Kamel.
Communication with Roger Switzerland. Confirmation letter.
Certification document of Donation.

Wednesday 17, March 2021
The day starts at 3:00 Am.
Article on the Marine Academy.
Document for the Foreign Correspondent Club FCCJ.
Documents for the Embassies of Egypt, Turkey and the UAE ready.
Organization of the Event on the 29th.
City office visit for Documents Marine.

Thursday 18, March 2021
The day starts at 4:00 Am.
Tribal nations of Maharlika and Tribal Government Proposal
Maharlika Nation Tribal Government Research and reply letter
Communication with DWB
Communication with Naoko
Communication with Thailand.
Meeting with the Notary office in Tokyo.

Friday 18, March 2021
The day starts at 4:30 Am.
Communication with DWB.
Fixing the main blog page.
Research on the use of Hydrogen.
Communication with Roger Switzerland.
Communication with Naima – Registration of Morocco.
Photo blog of the event on the 11th.

Saturday 19, March 2021
The day starts at 3:30 Am.
Completion of the Report of week 12.
Discussion on Tribal Maharlika Nation with Brian.
Papers to complete for Notary UAE-Egypt-Turkey.
Discussion with Mali on Hydrogen Energy.

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Kamel Benzekri

Next week is coming a wide range a new members. The limited club of 360 will be almost complete. It will complete by June or July 2021.

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The group is organized into 5 sections defined as East South Center North and West.

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