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February 7, to February 13, 2021

New-Year 2021 Short Message
Detailed daily reports

This week in review:
Symposium for the Protection of Children
The Work of Steven Kityo
Inspires the settlement of the first SCU amazing Establishment for children of Africa.
The Greatest Educational System.

World Broadcasting Message:

Week 7 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

The work load of this week was heavy on my shoulder but that is the unavoidable situation of the time. That is I had some 20 staff members working for me when actually it is a much smaller number. Therefore it would be difficult to report every details of the events that happened for the good progress of the platform. Can you imagine if I just had one of the 2000 billionaires alive in the world today, joining me in this venture? Then I would have a sure chance to claim wanting the betterment of the world.

Steven Kityo in Uganda Inspires me to Set up the First SCU Pilot Concept in Africa

An amazing brother. Here is someone who has joined the Marine Foundation quite many years ago. I remember going to his Facebook page and noticing how dedicated he was to his region’s children. Many of the kids he is nourishing and caring for are victims of HIV. I can see how deeply someone or anyone must feel when in direct contact with supporting these children. This is the difference between those who talk and those who face the problem right on the front line. Since I could afford a bit to give, I send the little I could to Steven, thinking that would help him and his own family, But what Steven has done was much different and went all of his ways to spend everything on the kids at his care. The video shows the children saying, “Thank you, Marine Foundation,” and your heart can’t help but shed tears of hope. But the real Hero is Steven, who, with resilience and persistence, has never given up on the little ones. This marks for reflection and confirms how grateful we should feel and how determined we should be in making this platform take off. When I start the pilot project of these fantastic schools to build for the children of Africa and the world, I am choosing Steven’s place to actualize the design center for that purpose. The Center will serve to regroup the Human Resources for the “School village Concept” (Kingdom Schools or SCU See Campus Universal). The concept can welcome 15 000 children per structure in a completely secure and protected environment. Watch for it – it will start this year, 2021. The Center will also serve to gather children’s databases while being a place to come and play, eat, clean, and get health treatments. In the meantime, do not hesitate to send any support to Steven if you have anything to spare. The 1000 dollars that I have sent are the price of the type of shoes I usually buy. One thousand dollars is the price of a nice dinner at an expensive restaurant in Tokyo when I have important guesses. I know we live in different societies, and we cannot compare our lifestyle depending on the responsibility we stand upon and adding positions and status. However, it is good to remember that any small offering will give these kids one little month of happiness while awaiting and pleading for the Marine Foundation to arrive quickly on the ground. You can send anything directly through MONEYGRAM to the correct name of “STEVEN KITYO”, country: UGANDA.

From a Small Donation to Making Miracles

Marine Foundation Japan’s first Aid support to the Steve Kityo foundation already operating with Children in Uganda, providing them care and shelter. On the Video, the children made a banner of their grateful hearts.

1st Symposium for the Protection of Children – March 11, 2021

Marine Foundation’s first International Event (Event Organization Page). This is will be a dream come true as the original purpose of the Marine Foundation and conception: The children. The etymology of the name “Marine Foundation” translates as “Mother’s Womb” in its original concept design. Respect for mother and child is the first step towards social redemption. Millions of children are sold in human trafficking every year. That has to stop and should have zero tolerance in the societies in which we live.

O.U.R Organization

OUR is an organization that is paving the way for the eradication of child sex trafficking.

O.U.R. has made a significant impact in the fight to end sex trafficking and sexual exploitation by rescuing and supporting thousands of survivors in 28 countries and 26 U.S. states. The Marine Foundation would like to help the expansion of OUR throughout the world. Go to OUR official website here

Special Video of O.U.R’s Last Amazing Activities

Extra Section

DAY BY DAY REPORTS - click here

Sunday 7, 2021
The day starts at 4:00 Am.
Conference with South Korea.
Communication with DWB – Andy new Website information.
Preparation for the week ahead.
Apartment contract for Paris to be signed
Checking the project of Rokhaya in Senegal.

Monday 8, 2021
The day starts at 1:00 Am.
Communication with Naima and the Cheika of Sharjah. <br>Special page for Sharjah – marinef.org/sharja.
Creation of the “Partnership Initiatives” Agency.
Discussion with Rokhaya – International Women Club of Africa.
IWC card – Certification document.
Visit the IWC president’s office.
Communication with Steve of Uganda.
Visit the Shinjuku Japanese office.
Dinner appointment with Mr. Ike on the 15th

Tuesday 9, 2021
The day starts at 2:00 Am.
Music review – Entertainment Department.
Communication with the Bank Structure of Japan. Visit retail stores and Car companies.
Confirmation of Japanese bank Structures.
Completion of the DWB Japan Corporate Structure and Bank Account.

Wednesday 10, 2021
The day starts at 5:30 Am.
Discussion with Boat Company Wonmo Marine. Marine Foundation takes over.
Discussion with President John Sato.
Contact Ricardo regarding the distribution of Electronics in Senegal.
Preparation of discussion with Beatrice in France (call next week).
Welcoming Ruth Yapoga.
Document for Terry.

Thursday 11, 2021
The day starts at 1:34 Am.
Communication with Maria’s friend Mr. Khaled.
Communication with Terrence.
Complete the contract presentation for Terrence.
Completed Ruth Yapoga’s page and Appointment.
Creation of SEAD – Scientists and Engineers for African Development – Banquet Symposium – March 28th
Pay Ricardo for the translation.

Friday 12, 2021
The day starts at 8:00 Am.
Reunion with South Korea
Banquet Planning at the Foreign Correspondent Club of Japan.
MDA – Purchase planning of 2 first Boats for Africa to start the agency program.
Start of Design of the Children Hospital Resort in Mongolia.
Visiting the Tokyo African Restaurant “Home Sweet Home.”

Saturday 13, 2021
The day starts at 2:00 Am.
Presentation of Koshi Niwa Japanese living in the Congo.
Correction of the files sent to Terry from Andy.
Taking initiatives for the Switzerland structure.
Completing the new members’ page.
The Blog on Steven Kityo of Uganda.
Initiative of setting up the International Symposium for the Protection of Children.


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