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Marine Foundation Africa has made donations for the corona-virus situation related areas in Cote d’Ivoire through Mrs. Koura N. Ouattara from our foundation’s headquarters in Abidjan. Our African Team is working very hard and grateful for all of your support. Blog information and photos here:

We are launching our Sponsor-Investor Relations operation for the purchase of our VIP Clubhouse in Switzerland — Please call me directly for detailed information. The commission to the purchase will go out to our African Volunteers throughout the countries where we are present. I won’t be much but it will be good. We plan to purchase the house in the second week of June 2021, if everything goes as planned. If by chance you know interested groups or individuals, let me know directly.

The VIP Clubhouse will serve as a meeting place for the presentation and signature of our projects worldwide. And a beautiful home for any of you to come to visit at times. We already have the hospitality team in place for the management of the Club House. We have the choice of 3 facilities with a price range from 10 to 15 million Euros.

Our banking facility in Switzerland is well organized and established so feel free to contact me anytime for any detailed information. PDF general presentation here:

The amazing Crypto Platform whose CEO is a young lady of 18 years old and whose technology has 2 years advance on all other crypto platforms anywhere in the world has launched publicly last week after almost 3 years of continuous work of some top 100 Engineers of the world. DOA WAQAR (Japanese-Pakistanis living in Japan) and her younger brothers have managed all of that through the support of their amazing Father Nasir Waqar) —- Marine Foundation is already endorsed with 1 million Coins and will introduce the technology through a JAPAN-AFRICA Forum in agenda after the Corona Virus extinction. Over 2000 African participants have already committed to the event. STAY Tune and check it out at

Marine Foundation is planning to introduce the platform through a JAPAN-AFRICAN Forum planned to be executed on the extinction days of the corona-virus. Places are already reserved for some 2000 participants in Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire.

JAPAN IWC Club (international women club) is steadily growing with the making of their beautiful gatherings and membership systems. Mrs. Yoko Akahane has been leading the way with “Zoom meeting” where everyone is invited to join. IWC will shelter a sponsorship platform comprise of 15 industry sectors that connect to women. Each sector will include dozens of companies that pertain to the “Green Certificate” corporate standard.

Please enjoy your coming week and stay SAFE. There is so much more news and we’ll keep on informing. Keep in Touch!!