Weeks of August 31st to September 19

Luckily for the Marine Foundation, we now walk with our foundation’s bank. It is called “First Development World Bank” or DWB, and it is open for business. Four years ago, a gentleman named Brain S. Mason took the endeavor to create a financial platform out of the conventional system. Entirely out of the box. Upon the completion of the registration of the bank four years later, Mr. Mason discovered the Marine Foundation through one of our dear members in the USA, Mrs. Yvette Viverito, who led the bank’s chairman to describe our dear Marine Foundation what he calls “The greatest project development on earth”. He concluded that according to his principles of supporting the world at large, an association between the bank and the foundation would mark the inception of what could represent the perfect solution in bringing fast economic development throughout the planet.

Today the Marine Foundation is not anymore just a non-profit humanitarian environment but also a real brand for businesses to be established worldwide. Marine Foundation has already established all the bases for being the greatest such organization on earth and just like a rocket ship, just needed the fuel platform to take off and sustain itself.

The fact of the matter is that the bank is born to serve the native first nations of all continents. The most remarkable native ground of the earth, besides north and south America or Australia, is Africa’s land. Although colonized through time, Africa has never given up its traditional heritage and kept itself to become 54 states of sovereign recognized nations. Which also means that Africa is the Motherland of all native people of the world. That is a simple truth. If Africa is the motherland of all natives it also means it is the motherland of humanity.

Mr. Mason’s mother is from the Mi’kmaq Tribe, a First Nations people of the Northeastern Woodlands of Canada. The renown Royal Bank of Canada is the only bank in the world that has created a history of supporting indigenous people. The DWB springs out of the RBC, therefore probably the most transparent financial platform of the Americas. To his support to set up the new bank, Mr. Mason has been endorsed by most of Canada’s tribal Chiefs, and the matter of course, the first registration of the new bank occurred on native British Colombia’s land. (Which also means it is free of taxation)

You have to ask yourself how providential is all of this really is. If you could realize how much common sense this makes, you would automatically, without question, want to jump right in the opportunity of connecting with this providence. It means that the foundation is now completed its systems of promotional developments and will not wait for anyone anymore to come along to its support. We now march full steam ahead with a great Indian Chief like Brian S. Mason on the warpath of economic development and peace in activating real time both our platforms. We are about to take the world over and bring each of our children a chance to real prosperity.

I, for myself, am retiring from my pioneer status and will approach this new position as an element of surprise and joyfully, peacefully, and with the zeal of conquest to listen but only to my heart and the heart of my special teams of real friends and do what the right thing to do is. There won’t be any conventional ways to act, and that would be what will make us a genuine reform and a tool for heaven to use. You do not have to be a religious person to join or understand our systems. The simple act of just recognizing that economic solution are the ways to establishing peace on earth, is enough to qualifying you as a Global Citizen. Respect for life (starting with our children) and our environment (starting with your birthplace) will truly help us make the difference and brings us where we all owe to be: Together.

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