Week 28 – July 6 to July 11 – 2020

ONE Million Heart Commitment – This message is naturally destined to high end donors or sponsors. But it can serve the education of anyone and may turn to great benefits if you range into the International Committee of the Brand.


The nature of being a foundation naturally compels me to ask for donations. The most money I have received through the years has been conditional to what I can give back to those who gave and structure wanted it that way or else I would have never gotten anything. Basically, I found out that most people are struggling for money and fight very hard to get it. Therefore, if you are not a multimillionaire this message is not totally for you.

Nonetheless, even if you are not wealthy you can still be part of the solution and the system is written entirely to profit those whose heart is directed to help. This is why I have conceived the co-brand owner system which gives each member the power of beneficial introductory as part of being registered with the foundation. Not only will you unconditionally gain with the worldwide deployment of the brand but also each time you bring a sponsor or donor to the platform, you are being accounted for. How wonderful Is that?

Now, today, as I am in the wake of worldwide expansion because I have completed the entire organizational concept, I need ONE million to get the show on the road. This is addressed to a wealthy individual, perhaps you, if you fit to that category of business leader. There is a great difference between a rich executive and a prosperous wealthy person. Both heart could be the same, but the rich executive does not have the mind set to give away that kind of money. The wealthy prosperous person, on the other hand, has the capability to give if his/her heart is moved by either the “heavens” or “ego”.

Marine Foundation to our discovery, is entirely developed with goodness as it’s base. Without economic stability, there can be no peace. The foundation is entirely formulated to monetize each of it’s structure, and thus it’s configuration will profit anyone who gets involved. How wonderful is that too?

To go on launching the entire structure, Heaven is asking me to move the heart of ONE wealthy person or organization, that stands willing to bring ONE million onto the platform. Once it is inaugurated, the system will take over and naturally multiply itself. I am the only one who can make the launching happen while thousands of people will take over with the network and strategies already in for multiplication.

This offering contribution has nothing to do with what’s already into our financials and it is strictly something that myself only will use for deployments. I need this funds independently of the foundation’s business to take me to the places of fruition and establishing the platforms such as the Billionaires Legacy Council for Peace & Infrastructural Reconstruction.

If God Himself is to bring me this ONE million then He is asking me to send this message out. Because Heaven will choose and move the heart of ONE of you to make this happen. Only one wealthy person whose heart is still pure and awaken can make this offering. And if you, the reader is not financially standing for that purpose, Heaven can still use you to lead to that person. The power of God’s heart has created the systems and laws of the universe. The power of your heart can help make God’s dream come true. Tell yourself that if you have just understood this message, you, yourself are as great as the energy that has brought your soul to life on earth. Therefore if you are not in the ability to help, your prayer alone can still make for thousands of blessings coming your way. How extraordinary wonderful Is that?

If you are the wealthy chosen one, you are answering the calls of millions of people who have been waiting for you. You will be granted the honorific title of Grand Admiral of the Marine Foundation and the introductory person will have the most special position of extraordinary benefits. You will know in time that the Marine Foundation’s platform presents to be the greatest system to the substance of peace on earth and if you dare to believe it, it is not me asking. How incredible and amazing is that?

I can guaranty you that if your heart has been touched as you might read just 10% of what’s written in our presentation, if you are a chosen one, you will automatically and voluntarily support me no questions asked. When Heaven’s Providence moves about, it appears free of corruption and anything that might blockade the path. There are no second-guessing here but only 100% faith to show for. Only a genius at heart can respond to the call of a humanity in need and this is regardless of backgrounds, race of religion. If you have a percent of your fortune to benefit the start of other fortunes, then you have fulfilled your true purpose on earth.

The Honorary Admiral Club Society is an inspiration to the core education systems of the Marine Foundation. One of them WNF – World Naval Federation, inspire the zealous spirit of young people toward challenges for a better self in order to lead and invest into building better societies. The Master of Oneself is a Master to all. It starts with the firm realization that happiness can only be achieved with the care and service to others. Heaven guides and inspires those whose heart are kind to others. Supreme Club of Admirals

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