A week from April 19 to May 23

I had to take a serious break not in the way of my work but rather taking of the essentials. My beautiful wife Ayumi had to overcome some minor surgery and this was a precious experience of realization on my purpose being on the planet. I am grateful for the fantastic miraculous outcome and making you think that these doctors are indeed gifts from heaven.

Establishment of the Directors Team in the Leadership Section.

Some people would say it is never too late to do what’s right and something that I had postponed over many months was setting up the leadership central team. Well, it is done. Here you have it. Just click here and it’s all there. There are 5 committees of leadership at the Marine Foundation.

Foundation of the Blue Forest

This is a phenomenal project and assisted by the Marine Foundation. The original creator is Mr. Ousmane Gueye, one of the great artists of our time whose buyers of his art are Stevie Wonder, Danny Glover, Beyonce, and many others. I do have some special ideas to boost this project to the max and you are welcome to join us, anybody. Link to the Project page here.

Establishment of the Council of Celebrities

The Council of Celebrities is what makes the Marine Foundation different from all organizations of the kind. There are certain complexities in the PR structure, but it has been tested and it works fine. We will have the Honorary leadership position of 3 celebrities per all the 241 countries of regions meaning 743 celebrities attached permanently to the foundation with 1 to 2 to 3 years renewable if they desire or they can pass the baton to friends of similar status. This is not limited to the entertainment world, but also Art, fashion, etc… Here is the link to the page.

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