Week 27 – June 29 to July 4 – 2020

This was indeed a very serious week filled with happenings a bit too great to be able to describe with words.

First Development World Bank is coming your way.

I cannot speak of the details of this lightly and I will have to wait for a little time before the official announcement next month. This is just to say that God takes care of everything. Everything is planned from conception. It is very normal that the Marine Foundation, one of the greatest development platforms on earth would have its own bank and financial platform. Well, it is made possible today and starting from August 2021.

Supreme IT and Marketing Platform.

This also had to happen and this is fortunate that now we can access the best to fulfill the rest of the coding of WIKINATIONS and GCLA.

New Beautiful Members

Just go on the leadership page and click in the middle section tab to discover the new members. They actually are long time friends and supporters whose time is right to join the platform.

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