Jospin K. Lohanga

Member of the International Committee of the Brand

“360” Co-Founding Group Leadership / Code “088” – Annual Celebration Day: June 5

Member of the International Committee of the Brand.

360 Group / Code “088” – Celebration: June 5

Member of the Co-Brand Ownership of the Logo and Trademark of the Marine Foundation.
Ministry of Art Education at Marine Foundation Worldwide

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Introduction to the Marine Foundation's structural concept

Education, project development, and marketing through international events make us a movement of reforms where the agenda takes economic rebirth a prerequisite duty wherever it would establish. Among other systems, our educational planning revolves around 3 reforms in content: Sea Campus Universal (15000 children per school), Global University of Technology & Development, and Ocean Universal (complete maritime education). Focusing on these sectors only would help reconstruct any region or improve already developed countries' status.

We are a "peaceful" movement. We talk of peace in the substance in the look of an "olympiad philosophical concept" or a place where there can be no conflicts. For example, in the Olympic Organization, based on the disciplines of sports rules, people worldwide gather together to dispute titles for medals. Here we see that sporting rules govern nations' relations during 2 weeks of events, every 4 years. This is indeed the example of a peaceful concept, where common sense takes over, and participation requires neutralizing religious, cultural, or political backgrounds for a while.

The Marine Foundation centers its ruling in gathering its network around the values of the birth of humanity and so the birth of life itself. The undeniable truth of the reality of the mother's womb brings out our biological commonality. For that reason, our corporate ruling proclaims and demands a standard of absolute respect for life and the environment. From that understanding, our management system and ideological backgrounds must leave common sense in perfect human relations of absolute respect. Peace has a chance to flourish in the understanding that we all come from the same birthplace. The Marine Foundation is a practitioner of the rules in the context of membership and leadership communications, enticing diversities to come and work together under the banner of education and celebration. Even when it comes to cultural traditions, religions, or political parties, the one who loves and respects the most will ultimately become the champion of attraction and popularity.

5 Main Executive Central Committees:

  1. The 1st executive committee is mainly internal, and consists of the Board of Brand Owners made up of 360 members representing the 360 degrees of a perfect circle. Each day of the year will represent one member making it 360 days celebration.  They represent as a group the core supervisory membership through actual unique ownership of the branding of the Marine Foundation.
  2. The 2nd executive committee is the First Ladies Club, where the leadership would represent the voice of Mother Earth as a supervisory and voting power to our educational project Development structure. This is the keyframe by which "women" become the absolute standard about birth education and the celebration of life.
  3. The 3rd executive committee is the diplomatic membership of the United Five Ocean's platform (U5O). U5O represents the 5 continents united into a "Club of all Nations"  where diplomats mingle, representing their cultures and come together under the vicinity of the continental regions their nation belongs to. In addition, U50, or Club of all Nations, serves to support economic growth through supporting the Public Sector with information and event gathering services.
  4. The 4th committee is the Executive Club Assembly, which attracts successful business leaders (men or women) to unite under the honorary naval title of "Admiral" to identify and celebrate their potential to become role models of modern societies to lead the next generation to prowess through their example and presence within the Marine Foundation's platform.
  5. The 5th committee is the Billionaires Legacy Academia Club, which is a council for infrastructural restoration, where extremely wealthy people have a chance to gather in the discussion of megaproject development, maritime or on land, to seek the harmony of communication of our planet through transport projects such as bridges, tunnels, and an international highway concept. Marine Foundation runs uniquely under the umbrella banner of its own branding through the organizational establishment of mass membership platforms and a large event organization system. The creation of these 2 large communications sectors gives it an unparallel control over sponsorship. It will allow it to round up the entire world under large media publications and production platforms.

2 Mass Communication Platforms:

Wikinations: An educational and commercial online portal connecting 240 nations into a giant international Chamber of Commerce online via educational web design & PR concept. To that effect, it takes after the business model of  Wikipedia's example who plays more the role of an encyclopedia. In contrast, "wikinations" will become a tourism information center & regional promoter, with a corporate membership within for businesses to expose their services right within the platform. Thus, not only will it become an educational tool to institutions around the world, but it will also serve as reference governments to show off their nation under the banner of attractive beauty and production media to attract investors and developers.

Global Citizens Live Association (GCLA) is a mass membership social platform that caters to any individuals but targeting mainly the family member with a zero tolerance to promiscuity and where values of respect in human communications are taken to the maximum extent of the moral ethics. GCLA becomes an automatic educational incentive as it is connected directly to "wikinations" with exposing flags into the member's dashboard instead of faces first. By flirting the cursor upon the flag image of a new contact, the member receives the immediate option to open the flag's wikinations page for a quick overlook of that person's nation. Contacts stay hidden under the flag of provenance, and opening the contacts dashboard is optional. Meaning that the member becomes more interested in showing how many flags show up on the member's dashboard than showing off faces of people who can stay categorically hidden behind their flag of provenance. The platform will become a "must" to learn geography and culture rapidly through real-time communication between members. Reaching a full dashboard of 240 flags would mean that a person has friends all over the world while becoming familiar with the existence of 240 nations.

One Mega Event Organization Platform

The worldwide network of the Marine Foundation (MARINEF- ADN) has the unique privilege to connect to an entire event organization divided into Festivals, Symposiums, Exhibits, and Sports. The design of 50 international annual events is set to help promote quality tourism to benefit economically any region where the foundation is established. Events are also good media to promote the causes of projects and programs' involvement with information media distributed continuously and sustainably. The event opportunities will also affect supporting areas with promotional tools to attract investment and developments to places that need exposure to the world.

Mr. Jospin Konga Lohanga gives birth to the structural teaching of Art through the African continent. Jospin has initiated projects and programs to support the youth in very unique ways such a the making of Art Kimbangu museum. His vision spearheads an age of hope through education to open doors for peace, fairness, and economic stability. on the strong roots of the saint Simon Kimbangu, he is able to convey a message of peace using the art as a prime tool to o educating emerging societies.

Introducing Jospin

Its a “Jospin” – not a Picasso or Dali, a “Jospin”!
Establishment of Art Kimbangu in Japan in Association with the Marine Foundation. Jospin establishes his name worldwide where the resounding awakening of the profound and revealing African soul is increasingly the curiosity of cultures around the world.
Introduction to Jospin's journey sypnosis of biography
Resume posted in French in the official site of Art Kimbangu

The artist LOHANGA was born in Kinshasa on July 27, 1979, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Following many visits and frequentations with artists VUADI Remy and BAKU, he made the decision after high school in section Science, option Biology-Chemistry, to dedicate his life to Art.

After a long apprenticeship with the artist VUADI, LOHANGA will decide to take his first steps in art. He develops an art essentially based on the size of the wood.

Talented artist, LOHANGA knows how to treat the material “wood” to give it the desired forms which are the works of art. What is more interesting is the fact that it happens without a schema or sketch previously prepared to highlight some form and sometimes wanted. Everything he does comes directly from his head.

LOHANGA is different from others. In addition to the painting that he just started some time ago, LOHANGA makes life or speak any piece of wood whatever its form. His sculpture is expressive and fascinating, bringing together great artistic beauty.

In its new approach, LOHANGA has managed to add other elements or materials to the wood side to make it works even more enjoyable and decorative; including embers, aluminum, bronze, shells, iron, clay, glasses, tree bark, ocean stones, raffia, color, water and ntoto ya Nkamba …

Through this mix, he constantly strives to stand out on sometimes hollow surfaces, shapes and outlines that seek to meet the classic requirements of art. It is also revealed in this expression, highly stylized forms and accompanied by semi-figurative elements (human or animal) which he relies upon, not only to identify but also to form the very foundation of his style. The stylization of his forms has been and has remained for him a kind of expression or a means par excellence to concretize an idea.

It is thanks to his interest in research and the systematic deformation of his forms that control almost all the plastic elements of art (lines, movements, surfaces, …) that LOHANGA is complied with the geometric requirements whose proportions are intimately linked to the place they occupy. These new impulses revitalize and make a factor of dialogue between him and the public and also sometimes leads him to turn away from the first objective of art-that of aesthetics-to give way to the second, that linked to the utility. In most cases, LOHANGA’s works serve as pedestals or as table legs in several houses.

Very often, LOHANGA presents an art related to reality. The passion of his life is closely tied to the KIMBANGUISTE church. It is through this long prophetic history of Papa Simon KIMBANGU that he is based and from the Negro-agricultural writings “Mandombe” to draw these different themes. That’s why he says: “It’s thanks to Simon KIMBANGU that I do everything. It is through the dreams and visions that I communicate with him all the time, at night as the day during travel or walks. So everywhere where I am. It is with his will that I do my art. In my art, he adds, “I have always campaigned for the liberation of the soul of the black man, the strengthening of social cohesion, peace, and fraternity. In short, for the revalorization of African cultural and spiritual values.

The art of LOHANGA is a witness and a testimony of the life of the African. It offers solutions that can awaken a new hope of freedom for the African who are surrounded on all sides by the exploitation of man and by lying. So, he proposes himself as an answer to the fundamental questions and the dilemma of the black man. It gives life a sense and a precise orientation.

With regard to his artistic career; We can say that he has a very rich career and he has to his credit several collective and individual exhibitions organized at home and abroad (Congo-Brazzaville, Benin, Senegal, South Africa, France, …). And his works are now housed in many collections around the world.

A few months ago, moreover, LOHANGA was returning from a Euro-Asian tour. His exhibition at the cultural center 4 routes in Vichy in France in January 2015 was the subject of many comments from the public, critics, and collectors, more than 600 people took part in the opening day. As the first African artist to exhibit in this center, LOHANGA received many public congratulations and was treated occasionally by a collector as being five times more than PICASSO. What does he say “if PICASSO borrowed something from Africa for his cubism, but it is not the case for LOHANGA, he did not borrow anything from no anyone.

He is African and lives in Africa. The idea and the material that it exploits comes from Africa. So, everything is African and he identifies himself. “At the same time, LOHANGA was invited to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in Asia for an exchange with the artists of the region and the realization of two works for the decoration of the Bourg KHALIFA tower. , (the longest building in the world) and will be received by Prince MOHAMMED BEN RACHID EL MAKTOUM. Back home, LOHANGA was officially received on 06/04/2015 in Nkamba by the Spiritual Leader, the Legal Representative of the Church KIMBANGUISTE Papa Simon KIMBANGU KIANGANI for encouragement and congratulations. On the occasion LOHANGA promised to put at the disposal of the future museum of Nkamba (under construction), his largest sculpture entitled “African Cohesion” measuring 2.50 meters by 1 meter. To date, LOHANGA has just inaugurated a museum called “LOHANGA Museum” at the Kimbangu Art Research Center to allow artists from the Kimbangu Art Research Center to exhibit their works of art full of the future LOHANGA is a star shining on the horizon. He steals from success to success and is singled out by everyone.

Deeper than Picasso

Have you touched or seen a “Jospin”s masterpiece?
You might have heard of Art Kimbangu or even Simon Kimbangu the great African saint of the early century who spent 30 years innocently imprisoned to depart victorious from the hands of his persecutors. Jospin Lohanga’s art is known to spring directly from the creative soul of the heart of Africa, in celebration of martyrs at the drum sound of liberation and the academic freedom of all of Africa.  This is how Art Kimbangu was born, a research and art facility, led by the inspiring artist, whom from the wounds of history has led the heavens to unveil the hidden bounty of the old continent, now leading with new technologies and modern art. And if indeed, Picasso was desperately trying to capture African senses with his cubism, the Vikings might as well claim to have thought rhythm to African children. Back then beauty might have been in the eye of the conqueror. But today, in the era of peace and cultural development, Africa is making a stand for its rightful heritage. Anything our senses would enjoy in audio, visual, and touch seems to have originated there. JOSPIN is believed to be the modern master to the awakening African contemporary art.

Vision of Art Kimbangu


The work that builds, the materialization of the immaterial, inspired and overseen by his Eminence SIMON KIMBANGU KIANGANI in the pursuit of his plan of regeneration and restoration of man into his original state.


To shape and transform the lives of peoples through self-knowledge, self-development, and self-realization.


To awaken and raise the Afrikan consciousness in particular, and that of humanity in general.


Love, Inspiration, and Transpiration. Love Thy Neighbor: I help myself by helping others.


The Immediate manifestation of the Absolute Spirit in the form of beauty, mediated by the creativity of the human spirit.

The First Center of Artistic Research in Africa
The first Center of artistic research in Africa was founded (in the sense of awakening and awareness of Africa in particular and humanity in general) so that the manifestation of art is not merely decorative but rather, a language, a message, a key for the liberation of peoples and spirits, along with culture, where symptoms of cultural and individual sovereignty are best expressed.

We intend to tell and rebuild the epic path of Afrikan civilizations, through contemporary art, recreate the cultural mapping and reposition the African continent to its just place as the cradle of humanity and mother of epistemological knowledge.

We are a community of contemporary artists with a philosophy of art to transmit a new civilization of peace and harmony between peoples. We are composed of different Masters in Visual Arts (Painters, sculptors, ceramists, Designers) along with other fields of professional activities such as Architects, Egyptologists, stylists, filmmakers, Black Afrikan writers, etc.

We train young orphans and disadvantaged families to learn a craft and freely return into the society to bring forward acquired knowledge and contributions to assist Governments along with private organizations in reducing social unbalances and combatting underdevelopment, hunger, poverty, social exclusion and the consequences of war on our planet.

We intend to create strategic partnerships for exhibitions, dissemination of the Afrikan potential, cultural exchange, knowledge of self, self-development and the realization of the self in the establishment of a new civilization.

Jospin, Visual Artist - by Jean Kamba, Art Criticism
Viscerally and plastically, this creative artist is attached to his motherland Afrika which he continues to uplift claim membership while infallibly sup-porting it whenever he is in contact with matter. This Neoclassical sculptor is a citizen of the world and desires, during this period of globalization, to be an integral part of the new global village. With an aesthetic that is being perfected day and night to finally develop and achieve plastic and thematic universality, LOHANGA remains authentic to his culture while maintaining contact with cultures of the world.

The ‘globalization’ concept, which is like a Trojan horse to be carefully scrutinized before going up there and gallop, is experimented here with the utilization of various manufactured and natural materials as part of these works (i.e. ceramic, cold glue, iron bar, glass, Ember stone, and water from NKAMBA, a sacred spring water from Kongo). His works are directed towards current issues affecting Afrika and the contemporary world in general (poaching, innovation, a dialogue of cultures, etc…).

He is one of the artists who, as said BA MBA NDOMBASI to MAVINGA, rejects all sterile attachment to Afrikan traditionalism. Not to say that he denies it but, he believes that in this century of cultural cosmopolitism, all Art, beyond its singularity, is called to internationalism. With raps and scissor kicks, he derives anesthetic effect which is probably one of the ways he differs from his peers.

He was born in Kinshasa, Kongo and from the age of eight (8), he was introduced to the Congolese sculptor VUADI with whom he spent a great deal of time learning the art of sculpture in his Studio until the death of the sculptor in 2012. An Innate artist in love with the taste of art since childhood, his father never missed an opportunity to take him to exhibitions and cultural events. His fine art, that has yet to unfold to its fullness, is on the right track, especially with the future use and insertion of bulk materials mentioned above, punctuated with a universal discourse, sincere and tinted with its Africanness.

Jospin in Action

Art Kimbangu

“A Revelation from the Heart of the World. Art Kimbagu is the first Art Institute born in Africa. It is the “Soul of Africa” – DR Congo. Not only does it depicts the origin of creativity but it is born of a spirituality that is just in time to save the old continent.”

Have you heard of Simon Kimbangu?

I suppose not. Simon Kimbangu was born in Nkambas DR Congo, in 1887. From a very young age, he was a very spiritual talented young man curing the sick and helping people like in the traditions of the great saints of history. His 6-month ministry from April to September 1921 became so powerful, mystical and successful that it caused the “then” corrupted Belgian colonist authorities to imprison and sentence him to die. His sentence was diluted to a lifetime sentence where he was inflicted 120 lashes every day. He died in the prison on the 12 October 1951 – after 30 years in captivity and declared innocent. In the concern of Africa, all the words that Simon Kimbangu prophecied became true. His Last prophecy was that from the Soul of Africa would come restoration where African people, through education, will become the full masters of their wealth and destiny. ART KIMBANGU was founded by the great African Artist Jospin Lohanga and to this day has become the first educational Art Research Platform in Africa directly seeded under the blessings and sacrifice of Simon Kimbangu. Watch what will happen… (official page ready soon)

The Marine Foundation & Art Kimbangu’s Providence

The Marine Foundation comes under the protocol governance of Absolute Respect for Life and the Environment. It has chosen to work through the central Soul of Africa represented by the sacrifice of Simon Kimbangu to establish with Art Kimbangu, it’s educational design reform centers which systems will spring from Africa, by Africa and for Africa and the world. These reforms will be implemented into the educational institutions conceived by the Marine Foundation worldwide, and with the guidance of its continental membership.