Weeks of September 21 to October 3, 2020

My Dearest Friends and Supporters of the Marine Foundation. When I talk about the Marine Foundation, I usually use the term “WE” because this is an organization that belongs to anyone who loves it. When we used to say that we would help the world and change things around, our interlocutors used to smile or laugh at us a little, enjoying the thought that to them, we might be an extension of “LA-LA Land.” Nevertheless, the waves of laughter have now suddenly turned to complete silence. It feels like now, people display a reflecting mood when we add the word “BANK” to our structure. Indeed we are now a Bank. Or at least, one can affirmatively say that a “bank” structure has the business model that has caused one Rothchild family to dominate the world economy. Did they make the world a better place? They might have done it in real-time if they had an organization like the Marine Foundation serving as their moral entity to their thoughts of world domination. Rockefeller said it: “I would give everything for a perfect PR (Public Relations) person.” Now that our development organization also belongs to a development Bank, what do you think will happen? If you want to understand how the world will change, study the example of the world’s banking history, in the present, replace the word “Bank” with DWB, and now you can perceive a vision of hope. This time around, you will see the miracle of transformations within your lifetime, and this, my friend, is the Tree of Life.

Recapitulation of Facts:

The Marine Foundation is now under sovereign protection and ownership of the DWB bank, supersized by an International Committee of 360 Member Advisers worldwide. (If this is not the best organization ever built, then what is? In brief, heaven is taking over).

In the short two months’ time of its inception with the Marine Foundation, DWB has successfully engineered the confirmation of some significant financial multimillion-dollar contracts.

1. An African government will finance all of its nation’s commodity markets through DWB.

2. A Canadian Government Agency has confirmed a 100 million Canadian dollar investment into Blue Sky Solar Inc. utilizing the DWB as a banking facility platform and stamped by RBC Royal Bank of Canada.

3. A mutual fund to support African students across the entire continent is opening an account with DWB with the injection participation of large financing institutions.

These facts are only the beginning. The way I see things, if we want to help humanity and our heart has the wisdom to think of development for others before thinking of our gain, then we will attract all the fortune of the world. In the process, systems emerge to make it financially profitable for all those involved, and that is how prosperity flourishes. My advice to anyone is to be strong and courageous. There is nothing one cannot achieve, but your heart must stand in the right place first.

Honoring our ancestors

I was my mother’s first child. Mr. Brian S. Mason might as well be the big brother I never had. I speak in terms of wanting to help our world with econmic development. In that respect, DWB is as essential as the Marine Foundation, and I can honestly tell you that owning a financial platform beats having all the money in the world. Mr. Mason is the sole ownership of a structure that will make our ancestors proud. Born on Native First Nations’ land, we now dwell within an environment to represent natives anywhere and starting with Africa as a prirotity it is to say that the Motherland comes first. Therefore, the celebration of Culture is the celebration of our Ancestors’ life.

First Development World Bank – DWB

DWB - First Development World Bank Presentation - PDF click here

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