July 27 to August 15, 2020

A fabulous 3 weeks.

Prerequisite Knowledge to Becoming a Member of the Marine Foundation.

These might not be my words, but words you already know to exist. And if they already live in your conscience, you are indeed a real benefactor to human societies.

The Marine Foundation is the “United Nations” without the geopolitics and the bureaucracy: a Pure Development Platform that will make some of the most exceptional organizations on earth look like Kindergarten. All the talent you will ever need is to be passionately curious.

Your education is what remains after you have forgotten what you’ve learned in school. Take any project you want to develop for others; if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough, and if you think you’ve never made a mistake, is it because you’ve never tried something new.

Your imagination is everything and much more important than knowledge. When your imagination turns into a vision, it becomes the preview of your life’s coming excitement. If you think your intellect is going to take you somewhere, think again. Your character is what will carry you anywhere.

A teacher should be an artist in the art of awakening joy and creativity in expression and knowledge. The knowledge of interpreting “what is” is very different from the wisdom of knowing what should be. Thus, while I still question the infinity of the universe, I tend to be certain that human stupidity is genuinely infinite.

The only reliable source of knowledge is experience. No continents can measure with the greatness of Africa,  recipient of the greatest minds on earth, and what Africa really needs are the conditions in which the children can learn. It is often true that your past education will interfere with your learning, so if you ‘ve never been to school at a young age, take up learning something new now, and you might surprise yourself.

Our present activities:

The conception of the “First Development World Bank”, – an unprecedented and unique financial platform ideally suited to all of the Marine Foundation’s projects (imminent launch of the bank website)

MARINE FOUNDATION USA – in Las Vegas with for the Las Vegas President, an intimate friend of the iconic Stevie Wonder
General Consul Diplomatic Position to membership Leadership of the Marine Foundation to the service of Africa and the systematic deployment of projects throughout the continent

The launching of the PR position for the Marine Foundation to undertake the Japan-Korea tunnel using its financial banking platform “First Development World Bank

The initiation of the IT Web development platform which is going to develop the three mass membership platforms of the Marine Foundation: GCLA, WIKINATIONS, and AFFASTAR. (the future of social membership platform – Simultaneous start of operation November 2020)

Feasibility studies launch to Re-design and Re-build Freetown Sierra Leone – Establishment of the first Renovated small Communities of Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal with the installment of the first WATEROTOR systems. (December 2020)
Purchase of the VIP Club House of Switzerland as the signatory center of projects in symmetry with the purchase of the first Marine Embassy of Development in Ottawa, Canada. (in the current of the year 2020)

BlueForest Project PR Announcement through Senegal with the design of the Senegal Project Design center / Involvement of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics with Royal Clipper Ship and welcoming of Hollywood and Bollywood council of entertainment celebrities

MONGOLIA International Children Resort and Hospital inauguration and presentation. December 2021. Construction Company and Architectural design initiated.

From February 2021 – the Marine Foundation will announce the debut of its 20 agencies of development and the making of some 30 new projects every month.

The First Annual International Banquet of Ambassadors will take place in Ottawa in May 2021 to multiply to over 30 World Capital Cities.

The above is only 10% of the execution program planning of the Marine Foundation.
Now all the while, the school projects are being designed and will be first installed in Africa. The first giant school will produce the education and well being of 15000 children per school.

If you are ready for a change, the time is now.

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