Week 30 – July 20 to July 25 – 2020

Week 16 – April 13-18-2021

First World Development Bank – WDB

Nothing exceptional this week, except that I have been nominated as vice chairman of the upcoming First Development World Bank (DWB) This happened by the advisory of chairman Mr. Mason to a unanimous decision of his future board of directors.

Chairman Mason is the first economist pioneer and reformist who brings banking to people’s tables. Just like Martin Luther translated the Bible in German and creating a religious reform of no precedent, DWB translates money management into immediate development structures for any region that suffers the lack of funds for its people’s economic needs. A bank uniquely and uncompromisingly dedicated to economic developments of all regions and outside the grid of corruption.

Just like it doesn’t take to be a politician to be the leader of a country, it doesn’t take to be a banker to the leadership of a bank.
If bank owners were visionaries instead of banking professionals sharks, the world would already be in much better shape.


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