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If you are waiting for results from goals you have set for yourself, the only achievable path is a commitment in action and heart. People call it faith. Because if you really look at the reality of yourself, you understand that nothing is in your power to control in a world where things can change from one minute to another. People who commit to there work are inevitably the achievers of projects. But when your project is much too big to realize on your own, then the requirement is aptitude to a total life of faith. You do not see the result physically but yet you believe that you have achieved it anyhow. Faith is a movement between trust and love. When you combine trust and love together, you naturally become faithfull. Children, for example, are naturally faithfull, because their little heart has not seen enough of the world to impose doubt in their mind. When we grow into adult life, we stop trusting and we unconsciously reject the love that comes with the day. Faith is an unconditional act of love and trust toward the reaching of the unseen and the belief that result will come no matter what. Therefore a child will trust his parents unconditionally and the parents would love the child also unconditionally.  

I have the faith that the Marine Foundation is to become the greatest organization on the face of the earth. 

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