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Meeting His Excellency Beugre Mamber, Governor of Abidjan.

His Excellency Governor Beugre Mambe

Just before the event, (Grand Opening Marine Foundation Africa) His Excellency Govern of Abidjan had the kindness to make time for a short welcoming session together. He clearly mentioned that the Marine Foundation’s vision is suited to the region and therefore we are so welcome to start operations here. Projects that mean good for the city are most expected and notably in the realm of education.

His Excellency has a background in civil engineering, it is going convenient to bring to Abidjan with the best feasibility study group from Japan I am aware of. Abidjan is a beautiful city and I can clearly understand the ambition of pulling the city to become a haven for tourism and a place of great gatherings.

To be here today, on such short notice was truly a blessing and I can really appreciate all that our President Mrs. Ouattara has done to make this possible, alongside President Siama Bamba. I really look forward to the development of the port Abidjan and its maritime industries.