Marine Foundation

17 Years in the Making

Marine Foundation was first registered in Japan, March 11, 2013 – Then it was registered in Switzerland in 2015, following the registration in Africa Cote d’Ivoire in 2017.

Before the year 2013, we spent some 9 years in research preparation for the designing of the concept. Travel around the world was necessary to meet key advisory people and in order to discover the systems of development as they are described now. 

The total amount spent into the years of establishing, resume around 750 000 USD, including travel and the cost of everyday life in office rent or tools of development such as the IT researches into the designing of mass online membership systems such as “” and other platforms. 

This announcement is destined for people with sponsorship capability. I can be contacted directly at +81 89 4944 5599 (WhatsApp or Direct).  The position of the “FIRST” sponsor of the Marine Foundation comes with tones of benefits. 

This announcement is made public and official until September 6, 2019.

The Marine Foundation is a pioneering experience of building a system platform of development to satisfy all the economic and educational need of a region regardless of location. We have built the concept to become one of a kind, a first and only system, to rid of poverty, hunger, and hatred.

The platform offers sounds business plans to the set up of mass membership systems and event organization platforms as an audience to Marine Foundation’s core projects in the realm of education and economic developments.

We need a fund of security to the start-up of the process of operations. This fund must be kept to the disposition of the foundation externally in the sponsor’s bank account or internally into the Marine Foundation Sumitomo account in Japan. 

The use of the fund will be strictly for traveling purposes and the minimum required to set the system in motion through all the preparation done and the strategy specific to the timing of meeting our large sponsors and organizations of interest. 

There are no intermediaries with communication with the chairman of the Marine Foundation who also is the concept architect of the entire system. The fund owner, even if introduced must communicate directly with the organization’s founder Mr. Tomeo M-Gressard at +81 90 4944 5599. 

This announcement is valid until September 6, 2019. 

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