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January 3, to January 9, 2021

New-Year 2021 Short Message
Detailed daily reports

This week in review:
Welcoming the new IBC members
Understanding IBC
Daily Report fraction explained
The Trinity Group & DWB advancement

World Broadcasting Message:

Week 2 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

This week’s topic is about the ICB International Committee of the Brand of the Marine Foundation. Marine Foundation is an Operational Development Platform for structuring Systems in Education and Economic Development.

Note about this Broadcasting system: to receive these updates on WhatsApp and to avoid making your phone too crowded with information, I will just be sending the link of the weekly blog of which content uniquely written by myself. The list has 700 people and growing, and I make it my duty to reply to everyone if I get comments, etc. This news broadcasting system is mainly concerned with ICB members (ICB International Committee of the Brand of MARINEF). On the weekly blog, you will get public news on MARINEF-DWB and the TRINITY group developments. You can share the information on social media platforms as you please and encourage people and our growth. Please use “google translate” to make it to your language.

About ICB Membership

ICB is the International Committee of the Brand of the Marine Foundation. It is like a “Development Brand” which protect the projects instigated by MARINEF-DWB and the TRINITY Group when funds come pouring onto the platform. The Brand will help protect the leadership and allow the structures to gather a wide range of services and products under one same umbrella.

You would have to claim your License document with the new updated and final appointment document for the year 2021. An ICB member position is unique because it is a lifetime membership into the Marine Foundation and involves people who can receive a mission-oriented leadership director position anytime in the near future. The position is open to 360 members only. We have 180 members joined in already. I will complete the board this year, 2021. Once the board is complete, it will be unbreakable and inherited to generations down the road. If you have received this message, you are already a member or been offered the position. The list is right here on the leadership page, where you can click on the photos to go to each person’s webpage. I will have a Zoom conference on this TOPIC on January 21st at 3: Am Japan Time (conveniently set for Europe and Americas time), to explain about the system. These Zoom conferences will be called: “News Tutorials Zoom Conference” which means that I will give news and tutorials about the system of the platforms attached to the Marine Foundation and its agencies.

The Trinity Group and DWB Advancement

Great things are happening in relation to the set of the DWB in Africa and the MARINEF-DWB in Russia through the Trinity Group. Mrs. Elizabeta Djumanova, Mr. Massimiliano Lacitagnola with communicator Mr. Hamdi Almasarweh have come to great results with assembling the necessary networks to establish DWB in Moscow with a bank of its own. Mr. Brian S. Mason’s strong conviction with world economic development is setting the pace for momentum in finding all the solutions that are vital to a real tangible new financial platform. On the other side of the world, Mr. Paul Yapoga has come to tremendous results with preparing interenational contracts to feed the platform with immediate fundings. Prnciplaly attracting the GCC regions to come to invest in African projects. More to come and details are difficult to announce due to the sensitivity of these operations. In good time, and with the help of good medias, announcement will be made that will surely surprise people. The winning strategies relies always on good communications and common sense reflection to making our progress smooth and transparent.

Extra Section

DAY BY DAY REPORTS - click here

Tuesday 5, 2021:
Day starts at 2 Am:
The 4 Terms sheet documents in Italian
Talk to Harvey Thompson about Song production and meeting on the 14th.
Fixed Jean Francois Diatta Email accounts
Appointment for one new member in Africa ICB
Communication with about ten people online
Cleaned up the sites with maintenance on plugins

Wednesday 6, 2021
Day starts at 3:00 Am:
11th meeting with Emma
Appointment of 2 new members Africa ICB
Appointment with 2 Brand Professional Paris France ICB
Meeting with Maya Social Media Queen
DWB appointment for Madame Flore Bell
Public Website started for IWC
Letter of Donation to Corporation + Publication in the Site
Downloaded the DP Pre-loader into the WordPress system.

Thursday 7, 2021
Day starts at 2 Am:
Communication with Andy & Trinity Group <br>Installing the new plugins for the Websites Marinef and DWB (Divi Supreme)Appointment of Luc Brand celebrity to ICB
Appointment for Flore Bell Marine Foundation<br>Appointment for Flore Bell DWB director
Letter of Donation to Donor from the US.
Changed the footer of the Website adding Trinity Group and DWB Logo<br>Added DWB Japan registered as Japanese Corporation

Friday 8, 2021
Day starts at 5 Am:
Discussion with DWB chairman – Report and Resolution
POW WOW Festival Events Schedule for early summer
Discussion with Paul Yapoga – office in Paris
The infrastructure of the Internation Women Club IWC’s Website

Saturday 9, 2021
Day starts at 3 am
Completion of the Week 2 report
Review of the Kingdom page at Montebise https://marinef.org/montebise/
Started event design for Brian’s POW WOW summer event
Review of the Event organization of the Foundation
Set up of the WPO World Peace Orchestra President Sachi Kobayashi
Appointment Zoom call with Washington DC New members. Set up of new Screen Recorder Software for News Tutorials Segment.

NEW ICB MEMBERS - click here

Flore Bell 

Luc Dognin

Rafik Mahiout

Mohammed Ceesay

Kamal El-Mackhloufy

Habib Toure

You may also see the listing of all members on the Brand Leadership page.

The group is organized in 5 section defined as East South Center North and West.

WEBSITE UPDATES - click here

I am trying to find new ways to make the platforms more secure and easier to navigate.
I improved the site with the additonal plugins of DIVI and caching plugin of WP Rocket.
The Chat plugin will be soon impporved to working in communication with anyone’s live questions on whichever pages they look at. I amended some of the content on the chairman’s page. I will also be updating a “support” page wiht video tutorials on the systems of the foundation. To find out quicly about the structure of the entire organization you may to the sitemap page.

To receive the weekly reports on your Whatsapp application on your Android or IOS portable phone, please send a Whatsapp message at +81 90 4944 5599 | Thank you for following us.