360 Supervisory Volunteers & Brand Ownership Members

This is unique to the Marine Foundation’s planetarium leadership system. This position title is offered to professional elites (or no professionals), who wish to make their talents or their presence to the use of supporting the development of the organization, specifically in the supervisory position to protect the brand of the Marine Foundation. These volunteers in the range of 360 members are offered the shared brand ownership of the foundation through the Marinef Brand Corporation (MBC). The number 360:  representing a full 360-degree circle, and the celebration of each of 360 days of the year. The celebration part allows the foundation to help monitor sustainable relations between members and for the sake of unifying the spirit of responsibility to be ever present each day of the year. Here below Volunteers are organized in 3 groups:


  • 1st group: Members who are celebrated from January 2 to April 30
  • 2nd group: Members who are celebrated from May 1 to August 28
  • 3rd group: Members who are celebrated from August 29 to December 27