Monday, October 15, 2018


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Announcements – All Journals

Preparation of the trip to Africa. We are on the edge fo starting the trip to Africa. Just a bit late for an administrative reason. Thanks to all for your great encourgaments! 

General Reports:

“Jackie, you should probably write a blog for the Marine Foundation. Your understanding of the system is very deep and I could not do better than that”.

This clearly shows that the system by itself was never an invention and I keep telling people that most of it was a discovery. Yes discovering things one bit at a time and formulating ways to put it all together into one giant system.

Greeting to the Uganda Embassy: 

I finally completed a presentation for Her Excellency at the Embassy of Uganda. Through chatting with Steven Kytio of the Kafo Foundation in Uganda, I came up with few ideas on how to set up the Marine Foundation there. Uganda is beautiful and I would love to see a maritime and educational center by Lake Victoria. We will keep on the conversation soon about it.    

An afternoon with a Kimono reception:

Had a meeting with our new Japan membership President, Ms. Yoko Akahane and I felt honored to be welcomed in Kimono. Putting a Kimono on takes lots of time and there are classes for that. End of the month, upon the return from Africa, a young powerful person will fly from Kyusu to meet me and from November 6 I will give a seminar to Nagoya for members out there who wish to meet the foundation.

Brand Ownership:

The “Brand-Ownership” position is very unique to our system.  Japan will accept only 36 brand co-owners. (Asia a total of 72) – Therefore the 5 continents will have each, 72 co-owners of the Brand of the Marine Foundation, making it a total of 360 members. Japan is the birthplace of the foundation, and so we would have more members here. We have 10 members fully registered while many on “reservation”.

Africa. Abidjan, the place I want to see:

There is one place I want to see in Africa and this is the Ivory Coast. I want to go to Abidjan because this is where the Marine Foundation was born in Africa. Ms. Koura Niele Ouattara has done a marvelous work registering the organization there and it took her one year to achieve that. Thanks, Koura! We call Koura “Our Queen” better sounded in French “Notre Reine” ou “Ma Reine”. Her 2 young daughters call me “Uncle Tomeo”, and I can’t wait to see them. They sometimes greet me on WhatsApp and it just gives you the energy you need for the rest of the year.  

Well, that’s all for Today I catch up with you tomorrow. 

Things to do this week: 

Preparation of the trip to Africa. 
Our Japanese membership system.
Meeting with the Base Team in Tokyo.
Completing web work. 

Things to achieve this week: 

Settlement of the Chamber of Law
Takuya’s page / Rieko’s page
Support to Assya in France 
Youth Leadership page to complete
Japan activity page to complete
Installment of the WPML system (website)
Multisite testing system (website)
Social plugin testing (website)
New analytic plugin (website)