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A light feather flew across the balcony and landed right next to my feet. I picked it up and truly the marvelous work of creation for a bird to possess a thousand of these and take to the air. But there is much more than I had realized… 

Reports: Land Ahead

It is true I might be doing lots of things every day and it feels like being aboard a ship, stuck in my flat which actually gives me the feeling of being on the deck of a yacht when I blow for air on the balcony in the early morning or late at night under the starry skies.

When pushed by a somewhat providential wind, a bird’s feather landed near my feet, I had a clear picture that land was near to access. I have been navigating this ship a long time now and directions have taken me right and left, up and down on waves of discoveries and new understandings. Wisdom does not come as easily as the wind on your sails.

When you are on a crucial mission, it might take to pierce through your soul as deeply as the skin that covers your bones to truly comprehend universal teachings. It cuts and luckily leaves you a few scares and scars so that the memories keep you redirecting towards safety zones. History should repeat itself like a spiral moving up against plunging into the whirlpool of sinking confusing waters. Every time I overcame the repetition of the past, I found myself to new realizations. Saved by the bell countless of time, now the vast ocean of my thoughts has finally landed me on the shores of good operations.

Can you imagine? the Marine Foundation is and will be the greatest ever of such organization. Here I will replace the words “Non-Profit Organization” with “All-for-Profit Unconditionally Giving Organization”. Yes, that’s what it is, no doubt about it. Yes, I believe in “Profit”, profit for the self and for the whole. There is no true individual profit unattached to real “public profit”. Why is it difficult for a rich and selfish man to let go of his ego? It’s simple: money has built chains around his ankles and pulling him closer and closer to his grave each time he retrieves from taking responsibility for the well-being of others. There are around 2300 billionaires in this world and most of them thinking that they really possess what in fact and indeed they just temporarily borrowed from heaven. But no one can blame them, and they probably worked very hard to arrive at their status, and in fact, all they need is a little education. The Marine Foundation has conceived “the Wealth Legendary Agency” or the “Billionaires Legacy Academia Council for Infrastructural Restoration“. We hold them all in the palm of our hands. There is so much poverty in the mind and heart of a rich self-centered person, that out of pity, we will have them serve humanity for the goodness of their souls. Then these billionaires will proudly qualify as “Heaven’s Partners” for the restoration of the humanities.

With the divine intervention and appearance of our Vice Chairwoman, Her Excellency Lady Nadia Harihiri, the winds of Providence have joined up to guide the Mothership onto the right destinations. I can’t tell you all the details of the work of the past 2 months, but if I did, it would look like 20 years of preparations condensed into a tube of toothpaste. Our Chairwoman managed to gather a team of 56 content and regional presidents where most of them publicly acclaimed and accredited by some amazing professional careers already. Now, these great captains of industries are becoming the fleet of the foundation and frankly, it’s only a tenth of all those who are to join up. The first 72 Presidents will actually consist of the first “International committee” of the worldwide and cosmic Marine Foundation.

I am beyond excited and my excitement is nothing compared to my Grand Father watching me from the heavens. Also, while the Marine Foundation is our great tool for development and owned by creation itself (not me), then I can call the shot and tell you all that it will change the world in substance whether ones wants it or not. It is like a giant “tsunami of love” and it just can’t be stopped. It will surpass the United Nations, the Olympics, the FIFA, Walt Disney, and all the 2200 billionaires of our world put together. It will bring every soul breathing on the planet on the stool of absolute respect for life, respect for one another and respect for the environment. Under the rules and protocol of absolute respect for life, all cultures, colors, and religions are good. The one who respects the most will attract the most. Respect your environment and the Universe will come and sit on your sofa.

The Marine Foundation will surpass all human organizational structures ever thought about and every single child born of this world will be protected by it. As someone that I met once said: “I have spoken and I will do it, I have purposed and I will bring it to pass” – then yes, the bird’s feather has settled upon my feet and scanning the shore ahead I hear the victory shout of a loud multitude, saying: “the mothership has landed, we soon will be free”.

Reports: Leadership Organization

We are growing:
The International Leadership Team is now structured. You can see this on the domain + leadership (

I will write a special report and when you go through the pages, the part resume of each leader is not yet appearing everywhere. It will be completed in the days to come.

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