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Week 21 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

May 16, to May 22, 2021

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This week in review:
Continuation of Registration: Marine Foundation Gambia Branch
Problem resolve with somebody else errors – the legend of the Gambian Musketeers.

3rd Week in the Gambia

Continuation of Registration: Marine Foundation Gambia Branch

Registration Process

Philip Abel is really a remarkable person. Of course, this would have to be said in addition to the beautiful Lady of the house, Rose. I still ravish about her cooking skills who truly had me rethink Gambian cooking after the poor experience I had in the best hotel of the country: nothing beats home-cooking. A bit the same experience I had after dining at Mrs. Balde’s house last month where Sheraton food could not measure to her home-cooking. Again, Thank you Mimi (Madame Balde or Mama Africa) for your wonderful welcome. This extends now to the President Marine Foundation the Gambia who is meant to also meet Mrs. Balde, President of the Marine Foundation Guinea Conakry. 

Registration Process.

The legal representing is the powerful “Amie Bensouda & Co” law firm and the bank is “Access Bank” which is considered to be the best in the country. Philip is the connection to all these good structures and truly it feels good to be so well representated. I was pleased to meet all the good network introduced by Philip and truly each time always a great comfort and pleasure to be talking to the right people.

A call for Celebration: A Blessing in Disguise

I would not hide the fact that I did promise and fulfill my commitment to support the unresolved billing of the 3 musketeers who were here at the Coco Ocean 3 months before my arrival and who failed to pay their bills due to the accidental disappearance of their original sponsor and pretendant buyer of the Megabank. Here is the facture which was billed to the Tourist Agency who made the reservation for them. This bill was paid on the 19th of May 2021. It is a call for celebration since this was put on my shoulder for the past 3 weeks, and trying to find out how I could help these people from going to jail. The 3 musketeers had a good heart, and they just needed help which acts on my part would turn out to become a blessing for the Marine Foundation later on. What happened is is that they stay in the hotel expecting the result to come through their client who had told them to stay there waiting for his return but the sponsor did not come back and their hope selling the Megabank was lost creating dilema for the Gambian government officials they met especially since the bank was the responsibility of the Central Bank who owned the bank and whose Governor lost his job and position because of this failure. The 3 musketeers had no choice to but to find someone to come and save the day. Therefore I received the call one week of my departure from Japan with my delegation to Guinea Conakry. I had noo clue of such story and I sincerely thought that going to the Gambia after completing the mission in Conackry was a good thing to do. After 3 days of being in the Gambia, late at night, the musketeers came over and explained that if they did not pay the bill below they would be picked up by the police on the next day. It was a hard decision for me and I did promise them that I would do the necessary after I met the police and keep them out of Jail until I am able to find a solution for them. After 3 weeks of struggle, the solution finally came and I was able, by the grace fo God, able to resolve their problem. Thanks God, my headacke was over and became able to focus on all the good things that supposelbly would be of matter, like regiestering the Marine Foundation and focusing on the real purpose of my coming here.

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