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Week 22 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

May 23, to May 29, 2021

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This week in review:
Meeting the President of The Gambia at the State House
Enter the DWB… in Africa

Meeting the President of The Gambia at the State House

When I faced the President sitting on a comfortable chair right across from his office desk, I felt I had not much to say. He was preoccupied with the soccer game on the vast screen standing on the right wall of the room, and I was happy he was happy, wishing I could just stand there and watch the game together. The gentleman on my right (one of the famous musketeers) opened the session by introducing himself and the bank he and his friends fell to sell to some previous fake investors, and really, this was not a good intro. The President knew the heartbreaking story of the Megabank in the past and therefore asked him to let me speak instead as I could pretty much well introduce myself and the foundation on my own. Then the room’s mood lightened up a little, and I couldn’t tell if Liverpool or Arsenal was leading the score, but Mr. President was indeed distracted by the sound of Arsenal, his favorite team winning. His tone was severe and unfriendly until I mentioned that I came to greet him here on the reference of the Bensouda family! Philip and Fatou Bensouda and their son Philip Abel had called me earlier to embrace the President on behalf of the entire family warmly. That did it! The smile was back on his face, and now he was away from watching the sport screen, and with just a few words, I introduced what I came to do in the Gambia. He was very interested and mentioned that all of our immediate Marine Foundation projects were precisely what the country needed in the most urgent times. President Barrow, I felt, is a kind man with the right intentions, but yet unable to achieve the dreams he cherishes to accomplish for his country. At the Marine Foundation, perhaps the teaching of absolute respect could lead a leader to do right by the people and nation. Respect for life and the environment would drive someone to bring improvement into the growth of people. In the era in which we live, and it has been the same in the past, a true leader thinks of others first. I am sure that President Barrow has that in his mind to realize and virtue to master until righteousness sinks into the planning of regional development. I presume that the work of being a Nation’s President is more a mission and than just a job.

President Adama Barrow

Adama Barrow is a Gambian politician and real estate developer who is the third and current President of the Gambia, in office since 2017. Born in Mankamang Kunda, a village near Basse Santa Su, he attended Crab Island Secondary School and the Muslim High School, the latter on a scholarship. read more...

Enter the Lion (not the “Dragon”) – Enter the DWB… In Africa

Brian S. Mason

Chairman of the Development World Bank – Official Website

Native First Nations of the World

First Nations of the world, mainly represented by American Indians, have had their share of misery and struggle after their homeland became invaded by European settlers at the wake of the last century. Promises have been broken by the invaders and retribution to native people never been fulfilled. The DWB recognizes Africa as the Motherland of all Natives. The Development World Bank comes to Africa with the heart of giving first. Therefore under the principle of reforms in the banking system and using its wide PR sister organization, the Marine Foundation, it comes in peace with the goal of helping Africa become the greatest and most powerful economic region of the earth. 

The DWB purchasing its own banking license in the Republic of the Gambia

Purchasing an established structure like the Megabank in the Gambia became a bad idea, and plan B resolved into our own financial structure from scratch and with the nation’s blessing. DWB will become a tool for developing the entire region with a platform that will attract investors and sponsors worldwide.

First Development World Bank is an Investment Corporation that Stands for the Well-being of the Humanities.

Ideology to Humanity’s support through a Unique and Futuristic Platform, by Administering and Implementing the Law of Common Sense.

The Structure is Set for Reforming the 21st Century with New Banking Systems Using its Own Economic Development Platform.


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