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Health Distibution Agency – HDA

Marine Foundation’s health distribution program worldwide up to the 241 nations/regions of the world

CORONA Protection 100% Prevention

Certified by Japanese Medical & Government Institutions

Prevention is Better than Cure
Mieux Vaut Prévenir que Guérir

Do you trust any vaccine 100%? Do you really? Do you even think it will come this year or the next? In the meantime, why not eliminate the risk? – Less costly in time, energy, and money you can now run your business with the assurance of complete protection! Now all you need is something where “CORONA CANNOT in any way penetrate into your body”. Presenting the Corona Protection Nasal Spray.

Hirokazu Arai & Partners

Hirokazu Arai (left) and Tsuna San (partner). Hirokazu Japanese website

Hirokazu Arai is the founder of the distribution of the “Corona Protection” and stands at the forefront in developing ways of distribution of Medical relief products to the world. He is known to be a genius in IT infrastructure and investing in research of distribution for the entire world to profit from. A real God-Sent Genius!

Full Prevention Throughout Our Entire Lifestyle


Nurses & Doctors

Wearing heavy face and body equipment to treat patients in times emergency is not always completely secured. Use “Corona Protection” for reassurance.


Hospitaly & Tourism

Waiters and Hotels staff are not fully protected in event of large crowds to attend to. “Corona Protection” minimizes the risk. It can also sold to customers as well.


Events & Gatherings

Events or any types have the risks of exposure to covid-19. Hand spray and masks are not sufficient. “Corona Protection” can eliminate the risks of attended large events.


Children & Teachers

Children can’t avoid going to school and the protection against covid-19 is imminant in educational institution. “Corona Protection” is best to avoid contaminating children amid classes or sports events.


Goverments & Multimedia

Public facilities are very vulnerable and wearing a mask speaking to crowds or multimedia news-casting platforms. “Corona Protection” is the ultimate prevention for public speakers.


Places of Worship

Mosques or Churches or any places of worship keep people stand next to each other and the risk is ever present. “Corona Protection” give peace of mind to attendants.

Safety Confirmation Study


Patch test / Male and Female Japanese Subjects Safe


Allergy test / Egg (egg albumin) Negative


Alcohol free & Protected from Flammable Hazards


Single Dose toxicity Test( rats) ≥ 2000mg/kg

The Efficacy of Ostrich Antibodies

Get 50,000,000,000,000,000 Antibodies From One Push


 50,000,000,000,000,000 antibodies from one push.

With antibodies (photo on the right) –  Covid-19 cannot infect the body when you have antibodies.

No antibodies (photo above) – If you have no antibbodies Covid-19 can easily infect the body.

Japan Renown Dispensing Environment


AI Medical Clinic Ginza

One of the most famous clinic which is dedicated to the regenerative medical industry of Japan.


AI Medical Clinic Ginza

Clean room for dispensing at AI medical clinic GINZA

 HDA – Worldwide Distribution

Marine Foundation’s Health Distribution Agency Program worldwide / 241 nations/regions  of the world

Trading Structure: Donation through Sponsors + World Retail

Sponsorship or Distributorship

HDA is a Marine Foundation’s structure allowing the network establishment of distribution health support products to regions that are not easily accessible even to distributors. Through the Marine Foundation’s platform, sponsors are allowed to donate to any regions of the world with the name of their corporation on the Spray Bottle. Distributors can order directly through Japan under the supervisory support of the Marine Foundation. Marine Foundation’s royalties per bottle will give back to the regions of need currently and mainly with educational structures for children – Marine Foundation Education Department.

Direct Order Based

Flexible Communication – WhatsApp – Message or Email.

World — +91 99 672 24 437
Japan + World — +81 90 4944 5599

HRH Princess Sanyogita Atrey

In Charge of PR and Distribution Worldwide, Representing HDA Marine Foundation – Princess Sanyogita Official Page

Current sales structure in Japan

Prevention is Better than Cure
Mieux Vaut Prévenir que Guérir

+81 90 4944 5599

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Prevention Strategies & Women Leadership

Proven Results of Corona Prevention

Check the video on the left and yes PREVENTION is already proven and interestingly is successful through “Women Leadership Nations” only! See for yourself.