Friday, January 11, 2019


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During the holiday season, I was contacted with lots of opportunities when groups are interested to send funds through our platform in Tokyo. Not that I would like to be too careful and but there is that conscience that tells you that on the financial side of life, things are not as easy as explained by enthusiasts. Today, I had my first official meeting with membership.


First membership meeting:

Yes we are trying hard to come up with financial solutions to the start of the Marine Foundation’s global mapping. That is what was planned from the very beginning and the time has finally come when I would be all over the places around the world to set up the systems and meet the right people in the process. There are attempts to send money in our account in Tokyo but unless the potential donors or sponsors follow duly the banking procedures of our region then, little can be done. But I believe that the right fund that has been promised for a while is now coming and I kind of feel that this is a choice of Heaven somehow.

In the late afternoon I had the chance to meet our brand-owner member, Yoko Akahane, whose last year was a great participant in building up the standard of our foundation higher with the introduction of a great fleet of wonderful people into our midst. I spent time giving her the fine details of our new blogging system which would include lots of little news that would be necessary for everyone else to know. Yoko was welcoming to the Marine Foundation’s new year resolution and that alone makes up for lots of energy to shine upon our efforts to bring the ship to high seas and sail the world to new realms of achievements.

It would actually be difficult to understand the whole development strategy of the Marine Foundation unless hearing from me directly. But the website has bits of codes that can reveal a lots of its amazing secrets, if we do read between pages and lines. I suggest to meet all together at soon time so that at least members know how to post a message through their own pages. Our responsibility, in wanting to build a better world would be to at least put some thoughts into it. I really appreciate the involvement of those who try to somehow make the effort out of the busy schedule. It is not easy to for anyone and we all have our concerns. However, it does feel good to spend time together knowing that every word spoken could turn into a potential inspiration to build new program and set up better strategies to move the world around us into the right spin.


Immediate Follow up:

Trip to Liberia: Define if we will travel from Japan to Liberia in the occasion to meet President George Weah, also a football legend. I am presently preparing the presentation of our team to present to the Ministry of Sport before taking account of an appointment. 

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