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Mrs. Kumi Naruse, Chairmwoman of the Hospitality Foundation of Japan, Heartfully ready to Reception the Worldwide Royalty & Elite Membership of the Marine Foundation in Japan

 For the First Time I am Inspired in the Potential of Japan’s True Hospitality Spirit:

While my pioneering of over 20 years in Japan, I have encountered thousands of talented women, serving the good looks of the Land of the morning sun, but I had never met the candidate that would energize international relations in the ways of spirit, philosophy, and relational skills as Chairwoman Kumi seems potentially to demonstrate in her position and through the organization she founded. “Hospitality Foundation of Japan” is a name that wholesomely characterizes what I just meant above.

No one wants to reinvent the wheel and I tell myself that if the Marine Foundation needs to welcome the greatest crowds to the country, then I tell myself to look no further. Thanking Mr. Hiroyuki Kojime whom I have met at Yoshie’s Megumi Expo, under the invitation of Yoko Akahane, I am grateful to see that providentially, good work is perfectly accomplished through the channel of good relations only. Yes, it takes the dexterity of a well-seasoned heart to bring people together and the training does not happen overnight. Asking John Rockefeller who was his most precious people, he answered that it was his “Public Relation” people.

The Hospitality Foundation of Japan is therefore meant to become the ideal link between Japan and the rest of the world. Now you would think that these huge Japanese companies’ leaders have what it takes to communicate with the rest of the world, but in all truthfulness, with the growth of economy everywhere else in the world, Japan is losing its “ego grasp” over international leadership and relationship. In great “thanks” to the USA Japan has successfully climbed its ladder of economic strength to the top, but with the appearance of “deal makers” such a President Trump, it will no longer hold a charismatic position on the markets it profited from, for so long now. Now the time is held to “inspiration” rather than “convenience” and “influential motivation” is what incites giant developers to open up both their minds and pockets. This is where someone like Mrs. Kumi Naruse can intervene and indeed if she, through her organization, fills the space to welcoming the highest of crowds to her home, little do we know how she will seed up Japan to become a number one global culture of warm-hearted splendid “hospitality” in the way other nations like South Korea or China can heartily comprehend. Have you noticed? Except for the beautiful and educated Royal Family of Japan, Japanese Corporate Leaders and media have ZERO skills in international relations. Education and Hospitality are the only two vital and invaluable tools to develop and maintain an economy, and in my observing experience, it always starts with ONE person.

Hiroyuki Kojima and “ethical bamboo”:

Thanks for the gift Hiro-san! This is truly appreciated and yes I love it. Surely also meeting the organization’s leader would be a great pleasure and this is a list of product that we could offer at our special events. This is so perfect and healthy to the skin. (Please click on the photo to go “ethical Bamboo”‘s website below):

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