Week 26 – June 22 to June 27, 2020

This week was the miracle of meeting very special people but truly I had to do lots of work. The president of the International project the Japan-Korea Tunnel, had me visit Fukuoka the birth of the project with 500 meters already dug into the ground and Tsushima Island just between Korea and Japan where the tunnel will get through as well. A real beautiful site indeed and that gave me some inspiration as to the establishment of a Marine Foundation office in the region. Nagasaki next to Fukuoka is the foremost most maritime representation of Japan.

Montebise the Ultimate PR and Event Gathering Project.

This is something that I have been studying through the years and now comes its reality. The Montebise project is a World Consortium Assembly of all the 32 Kingdom Nations of the world. Have a look:  Montebise

It is something that is not difficult to build and yet an impossible dream, even for the most ambitious of concepts. To me, this project represents the beginning of heaven on earth. This and many other projects. Read through the line and nothing written there is just random. Everything is inspiration based on the heart that wants to build for others. Marine Foundation is building a supranational structure replacing the old conventional world structure and killing the old ego. Which means that just as the Olympics, it will do good but just multiplies a thousand time.

The Peace Assembly of Kingdom Nations / or Montebise House of Dynasties

It might take a minute to download because it is still a fresh page and the CDN networks take a little time to pick up.

I will send all the other promised documentation to new members from today. Beatrice Le Troadec, I know you have been waiting for Montebise for a time now. Here it is and you have an important position with the project. I will add the International Production Team member to the page soon and I know you guys are ready to pull this out.

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