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First Lady Weah Attracts International Support for Humanitarian Projects in Liberia

Henan Province, China: First Lady, Ambassador Clar M. Weah’s overseas engagement aimed at attracting international support to fund her numerous humanitarian projects in Liberia seems to be making headways.

The first of such major progress was made in the People’s Republic of China where the First Lady held fruitful discussions with local officials, prominent business people and entities in Chinese Henan Province on Friday, May 11, 2018.

During the discussions, the Chinese Harbor Engineering Company and the Vice Governor of Henan Province, Mr. He Jinping, welcomed the First Lady’s vision for Liberia and pledged their unflinching commitment to support her efforts.

The local officials and the company’s authorities pledged their support to ensure the First Lady succeeds in her endeavor to assist many Liberians especially the poor after she effectively made the case for Liberia’s humanitarian need.

Ambassador Clar M. Weah clearly articulated her vision for the country’s disadvantaged persons outlining the specific projects and programs earmarked for appropriate interventions. Mrs. Weah said she wants to improve the lives of vulnerable urban and rural women and increase the income of rural women through agriculture – among others.

The First Lady is undertaking a number of humanitarian initiatives in Liberia with a view to improving the livelihood of the underprivileged in support of the government’s Pro-poor Agenda. The humanitarian initiatives are providing substantial support including food and non-food items to several orphanages in Montserrado and Grand Bassa Counties

Mrs. Weah has also launched a program to feed the elderly on a monthly basis and begin the construction of a residential complex for the blind and elderly in Buchanan. 

The ongoing renovation of several orphanages in Grand Bassa and Montserrado Counties are also part of her humanitarian services. Madam Weah is determined to transform drug-addicted youths, street girls and children through various programs. The First Lady’s international engagement is expected to continue in China and other countries.

The wife of President George Weah departed the country Monday, May 7.

Liberia’s First Lady, Clar Weah Launches “Weah for Clean City” Campaign Monrovia, Liberia

Liberia’s First Lady, Madam Clar M. Weah, flanked by her husband, President George M. Weah, launched the “Weah for Clean City” campaign, on Saturday, March 3, 2018, in the Liberian Capital, Monrovia.

The official launch of the “Weah for Clean City” campaign took place at the Rally-Time Market on UN Drive in Central Monrovia.

According to a release from the Office of the First lady, prior to the launch, the First Lady and President Weah along with Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee and General Services Director General Mary Broh led a parade through the major streets to the launch venue.

Amid a barrage of melodious renditions from the Armed Forces of Liberia, (AFL) Band, the First Family led the parade, attracting thousands of citizens from all walks of life, who crowded the streets.

Addressing the huge crowd as she launched the cleaning-up campaign, Madam Weah said the initiative is a demonstration of government’s concern for the health of its people. “I think we are setting the example. I think the new government is showing that we do not only care about Liberia but we also care about the health of the people,” said Madam

Fully attired in her appropriate sanitation gears – including reflective vest, nose mask and gloves, she beamed with unending smiles occasioned by overwhelming enthusiasm, which inspired massive participation during the launch. “I am so happy to show, in any aspect of the Liberian government, that I am willing to be a part of it to make the country better,” she noted.

Madam Weah thanked Liberians for turning out in their numbers and wished them well. The ‘Weah for Clean City Campaign’ seeks to inform a Nationwide Clean-up Day scheduled for every first Saturday of each month.

Initially, coined as ‘Mary Broh Day’, the campaign has been rebranded in honor of President George M. Weah, Liberia’s 24thPresident. Madam Mary Broh once served as City Mayor of Monrovia. It was during her administration that the nationwide cleaning-up campaign was initiated.

Madam Broh, now Director General of the General Services, GSA, officially announced the rebranding of the day at the launching program. The initiative was organized by the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) under the leadership of sitting City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee.

Beijing China Update of May 15, 2018 - Business Delegation to Visit Liberia Shortly

(BEIJING, CHINA )–Liberia’s First Lady, Mrs. Clar Marie Weah, is appealing to humanitarians, philanthropists and others to provide needed support and assistance to improve the lives of the country’s vulnerable population. She named the targeted groups as women, the elderly, orphans, special need children as well as wayward young youth.

Through the “Clar Hope Foundation”, Mrs. Weah indicated that her goal is to improve the living conditions of both urban and rural women, increase the income of rural women through agriculture; rehabilitate, educate and train young boys and girls that are in the streets of Liberia.

According to a dispatch from Liberia’s Embassy in Beijing, China, Mrs. Clar Weah made the appeal when she met with the Vice Governor of the People’s Government of Henan Province, Mr. He Jinping and the leadership of that province.

Mrs. Weah noted that her motivation came from President George Weah’s Inaugural Address where he promised unification, a business-friendly environment, and more importantly to improve the conditions of the most vulnerable population in Liberia through a Pro-Poor Agenda.

She promised to make his dream a reality and outlined plans to build a facility to be called “City of Hope”, which will consist of a home for disadvantaged children, a rehabilitation center for girls from the street, a school, shelter for orphans and a feeding program for the elderly.

Though she has already commenced a lot of these initiatives geared toward bettering the lives of Liberians by restoring hope, she’s out appealing for additional help to sustainable continue this initiative. “To adequately provide for my people,” she urged, “I will need your help and support.”

The Liberian First Lady said while she and her husband are optimistic of providing prosperity for the people of Liberia, there are numerous constraints – weak economy, high unemployment, among others. As such, the basic social needs that the population should have are far from being met.

Mrs. Weah reminded the leadership of Henan Province that her husband, President Weah, who visited the province prior to the elections in 2017 and announced his candidacy at an elementary school there, has characterized the people of the province of being “kind, loving and supportive”.

She also informed Mr. He and his officials that President Weah will be visiting China for the African Leaders’ Meeting scheduled in September this year and is looking forward to returning to Henan Province to “shake hands” with them.

Responding, Mr. He, Vice Governor, praised the Liberia’s President Pro-Poor Agenda outlined by the First Lady as Agriculture, Education, Youth Empowerment, Education, Infrastructure and healthcare to improve the living condition.

According to him, China which was once faced with similar poverty conditions has successfully moved millions of people from poverty with their comparative advantage, labor.

He applauded the First Lady for establishing the Clar Hope Foundation aimed at catering to the most vulnerable – especially the youth. “I think that it will help them solve their current problems.” He foresees this initiative getting massive support for its work.

While in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Mrs. Weah also visited several manufacturing companies including the Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company, Henan Ruimei Hair Products Co., Ltd. (a wig factory) and PowerChina Henan Engineering Co., Ltd.

During those visits, Mrs. Weah expressed her desire to see these companies partner with Liberia and invest in the country’s development efforts thus providing jobs for needy Liberians. She furthered her appeal for support to the “Clar Hope Foundation”.

The chairman of the Board of PowerChina, Mr. Wang Haibo and the president of the company, Henan Ruimei Hair Products Co., Ltd., Mrs. Xihe Zhang, expressed their excitement at exploring business opportunities in Liberia and have agreed to join a business delegation that will visit Liberia shortly.

They indicated their desire to open manufacturing companies in Liberia that will cater to the sub-region as well as provide needed jobs for many Liberian youths.

In Beijing, the Liberia’s First Lady also met with the senior faculty of the South-South Cooperation and Development School at Peking University headed by one of the most famous East Asia Economist, Professor Justin Yifu Lin who once served as Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank.

She used the opportunity to extend a hand of partnership to the Peking University family to assist her foundation in any way possible to realize her dream; whether it’s by providing scholarships or technical assistance.

Mrs. Weah assured the Peking University faculty that the Liberia/China bilateral relationship will be further strengthened under their administration. She thanked the Chinese Government for its bilateral scholarships enjoyed by many Liberians.

While in Beijing, she visited an ICT company, Huawei and held discussions with its senior management.

She was accompanied on her various visits by Liberia’s Ambassador to China, H.E. Dudley McKinley Thomas; Minister of State Without Portfolio, Mr. Trokon Tahlo Kpui (a product of Peking University); Minister Counselor at the Liberian Embassy near Beijing, J. Wesley Washington, among others.

Liberia First Lady Pledges to Promote Capacity Building Amongst Women, Girls

During an event on the sidelines of the ongoing 62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York, United States of America, the Liberian First Lady, Ambassador Clar M. Weah spoke extensively on the need for international support to build the capacity of girls and women, especially in rural areas.

According to Ambassador Weah, she claims that building the capacity of women and girls is an effective way of empowering them, enhancing gender equality and promoting economic development in the country.

“It would be a major achievement if one of the key outcomes of this gathering would be to find ways to equip our mothers, our sisters and children in rural Liberia with the skills and competency so that they become the driving force for sustainable economic growth and social welfare in Liberia,” said Ambassador Weah.

She mentioned various aspects of life that should be made available and accessible to the women such as education and agriculture.

Ambassador Weah is of the opinion that all females need to be educated if poverty must be reduced; unwanted pregnancy must be prevented; and literacy rates increased among others.

“Access to education is a human right as per the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs); therefore, all females must be educated,” she said.

She explained that even with the promotion of several female representatives in the country’s key decision making positions, the reports on gender gaps rate is still over bearing, especially in the rural areas.

She recounted the election of Africa’s first democratically elected female head of state, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the first female Vice President, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor and a host of others, but said women were still underrepresented.

To this end the Liberian First Lady has pledged to stir the support of various stakeholders at home and across the world, including her husband, President George Weah and UN-Women to follow through until the goal is achieved.

Therefore, she urged Liberian women to take advantage of existing opportunities to increase their participation in every sphere of society through a competitive process.

“We must build a culture of competitiveness and take advantage of gender equality laws crafted specifically to increase our participation in politics and the economy,” said Mrs. Weah

Report: Wednesday, 20th June 2018

Monrovia, Liberia – First Lady Clar Marie Weah is commending the visiting Chinese Henan Province Delegation for its willingness and readiness to partner with Liberia in supporting the development initiatives of the country.

Mrs. Weah also praised the swiftness of the Henan Province Business Community in travelling to Liberia as a result of her recent trip to China in May this year.

The Liberian First Lady spoke Monday, June 18, 2018, when she received in audience a thirteen member Chinese business delegation at her offices on Capitol Hill.

Mrs. Weah informed the delegation that Liberia remains open to doing business with China in ways that bring maximum benefits to the Liberian people.

The discussions between the First Lady and the Chinese Business Delegation focused on the need to support humanitarian initiatives in Liberia through the Clar Hope Foundation.

Mrs. Weah informed the delegation about the various projects and programs being identified by the foundation to improve the living conditions of the less fortunate Liberians as she crave their support.

She particularly pointed out the need to empower rural women in agriculture by providing the needed skills and equipment, the construction of a maternal hospital and the Hope Community where wayward youths would be transformed among others.

At the same time, First Lady Weah told the delegation of the urgent need for help at the government hospital in Grand Bassa County which was gutted by fires on two separate occasions recently.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Weah thanked Liberia’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, H.E. McKinley Thomas for working the Henan Business Community to make its visit to Liberia successful.

Speaking earlier, the head of the delegation Mr. Yon Ge expressed gratitude to the First Lady for the warm reception accorded them since their arrival in the country.

Mr. Ge and his delegation reaffirmed their interest in partnering with the Foundation and other partners to support infrastructural and economic development programs.

He said they were here to not only to hold discussions with the First Lady and other members of government on opportunities for investing in Liberia but also to tour potential sites in the country.

The delegation, comprising thirteen members, represents six companies including China Energy, Power China and Flauxi Supervision.

The Chinese businessmen, who have been in country since the weekend, were accompanied by Ambassador McKinley Thomas and Grand Bassa County Senator Jonathan Kaipay to the First Lady’s Office.

For his part, Ambassador McKinley Thomas extolled the First Lady’s initiatives to assist the underprivileged people and assured his commitment to continue soliciting support for such worthy endeavor.