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Inspiration while doing Junko’s blog: I felt a sense of peace there. Blessings of gentle lights of sincere loving care for the environment of our body and soul. When love as much as food, nourishes your body, life regenerates.

Reports: Organization

I am doing what must be done at the moment and yes it feels like I have 50 staffs members in my command but in actually I am alone here with all my brother computers and the tools that I need to deploy. On the other side of the world another person is working hard by the hour or the minutes and this is Nadia our vice chairman. I actually don’t know how she does it. In less than one month she has registered over 40 directors to our board of presidents. Most of these people are VIP with social and corporate responsibilities. It is wonderful. But not only that, she was also able to secure contracts for socio-economic developments noticeably in Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal.

Reports: Leadership Organization

We are growing:
The International Leadership Team is now structured. You can see this on the domain + leadership (

I will write a special report and when you go through the pages, the part resume of each leader is not yet appearing everywhere. It will be completed in the days to come.

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