Club House in Switzerland

The Clubhouse in Switzerland in on the way, no doubt about it. It is just a matter of little time. Although we do have one favorite place near Montreux, we identified 10 other great places as an alternative plan. This will make a wonderful place to welcome all of our “First Ladies” (Go to the “First Ladies page”). Now think about it; An organization that has a system to include in its circle the most powerful women of the world is an organization that will have an undeniable, almost uncontrollable influence on world affairs and public relations.

Organization in Switzerland

Switzerland is indeed a wonderful place. Why did I choose this area as a world headquarters for our VIP network? It is simply due to security and serenity. Think about it. It has nothing to do with its culture or people. It has to do with its nature and beauty and this is a gift that belongs to everyone. You do not need citizenship to enjoy a place that you love. All you need is the education and wisdom to understand that nothing belongs to no one and the minute we were born is the minute we started our way to the next world. Everything and anything we think we possess is just borrowed from heaven. I will use Switzerland as an educational tool for the greatest place on earth which is Africa, our Motherland.

Corona Virus and Marine Foundation’s Efforts in Africa

We hear all kinds of stories about the pandemic of the coronavirus. Whatever they are, it is something that we all have to confront and overcome. In this tragic disaster though, the world is being educated. People start realizing that nothing can sustain in the human world unless cooperation and association. We all depend and feel for one another simply because we are all originated in the same mother’s womb. It is simple isn’t. It also exposes those who think they own the world through money or political powers will undoubtedly perish. Although so many people are dying of so many other sicknesses or diseases or wars, this virus is sending a message that no power can overcome the will of the people. Marine Foundation Africa, led by Koura Ouattara will put Africa back to where it stands in value and virtue. Africa is the greatest model of a continent that has been deprived of everything for hundreds of years, raped by the will of self-centered powers, and yet it still shines today and is about to rise to become the greatest people and place on earth. (United Nations of Africa UNO – Board of the U5O on our website)


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