Week 29 – July 13 to July 18 – 2020

When pilgrims came in new-found land the first thing they did is build a church and school and that before building their home. When the Marine Foundation comes to the new countries it will take care of the children first and give water and electricity. That is the heart and common sense of true development.


“Waterotor” is the greatest discovery since electricity. It brings energy and pure water at the same time. This is the technological flagship of the Marine Foundation. It was presented by the upcoming founder and president of the “First Development World Bank”. Please watch the video below – The Founder of Waterotor accompany with First Development World Bank founder addressing directing to me. This is a video message to the Marine Foundation.


Friday 17th of July 2020, Mr. Brian S.Mason meets Mr. Fred Ferguson founder and owner of Waterotor. This is a message directly addressed to the founder of the Marine Foundation, in the conclusion and initiative that this discovery would become the technological flagship of our organization. This was made possible by the vision of the upcoming founder of the First Development World Bank Mr. Brian S. Mason, whose vision joined withe the Marine Foundation is bringing all the dots together of what is to be the most extraordinary platform of development on earth.

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