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AFFASTAR in the making. 
Preparing the next very important week.
Time at Omotesando Hills.

General Reports:

Art world, a reform that had to come:
I was fortunate to go to Omotesando Hills today, introduced by Brand Owner Yoko Akahane, I met Yoshie Ishii and Asaco Tomizawa, 2 amazing artists in the accessory fashion. At the Marine Foundation, surprisingly to anyone’s expectation, we have a mega plan to support all the artists of the world. It will done through an agency which was designed some several years ago by the name of “AFFASTAR” – Artist Fund & Fan Associated Stardom – This will become the first world online platform for any artist to automatically be appreciated and remunerated in the area in which they live. If you go over the “Network” menu above, you can see that this is one of our platform system (Artist Network). I have proposed Yoshie to design a special scarf for the First Ladies coming to Japan next year and for Asaco, I have a special plan to making her wooden bags a brand of the foundation through a design suited for people who owns yacht (a sort of toilet kit for captains). This would be excellent to starting our brand product line.

The Physics of Education and Celebration at Marine Foundation (Part 6)

Bring your youngsters information and laughter, and you will produce magic out of them. Senior leaders talk about immaturity in young people, but an inspired young mind is never too immature to perform miracles. Test it out. The largest companies in the world today were started with young people barely graduated from college. Virgin Airlines, Microsoft, Apple, Google etc… Of course, at the advantage over the past reformers, we do live in a world of high technology and the comfort of fast communications. The expansion of a thought, service or product depends much on communicative skills. We wake up with all kind of expectations but we usually are simply happy about our day if we’ve learned something new or spent time in healthy communication with others. The standard frame for conventional corporate celebration is usually based on volume or status. But in that spectrum of temporary reality, the “ego” always gets a chunk of people’s moral wisdom until it has them running like peacocks, begging for attention and praise.  The achievement of a good day must prove a result I suppose because there is no freedom without result. To generate the “willpower” that it takes to bring constant good results, an educated mind must center around a grateful heart, and that happens only when the purpose of life itself has been learned and celebrated. (To be continued) 


Much more information are coming soon…

Things to do this week: 

Establishment of the Japan Leadership team Japan

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Settlement of the Leadership system

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Japan activity page to complete:
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Brand Ownership:

The “Brand-Ownership” position is very unique to our system.  Japan will accept only 36 brand co-owners. (Asia a total of 72) – Therefore the 5 continents will have each, 72 co-owners of the Brand of the Marine Foundation, making it a total of 360 members. Japan is the birthplace of the foundation, and so we would have more members here. We have 10 members fully registered while many on “reservation”.