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President of Kyoto Seika University Professor Sacko

Meeting with the Great Professor Oussouby Sacko

Just about noon today, I get a message on my phone that Professor Sacko from Kyoto is visiting Tokyo and he would time to share with me this evening. Change of schedule, I make this a priority and here I am at the Ritz Carlton meeting with one of the legendary Academic from Mali Africa. What an honor! There with him with the IT engineer, Mr. Ditie Seydou, who manages the entire security of the Ritz and guess what, he is also from Africa and found out they are friends, in the same course of pioneering their skills starting with China when they were younger. So I take it, they also speak fluent Chinese. I was impressed. The conversation went around the concept MARINEF/ADN applied in a program that could mean a lot to Kyoto Seika University. Professor is the new President since 2018.


Oussouby SACKO is Professor at the Department of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Humanities at Kyoto Seika University, Japan, and was Dean of Faculty from April 2013 until March 2017. Actually President of Kyoto Seika University since April 2018. He is also affiliate to the Graduate School of Humanities and to the Graduate School of Design (Architecture). Born in Mali (Bamako), he went to China (Beijing and Nanjing) after graduating High School to pursue his education in the field of Architecture. He got a Bachelor Degree from South-East University (Dongnan Daxue), Nanjing China. He moved to Japan afterward and got a Master Degree and a Doctor Degree of Engineering in the field of Architecture and Architecture Planning from the Graduate School of Engineering at Kyoto University, Japan. He is member of Ordre des Architectes du Mali (OAM) and member of many scientific associations such as, The Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ), Architectural Design Association of Nippon (ADAN), The City Planning Institute of Japan (CPIJ), Japan Association For African Studies (JAAS), Society for the Study of Early Modern Kyoto, International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES), ICOMOS-MALI, ICOMOS-ISCARSAH, ICOMOS-ISCEAH and many others. He has been conducted field researches and worked on housing planning, policy and design in Mali and Japan. Recently, his main interest is on community architecture, community re-design and architecture conservation, restoration in historical cites. He has recently conducted field researches in Japan, China, Mali, Mauritania’s historical cities, Burkina Faso and Niger. (Full report here)