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International Women Club

IWC – Japan

The International Women Club is a worldwide “Women Oriented” platform with a mission to become an audience of support for the Marine Foundation, concerning projects relating to Women Empowerment and the Protection of Children around the world. 

The Club is an “Agency” of the Marine Foundation which operations and activities are supported by sponsorship. 

The Club is made to benefit the members with educational programs on fashion, beauty, health, finance, art, sports, travel, and many other disciplines. It gives the members’ freedom to promote their own charitable causes or business purposes. 

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Organized by Marine Foundation’s Mrs. Yoko Akahane, the International Women Club of Japan makes its a first official gathering, amidst Marine Foundation co-Brand owners and a beautiful assembly of the greatest ladies of Tokyo. 

We had a wonderful time on Thursday, August 2019, with meeting together with a wonderful team of friends and family. The International Women Club of Japan has just started and I think there are over 40 ladies and gentlemen. The event was a general presentation of the purpose and also the chance to meet new friends.

I would like to say thank you to Yoshie, Nagomi, Kaori, Junko, Saori, Atsuko, Junko, Atsuko, Junko (2), Aya, Takuya, Kyomi, Yoko, Yukari, Kayoko and Hiro, for coming to the event.

I mentioned that the true organizational systems of the future are based on circles where gravity allow the balance of spirit and the sharing of our life together. Without a center, there is no balance and most of the systems we see today are mainly pyramidal.

IWC will become a center of reflection and discoveries and with that in mind, we can hope to celebrate our days on earth in most of the resourceful ways. I would like to thanks everyone coming and surely we are looking forward to the bigger events coming soon.

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