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January 31, to February 6, 2021

New-Year 2021 Short Message
Detailed daily reports

This week in review:
Winning African Concept
Carmen Colle’s Economic Development
African Diplomat Looking like Sean Connery
Sent communications to Steven Seagal
The Prospect of Guinea Conakry and Mrs. Balde

World Broadcasting Message:

Week 6 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

Winning Concept in Africa, welcoming winning Investors:

Carmen Colle, the greatest dressmaker in the world, is now with the Marine Foundation. She is establishing “Haute Couture” in Africa to give birth to thousands of jobs for women in the fashion and textile industry. Given her reputation, I would invite any potential investors to the purpose of supporting this noble endeavor and enterprise. This is a winning business, and Africa is yet to become the most attractive market in women’s apparel, clothes, and anything related to beauty. Just look at Carmen’s page, where you can also see a video of her works at the bottom. She is behind some of the world’s greatest designer brands, and if a Princess needs a prestigious garment, she will ask for something in the conception of Carmen Colle. There is no greater than her in that field. It is simply a simple truth. Even the famous brand “Channel” has attempted to copy her patented technics and lost a seven-year court case against Mrs. Colle. It was like “David and Goliath” of the modern age. Although Carmen won the case, it cost her to her company, “World Tricot Paris” to recuperate. But there is always a blessing hidden behind difficulties, and so the birth of “World Tricot Africa” starting in Tunisia to spread to the entire continent. I am invited our Minister of Education, Mrs. Amsatou Sidibe, Senegal, to see how she could introduce the concept to project development as part of her developing network of thousands of women looking for empowerment through economic development.

As an additional recent newsAt the King of Ghana’s request (Presently the President of the Republic of Ghana), Madame Colle is invited by His Serene Highness Mr. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to process a fabric old from 1500 BC from the period of ancient Egypt. Mrs. Colle’s know-how leads the President to invite her to sublimate this fabric in gold fiber to bring it to the requirements of Haute-Couture for distribution to other kingdoms and also the Emirates. These are the typical gifts that a King gives to other Kings and Queens and Princesses and Princes visiting the kingdom.

The Trinity Group and DWB Advancement

We met the top diplomat in charge of Africa through a zoom conference call on Tuesday the 2nd.  He had a look at some actor I knew. The conversation came to the bank’s presentation and the marketing system through the development platform, which Mr. Mason insisted on presenting. Completing the communication, we just had to send the bank’s strategic presentation and the chart of operation. Mr. Andy of the Trinity Group was prompt in preparing the documentation. The Russian VIP delegate, looked exactly like Sean Connery in the movie  “The Hunt for the Red October”. It is meant to be a compliment. Mr. Mason was direct as he usually is, and the conversation meant to be an introduction to the technicality of setting up the DWB on Russian soil. I did introduce the Marine Foundation’s marketing concept to the bank’s deployment worldwide, but that was just for show. The most important is that we are moving forward with our system, regardless of what anybody thinks of technicalities. Like the UNICEF saying, they will change the world with the SDG principles, yet they are still debating in geopolitics while millions of children are still starving. Setting up a bank is actually simple as 1, 2, and 3. DWB already has its base on the native lands of British Columbia, and that is the trade of Mr. Mason. To have a charter from the Royal Bank of Canada is much more difficult than receiving a bank license from any country in the world. I believe that if DWB is established with its full license from the Russian Federation, it is the entire nation’s PR salvation. DWB possesses something that every bank in the world would dream of possessing: a supranational PR and Development platform by the name of the Marine Foundation.

Prospects of Development in Morocco:

Mr. Taib our Morocco representative director was kind to introduce his cousin who is already a very seasoned Journalist. We have chosen Casablanca to branch the “Foreign Correspondent Club of Africa” in that beautiful city as a first pilot project. The concept is good to go to any country of Africa. On that note, we will choose Madagascar a place where we can establish the club without any constraint from local governments. Laurence Rakotobe owns a hotel there in the capital city and we plan a full club operation with the media there.

Communication with Mr. Steven Seagal attached to the Russian Federation:

On Friday the 5th, I established relation with celebrity Mr. Steven Seagal, presently serving public responsibilities for the government of Russia. Mr. Seagal is a proud member of the Russia Geographical Society. He is also  Appointed by Russia as Special Envoy to the U.S.appointed by Mr. Putin. See the article here. When you communicate with a famous individual and it is the first time, you have the choice of being very clear of sharing your vision with the risk of wasting someone’s time or being just blank and direct with the risk of being ignored entirely unless you bump into that person in an elevator in NYC where you just happened to say “Hi”. It is what happened to me when I met Keith Diamond the Producer with whom I became best friends back in the days. Nobuko Kotoyori is my introduction to Steven Seagal. Nobuko is like an angel of goodness when it comes to communications. She can approach or talk to almost anyone on the planet just like sunshine crosses your eyes in the early morning sun. You look to the light with the feeling of “oh wow it’s a beautiful day”.  I suppose she had that effect on Steven Seagal and to this day she is a best friend of his circle. However, regardless of how famous a person might be, no one beats the fact that you are also a celebrity, in your own way and in your daily life. Entertainers and business celebrities are only a temporary part of our focus of attention in our life on earth. What is important is where does our focus should go if we desire to be fulfilled as individuals. If you focus on achieving a little for the sake of others, you are a celebrity that reaches fame much beyond this world. Who cares if somebody watches a movie of you or listens to your song. The most important is to remember that you are ONE great person in your daily activities if you are able to believe that your true value surpasses anything you might presently know of yourself. Steven Seagal might as well be someone that actually cares for other people, and that would be why he should probably be with the Marine Foundation.

Guinea Conakry and Scheduled Meeting with the President:

Thanks to Mrs. Balde, one of Africa’s most beautiful ladies (in my opinion), we are now registered onto the desk of His Excellency President Alpha Conde of Guinea Conakry. When President Conde took office, he became the first freely elected president in the country’s history. That says a lot about the Providence of him being the first personal presidential appointment of the Marine Foundation and DWB. It is also the work of our Economic Development Minister, Mr. Paul Yapoga, who tactfully made his way towards this event to happen. We also plan to bring architect Henri Gueydan, Minister of  Marine Foundation’s Construction and Real Estate Infrastructure. Another providential point of meeting President Conde is the fact that he is already very much appointed with President Putin. Isn’t it a nice coincidence?

[dsm_tilt_image src=”https://marinef.wpenginepowered.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Guinea-Conakry-image.jpg” title_text=”Guinea-Conakry-image” show_in_lightbox=”on” dsm_tilt_max=”42″ dsm_tilt_speed=”218″ align=”center” _builder_version=”4.8.2″ _module_preset=”default” box_shadow_style=”preset1″][/dsm_tilt_image][dsm_tilt_image src=”https://marinef.wpenginepowered.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Putin-Conde.jpg” title_text=”Putin-Conde” show_in_lightbox=”on” dsm_tilt_max=”42″ dsm_tilt_speed=”218″ align=”center” _builder_version=”4.8.2″ _module_preset=”default” box_shadow_style=”preset1″][/dsm_tilt_image]

Extra Section

DAY BY DAY REPORTS - click here

Sunday 31, 2021:
The day starts at 3 Am:
Harvey Thompson launch singing lesson school.
Maria special contact.

Monday 1, 2021:
The day starts at 5:00 Am.
Ayumi Nakamura’s Birthday – IBC member

Tuesday 2, 2021:
The day starts at 3:00 Am.
Communication with Yvette USA – the Prospect of development
Abdoula documentation on-page. The Kingdom of Morocco.
Discussion with Mr. Mason – the prospect of this wee’s achievement.
Set up Concept of the Foreign correspondent Club Morocco
Business Plan declaration for the Russian Group.
Carmen Colle Celebrity Haute Couture becomes an IBC member.
Meeting with Russian delegate on Zoom.

Wednesday 3, 2021:
The day starts at 2:00 Am.
Discussion with Aboula and Hashna Foreign Correspondent Club of Morocco.
Discussion with Brian -Reflection on the zoom meeting with Mr. Constantine.
Andy completes the chart ready or the Russian bank structure. <br>Completion of Carmen Colle page Blog presentation of World Tricot Africa in the making.
News: Yoko on a visit to Okinawa.
Attempt to contact Steven Segal through his friend Nobuko.
Contact with the Princess Queen of PR – Governments and Royals

Thursday 4, 2021:
The day starts at 3:00 Am.
Beautiful messages from Princess Sanyogita of India.
Cordelia’s appointment on DWB.
Diligence document for the new office in Paris.
Welcoming Abellard – Isabella – Jean – Joel – Simon – Ruth – Rinaz / IBC Members
Marine Foundation Contact the Russian Geographical Society.
Mail organization.
Checking the webmail system with the websites.
Clean the desktop and organize the files.
Message from Nobuko about successfully contacting Steven Seagal.

Friday 5, 2021:
The day starts at 6:00 Am.
Sent communication to Steven Seagal / I always communicates about vision when I should be more simple and secular. This is my problem. Therefore I hope will get a reply. Soon when we are in Position, I will know how to address better to celebrities.
Communication with Paul Yapoga concerning an emergency medical in Cote d’ Ivoire. (Mrs. Koura Ouattara’s daughter, Manuela)
We are trying all we can to support Manuela’s situation with all the resources we possess.
Documentation to fill for the 2 offices in Paris located in the Champs Elysees.
Communication with Mr. Mason concerning the last events with Russia.
Communication with Paul Yapoga – Preparation for Guinea Conakry – <br>Filling documentation for Paris offices.
Complete all the IBC pages of 5 new members.
Discussion with Mrs. Kubo for the reception of funds Investment which defined to next Monday or Tuesday.
Appointment made to Osaka for the 17th of February – Shinchan & Nobuko.
Optimizing the website through the Cloudflare application.
Report of the situation to Andy and the Trinity Group.
Discussion with Mr. Mason – Positive Development of the DWB.

Saturday 6, 2021:
The day starts at 1:00 Am.
Communication with Laurence of Madagascar. The introduction of Paul Yapoga.
Registration of the New office in Paris – the big one – not the first one as presented 2 weeks ago. (the address will be updated).
DWB new report with important news of development.
IT work – Working with the other websites.
Preparation of the files for the WIKINATIONS.COM portal.
Preparation review of the GCLA Membership platform. (Global Citizen Live Association)
GCLA is the first 3 D social communication platform ever. We plan to set the server in Switzerland or in Madagascar.
The server in Madagascar will have diplomatic status protection based on NATIVE SOVEREIGN LAND registration and domiciliation in British Columbia, home of DWB.  

NEW ICB MEMBERS - click here

Carmen Colle

Abellard Gensly

Isabella Marziali

Jean Rodney

Joel K. Ngetich

Simon Ellse

Ruth Yapoga

Rinaz MN. Mohamed


You may also see the listing of all members on the Brand Leadership page.

The group is organized in 5 sections defined as East South Center North and West.

WEBSITE UPDATES - click here

Optimizing the website through the cloufare application.
That was a main struggle. Speed is of the essence and our website has over 1000 pages. I feel I have invested into too many plugins and this is probably crowding the database. But I added optimization system from the Cloudfare portal which willl allow me to clean the cache each time I update or build new pages or post.
I am about to start the structure of Wikinations and that is going to be lots of fun.

Explanation of the basic technology that I use to build website:
I use WordPress  and I add the DIVI infrastructure to it. DIVI is quite solid now with clean codes allowing all kinds of design possibilities. I like it as I can actually design pages quite fast in this way. Because DIVI has come a long way with becoming a major child theme for wordpress, the system can be oweverwhelming at first. But you can get use to it if you spend a bit of time studying it because it has a slight learning curve. I do not need to place the infrastructure of DIVI with an additional child theme to protect the original codes of the Theme because it can be done through the Theme option where you can store all additional codes. However with the great plugins that exist today, the use of CSS is not really important since most plugins will allow you to do almost anything you want. Keep it simple to the original concept of the Theme so that to not be surprised with broken codes when the theme itself is being updated. Keeping in mind that lots of plugins is not back up by a strong company at the base, gets old and old codes can eventually break lines of your website. I keep it fresh with IT companies that are here to stay such as elegant Themes who produces the DIVI technology.

To find out quicly about the structure of the entire organization you may to the sitemap page.

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